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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 8, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> happy monday it is a thing, we can say happy monday. >> sure. >> look forwards to the rest of the week, fire and fury, still the talk of the town. >> as you can see from the run down on the side of your venue screen there is continues to be one of the big stories at 6:30. first the deep freeze. a thawing could be on the way. >> slick surfaces on the roads, sue tracking it all for us, let's get it out of the way, this is not an ice storm, contradict. >> you're absolutely right, jim. some people won't see much building up on trees or anything like, that crustation amounts, but because that's all it takes for you to have a slip and fall, most of this will be out of the picture,
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pink, that's mix of sleet and freezing rain measley seeing that north of dc, most moved into the dc area. south of dc he is mostly liquid rain because temperatures are little warmer down there. but, fortunately, all of this is going to be moving out pretty soon. we've seen some sleet build up in some of the northern suburbs, some pockets of more significant sleet just in the last hour or so. but going forward, here's what you need to know. precipitation out of here by 8:00. we'll see lingering patches of drizzle, but unfortunately, these temperatures are going to drop so what's out there and wet may be icy tomorrow morning. not a lot. but enough to cause some problems. headed for mid 20's in the suburbs to about 32 degrees here in d.c. you even have to watch south of town for small blaze of ice, i think there will be some slick spots, maybe enough to cause some delays tomorrow morning. full forecast coming up on our later broadcast, marina, over to you. >> thanks, sue.
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on the move today first back at the white house then nashville, and later he'll attends the college football national championship down in atlanta. this weekend waist in camp david with republican congressional leaders discussing the 2018 legislative agenda. that included talks about the úbudget, immigration and train structure, the republican leaders and the president also discussed strategy about the midterm election. >> one of the big stories to come out new rules from the white house could force nearly 200,000 salvadorans to leave the country or face deportation. we bring in panelists tonight theresa lund i the principal of tml communications, just walk by in the highway, republican strategist eugene graying judges here on friday. like you so much we're having you both back. good evening to both of you, i want to start with eugene you know the president made immigration a main lynch pin every his administration so far, new rules came down today. i don't think it should be much after surprise that we're seeing this clamp down. >> yes, i mean, this administ
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issue, whether the border wall, or dealing with the various crews that have had temporary protective status. i don't think it should and surprise but also an opportunity here. you know, al salvador yan, river ooh gee status, but i buy another name. and this is an opportunity, next 18 months to move that temporary status to somewhere protective status or a pathway back to el salvador. >> we should point out not get out of the country, you have 18 months to obtain green card to get legal theresa, you know, as we talk about immigration, again, something, you know, i know democrats have been working or trying to work on something whether it comes to doc a and the president's saying t the border wall has to be attached to that, so many different avenues here when it comes to immigration? >> absolutely. what i see right now is that our congress is the ones that's going to save us, right? and make sure that we actually have our seat at the table, and make sure when we're talking about some
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migrants, that are coming from there, who have spent two decades here, in our, in the u.s., and lived here, brought families here, sit renz are here, we need to know that our congress are the ones who are literally going to save them, make sure that they know that they have a place in our country, and allow some of these opportunities that we were given as americans to be here to stay here and grow here. so, literally, again, i'm giving it back to our congress to save the day. >> but theresa, the name says it all. the acronym, temporary protected status, now been 17 years for salvadorians, when does temporary become permanent? >> when everybody gets on board. so we have right now we have bipartisan legislation, hopefully, that will be coming across to actually make a stance, so i'm looking for our congress to actually do something different right
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and in order for them to do that, we, again, have to raise our voices, we have to come together. we have to unify, we have to push legislation, we have to go to our senators, go to our congressmen, say look, this is not fair. and really just breaking it down into what we should see, right now, in order for us to be okay. you know? i mean, it is really our congress. >> a lot of talk about that. jean, before we go, i want to bring in you, give you last word when it comes to the president and the republican congress. this should not and problem, the president has his party on his side, both chambers of commerce. are they going to get something done whether it comes to this but also when it comes to doc a and the border small. >> i think massive deal to be struck, when it comes specifically to the he will is a have a door, 18 months to get permanent status, dls, deleted out, not, you know, kick you out the country, hey let's get you permanent stat us. the greater issue of docnd
