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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 16, 2018 6:30pm-6:58pm EDT

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>> ♪ h >>py monday to you, happy. mo >> happy monday, sean, thanks for join us tonight, the big story, vladmeere, trump, two met in hell sghich high steaks diplomacy, the fall out could be ' norm us. >> let's tk aboutt right now a 5:30. >> all i can do is askhe question. my came toe, said ink thi it
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herussia i have ident putin, noti will say theresi is i dont see why it wod be. >> summit in helsinki president trump with vladmeere putin and the two addss the issue of election interferance together. putin still denies anyce interferanook place despite the indictment of 12ss ian officials last week, and the president believes putin. >> yes, was actually stunning to watchhen i heard that today. rpakthe advice what he had from his own intelligence sources cents. >> this was not oth appointees, not hold-overs from thein obamaistration. >> his own peotshehoplai was>> >> or earlier,si president trumpet a i sy i've great confidence in myigcee r, itein also recognize that in order to build a brigh future, we cannot exclusively tcus onhe tstwo a largest p ntr
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powers, we must get of his respg there, to all of the folks who kc acandn't believe you said you believed putin. >> we csinot evely focus on the past yet when it was brought up, he was very quick election, which every knows he won thection, he goes cents back to hillary clinton, bridges thatat whole, th whole saga up. >> yes, it was cents very interesting to w today. tom fitzgerald joins u now with the very latest about what cam out of this historic summ. fits? >> reporter: good evening, tracking the reaction from hill, both democrats and republicans, to put it in shthands, the reviews have not been good about the president's news conference today, o this display betweid ent trump andsi prent putin was not compare it to how the president dealt with us allies in nato just last week, the scene was cents this. two leaders spent 90h minute with other. there was no staff. only twoet inters.
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what they talked about, in thatel meeting, w only they know for sure. when they came out to thes, camera vladmeere putin was ask about meddling, and he called it complete nonsense, the presidenteiterated that position, and said that putin sured him that russia was not involved. >>ould you name a single fact that would definitively proof the collusion,. >> this is utter nonsense. dnediere was no clues, i 't to collude with. thereo uswi e was. >> denials continued from there, at one point putin did saye that wantentpodin p the 20u election,se then candidate trump wasmprovi retions with rush a the president went ton say that he believedobert mer russia investigation probe is damaging the united states, putin joined in by saying he would oer t allow mueller
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anhis russo interrogate t 2herussia 1n intelligence offics named in th l indictmast week. >> do you think that we tried to collect compromising material in each and everyhe single one everym, well, imagidifficult to utter nonsense than bigger scale than this. >> if they had it, it would have been out long ago, and if anybody watched, peter strykt testify over the lasouple of days, and i was back it, it was cents a disgrace to the f.b.i. it w cents a disgrace to our untry, and would you say that was cents a totalitch hunt. >> reporter: the preser ence today in helsinki, shortly after that scene concluded, vladmeere putin did something that he rarely does, a especially witmerican journalists cents, he sat down for an interview with tev foxisel news channels s wallace. the two went at eachther over the issue of russian
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ddling. despite the evidence that russia had t anytho do with the hacking that went on in 2016. ballast, again, and again, pushed putin, putin clearly rt that far exchange thata aired just for the first time about a half hour ago. >> people are talking about teeruswicelefion process in the united state. i haveen mti in ag a it really wish for urur american listeners to amero first ollf a russia as a state hasffairs ofth the united state. >> ofourse, numerous officials today have said the o. not onl dan coats, who we e,ntioned at the tyf theshow thg republican ben calling
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naton sfeorncene by theth pr senator john mccain from home in arizona calling it director john brennan tonight sayin i his words this was quote treasonou >> oh, fast nature to go watch, i'll tell that you, fiuc pptsnkci tathae t v you youentid in the inter pew tt mutinsat dns wallace. you said chris wallace was harder on himhan the president. >> i think people were making atching it downstairs w camepstairs, there was tenswe exchanges there. i have t say, one thing that yas said another political puy, well,dat dnd itoan that private m ngt .i do have to sa i fd it toyny >> jovial.ace there when t camee >> joalie,es ybout t yha democre senate intel committee blastedmp president's statements today. warner joining livetol hill. good to see f ycaou.
