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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 25, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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fox5's bob barnard is live northeast with the details this morning. good morning, bob. >> hey, wisdom, maureen, good this is where itappened. this was last frida morning. we're in front of the little jewels child development center and nook's barbershop, the 5200 block of sriff road in northeast. we want to show you someell ph video that was sent to us and shared with the local anc commissio to the attention of d.c. police chief peter newsham. this was last friday morning an according to the people who sent us this video local anc commissioner, these were some young men standing in front of the barbershop on friday morning when pol arrived undercovepolice officers, they seheched one of the mere and found a gun supposedly. and the people who sent us the video said that that gave then those officers, they believe thercight toh the others there and the other people did not give permission to be seveched. what they b is because you can see in theid v that the initial personwa who had the
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s allowed to leave.le ing some of the people who were there and searched by the police, that that person was either a plant or a undercover officer or someone working with police to then give the officers the cause to search the other people who were there. t the guy whe gun was allowed to go. those people complained to their anc commissioner who has sent a letter to chief newsham. hear now one of the men that was there t day and the anc commissioner anthony lorenzo green. >> theut jump in all four quadrants every day and mess with young black mene i community just like us. >> racist policing that's w exactlyt it is and it don't matter how me h you diversifpolice department, you know, it's still the se tactics and methods and the way i see it is whyll are we doing the same thing decade after decade expecting a different result. >>eporter: now here is part of the letter fromhief
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newsham to aio comner green. it says here i will ensure that a full and completeinvestie conducted. if police misconduct is sustained, we will take the appropri to he goes on to sayhe metropolitan police department is committed to ir unbiased policing. i'm hopeful the community we are policingsnttte teav o all of the men and women of this agency. that is chief newsham to anc commissioner r green. we'veeached out to d.c. police as well. we've not heard bac back directy deanwood community but at large based on what happened here lasy, frida guys. >> all right, bob barnard thank you for that. time is 4:32. and president trump under fire this morning following a series of tweets over the weekend. to twisident took yesterday comparing people who enter the u.s. from mexico to invaders sing they should be
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immediately sepe back without aring before a judge. during an interview that aired last night with prima m challengike huckabee he mentioned immigrati again questioning why mexo isn't doing more. >> mexico has very, very strong immigration laws like really str among the strongest. they could stop them cold if they wanted'to. there wo be people walking across mexico like that. but we wouldn't evethave to worry abouhat if we had strong borer laws whi >> the american civil liberties union h responded saying a move as mentioned in the president's tweets would be illegal and it woulde violate thnstitution. the ongoing immigration battle has led t a few members of the trump administration being heckled and also asked to leave public places. last week dhs secretary kiersten nell se nielsen was hed out of a restaurt. >> thewner of the red hen in
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lexington considers the trump adminiration "inhumane and unethical." maryland congressman elijah cummings is one ofghe few democrats s the restaurant should have served sanders although he added he believes that president trump created the environment for hostilityo exist. californiaat congresswoman maxiers took a different approach. >> l's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up d if youee anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a departmentre, at a gas lease station, yogasoline st and you create a crowd and you push backn them a you tell them that they are not welcome. >> also wanted to note that the resta tant ins story should not be confused withn the rein d.c. that restaurant is affiliated with the virginia location and says it will serve everyone. >>riomorrow is pry day in maryland andy n19,000 of you could face problems voting cause of a clerical error. ste election leaders say there was a computer glitch with people who went to the
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motor vehicle web site or kiosk to make changes with their addresses a or partyffiliation. the changes were not submitted tohe election board for processing. the b problems occuetween april of last year and early june of thisear. despite the problem election n officials sayo eligible voter will be turned away. affected votersfy must their voter registration using the stateio elects board web site. also the can use a provisional ballot. >> we are headed to maryland for this week's zi trip and a community that many of you have probablyeard about but have never even been to. >> yup. we are talking world. leisure allison, tony tucker and erin will be there this friday morning and it should be a great g time. andet ready to ride in still with our fox5 zip trips. go to now throughth august 19nd enter for your chance to win a two year lease on a new 2019 acura tlx. fiveil finalisl be selected by random drawing on august 20. all finalistsd must atten the e winner will be selected aton .
