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tv   The Final 5  FOX  January 8, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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everyone. it's monday on final five. the president had a busy day away from dc. short term spending deal looking likely with less than two weeks left for congress to figure something out. the white house ending in gps status for sample dorian immigrants, and north and south korea, and a sit-down the president is looking more less likely. the final five let's do this. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. it was a busy monday for president trump at the college football national championship grade. . we knew he would show up but didn't
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but he made his presence known from the start. take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, tonight, as we honor our nation, please rise and and welcome members of the rotc unit, and donald j, trump >> no anthem controversy. in college football. the players stay in the locker room during the anthem, which is probably why we haven't seen any kneeling protests in college. the naacp wanted a symbolic protest calling on people to ware white and wave white tails. apparently they picked white but the crowd was full of alabama crimson and white. earlier in the day he was speaking in nashville. we haven't seen much in the way of controversy but the president set
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>> we want our flag respected. we want our national anthem respected also. there's plenty of space for people to express their views and to protest. but we love our flag, we love our anthem and we want to keep it that way >> the president in nashville delivered remarks to the farm bureau. he talked up the new tax law. he took a moment to brag again about his election victory. >> oh, are you happy you voted for me. you are so lucky that i gave you that privilege. the other choice wasn't going to work out too well for the farmers. or i minors >> and talking about broad band access to world areas, he sign todd
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speeding up the process to make broad band more available in more places and gave farmers a suggestion of what pages they should visit online >> look up at real donald trump. i have a feeling you get that anyway. it's the only way around the media, fake media. >> so much travel today, the president must not have what his staff called executive time this morning, we heard denials over reports the president watches up to eight hours of cable news, and a report from axios said the president's staff dabbed the chunk of his day he spends watching tv, tweeting or making phone calls as executive time. according to axios, 8:00 to 11:00 is carved out as executive time. of let's be honest being president is 24/7 whether in the residence or in the office if there's a crisis, executive time ain't happening. . back to the pre
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speech in nashville one of the topics he mentioned was immigration reform being closed tied to the budget bull congress has to square away. the president wants congress to fork over more than $30 billion for border security. including 18 billion can see for the proposed border wall. >> we are going to end chain, migration. the liter system and we'll build the wall. >> now, democrats want congress to get something done on daca, that's why they're pushing to continue. the lack of progress so far is making it more likely congress will push a temporary funding bill through before the 19th which means once again, we see congress doing these stop gap measures two weeks here, three weeks, one week there, they can't get their stuff together. tomorrow, president trump is said to hold a bipartisan meeting to talk about immigration, democrats say they're fine with border
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security, not fine with the wall. >> let's do that. but the idea of spending $18 billion on a wall that most people think will not do what he said it will do does not make any sense. >> by the way, i just noticed i believe bernie sanders bought a combs. his hair i was very well -- i saw him briefly. >> also on the immigration front act decision today for the white house to end special protections nearly 200,000 immigrants from el salvador. giving them to the temporary protective status until september of 2019 to leave the u.s. or face deportation. this is a program tps, i think of bill and the tps reports. office space. but it really is a program that gives humanitarian relief for people whose countries have been hit hard with natural disasters or other major problems. this was temporary, there was an earthquake in el salvador 15, 16
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renewed but in some cases people lived in the u.s. under tps decades. >> our current immigration system is broken. we all know that. but the constitution with congress the responsibility to set policy for the nation. and while we kick the can down the road with these temporary type of -- temporary solutions, it doesn't give the incentive to address the ultimate issue. so the president's order is 18 months for congress to step up and address our immigration system. >> it's going to be up to congress to address tps. and we is bipartisan support for helping the dreamers. but tps not received the same kind of attention >> in a real sense, the tps residents have become after or forgotten thoughts in large part because they've been here so long. no, falls on the congress who
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after some time might have made them permanent residents probably did not in part because they thought they'd be able to go back but looks like going back is really not an option. >> no mention that earthquake in el salvador the homeland security secretary said the damage from that hurricane no longer justifies a temporary extension. let's talk north korea. every night check i guess so out on facebook on the fox 5 dc facebook page. that's where we get some great comments. let's talk about north korea. discussions between the north and south started at the border and the main topic expected to be about oprah's possible run for president. no, it's about the upcoming winter olympics with the north korea will take part. >> while focusing on the matter of north korea participation in the winter olympics we expect discussions to focus on museum interest on approving south north relations >> the
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the efforts made by south korean. he was elected to reengage with kim jong-un without going too easy, one factor in the success is whether seoul will provide an opening point to the north koreans. another big focus on the international problem, the russia probe, according to a new report from the "washington post" robert mueller likely wants an interview with the president himself. the post said mueller raised the issue with the legal team which triggered a discussion among attorneys about how to avoid a sit-down encounter or set limits on the session, the president doesn't seem to have the same reservations though. the post talks to source saying he's comfortable taking part in the interview. russia, meanwhile despite coming under scrutiny in the russia probe, the white house is renominating kt mcfarland as u.s.
