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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  June 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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all right. welcom back. it's day number two of ourcu wod special here at fox5. i'm joine by john harkes and the legendary marina marraco. [ laughter ] >> we should mention who thely super star is. >> yes indeed.& >> we're all super stars. in our own lunch time. >> 1990, 1994 world cup >> yup. 2mls cups with d united. you've got amazing resume. thanks for being with l us. ove the way you said that. it's fantastic >> if you hadn't noticed look whos behind us. d.c. united right here practicing at rfk todaye'll be talk to some of the players coming up a little later this t we are going to start with one of the big games todaynm. dek v france that ended in a draw. zero-zero no goals there>>. o goals. little bit of a cautiousll approach. andy when you look from th of the managers i think it was probably expected a little bit. france the manager made six changes to his line up resting players for the next round and
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from denmark' as approach as well a lot of pressure was christian erickson to make tors ga them at the end of the day they're both going through to >> what's the mental will in game like tha. if you don't need to score do you care if do you. >> want to school goals. hel you where yound finish first second and who you play in the next round whether the first place team or runner upo. but the confidence. you need to have that confidence and finding ideas in the ge. >> to be winner right. >> correct, correct. how do we find different ideas with differentec players and connons in the game to score goals? it's always important. >> both those teams move on now and it's losers here unfortunately australia peru evenhough peru finally got to score a goal a world cup. two goalst . >> wai minute. and won a game. >> and w a gam. >> i was waiting for -- >> didn't count for much. >> it came late in the t game, but when you look at peru, in the qlification process i thought this team is going to do extremely well.
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they lost both their gamone-nild games. but i knew tldt get on the score sheet eventually he's their topoal scorer. look at the rental of ore day it's good f peru they go home and get the result that they wanted. unfortunately, they're not going to go through to the next roundc elebrating like they won the world cup. all about that pride. right. we talked aboutt these games. it doesn't matter ronng moroccos los you score. >> that's a mreat pointarina. talk about the pride of the nation we saw that panama when they scoredhe lone goal against england and englandsi hd they celebrated like they won the.orld this is important. the pride of the nation is important. >> that might be my favorite moment so far in the tournam. the excitement just scoring a goal even though they were down si to zero. >> at the same time it gave me realization we weren't there. but anyay -- thanks. >> that is true. t nextime, nem time. more therapy for me>>. ohn my next question for eu, f and denmark are they threating to deep to this tournament. yeah.i think tucker a lot of pe
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look at these two nations, you a kns being, you know, some of the top ones that are in the world cupim but at the samee are they going to get challenged by the big nations? you know what i mean? are threely going step up when it comes down to it. the high press i can seerom other teams competing against deark as well a france, i think, both teams are susceptible in defense a little bit. >> france really has. they know how to ge. it don they've been there before. been at the f. denmark however it seems like they have one star player that's kind of carrying them through which is kind of the motto here with a lot of teams when you talk argentina, portugal. >> what's the persian taj of that success, relying on one player is very good. you want other teams to step up. so we're looking at the andings france winning this round, winning this grouping, andenmark number two. we got to wait until the afternoon wames to deterho they'll play, right. >> c>>rect. ou know, like this is probably the first game we haven't seen var rlly stand out. >> we'll get to that coming up later. >> talk a little bit more about that. >> coming up 2:00 o'clock today
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two games one on fox5 nigeria argentine that's a huge game. giargentina isng by a little thread at this ptnt. >> i expec the viewer ship for that game on fox5 to go way up through the ceiling, because this is a much anticipated game. kwe always at the giants of the world cup, and of course, like we spoke yesterday,er guys, e saying how much the gap has narrowed, right. >> yes. there are no big giants minute notice any more. it's anybody's game. with argentina,ow, still expectations can they pull it off? can they turn around and have g onee that helps them beat nigeria and maybe get to that nextnoound? i don't k i mean, there's a lot of pressu there. >> maybe for argentina and the group. that's kind of crazyet. 's talk a little technical technical -- argentina has been up. my understanding it's been a mess, is that correct? >> t ny really haveot been well organized. they don't seem to have a game plan. justeen kind of great athletes running around out there. >> yeah. let's -- you're right. you are but let's be very clear, too.