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from democrats, i'm asking for pathway to citizenship with doca if i'm the president i'm asking for the wall quite frankly to be hon best it i think the tax revenue you will get from a million new citizens probably outweighs the ten to $18 billion to be paid for the wall. >> interesting start to 2018. theresa lundy, eugene craig, thank you so much. >> the president's agenda being overshadowed by new book it, says the trump administration is dysfunctional, the president not quit for job. now president supporters denouncing the book saying it is a work of fiction. >> reaction continues to pour in after the release of bombshell book fire and fury inside the trump white house. and it was returned to the shelves last friday, five days before it was expected to hit book stands. and quickly sold out at many locations, a isn't now on back order on line. the book paves the trump administration as dysfunctional and the president as unfit for office. but those close to the president are coming to his defense just days after the book's release. >> this is a book of fiction. not
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there are so many misrepresentations in this book that it shouldn't be taken serious. >> i this book is complete fanú. >> those statements are just absurd, chris. i mean, just pure fantasy. i'm with him almost every day. we talk about some of the most serious matters facing america and the world. complex issues. the president is engaged. he understands the complexity. he asks real difficult questions. >> the president again responded to the book's allegations as well as tweeting in part i've to put up with the fashion news from the first day i announced running for president, now put up with fake book, ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it well, so will i, despite all of the push back the book's author says he's standing by everything he wrote. >> if i left out anything, it is probably stuff that was even more damning. it is that. it is that bad. i mean, it is an extraordinary moment in time. >> and some of the more controversial statements the book came from former white
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house trang ethic, bannon didn't apologize outright but told fox news he regrets his comments distracted from the president's accomplishments. we should point out talk about the book, wikileaks over the weekends tweeted out link to whole pdf of the book to tell people hey if you're going towed to read this, why spends money, it is floating on line. >> will cause along of traction, a lot of talk. i don't think people outside the belt way really care. it seems to be insight. >> palace intrigues. >> to some degree, as secretary of defense james mad is said and he put it best, something the administration should probably take cue if they want to detract from this, i'm too busy working to read this book, ends of store. >> i you there g the battle for the virginia house of delegates continues, four democratic voters appealing court decision cleared the way for republicans to maine control of the at issue the district 28 race in northern virginia, this is different race than what we've been fog us g on. >> tom fitzgerald has been covering this one, hey,
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>> good evening, well, what's becoming increasingly clear, as the days go on, is that virginia needs to do better whether it comes to electing its legislature. now, the latest battlefront is opening up in the legislative district 28. and that's where several voters now are appealing to the fourth circuit court of appeals to start a new election in that district, and the reason is because apparently voters in that district were given ballots to vote on in districts which they did not actually reside. now, this is all complicated because of the fact that legislative districts do not necessarily line up with towns of people live in. so, you can have people living in the same community, going to the same places in the community, but they don't actually vote for the same lawmakers. look at this. sixty-one people in the house district 28. they were given ballots to house
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sixty-one people from house district 88 were given ballots for house district 28, and 25 people, and house district 28 were given ballots for house district two. now, if they are successful, what the voters in this district are asking the court to do is to go back in there, and order a new election in this district. but we should tell you, time is not on their side in this. they would effectively need a decision from the fourth circuit court of appeals sometime tomorrow, because as you know, the virginia house of delegates is set to take issue with their current legislative session on wednesday, so as it stands right now, the republican incumbent, bob thomas in that race, is slated to take that seat. now, the course is a seat that is being replacing of the outgoing speaker of the house of delegates howell. so a lot was riding on this, and you saw that situation last week, where they actually had to deliver a
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decision based upon a random draw, at this point, jim, it seems that we are heading toward another situation where another judge and another court is going to have to step in and decide what happens in a virginia delegation house -- >> sure. >> this is not a situation anybody wanted to see, especially when you consider how close and how much riding has been on all of this. you know, they've got new governor coming in. democrats thought they were at a point where they might actually even have been able to take control of the house of delegates. it does not appear like that's going to happen, at least if this fourth circuit court of appeals doesn't decide to step in here and order another reelection. >> so, clearly, i mean, they've had elections for a long time in virginia. is this the first time they've had issue with the wrong ballots going to the wrong races here? >> it is not the first time they had the issue, here is the other thing, too, we don't know how many other districts this has happened i