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the final zipri t all entrants must pze is provid. area acura dears and complete rules have available at fox5d.c.comontests. >> let's check in with mike thomas. >> we're waking up to temperatures in the 60's and 70's across the region with some humidity still out there left over from the moisture that yesterday's storms kind of brought us late in the day. once the sun gets in the sky, things should start drying out a ait for usnd it will start mor comfortable but 72 for quantico as well. if you're an early riser, 70 for leonardtown, 60's, though, martinsbteg, winr, dulles and gaithersburg all in the low to mid 60's to start your day's satellite . some clouds are still out there and they're hanging pretty steady rig now. again, the higher the sun gets in the sky the more some of these will burn offnd will mix out with some sunshine today. so not full aunshine but mix of clouds and sun but not too much to complain about today. we shoul keep it dry.
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85 degrees, veryna seaso very pleasant later on today and tn tomorrow beliet or not even a few degreesth cooler. 's about 5 degrees below normal tomrow with a high of 83 with once again mix of clouds and sun. all right, thas your early week forecast. over to erin for traffic. >> 4:37 right now. keeping our e rs on theoads. not much to talk about at all right now. minor crash on ther shoulde southbound on the ramp to southbound route o traffic is getting by just fine. no problems on the beltway the entire suretch. all o majors in the district, marylandnd virginia are at speed andon aside from te crash on the shoulder we're crash free. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. back to you. >> 4:37 is the time right now. coming up on fox5 morning comic and late night talk show host jimmy fallon responds to president trump's calls for him tbe " a man." >> gay pride month draws to a close with paradesnd events >> this is a look at the route along route 50 and 4:urch 37 is the.ime, 71 is the temp back after this.
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>> we're back with what's hot on the web. >> holly morris standing by with what's trendin >> good morning, everybody. the latest celebrity caught the a war of words with president trump. msterdayr. trump called fallon out for saying heregrettp when he was a guest on theho tonight s back01 in6. fallon famously tussled the then candidate's a hair. in tweet the president told fallon "to be a man jimmy" next up an odd mome at the bet awards preshow last night whenr a membe of redur carpetity interrupted the live broadcast by blocking the camera while telling people toove and that they were done.
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host terrence j said exce me, sir, you know we're live on tv. the weirdness continued after co-hostie singer announced that her father is a firefighter. so far bet hasn't explnened what exactly hd there. and speaking of the betaw ds, some big names won last night beyoncé won besfe le r and b and pop artist award, bruno mars won best male r and b migos won best group drake won and movie of the year went to marvel's thlack pan." congratulations. a teacher in georgia who lost her battle with cancer continues to advocate for cording to an obituaryth. 58-y wr-old taddell was a teacher for 40 years. her finalor request was people to bring backpacks full of supplies instead of flowers. the photoacf the backp went viral and has been shared thousands of times. finallyesterday the 49th
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annual new york city pride march was held on the streets of manhattan. miions flocked to chelseaan greenwich village watch. newar york'ch is often the most attended pride parade in the world and those are your trendingigtories. >> allht. thank you. 4:42 right now. coming up on fox5 morning vleaders in northirginia hope a new tunnel will relieve congestion in arlington. >> metro a transit begins pilot program which cld change the way you ride public transportation in our region. b >> heading toreak live look at the wilson bridge. it's moving along smoothly at 4:42. it is also 71 degrees. back with more ns, weather an traffic after the break. >> ♪
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here are the top stories we're following for you this momping. president trus being slammed for a serier of tweets he made the weekend. the president took to twitter sunday comparing people who entere the u.s. from mexico to invaders. also saying they should be imdiately sent back witho appearing before a judge. the aclu responded saying wh i the presidents asking to happen is unconstitutional. >> police need your help finding a missing olney woman. 27-year-old rachel elizabethur monsho was last seen leaving her home on darnell court sunday afternoon. occupied in'v d.c.oundun if you seen her contact police. the investigation int a deadly police shooting in silver spring continues.
