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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bannon a smooth h transition. >> we have a critical update on a \miss\{mis^}\missing person's case. two cousins, age 17 and 11 years old are home safe. the officers found the missing girls at a restaurant with four men. they arrested those men. matt ackland is live at d.c. police headquarters with the late ers. >>reporter: these girls were reported missing you'll remember on the fifth and then on the sixth in new jersey that is where these officers spotted something that just didn't look right. it was a u hall truck parked off to the side of the road. they noticed there was no furniture, no personal investigations inside. they decided to investigate it further. because police are looking into this as a possible crime against the two miners we're blurring their faces and not identifying them again. we found out about these details after the haddon heights police department posted information on its facebook page with a link to a fox5 story. haddon heights is
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the post on facebook it says one officer was told that the group of six were heading to new york city in the u hall to visit family. the officers then learned the four men on the scene gave false information and were in possession of drug paraphernalia. the four mails were arrested and the two juvenile females were identified as the missing girls from d.c. we're told that the men were not charged in connection to any human trafficking at all. by the way, we asked police about this human trafficking, if there was -- if that was part of their investigation. they say they are looking into it, but they do not believe that this case is connected to human trafficking. we did talk to the chief of police in new jersey. he's re leasing few details except to say the four men were arrested and they have been release at this point. in the district tonight, matt ackland, fox5 loca
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>> d.c. police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect in an armed 7/eleven robbery. police say this man walked into a 7/eleven in dupont circle around one this morning. he approach the cashier, pulled out a gun and forced the clerk to give him some cash. if you recognize this man call police. >> we have new details tonight about a police-involved shooting in sil silver springs. montgomery county police say officer todd archer quooded his gun to try to smash an suv window but wound up shooting an unarmed driver when the gun accidentally went off. the driver survived the november 5 shooting. it happened in the parking lot of the stony million shopping center. investigators say officer archer was trying to get the driver of the suv to stop ramming another vehicle. authorities say the officer will not be criminally charged. he is currently on paid administrative leave. >> this man is behind bars in northern virginia tonight for allegedly assaulting customers and rand sac
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store. police say stuart skin ner was on drugs when they found him inside a sheets in manassas. officers say he ar rested when they tried to ar rest him. he's facing several charges. >> things are back noorm tonight after a water main break-in bethesda. the line ruptured this morning on old george down road. crews completed repairs late this evening and the road is now back open to traffic. after some very cold temperatures, hey, look at this this is a water tower that froze in all the cold temperatures that we had over the last few days. it also suggests that tower is leaking. >> that's not a good sign. that's in laurel maryland. you can almost think it's a candle with wax coming down the side. it should be melting by now. it takes a while for ice to break down. tony, even at my house, when the air s
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was still icy. for the last time in maybe 30 years i could not get in my garage it was that icy. i could barely get in the house because then i had to try to get up the hill to get in there. it was pretty icy. it was pretty scary that pavement being so cold it really hung on now we start to thaw and today, it was so joyful. i wanted to start doing cherry blossom updates. 51-degrees at reagan national, that's above average for this time of year, dulles 50 , bwi49 and a check of temperatures at 6:00 here lolly it's still 45 and nice light winds with a few clouds around. it means we do not have a wind chivment it still feels like 456789 other places are going to get cold and we're going to have another refreeze tonight. so what was wet earlier today may be icy in the morning although it looks like the breeze we had today did pretty did good job of drying things up. there could be isolated spots. manassas you're down to 32-degrees, so
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ischial pepper. thirty-nine for winchester and gaithersburg down to 44 greece. a loft places are going to get cold tonight, but that change in the temperature department was nice today in the last 24 hours comparing to 6:00 yesterday we're s 11-degrees warmer in the district. three degrees warmer at dulles and 9- degrees warmer at frederick and hazes hagerstown, martinsburg coming in at ten greece warmer. what's going to happen over nievment it's not brutally cold, but it's cold enough that anything that was wet as mentioned could be black ice in the morning. i saw very a little left over moisture. i think a loft it has evaporated on out. even the snow melted. if you had a little bit billed up, it might have been wet when it melted. i certainly will be watching my own sidewalk i can tell you you that's for sure. a quick look at your planner. at eight in the morning about 34- degrees. we had a thought of thick fog. by noon we're h one and by 4:00 43 glees. a little cooler tomorrow tn it was today
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details on that and the timing coming up a little bit later. >> disquoferry communications, the anchor of downtown silver spraining announced today it is moving its headquarters to new york city. it's a decision that came despite what elected officials say was a very genoise offer to take you. fox5's paul wagner joins us life from silver springs. big news, paul. a real shocker. you know, you can remember when they announced that they were going to come here to downtown silver springs in 1998. they were going to revitalize this area. they did revitalize this area and now they're going. a changing media landscape means they've got to come up with a new model. this has upset a lot of county leaders, especially the county executive, ike leg it. i've disappointed to say the least. this has been an ongoing discussion over the last year.