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the former deputy national security advisor, a close ally of michael flynn. >> do you remember him? he was the guy that pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi and the russia probe? well, mcfarland was originally nominated for the ambassadorship in may but her nomination stalled over concerns of her knowledge between contacts between trump campaign officials and russian impressive. she testified she wasn't aware of issues or events regarding flynn's contact with sir gay kislyak, e-mails show shay knew about a phone call. urged moscow to respond cautious's put into place by the obama administration for russia's interference in the election. when we come back on the final five if you're looking for that oprah 2020 bummer sticker, we'll talk about her potential as a presidential candidate up next on the final five. on the final five.
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. within moments of oprah's acceptance speech at the golden globes social media lit up with oprah 2020 talks. is america ready for a billion tv star with no elected experience had in the white house? this is managing editor up late on the final five, liz good to see you. it's been awhile. in 30 seconds explain to me why everybody things oprah is running for president >> essentially oprah written free gave a speech at the award ceremony that focused on for them. the issue is, now people have interpreted this is oprah is
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therefore, you know, a better potential presidential chat than donald trump and obviously, you know, she's a celebrity, she has name recognition, she should run for president. i believe there's confusing oprah is a wonderful person with oprah the wonderful person should also governor our country >> it's funny because, again, she never explicitly said, that's why i'm looking at running i'm looking on taking on the system, and i always hate when people in the media blame the media for fanning the flames and speculation but i really think this was the media finding a juicy story line here and jut running with it today. >> well, absolutely. i mean i think the media really just, is looking for any alternative to donald trump. which, hey, i'm looking for an alternative to donald trump too. i don't exactly think he's a wonderful president. but it's also worth considering. are we just sort of speculating and jumping on whatever just seems fun, and not really actually considering, ok, which qualities are important in a potential leader? i don't think that's a smart trend >> what was the big story line
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going to run for president against 16 politically more experienced republicans, the presumes the may main knock on him he never held elected office before. but donald trump, he can't serve, he just a reality tv star. he proved everybody wrong. >> well, exactly and what happened is the media was so obsessed with this idea. can this happen? almost felt like a reality tv show to watch to point we're giving him free publicity and attention and name recognition is such a useful part of running for any office. i mean, so many people, especially in state and local elections have a whole ballot full of people they haven't heard of. they won't know their policies and if you have a name like trump or a name like oprah on the ticket. you have a lot of people who immediately feel like they're gravitating when you look at states like ohio and michigan and pennsylvania that went for donald trump in the election and these are states where a lot of people said i'm going to vote
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yeah, he'll rock washington, washington -- will never see him coming. is there a similar -- i don't know if there's a similar story line with oprah aside from the fact that she gave a great speech and been a fixture in our homes 25, 30 years. >> i like oprah as much as the next girl i would love to be in her book club, whatever. >> liz favorite things. >> i know. but i think it's also worth considering like the reason trump had such an effect was because he really simplified political rhetoric into almost really simple buzz words and for some reason, that appealed to people. they felt frustrated by the media likes where people, big words and referencing, you know, intense, sociological studies and they felt like those weren't sentiments they could relate to mean trump simplified things and said
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america great again. you know, various mining industries and those sorts of things and that appealed to people. sometimes in more simplistic terms. i don't think oprah can have the same effect. i think certainly touches all of our hearts, she's, seems awesome, very car us matic person. i think honestly what we're seeing in the democratic party is them searching for any candidate >> desperation. >> exactly. >> i'll see this, donald trump really built this industry of saying what's on his mind whether it's politically correct or not. and he would say very costic things about people. oprah does not do that. she speaks in flower i terms and doesn't take aim at people. >> exactly. we need to consider especially those in the media, oprah was talking to a room full of people with the exception of a few perhaps very seedy men, a room full of people who agree with r
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it's not super brave to, you know, stand up in a room full of people who relate to your life experience at least in terms of your wealth and political stands it doesn't take a lot of bravery. which isn't to say trump is being particularly brave by saying awful offensive things, to what degree is oprah doing her part as sort of a cultural leader verdicts demonstrating political potential >> liz good to see you tonight once again. >> i'll talk to you whenever sally jessica raphael announces she's running for president. back after this on the final five.