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police and states attorney's office will meet about body cam video from the night of the shooting. on june 11th the officer shot and killed 41-year-old robert white. police say body camera footage shows that prior to the shooting white became ficer more than once.,0theof >> nearly 19 maryland voters could face problems ting because of a clerical error. state election leaders say there was a computer glitch with people who went to the motor vehicle administration web site or kiosk to make changes to their addresses or party affiliation. the changes were not submitted to the elections board forw processing. noespite this problem election officials s no eligible voter will be turned away. of affected voters must verify their voter registration and use a provisional ballot. >> thanks for u js. >> today is monday june 25th. let's check in with mike thomas and see what's happening in w>>ther. hey, guys, good morning. well, after a very, very hot kind of end tond your weeke with sunday's highs reaching
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th 90's we're going to start things off on a more comfortable i won't necessarily say although we won't be 90's, we'll be 80's today but will stillwa feel are there during the afternoon. mix of clouds and sun today, thou. not full sunsh but again, enough that will make today rather pleasant, ttych less hu out there later on this afternoon making for a more comfortable feel. t unsetthough as we head into the middle of the week. wednesday, thursday looks like our next chancewe for sho. maybe a few thunderstorms across the region and then beyond that we g. hotn fact into w your weekende'll finally get a dry one here in d.c. but to pay for it sort of it's going to reall be ho the out there. in fact we'reid talking m 90's time we get to next weekende here in d.c. so get your pool plans and maybe youreach plans ready. 72 outside right now. not a bad start. a little humid to start the day though but moreon comfortable air the way. it's just off to the nth here. 64 degrees is columbus, 63 in ttsburgh and drier air up o pushthat's going into where we are near d.c. and the richmond area again
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cold front came through last night. it's the drier air now that's starting to move i town behind it. satellite and radar showing again clouds to starthe day here. one little storm complex coming through kentucky is rning. that's expected to slide downec to our south butause it's kind of hanging out around general region it will occasionally throwome clouds our way. that's why we'llix out with cloud cover from tihe to time today. r than that, high pressure acrto the northin com the great lakes will continue down s its way into our region. nice northerly wind will pick up on the backside of it causg drier conditions, really get rid of that humidity for a little while but still warm outre the it is late june after all. temperates heading into the low to mid 80's across the gion today with again mix of clouds and sunshine. d.c.e going 85 here in town in 83 manassas, 84 a take a look at your seven-day forecast n. as mentioned, by the time we get to theiddle of the work week we're talking about more unsettled conditions around the region.wednesday your next f
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showers and storms. doesn't look like a great day.. 82 degrees thursday could start with showers, we'll get sunshiny the afternoon and look at the end of your week into the weekend. whew, here come the 90's. good news, it comsu with hine. all right, that's weather. erin is back with the roadways this morning. how is it looking erin. >> 4:49. meo service is picking up at 5:00 a.m. no reported delays. take a look at70. we're a speed. wide opened from frederick through gaithersburg into rockville. no pblems on the beltway. you can see by national harbor. let's show you what else gau're up ast. no problems in college seies in silver spring as well as bethesda looking good. crash free right now earlier crash on 95 at route one in virginia cleared and metro service is again picking up a 5:00. so far not much toboalk a. we'll take that for a monday morning.back to you guys. >> 4:49 is the time right now. new details inhe external review conducted on the university of maryland's football team following the deat of one of its player. the baltimore sun reports university board of trustees this morning during aconferencee university's president.