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they've made a very strong strategic decision about how they want to move forward. i don't think it has anything to do with the county's offer between the county and the state . we put up an offer that is larger than any that i can recall in the county's history. >> when discovery communications announced in 1998 it was moving to downtown silver springs and would be building its headquarters there, it was what county leaders viewed as the anchor it needed to revitalize what had become a ceded downtown silver springs. now the company is leaving and taking its 1300 jobs out of the shiny building after the corner of georgia's road. they will sell the bill ing. while some employees staying and others going to knoxville, tennessee or the new headquarters in new york city. the company which owns a
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planet and investigation discovery does make money. in 2016 it anouned a profit of more than 1 billion-dollar, but in order to maintain that profit discovery decided it needed a new model. >> we love maryland. we love silver springs. this has nothing to do with silver springs. this has everything to do with the changing media landscape and how we can best operating our company and have the operating leverage to go forward. let there be no doubt we love this community and we want to stay in this community, whatever that presence is and ike and the team bent over backwards. maryland is business friendly. montgomery county is business friendly. >> last summer, discovery purchased scripts, which is the owner of the food network and once that move goes through which they believe will happen perhaps later this year or maybe in 2019, there will be a better understanding of where some of these jobs will be
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until then no one knows who is going to be taking this building here in downtown silver springs we're live in silver springs, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> comprehensive immigration re form. we're going to tell you you about the unexpected twist in a rare bipartisan meeting between president trump and capital hill lawmakers. plus oprah, 2020 how president trump and oprah's best friend are responding to a ground swell of support behind a potential white house bid for the media mogul. this is fox5 local newses at six .
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y2l2xy y16fy be able to vote. the city council passed a measure that lowers the voting age in local elections in the town to 16. to be eligible to cast their vote, 16 and 17 year olds must be a resident of greenbelt animus be registered in prince george's county. the rule becom
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places in maryland where 16 year olds can vote include tacoma park and hyattsville. oprah would be a lot of fun. i know her very well. i did one of her last shows. she had donald trump, this is before politics. her last week. she had donald trump and my family. i like oprah. i don't think she's going to run. donald trump responding to swelling support. it was follows oprah's i am passinged call even at sunday's golden globe awards. >> her best friend gail kink say s she is intrigued by a white house bid but she doesn't think oprah is interested in the job. >> president trump talked about running against oprah. they discussed comprehensive immigration reform. it was
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from the press, but in an un expected twist tv cameras were allow to role for nearly an hour . president trump called on democratic and republican lawmakerses to come wup a deis s . it should be a bill of love, truly, it should be a bill of love and we can do that. it also has to be a bill where we're able to secure our border, drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace. the president suggested a two-phase immigration deal. the first will deal with chain migration. the visa lottery program and the daca program. >> if police stop you in a rental car do they still need your permission do before they search the car? that was the argument before the us supreme court today. this concerns a case in pa where state troopers were able to search a rental car because the driver's name was not on the rental agreement. inside the trunk they found body armor and 2500 bags of heroin. authorities for the federal governme e
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when you rent a car you don't own it. therefore you don't have to deny police permission to a search. such an approach can extend to more than just rental cars. if the court were to up hold this decision by the state court i think all of a sudden you would be seeing thousands of searches of not just rental cars, but the law enforcement would try and expand this to uber, to lyft, to quar to go and then to a car that is quote, owned by someone me. and that would be the end of the fourth amendment as it relates to cars. a decision in the case is expected before june. keeping animals safe from the elements. how virginia lawmaker s hope to address the issue when the general assembly kicks off its legislative tomorrow. gary, what are you working on. >> california, again, of course it was wild fires. everybody knows about that. you get a little rain and this happens, mudslides all around loss angels . we'll tal
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southern california facing new problems tonight, first the worst fire season on record, now it is dealing with flooding and mudslides and they've turned dead limit at least ate people have died and authorities fear that toll could go higher. fox 's gary mcgrady joins us with more. >>reporter: you've got all these wild fires. they've bender you up everything and they've also burned a loft roots that would normally hold all this soil into place. all that is gone so you get some rain. the soil gets heavier from all the rain and it just slides down the hill. that's what basically happens here. it's been a rough few months for california. santa barbara county triggered fl
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mudslides. we're learning up to ate people were quilled and one of these was a foirnd of a catholic school who dedicated his life to helping others. this has been a one-two punch for california. less than a month ago, lost all the crucial vegetation. the heavy rain comes along and then just in one night half of these mountains just kind of come down on everybody. once the flooding starts, the problem just continues and it escalates. the soil can't absorb the rain. the residents that are in harm's way here have had to be evacuated. it seems like all the time these folks in california are having to be evacuated for one thing or another. some people got stuck in the mud slietsz. you can see the video here. the hardest hit areas, not seat oaker that's in santa barbara county. people rescued eight people from their