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it is not messyi' s fault, okay, nation here. we underst that. i'll tell you why. mari brought up a great point earlier at the top of the show. when yely on one player consistently to pull off the plays for you and lucki he did in the qualifying last game to get here he had a hat trick that's the only weren't argentina is in this wor cup. people put the expectations on>> argentina lookingnkt the ees and saying those nstripes. they're mesmerizing. the colors of argentina are mez har rise but they're not t good of a tea south ali has lost the dressing room as a manager. their mid field is not good and their defense is not very strugy throughout the world cup. throug season. andhe t so now other players net step up. exactly. >> we saw in the mid field you're c guy thech changed the
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middle field put theounger players in there hungry aggressive that's what argentina needed to. >> like lebron james with the cavs. you got one star playrf isn't ect. >> no one else is putting in their part of the work. >> they throw it up to him and ou keep him up and just cherry pick waiting for the balls andet l everylady p? water with messi. >>ou saw with messi and lebron etmes how many players g around and smother dhem. they cloown the space for them. >> because they know where it's at. >> correct. other players need to step upee youd other personalities from argentina tohi s. this anigh engineer ya team is d team man. >> let's talk about soccer a team chemistry. these are all of course -- highly paid world athletes making millions of dollars. tree --ortant is that chem >> a le bit more than us. r a couple weeks at a time? her sure. we see with spain we talked alabout it yesterdayf of the time is from real madrid tr part from barcelona they have to work together, although
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ramos you boy did not perform yesterday >> i know marina doesn't want tt talk abo too early. >> tucker and i will keep your spirits up. >> we a talkin talking nigeria s nie yu standing by with the scheme of this upcoming match. hey, annie. >.[ cheers and applause ] >>or repr: hey, hey, everybody. we s areo having fun here from th african bar and restaurant. go niji that is the theme today for this watch party. everybody is rooting for team ande got prince ma th hearhered fancy electric lime green jersey, sir? >> i'm rooting for nigeria. >> a reporter: this is big game. it's do or die for argentinew n ho confident in your team. >> very c veryonfident.
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they'll beat argentina. very very confint of that. >> reporter: what has impressed you most about nigeria's team. >> what impressed me a bunch of players who have... that what impresses me. u most.rter:yohat impresses >> a bunch of good players. good solid players. are you at all worried about messi? well, messi hasn't really rformed s very much this worldup. so we're hoping to, um, knock him out and make nigeria within this time. >> reporter: how watch parties been? i mean this mace has been jam packed over the last few ds or weeks. >> yes. it has. we hoping by 2:00 p.m. this place willke be pac again. >> reporter: yes. go super eagles. go nigi. go n engineer ya. >> go nigi. go, nigi >> go nigi. >> annie looks like an amazing
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party. >> i'mo oing to getsome of these parties this afternoon. let's touch on my tea big game against croatia. they have af chance. course they do certainly from defensive unit they're very -- viking clint clapr thundeap i've seen tucker do in the alleyway at's fox. scary at times. >> i do it oh and friday nights after a few dnks. >> they have a chance, croatia six points top of the group as they should be, of course, convincing game three-nil over argentina. you're looking at always thesean ces where maybe coaches make changes like made sixes chang with france maybe croatiat wants to some players that would be ieland's chanco go in the and get points fro them as well. nigeria on three one. >> this is a really good afternoon. when we come back we'll break that all down. talk to you guys about this iceland/yo croatia came happening on fs1. we'll right back here on fox5 fox5. ♪
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♪ ♪ so here's the deal. u know we've got such great soccer community here in t d.c. area, right? ea m all walks of life play in washington. >> correct. >> we've gott groups thalay soccer, soccer camps. get involved in soccer camp. >> always, always in soccer ca recamps kids the best ones. that's our future. we got to take care of them for sure. >> look at t little kids starting young with d.c. united t-shirts. john that's one of thept misconcens there's not a big fan base for soccer here in the u.s. and yet so many klys ear on get involved in scer. so much of the youth and you see it in the mls which is growing day to day.ea >> yea osth. populated spt in this country played at the youth level for sure. again itch many there. the kids have the passion and plus it's a great game to bri kids together and connect. you get those skill sets in life, you know from team work, sacrifice and fun. pu ball on the field anybody can that's the besut it. gy. >> yesterday we sent reporters out to