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mit romney apparently underwent surgery for prostate cancer. the
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his prognosis is good. the 70-year-old formal massachusetts governor is being encouraged to run in utah. hatchet announced he would retire when his term was up. three people in new york city including a firefighter were injured in a small electrical fire the heavy is that clear was billowing out of the roof. trump tower on 5th avenue. fire broke out in a cooling tower. the president was wasn't there. the new york fire department called the fire quick and routines and they have to evacuate. a grand jury reportedly hearing testimony in an investigation in a land deals made by the wife of bernie sanders. the feds are looking into deals that jane sanders made while serving as president of burlington college. allegations she falsified loan documents to try to secure funding, burlington defaulted on its
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grand jury has been empanelled. on account of a government interview of a witness. bernie sanders said it is a politically motivated attack. vice president pence trip to the middle east was scheduled last. the white house said pence will visit eject, jordan and israel. a month after he was originally set to take the trip. it was delayed because he stuck around in dc in case he had to cast a tie breaking vote on the gop's tax bill in the senate. the visit will be watched closely in light of the president's decision in jerusalem. palestinian leaders cancelled the meetings they had. we hear the term fake news all the time. it's used to the point where it's almost like a young child learn as swear word for the first time and uses it as much as human's possible. exactly. but but, my friends, you cannot even ware fake news on your pants. >> were we
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that. the retailer top shop is selling blue jeans say fake news in red and white on both legs. if you're not looking at the screen, they're $90, please look. these pants are ridiculous and people are buying these things because several sizes sold out when you look them up, a pop-up calls them a trending product and encourages you to shop fast before they are gone. >> jim, i have so many questions about who is buying these jeans. >> ying christie >> they look -- they're mom jeans, we have another picture of them. they're definitely mom jean >> they're high waist >> are they for the mom on the go who also works at cnn? they're not great >> this is jake tapper maybe? she's delightful. i met her before of >> you just wanted to name that drop. didn't you >> what's wrong with that >> i'm just saying. >> let be
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i'm surprised 90 is kind of cheap i believe for jeans >> they -- top shop and other places have had ridiculous jeans before they had clear plastic patches in them, and they were more expensive than $90. i guess 90 is a bargain >> nordstrom >> they were just sea-through, plastic >> aren't those called chaps >> no. that's something different. chaps >> that would make these turning shots strange here on the final five >> it would. >> make sure it's put in the right place. thank you, christie >> the notorious rbg, when ruth bader begin berg would retire from the supreme court, both she and anthony kennedy hired multiple law enclosures signalling they're not going anywhere any time
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2020 at an event back in october, guinness berg wants to remain on the bench. r b g returns 85 in march. last week brody logan declared the true national champions, the team had a championship parade at disney world and now florida's governor is jumping on the band wagon, rick scott declared the university of central florida will be recognized as the 2017 college football national champions in florida. cf didn't make the plain view but they went 13 and 0 and finished with a win against auburn in the peach bowl. auburn beat both georgia and alabama. the two teams two played for the championship. who's sleeping soundly and who's tossing and turn jared goff we'll tell you when the final five comes back. ♪♪
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mitch mcconnell in the mud terms steve bannon torched as last ties, second he got new jeans, remember mcconnell was pushing guys like luther strange of alabama. bannon wanted roy moore. mcconnell is mainstream but he had mainstream prevailed in alabama he wouldn't be claiming to a single seat majority. with bannon nonout of the picture, he's definitely sound asleep. paul ryan little bit of a different story, ed royce became the 35th republican to announce plans to leave the house, while many of the seats are safe gop districts this one is not. hillary clinton won in 2016. turn over happens in dc, part of politics this one is a surprise paul ryan races like this are why democrats seem to think there's some chae
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over the house too. that's the final five on this monday night, good to have yous with, morning crew is here at 4:25 in the morning, be careful. make it a good night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a huge, huge development after oprah's speech last night because she's always said she's not going to run for president. stedman now says she absolutely would if the people say yes. >> we've got a bunch of celebrities out after we got her best friend gayle king, we got laurence fishburne. seems if it were up to them, oprah would be running in 2020. >> does anybody know what oprah's policies are on anything? >> no, you get equality and you get equality and you get equality. >> sean penn had his annual charity event. one of the items at the silent auction was to watch a "game of thrones" episode with emilia clarke. one of the high bidders was brad pitt. >> he outbid himself because when kit harington offered to join them.


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