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>> good to see you. today. wiay d kidding. look, you know, in a situation like when we would bring on ts,he ranking democrat on any co rittee, it isher, i to predictable what thetn' response would be, but whawaspgikseinnar,het t f jt docrafrhepele of thewny. o pnte part >> well, the reaso forn that is thisy the i lintundergeel oma, fbi, ceingetelle,igen community under prest trump. russians theynte i certain individuals, released information, help trump, hurt clinton, scan electoralnd system use social media in ways that were unprecedented, to try to manipulate the
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>> intelligenceate said reconfirm that, just few month ago,ea yr r investigation, and what w remarkab was cents today we had ati,th senator and i,th parm uk, many of our allies, who all were meeting tay in washington toss russiancuis inrvention in t country's elections as well. so the idea simply because vladmeere putin said it didn't l happen wouldike from historical basis if did say this to kennedy, back in fuel and missile crisis, don't worry, there are noissiles there and kennedy had accepted that or president reagan would have said toresident gorbachev, oh, don't worry abt that law,e trust you guys to go ahead and do reforms on your own. what happened today was unprecedented. that's whye y s
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enormousee response.g thresident of pe the united states siding with putin an opposed to his own ommunity, a someone who spent a year and a half tryin d too this bipartisan, i really worry about what happened in that hour half to two-hour private meeting where clearly as your cmentary indicated there was not much stress, why eean i anoer tnkhiave to be american in thatoo and i think we need the note ts or at least on classified basis see the notes. ngcause there is somethi pretty unusualbout this precedence unwillingness to er anything bad about vl pmeereutin t has nothing >> doc youem expressed just like you're doing right now your concern about this private meeting, between those two noou s yano seethis took the note moving forwards. another one of your colleagues, senator chuck seem err, said perhaps theav russians e something on the president. i hate to ask to you
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speculate, but what in the world do you think is going on here? is this just somne who is not a politician, who is not exactly sure how to conduct ness like, or is this something else? f,or a year and a hal the senate intelligence committe t has beenryingo confirm or not confirm the russian intervention. tervention monthr nrmed we'rein ki at the level ofluon, conclusion on that. and i'm noto t comment unrk,urchh fis h only bipartisan effort on the hill. most, wther p trumi-pumrp, one thing about mr. trump is he is willing to basically bee rate and belittle anyone in his own rtthor leaderss halled out all of our allies over e lasteek. there is cents something a rs calppte wef trusu,
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thher laan p. to vda but i think at end warm earn, we appreciate yourlic insite tight >> thank you.we heard the concey from his c democraticolleagues but also the republican colleagues who came out today. i wanted to k him, i think he is gone now, but the president during his speech today, productiv dialogue is no good for thety united state and good for russia but good for the world. win ton say if the presint cannot defend the united state howan we -- excuse me, c senator warner said that. but the president eentially saying hey i should be able to do this because we need time proof the relationship with rush a and i think a of people were saying it is not about that. you know, just days ago, we hadsi these 12ans who were indicted for not just meddling, but for attacking
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our election process. >> right. while thosend are itment, it goes back to the fact the presidentiaalled the the enemy of the people. meanwhile, russia's little, a little different situation, apparently in the president's eyes right w now, look ae mentioned, there are reaction frost both sides, and it seems to be universal for once, one of the few things we've seen this president has done to unify both sides happened yday when the said he mishandle this. some saying missed opportunity, lindsay gram wason cents who sd that, but still at this point, it is con found to go see when you have a universal reaction like this, there is certainly something certain climate in e, as d.we talked about, the president's press of reaction on social c media. an see here, senator rand paul actuall he aeed with the president.'v e senator tammy baldwin, putin directed and attack our american determine okras any russia interfere umth ourde elections, presi s tn pueeptin n like ariends. fntsked
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ef intelligence officers were putin, he refused to side with the americans. this one coming from rhode island democrat jack read who said president trump blamed the us, praise putin and did real disservice torr america, refeg tapued end as is adversary who hacked our democracy. >> we will be back, you canat see the r is poured in today on social media. weill be right back.