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eenod tay thomas. >> mike. thomas our reporter colleague off to a soccer camp for soccer. >> reporter: hey, gs, thank you very much. world cup is going on. tons of excitement around it. i know a lot of you might have kids at home or maybe you yourself want to get outpl and soccer so today we wet to team i was l bit how you can get out around our local area and maybe take to the soccer field even though spring something summer.ll going this is ben. ben, you run. >> for socr. >> for soccer here in northwest d.c. ben is ever too late to start playing the gam of soccer. >> of course not. we take all ages and abilities. all genders here at forth soccer idea that we have we want young players to enjoy playing the game and help them find ccess regardless o their level and hopefully make them enjoy the game more. get into the world cup and s the their friends and family. >> i'm a parent at home i got my son or my daughter they really want to start getting into soccer. sat some t that they can start doing. t >> the firstng you need is a
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ball, right? find b aall, buy one, find one, steal yne, whatever can do to get soccer ball.ot when you've that soccer ball all youeed to do is get the to kickthe opportunity the ball around. ball and a wall or you can get a practiceou can juggling or, you know, playing with friends in the backyard or with the family get the bal out and kick it around is the best thing to do. >> let's do some of that. what's your name, sir.e. >> ethan. >> e, you'll show us a couple of drills tha maybe you can do at home, right. >> yes, ethan, let's start with a juggling move. han is pretty decent player. he's gng to sta with a ball on the ground the ideao just t keep kick the ball up in the air ground. let's see how ethan does. >> this is something anybody can do really good. >> he's good. hed much space. how much do you practice, every da.y. little bit of day that makes the difference. when you first start how many could you do in a row? >> even five. >> not even five and now what's your total? tracted h d >> how many? >> over 2,000. >> over 2,000 in a row.
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>> yeah.>> how long did that ta? >> 15 to 20 minutes. >> ethan i'll put y on the spot. change subjects real quick weig got a game today many nigeria is tning o argentina. messi going to get sent h>>e? es, i think so. >> you think so. all ru'ht. afternoon.or nigeria this >> yeah. >> coach, what do you think. >> iant to see messi continue to play because i love messi i think he's a great player. i' hop argentina pulls it out of the bag. >> tell us a little bit more abt foroccer. a lot of varying age gro out here. >> exactce. >> we're a soc camp we're looking for players interested in t game. so not necessaly the best players or guys that playing at elite level b definitely people interested in getting out andetting more touches on the ball and having fun. so we take ages five to ye groups this week we've got some younger players. but yeah we take -- we'll talk all abilities and intgaduce the to them and try tor push level to help them improve. >>f i'm a parent where can i get info. >> f and all the i
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informationon the website. perfect. get outside. watch the gam first. first, hey, c world cuphampions are going to be england ofcoe, . [ laughter ] >> all right. that's the latest here from northwest d.c. i'll send it back to yout rfk stadium. get out and have some fun. >> thanks mike. re>> that's exactly what doing. we're out here having some fun. tucker wante b toe humiliated live on the air. that's what i get for talking crap. o>> come. >> come on, john. >> marina, can i get one. >> come on.o >> do it, d it. >> i got you. >> watch those l from yesterday. >> nice. >> iouldn't even m coming up after the break e como has got nigerian cooking. october wait. we'll have it coming up in just a minute. >> oh! >> marina, you do not like him,. >> right for the noggin.t >> hey, tak easy. >> what a keeper. >> he gets to touch the ball. >> all right iings way restaurant here to give us a
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taste of niger getting set up and my mouth is watering. stick with us. we'll be right back with our ♪orld cup coverag summer is here and everyone's coupling up.
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with mcdonald's new hotter and juicier, summ100% fresh beef evequarter pounder. up. and any size coke for just $1. again and again. ♪ ♪ all right. we are less than two hours away from the start of nigia versus argentina right here on fox5 and today my mouth is watering we are getting a in any event of nigerian ing me is june anu me. yoook the fells delicious.
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>> thank you. >> thank y for coming in. >> year welme. thank you v much for having me in. >> are yo excited excited for td >> yes, i'm very excited nigeria is going to win today. i like that attitude putting the good vibes into the universe and let's talk about nigerian cuisine if people are not familiar and want to head t laurel to visit kings wayy what can the expect in terms of flave? >> oh, we have very spicylavor and we also mild flavor. for those who like spicy food love s food. >> hot peppers. >> yum. >> inside. mouth watering burning but very good. >> and what do you think is the most o popular dishn your menu out the a kings way? >> the rice. >> the rice. i cannot wait to try the rice. we also have chi in here. tell me about theifferent spices on this. >> okay. this one is jus seasoned with all kinds of black pepper, curry, onions and thisne is seasoned with red stew.
