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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 1, 2018 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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reaction from mcnair's family football players and the campus community. overnight police make twos nlsir b fee case of a.cet. ngtheae polirce uni respoonnse y sending the capitol into lockdown. doubling down. with just days to go until the midterm elections president trump reaffirms opossi the border. >> when itrom c stomach could hol a clue to yonc ceshax5 m tning at 6:00 a.. starts01ht rig t fois it's lanciba9ettleaysth ths tart aic o6:n
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coach d.jtuesday only to be fird whatedeverl of cision and what comes next? our melanie alnwick is live in college park nowor mel. >>ter: well, steve and allison, really just a whirlwind of events here telosi a battlewa p wit yesterday. the student government was actually holding a meetingo pass emergency legislation callingki forn's firing while the news aim tinbegten about the reversal. here's his wednesd o thatnill onafgoing health0th a o h521 hes viouslyde yesterday aob different in the right tn aution oade.ldlo twe dof mo tveayod made one day after w. durkin back on maryland's
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aseinsnd boayd bpr o snypped sb. elre somrege>>n y.ell,e haviea decision fromts aft. saying a departure is in the best interests of whe university sayinas a difficult decision but the onright for the university. as part of theue falloutsday university president wallace h said he would retire this coming june.students had plannee for jordan rally t say. that istill going on as scheduled. but instead, it will be a rally in support of jordan
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mcnair's family and the say l student-athletes. steve andon allis. >> mel, 6:02. more on that story throughouthe morning.its breaki. police arrested two suspects who they say doused a woman with gasoline and set her on fire. it happened in southea d.c. chase tried t break up aie nice a mildtay, fight sunday that involved her daughter and her neighbor's daughter. eot angrynd cith ama can of gasoline a anjuries thatncludehird degree burns to her face i, neck, back and shoulders. >> i got a whiff of the smell. drye quite i kw exactly what it was but at that time s l had already put tighter to her. this afternoon. yy wthorsoe nswr so, at thatoint in time, utthing matters b her. get the fire out. pat her down. know stop the t,ge yflames. just -- that's allt omget tt>> yesterday chase made it through her first surgery following thettack. the suspects have been identified as 39-year-old grosst
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d.c. >> ♪ >> breaking overnight in the district, a man is dead after htouro>>ir litnueampton dn being shot last night near n.union stat the police response so intense utit forced arities to put the u.s. capol complexn weios corsh.foir sas rigow you lockdown. the shooting happened just last night before0 o'clock. police overnight have been searching for three suspects. the lockdown at the capitol was lifted just before htouro>>ir litnueampton dn weios corsh.foir sas rigow you ea zrzunbodde isye's amoan dnight. >> also breaking overnight fox5 learning more dails about a deadly shooting in prince george's county where man was foundth shot to inside of a home on fryer road in fort wlhington. no word on a suspect or a motive >> ♪ >> well, the man shotfter violently kicking down two locked doors before making his way intohe t fox5 lobby just last week is due i court for hhe oimina. ry.omod if two and 15 years in prison.
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>> suspected pittsburgh shootert bowers indicd grand jury facing 44 counts including hate crimes. he'll n i tbe arraigned. federal prosecutors are seeking the deathrs i accused og fire inside of the tree of ore funerals will bedaythe m held. >> ♪ >> hey, appy h being marky mark wahlberg. >> action a little sore. >> from doing your push-ows. >> hid brendan do with the-t tricreating. >> not good. we had maybe four trick-or-ts.ater better trick-or-treat area. >> makes sense. i get it. eiet 5th allll a o the candy, nobody comes.ay. >> you can bring it in. >> yeah. >> les do the forecast. [lheghter]
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>> let's d forecast. 70's. steve, thi ks htouro>>ir litnueampton dn weios corsh.foir sas rigow you ea zrzunbodde isye's amoan november. s maybe 75, 76 degreeis afternoon. >> yeah, steve loves it mild. >> maybe our warmest start to >> wow. >> all right. >> amazing, hm? nice mild start. 58 reagan d national, 56ulles, 51 up in baltimore. know the rain looks close gut it's going to hold off for the day. i think we'll get some clouds this afternoon. a ick some of clouds and sun and then we'll get aew y31bly y10ry showers overnight and then tomorrow looks to be a wet day. not all day. we'll talk more about the showers foor tom enjoy those mid temperatures for the first day ofovbeemr. tempesaturs thi about 10 degreesve aight up and i'll remind you to turn your clocks back. >> to remind us minutes. >> extra hour of sleep. l >> ike i>> i used to think like ooh an extra hour totay out on
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saturday but now i'm lik slen. a >> me, too. >> how times change. 6:06, blue le earlier train malfunction at franconia. delays to largo. this crash in frederick causing big delays down to the washington post endorses jennifer wcotungr exton foo tnr 17 milesefe 85. it moved toplse to stop them.clouria. tslowdowns. 295 oo00 l. it's blocking the shoulde but toward 100. you can always take 95 to getou arnd that. once you get to the beltway, traffic looks good on the outer loop. bw parkway construction out powd morning. here's what'srehu trsgnddayin m. first up, drk and jet p d t o clear. 295 from the bottom side of the beltway toward the 11th street bridge very city 23 minuugh dale with normal morning volume. breaki news right ns on time. off and his whereabouts were discovered two houeryeldrs e wmo
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ehlisivene from the news worwhho cargo hold is pressured and heated. >> hs. leolwining mo nday's crash andod the search for the >> don't do that. do u? k.breaernenigh'st they had a mar et rneecor'sdedo jr from the sea floor and two navy divers long ago what a found the flight recorder at the bottome o javaeaurface. ckpt number ofal lomocpihi hngosta ob oiceho boom s.uper bowl babies experts fro sm boein arriv igat. the neway on months old when it crashed. theran now, the search for more victims continues today as the reins of about 50 of the 189 o mi tchelle obama's national g portraitallery reveal. peoplen board have beenre there she was then. recod so far. baby parker dressed up like allison, steve, back to you. the portrait for t >> thousands of continue their journey to the u.s.-mexico border but with just days until the midterms, right? she went viral president trump is reaffirming r the photo back in march shis push totop them. that story is next.