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>> president putin russian interfance in our elections, i felt this was a message best deliveped in person,nt a great deal of time talking about it a president putinel i had to rwant to address said several times, including duur prisonal contact with the russian state, has never interfered and is not going to interfere into
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rsternal ameri affai nincluding election process. >> well you heard it right there, russian president vladimir putin denied an involvement. we don't buy it. all right, let's bring in our panel tonight. democratic strategist bradley omal analysts cents yd contributor to young thank our wak troe,m folks from both sides ofisle, bradley, a tlet'sheta srt with you. were you w surprisedast wha f romyo watching is wonassient with what we have seen frome pro overriding principals are one, to establish that he is lemate thaot alukehat was numba betterworeha pntsi tdeo b iscons t.nkte what ntyou i ayi t ruofmp i the people who on the f ocrussian collusion, their endsl go
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getting putin to admit that basically helected donald trump. and thats i how they tt ends this whole game. i the ted to qask is how dot we wan our president to be polftioning h, when talking to another super power in the woror. is ittant to us that w get our jabs bac for supposednk interferance, or whatever? or do we -- would we rather have peace? onk th know ifcle to fighting w rethat one. >> the president said during the campaign, aghckp y,hands ti promioed vladimir patr tone say i wanted donamp to win tldthat the esas wrelationship witasi rus wt yo sin ig, but ifeik stilltomes, rewenoe id good, he has the besteroo a figf
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t , owe vladimir putin saide' warveound putin, but aside from thomicecone ee t >> look at where wha cing from, take a stearep back. we have little more with our clr tr owe,and erythingra t there is nothi we can as a nation with getting closer to other nations cents. there is, and also, boots n' tends to cross over, like soldiers don't tends to cross over the same boarders thatlose t relationshs with count are hav i think thatg. thatin needs to e our ends goal. is that we need t have a broad and open economy,nd op relationships. >> sir, are you saying, performance today was okay,s that he stood there with vladimir putin and say slid i bee him. i think that both o our is that what you are saying?m. >> okay, i think that's fair. i do think that this isnd like you said ki of consistent. seems the president often
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repeats whatever, you know, the last person he talked to said. so i not surprised, also, i mean, i kind of have to enjoy all of thi the chaotic these their happe. i do think that its id to throw your own officials under lye bus, spe when you don't need to. he didn't need to attack putin, you know, to not thr hiswn intelligence service bus. >> bradley, you know, much alaea y. you hate to play the what caabrd, but barack obama withdi vla said the same thing,i tends to thi reaction innkhe t the public sphere would be quite different. >> well, i don't know, i no, i think trump, he is kind of living in his own world. and he also has a, i notice, a levelrif dty in terms of the respect h that heds with certain worlds leaders. he refers to president putin as president to angela americann
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assange will, for ihatance. so i think t has a lot to do and i don't wh i think, i think that the re workings have been morei, believe, if president -- >> obama i. -- >> thas what was saying. tionmaught the sugges tybab would have probably been even stronger. >> yes. >> matt,eynd bradl thank you guys so much for coming we appreciate. >> nice seeing >> wise. >> remember that guy joe theer plumber? wh happened to him? we will talk about that on the other side of the break.
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>> ♪ >> joe the plumber, nr his realame sam, shot the 2008 presidential election after he questioned formerresident obama during campaign s ip. >> so ws joe now? ae decadter? family andnethembs
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busiman. >> ladies first. >> forty-four o yr samuel joe is r nemarried. with four children. >> we kept on tossing the >> in the front yards of his where joe point outio his sudden lawn top fame alls began. >> t when barack obama standing here. >> sunday morni in 2008, joe when theng wooisltbal andidate barack obama dropped by his neighborhood to campaign. >> secret service obviously patted me down, walk up to him, i told him listen thinking about buying a company. >> your new tax plan will tax me more? >> joe figured the perfect timeo a obama about his proposed plan to increase nkin was when back bag w cents speaking then, if you work hard, we'll ntially asked thathat's why i question. ies was not persuade in the anyway shape oror f >> cameras captured the encoun and overnight, joe the plumber, became the face of
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every dayit americans similar concerns abouth taxes and jobs. >> the conversation i had with joe t plumber -- >> joe the plumber. >> joe the plumbryk>> srccain' camhnpaign, and useds a political property against obama. >> of course they wanted to the only rea ie ,meen came outso i for johns mccain is sple fact that i didn't want barack obama in office. >> after mccain's l joe wrote a book. >> i think about -- >> stint as war correspondent, ran for congress but lost.ti today joe s works with his hands, but he s he has a new cal tngo protect students. he's executve for company that makes a simple steel barricade designed to pre shooters from opening classroom doors. sce columbine, most schools don't have security i place to protect the kids. so i decided to leave politics behind. a known person.everbe asked to and actually finds his sudden famec. ironi
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>> i didn't seek out barack obamo he came my neighborhood. you know, think joe the plumber in a good way shows that god's got a sense every >> there were some bumps in th iccdiusd rations of racism, and unsuccessful uilawset h ohio alleging privacy violationses in attempt torgon do have regrets. >> since then i got beautiful wife,ou three brand new kids of it, i mean, i couldn't be happier. >> joe tells us,ned downur some he t perhaps cash in on his ss they would have compromised his beliefs. he wanted to maintain respect from his familynd friends. >> fast nature to go see what he's doing. >> life turned out pretty good for him after the fact. >> back after the break.
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>> former first lady michelle obama see her having fung at tha nnrun concert in paris, former
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first lady watched right next to beyonce'som and h great time. bye bye.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so michelle obama has tackled being t the bigger thing is she has nowa been able to dance in front of her kids without embarrassing them. >> she was d ue cicongert.stp amazing. my god, she looked i hanever seen her legs before.ute,e've never seen her on a beach? >> but when you wear shorts to an eventt on the beach, it's different. harvey: a thigh is a thigh. >> no, it's a dressed up tgh.'s. [laughter] >> rae sremmurd was performing on stage and huge dude shi ta >> what if it's a girl? >> women donwo do that. harvey: n don't do that? >> women don't that all the time a r. kelly concerts. >> r from never seen


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