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um,be seasoning, we haveave the, onions, red peppers. >> hmm. >> yes, salt, black pepper. >> that is such aood flavor. little bite to it, little kick. absolutely amazing. what do we have here? >> this is white fish. what we do we soak itn water with vinegar. >> i'm making a meg. >> water and vinegar you said. >> yes. >> it looks so good. >> then we season it with the same seasons we use adobe salt, the curry, sometimes we don't put curry too muc >> right. >> then we dipur it in. on the outside that nice crust >> exactly. and deefry >> ooh, that sounds so good. how about this? >> this is crow cut fish fried the same way w dip the in red stew. the red stew we fry up the stewf
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spices we use cur, we us thyme when it's finished frying now put it in the red stew. >> so good. ti have to that as well. this is a little dessert for us? >> this is moimoi we eat it in the mornih on the meal. >> good breakfast. >> in fact it's all day. in the afternoon people use bread. >> right. >> yes. it's good on bread. and then for dinner we use it with the rice. >> i cannot wait to try that rice. >> with the rice, fish and mostly party you have to have this. >> this is a staple of nigerian cuisine. >> exactly nigerian cuisine you have to have this allim the t >> let's talk about the said it's spicy and you know i love me>> some spice. this is peppers soup. >> what'n it? >> all kinds of m. we have meat stomach, you know,
12:24 pm
the cow food. >> hmm. >> the beef tripe. goat meet meat. >> what is your favorite they know out of everything? >> we have aguso. that is coming. >> but this rice is -- t >> i'll have try that with the chicken and tu fish. know how it knows it smelhe incredible here t's a line outside the studio ready to try this amazing buffet of nerian cuisine, and if you'd like toom sampe you're not familiar or if you love nigerian cuisine headre to kings way inl. it's right on baltimore avenue. >> yes. >>isit jummy and her team because these wonderful. what do we say? >> go nigeria! >> go, nigeria! >> go, nigeria! we're within dag. tor.hat's the attitude we like i'll toss it back down to thefi d. i'd offer to save you some food ili don't think itl last in here. >> yes when they win, when they finish winning they cane to kings way. >> and celebrate. >> and celebrate. >> i like that attitude. i'll have another bite of
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chicken. >> i want to show you theeef patti. some foodbecause that sounded . >> i'm hungry. speaking of a maziag very l guest coming right up after thereak you'll want to hear from him. d.c. united many head coach ben olson right after. the b ♪
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♪ all right. guys, here'sea thel. you know i was already in aww getting to work with john h mkes
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now iaged to secure the coach of dc united behind that soccer >> what ou mean somehow. >> i got to pay himor now. >>k here. i work here. >> he worksf here. part o the furniture ben>> olse. head coach. lay listen ben talk t me about the new stadium. you guys excit >> yeah, i mean we've been excited for a decade for this thing. >>ight. >> for it be, you know a couple weeks away is, um, it's justh- it's a joy to be a part of this process for our fans who havng been hangin there for this stadium. of weeks leading into it anle great opening night. >> i meanic fantast. so many memories here. you got special memory of rfk ai we're wrapping ts up. >> playing with john. y eah. >> playing defense for john as did he all the offense. ke that.tau go. take my wallet. >> p these guys. as much as w know, arelot to me. excited about theui new bing, i'll never forget this place ana john can test to this. it's a great place with a lot of great memories. but it's time.
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it's to get out of here. >> there's awepecial connection ave with the fans through this park. this gritty time of environment this atmosphere that we've always had that pusheds on to win those titles early on when xt young player coming throughhe the game and stuff and the fans right away ty embrace and that's what special y carry that into audi fan. >> as a fan watched both of yre growing up the hardest you really did ref d.c. united. >> we're also in cstruction. we'reuilding on the se. with jesus our friend. >> it's true. >> he mentionshe fans. they put up with a lot here ink . >> sure have. >> for them to now have this brand new building to kind of, , build a new culture and a new ambiance i-- good times right now. >> all right. lots of rumors about d.c. united i won't press you on those because i put youn the spo and made you come talk to me. what i am going to put you on the spot you'reoicked win the world cup. you got a favorite?