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these types of challenges has happened, you know there is could have happened in every single district. >> yes. >> we don't know that, because there have not been challenges in every single district. you know, the bottom line, part of the problem in all of this is the system of how we elect people. you know, it be jerry manned erring, or being house these districts are drawn. a lot of times they just don't make sense in regard to drawing a map that actually configures to where a town actually lays out its own borders. you see this a lot in congressional races across the country. but you have a system here, and a map, if you look at a map where people live, and luke at a legislative map, very often they do not line up and do not make sense. >> there you go. >> tom fitzgerald out of the colds, stay warm, thank you. oprah winfrey stealing the show. the former talk show host sending a message about the me too movement do your her acceptance speech last night and sparking ruth ores
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>> big night in hollywood, bit of fashion statement while walking the red carpet. >> hollywood stars dressed all in black as a sign every protest against sexual harrassment accusations cents in hollywood and across all industries. it was also meant to be a sign of solidarity among actors. but the most talked about moment of the night was oprah winfrey's acceptance speech for the cecil b de mill lifetime achievement awards. >> and win that -- and when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificant women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenominal men.
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new cars. no, that moment ended up over shadowing the awards themselves and started fueling speculation that oprah will run for president. now, she has in the past said she's not interested but then stead man today said she would definitely do it. so ronica cleary, the pulls of the people, ronica? >> hey, jim, marine, a i don't think that room needs new cars. but, well, well put. i listened to oprah winfrey's speech last night it brought me back to actually hearing oprah speak about the first time she heard barack obama speak and she said she had this feeling that this man could be president. well, i think we saw a lot of people responds to oprah in that way after she gave her remarks last night. she spoke for about eight or nine minutes. she spoke about memories from her childhood, being inspired, and then of course this me too movement. and really gave a message every inspiration and
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now, viewers analyst nerves, they turned that into maybe the launch of a 2020 presidential campaign. of course, oprah winfrey would not be the first celebrity we are talking about in the white house, we have president trump in there right now, who was first a businessman, but then of course a reality tv star and celebrity. and there have been talks about other celebrities possibly running for office. so we asked people, with the pulse of the people, the bigger question. watch do you think about the idea of celebrities running for office? take a listen. >> i think that our current president and the fact that he was cents a celebrity, is now in office isn't always the best idea, i don't know, i think it depends on if they actually know what they are talking about. >> i think they have every right to run for office, and if we feel as voters that they are able to do the job of working with congress, and getting legislation passed, then they should be able to run for office. >> so apart from oprah, because i
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and i wish she would adopt me, i feel like the us presidency is like a ceo job of like a corporation that is the united state, and you have to have experience in that field. >> what do you think about celebrities running for offers. >> i don't think they're qualified. actually donald trump is not qualified. i don't need to read my man's book. i can watch him on tv and tell you he act like a nine year old child. >> i don't think a candidate should be validated on their celebrity status. i would look at their policies and other stuff like that. >> i love that girl in the middle who says she just says i love oprah. i wish she would adopt me. so, certainly, a wide variety of responses. the thing that gave me the most peace of minds, it seems like people would consider maybe what the person had to say rather than just the celebrity status. certainly, something i hope people
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going to the voting booth. back to you, jim, marina. >> i'll say there is i think the one take away, ron, a i'll bring you in on this, too, we should point out, oprah never said i'm running for president, she never hinted it at t this is all media speculation. >> hey, donald trump, did say back in 99, that fed had to pick a runningmate, woe pick oprah. >> that's right. >> did he say it. >> i don't think we'll be seeing a trump win ticket any time soon. >> speaking of former nominees, former republican president nominee, mitt romney had surgery for prostate cancer. treat was successful, his prognosis good, of course the 70 year old romney is being encourage today run for the utah senate seat soon be vacated by or end hatch. >> that's right, he changed it. >> massachusetts to utah. san francisco billionaire makes major announcement. about his political future, in washington. washington.