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now the university hired a sports medicine consulting group to conduct a review of the football's program protocol. 19-yeaold offensive linem jordan mcnair went to the hospital lastft moner collapsing during a teamworkout. he died two weeks later. university says the riew could tak up to 90 days. >> an emotial farewell to one of theservative movement's mostemorable remembered at a memorammer was e 68-year-old pundit died last weekro f cancer. >> a new bus tunl is n operating in rosslyn. the tunnel opened sunday and is expected to help ease uaffic issues and speed bus trips. the street level tunnel goes to a new building between north moore and north lynn street it services metrobus and arliton's art routes. ly. >> metro kicking a cash free pilot pgram on the 79 metro era route i d.c. customers boarding thatstus mu pay with their smart trip
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card. cash and coins will not be accepted and you won't be able to add money to your smarttrip . right now the problem is only for the 79 extra route. tro is trying to determine if going cashless makes boarding quicker or whether it will help improve travel times, too. >>oming up on fox morning, a texas boy gets real life -- gets real life. >> scientists at the national zoo oce againn baby watch. >> as we head to break at 4:51, temperature is 71 degrees. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪ at havertys we know everyone has different enstes.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 morning. looking live at the capitol dome. l it'sooking beautiful. sun not up quite yet. give it a minute. 4:53 is our time right now. it is 71 degrees. >> devoping this morning joe jackson the patriarch of the jackson music dynas appears to be speaking out about news that he's close to death. tmz reported joe jackson is in
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the end stages of cancer a h thatis wife katherine some of his children a grandchildren have gone to las vegas to be with him. night joe jackson tweeted i hav seen more sun sets than i have left to see. janet jackson honored her father when she received the special recognition of the weekend at the radio disney music m awards. ake a wish granted another wish over the weekend. take a look at this real life bat cave for a texas teen baling a neurological disorder. thiss tyler newrdand's ba home to a bat cave just for not only does it have air conditioning that texas heat but it also has nerf guns and a bat signal. >> make a wish north texas says they'veot granted a lf wishes over the years but this was the first one for a bat cave. >> i bet. >> very nice. >> fixer upperouple chip and the hgtv couple welcomed ahe
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w baby boy namedto the family. ndchip tweeted yesterday a then there were five. >> 10 beautiful toes and fingers all accounted for and big mama is doing great. they announced they were expecting back in january. >> we're o officially panda watch. zoo keepers at the national i xiang to see if she'llee if sl or i she's expgniencing a pseudoancy. the panda house is closed to the public t to keep area quiet around the giant panda's den. >> zoom keepers say m xiang is showing signs she could be pregnant. she's built nest is that sleeping more. those same signs could also mean she's having a falsewe meg nancy. l let you know what happens. s they'loon put up that panda cam and we all can watch. >> tre you go. >> 4:55. orning.omas, good >> hey, good morning to you as well and i i a good morning. we're staing off nice and dry across the d.c. rsion. humidity i little up there but later on afternoon better feeling conditions. we're already loselg daylight. hard tieve, right? we've actually lost 30 seconds
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already since the summer solstice. sunrise 5:44 this morning, sun will set 8:37 p.m. tonight. ayain, i think it's a to enjoy. satellite and radar nd some clearskies down to the o the west this morning. it will be on and off cloud cover through ye day. that rain see in kentucky should sde down to our south but will stay close enough it will throw clouds our way from time to time. 85 your daytime high. tomorrow comfortable 83 degrees for a daytime high. we head into wednesday we get our showers and chance of thunderstorms back thursday may start with showers, will end withsunshine,d that a will start warming through the weekend.the way fantastic but hot, 92. midut 90's for the weekend the good news is right now it looks dry all the way through. all rig o, that's a cf the forecast. erin como is back with the roadways this morning. hey, >> 4:56. t now we are crash as well as delay free around the district,nd maryland a virginia to start youray early morning ride.ce metro serviicks up at 5:00
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no reported delays there. across-the-board we don'tin have any compla right now so we'll just do a tour of the area toll reassure you the roads look g50ic is n and quiet in that landover outside the beltway i bowie also problem free. look at that, more green on the map on 66. wide opened through manassas centreville as well as fairfax and oakton we're seeingice conditions o 28. early morning flight to catch, you're quiet on the way to bwi reagan natiol and dulles. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. we'll bt back with your 5 o'clock hour.lo ing good if you're headed back from the beaches as well at the sandy pnt toll plaza. >> ♪ >> ♪
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to three generations montgoof elrich' home we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great, like fixing transit and traffis torten my son-in-law's incr open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids.ex incrthat's why our ne my grcounty executiveplay. has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. atas county executive, 's exactly what i'll do ♪
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♪ >> today on fox5 morning. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowdnd you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome. >> the heated debate about immigration and president trump's zero tolerance policy leads to a b cally one congresswoman to harass trump staffers whenever they appear in public. controversial police stop. video of a police encounter in the district raises several questions about pole power and illegal s mrches. aren'tyland voters bring your patience. a computerlitch could complicate your trip to the polls tomorrow. rightmorning at 5 a.m. starts


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