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>> you guys probably watchedha a lot mon me. i'm working usually during the games i have not gotten enough of the world cup. um, spain? >> spain. sap good pick. >> she likes it. >> she's from spain. having a stin this worlds is cup? >> yeah. >> i appve. >> you approve of zero joey ramos. >> definitely ten out of ten. >> apparently the not just for his play on the field either. >> that's correct. >> that's the impression i'm getting. al quick i want to wrap it up yourn fantasy has to kick off penalty shot against -- >> against you. >> again r me. >> allight. i'll give you right. take it away. get yourself sorted out and i'lb call itack with var if you're moving off t line. >> what should i give him. >> her g weo. >> give him the five, the six, seven, eight? >> i would give him -- >> what typ of heat? >> i would just bring it nice and easy, ben. he's got to friish --ng him a 9.5. >> right foot nine. >> i'm ready for you bt.
12:31 pm
make i happen. >> ben olsen here settit up. let me give you -- 8 >>0 o'clock, nine. istle. me give you anwh official >> i'm ready for this. >> i think nine. >> nin >> oh yea. he deserves a nine. >> at h. lowe extremities. >> yes! .>> oh, my tucker is down. wow! >> there you go. marina -- >> sorry tuck. any tucker falls she gets excid. >>e guessed right way. i had a feeling where you were going.that was awesome. thank you very much for joining usl wely really appreciate it. >> thank you. have a great second half of the season. >> tucker and boys continue their bromance we'll show you the hottest moments from today nigeria argentina game and how the fans liv that game today in russia. >> gorgeous unde. >> mistake by cabby the finish
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crow yea sayingcroatian are goi. in the heart of argentina. croatia three. argentina nil. >> theuper ear rows of nigeria onhe one side. over to moses. goal for nigeria. >> the super egos take flight at world cup 2018. 2018. >> how wou feeling tuck. as out of breath. >> i wish that wasn't on li tv that was a little embarrassing. >> you did great. john said you had instincts there. >> natural. almost got a tip safe that one. bennie brought the heat a little t. >> that was in the back of the net before i reacted. >> come on. [ laughter ] it wasul bea. >> it looked beautiful on tv. >> all positive here.
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when we come back we're heading back to annie she's life at apio bar nigerian cafe and those fans getting readyor a big big game tonight w. >>ll have that coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. i serve in the general assembly and we work together across the aisle to get things done. and that's the way it is at ctca. what fred needed was a management team.
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not just to have a long-term strategy for quantity of life, but also an active sategy for quof life. my psa is under contro ctca gave me an opportunitto accomplish my goals and my dreams. learn more at appointments available now.
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♪ all right. we're bog to check back in with annie yu still down at that bar
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waiting for the this big came 2:00 o'clock nigeria argentina. >> you know what i was love about d.c. >> everything everybody. >> a bar for every tea. >> annie, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: hey, tucke marina, john, we'reaving such a great time out here at apio bar and grill in northwest h d.. weave two hours until the big game we're getting amped the moral is shy.e got some already nigerian fans he cheek on team nigeria and prince ma thai is the owner here. he's seen the moralimself a lot of nigerian fans showingno , ou k filling unthe bar her here, and they're really excited about a lot of people feel likea ni is the underdog they're not the favorite to win, but that only amps i up even more because look at where you are now. >> right. i think people think that but because nigeria won the previous game, and argentina hasn't wonma
12:37 pm
gaet nigeria has more reporter: isn't thatme. interesting, right? i mn the sition that they're in. so whet do guys need to do take? >> they need to maintain theirao the game plan and i'm sure fine.hing will be ye fine. ight. rou a little dance party. these are original traditional nigerian beats or of a forty three beats and ben here. et's join the line o l here. check out pyrites prince's pants. they aren't sporting the jersey but they're sporting their home country attire. yes. so on that lot note go nige. >> up, nige. >> up, nige. we're going to win. >> we' greoi. >> that'os t the big mesngsage. back to you guys >> yeah. two-zero. all right. thank you annie when we come back, we are going be kind o analyzing a really
12:38 pm
big part of competition pecially if you g a tie in pke next round, right, which is >> yes. a lot of people who have never been in that situation think that i esasy were you the mentality that's needed for that, the strength and resilience four own self to be able tout close the whole stadium to shut dn the noise as i s it's a challenge. it is a challenge. >> but it does favor t goalkeeper. >> you think?>> >> absolutely. we'll ask a goalkeeper when we comek bac. we've got d.c. united players staning by breaking down these pks with us. >> hopefully they can teach meia g or two because pan i'm not very good. >> you're doing great,ke tuc. we'll be right back. ♪
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