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>> tom spire says he's spends $30 million to organize young voters and get them to the polls notice midterm, he says republicans are unwilling to cross the president, he believes voters need democratic congress to do what he describes as necessary to get president trump out of the white house. >> 2018 is going to be a straightforward debate between two radically different visions of america. i'm going to spends it rallying americans behind our vision, adjust inclusive prosperous america. my fight is not just in california. my fight is in removing donald trump from office. and from power. and that starts with taking the house back in 2018. >> tires former hedge fund manager invested some of his wealth in political causes including fighting climate chan
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office himself, just fund other cause. >> getting people out to the voting polls is bipartisan. so, money well spent. actress debra messing speaking her minds. >> yes. >> the will and grace start ousted e news on the award shows red carpet, while interviewed mentioned lack of equal pay, saying i was so shocked, so shocked to hear that e doesn't believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as the male co-hosts comes as cat saddler though used to work for e news left after what she calls is a large pay gap compared with male co-host. >> i wonder if it would have spoken loud her all every these women who did bring it up during the interviews on the red carpeted had they boycotted e. they do, main show, only based on red carpet. don't have the tell he cation. >> and, you know -- >> that's what they focus on, the actress, the actors coming up, talking to them, had they said we won't talk about it, this is how we feel, maybe would have actually spoken louder. who knows. obama's taking some heat for upgrades to the obama presidential center in chicago, unlike
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libraries in the past, this one is expected to have an activity center vibe. there would be a museum, but also basketball court, possibly room for yoking, a classes and test kitchen to teach visitors about the full production cycle every nutritious foods, some have criticized obama's unconventional mold as not worthy of ideals and history for which the presidential center supposed to stand for. >> the project, scheduled to be complete in the 2021. >> every president sort of does their own library in their own mold. >> tthe obama administration, i'm sure will have what all presidential libraries have in their note, people want to criticize everything. >> all right, back after this. not untrue. not untrue.
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>> president trump, planning to watch the game, the ncaa urging people to wear white anti-trump signs tonight, also being fans are
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today kneel during the national anthem and players as well, president's visit adds extra wring nel security to event already has plenty of it, you can imagine, fans are excited. >> i think it is pretty excite to go have the president in the same building as us, so i mean it would be cool experience to be able to see him in person. so i think it is interesting. >> we just hope it comes in with a georgia shirt on. >> tickets about $2,300, what they're going for, 2300, $2,500, looking into drones spotted in the sky around mercedes benz stadium where the game social security played. >> made a quick comment, i still does not want to see anybody kneeling during the national anthem. >> regardless who have wins, says both georgia and alabama are trump countries. >> he's at home. that's probably why he went there. >> probably not untrue there whether you talk about that. but obviously big game tonight. >> that's right. the news continues on digital at >> join us at 8:00 on fox5 plus for the news, see you at 1130 tonight on the final five, we will talk little more ou
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see you later.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a huge, huge development after oprah's speech last night because she's always said she's not going to run for president. stedman now says she absolutely would if the people say yes. >> we've got a bunch of celebrities out after we got her best friend gayle king, we got laurence fishburne. seems if it were up to them, oprah would be running in 2020. >> does anybody know what oprah's policies are on anything? >> no, you get equality and you get equality and you get equality. >> sean penn had his annual charity event. one of the items at the silent auction was to watch a "game of thrones" episode with emilia clarke. one of the high bidders was brad pitt. >> he outbid himself because when kit harington offered to join them.


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