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homes. crews rescued her after she became trapped for hours. it looksic look the heavy rains have washed out roads, downed trees, power lines. the bottom line is it continues to be a mess. you you continue to look at social media here which is always an indicator of what is going on. that's after the lady was just rescued here. you continue to get these new videos in, these new pieces from social media, if you follow this hashtag mudslides, hashtag ventura, hash tag, a pick your right there. just real quickly a radar imagery will give you, the rains moving in, still some heavy rain right now. overly overnight this will subside, but we're still going to have this problem. i think in some cases right on through the day tomorrow. it won't just stop with the rain. twhrs ' a little bit of a linger effect
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california gets everything. they get it all. they get the fires. goodness, gracious. a rough go out there. all i can tell you you you is sushis not moving there. i'll visit, but, i think of all the natural disasters we had this year, that was the most terrifying. >> yes, it was. followed closely by this. so many people lost their homes. it makes us greatful that we don't have more to deal with her. >> you're absolutely right. >> thanks, gary. >> so it was cold, but not quite as cold as it could have been. >> how about 351-degrees today, shawn. >> that was balm i. i will be talking about cherry bloos ooms in no time. >> did you you say 51. >> yes. >> it got to 51. >> it did. followed closely by dulles and bwi into the 40s. it was a cold start. >> yes, it was. anything that melted and hope my sidewalk and driveway was part of it. i k
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dry up it might refreeze again because we are going to see pretty cold temperatures again tonight blow freezing. we also had a the look of very thick fog early this morning as a result of all the moisture around and the warmer air that was coming in aloft. that could be around again tonight. we'll be watching that closely for you on our later broadcast. the other thing to know about tomorrow is it's going to be a little less warmer than today was. which is why we're saying it's back to norm l a much that's why we should be for this time of year gary just shoald you showed you the wet system. late week showers will be moving in our direction from that system. it looks like it will be quite mild out ahead of it. temperatures are going to be soring even if we begin with some round of rains, but the l bulk of it holds off until mri here's what you can expect the next two days . mostly cloudy tomorrow, 43-degrees. not quite as pretty as today,
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a deep freeze. thursday, a stray shower, local news a lot of showers around. 56-degrees. it looks like a nice warmup coming toward the end of the week. today not bad at all. we're still at 45-degrees. we still have quite a few warm spots north and west and as mentioned we do expect temperatures that are right now in the 30s and 40s to head down blow freezing tonight. i want to show you that again because it's probably the most important thing you need to know for tomorrow morning. mid and upper 20s in the suburbs. only isolated patchy ice remaining, but i wanted to kind of stick in the craniu there so you you don't miss step and slip on anything. we're showing you you that a few clouds are coming in tonight. we'll watch for fog later. again the system that produced the mudslides in california. that will be next on deck, but not tomorrow. tomorrow it's another chilly start. temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s as we go lieu the day and high pressure moves off we bring in a little bit more cloud cover but we keep it dry and then the milder
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starts coming into the area for sure as we head on into thursday . forty-three greece the high tomorrow. a lot of the clouds around, so not as much sunshine and temperatures to our south will be in the mid 40s. we're going to wrap it up with your fox5 seven day forecast. fifty-six on thursday. 636 friday with showers, nice and mild. maybe some rain lingers into saturday. we're still 54. before we introduce three days that are cooler than average including the martin luther king holiday on mofnlt i know a lot of you may be off on that day. it will be chilly. tuesday, 48- degrees. >> the virginia general assembly kicks off its legislative session tomorrow. delegate john bell of chantilly will introduce a bill to prevent the mis treatment of pets. he wants to prohibit owners from tether ing their pets and leaving them outside. he says too many times animals are left in the extreme heat or cold. this legislation calls for a two 350d fine for
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and a $500 fine for the second offense. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. back.
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after more than 40 years, starbuckss is making its biggest menu change. starbucks is launching a new second he express oh, the blonde espresso what's the difference between the two? >> what is it. >> the signature he espresso is a bold, in stens dark rose. >> the new blonde espresso is made from latin american east after african-american fraik and
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beans. >> i think i'll be doing more of this in the if you tour. now forth first time customers can customize any drink they order. >> can't you customize them now? >> i think you can. certain starbucks they don't let you. not at mcdonald's. we paying it , you you drink it. >> thanks for joining us at six, everybody. 5@6:30 is next. we'll see you later. z2l2xz z16fz
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y2l2xy y16fy
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i think that is a ridiculous accused you youization.
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>> hi, everyone, the president is calling it a bill of love. new developments tonight in his two-step approach to fixing the immigration system. as you can see from the run down on the side of the screen this is what we're talking about tonight at 6:30. president trump once again sending shock waves through the immigrant community he meta bipartisan group of senators following his announcement to end the temporary protected status granted i am grabts from el salvador. it could force nearly 200,000 people to leave the us by september 2018. some members of coming are trying to find permanent re solutions to re store programs like tps and da


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