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>> mysterynu ces into the c for a dance partyth deaths of two fairfax county andad a thi hs halloweenhe was e sistps whose bodies turned u seeing some of the firstag portrait. >> look atha her. t's it. i can't work anymore tod. im of them and learning new details in the cas >> in the moment. we'll share when we b comek thanks al. >> speaking of hal in just 30 seconds. ♪ recovering from ourweha upill n, i'm jennifer w and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? next. velopeonwho'made carr jennifer wexton backed a deal f aftep. tyowonftfheonusalonllyu leanonsense.assive tolls on 66. r d jennifer wexton fowhat it is,lls on 66. an it's highway robbery. that it's been rolled out. there'bealso healthcare robry. fo cashing in on her government contacts-membef raud shareholders. barbara comstock voted p and isursuing trumps agenda to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. ra david trone, i approve this message. >> a♪ >> 6:09 onhursday morning. one of the two suspects in the prison dea of former m m fm
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massachusetts. the boston globe reports his name is freddieas. life senncen a life sentence boss and anotheran who was suspected of being an fbi and, wiemth so muchste,akle. ar mainylis critical moment in america... informant. bolger had been aon l timet fbi informfore he went on the his plans will ghoolr scoun and president obama agree..s as bolger eluded federal oud ing boo t sthi ibrrekesnn aa f aftep. tyowonftfheonusalonllyu healenatcai'ol. of authorities for more tne oha 20. ben jealous has the "courage to mliovmies f he was a let us std up for families y da prisoten in west virginia. >> the man charged with mailing a series of explosives to prominent demadoctsra allegedly searched for of his tn s d stanup he turned around the naacp. businessman. line. cesar sayoc had targets on his ben jealous. cell phone. "marylander of the year". he began plotting that attack he's helped grow twentcompab back in july. he faces five federa charges if convicted he could spend ben's vision: medicare for all. more than 50 years in prison. nslectio and fully sools.urch"the stau just five days away, president trump is doubling down on his we c do much better on jobs,
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fight tho keepusands of migrants from crossing the but it means we've got to believe in each other unitedte stamexico border. governor. >> as the migras continue their trek the president said they could be met bys many as 15,000 troops by the border. >> reporter: hundr more migrants joined theou jrney to bothe .rder others are ediountering cal issuesncluding heat exhaustion and dehydration. a urth group of roughly 700 migrants set off from san salvador monday many holley hoping toescape poverty. many are exhaust andng getti sick. >> the interpreter: tir ailments due to a bad diet sun stke tiredness sore feet children with headaches due to the extreme sun and probably gastrointestinal problems. >> repor tedecided they can't go on and are either taking time to rest or turning arod and heading home. others not returningr moving forward, oat r inexicout
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thehesylu mmajority only have oe les look aheadosounds like a gr. goal, to push to t border. epic every day, and t i'll >> the interpreter: i do in te yous llday. the seee juknow we say that a lot but rear theou united states. >> rr:teep but wedne t msd m st clan. ay es prevent them from ang be o one ahead meeting that goal, hardening his stance on procting the border. >> as far as the caravan is concerned, our military is jeffrey htas exp dngin that out. we have about 5,000, we'll go up t 10 to 15,000 military lasthialwr wt w tea h bnsai cersonnel on toprol,rydy else at the border. no'sbor:dy some critics >> okay,or wel we'reusod rht. believe the deployment of troops is a political stunt we're coming for you. aheaof mheidtes rm we're going to ask ill ave your fckortuecast inus jt >> we don', d to hest deployment reaches 15,000, it would be comparable to the number of troops currently in afghanistan and about three times the amount stationed in iraq. >> a medical break through. daylight today.wn tess. how your stomach could predict
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your likelihood ofin devg 10 hours to,o 32 minutes. sun is going menoon t this. a debilitating brain disease. >> and would you be suinsett 6:07. comfortable telling your last couple days herwith the co-workers how much money you hy sun setting that late. we b'll tnieng the clocks to do so. back early sunday and so of live look outside as we head course the sun will be setting by sunday afternoon just after isto break on thursday morning. 6:13. 5:00. just after 5:00. weather and traffic on the 5s next. all right. mildowemperatures. >> ♪ you $620in you kn what, doesn't feel like november lyt out this morning. for swg to progressive? 58 now inn. washingto 57eonardtown. [ en revving ] you cannot hear me at all, north and west -- last couple to 30's n and west. waking up can yo when the nla tried to overturn mary's assault-weapons ban, noticeablyilder. 50 in manassas the cool spot. attorney general brian frosh 56 dulles, 54 frederick, 55 insn led the fight stop them, defendinour gun safety laws a vy bad start to to proteyl the people of marand. defendinour gun safety laws aymid five, six, 7 degrees wtemer than yesay asin thinking. you're saying what's going on? looks le we he rain right or anotherwe4l ha it's a declaration.eyon. it few shen w be kind of the
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that when thattack who. we show whate're made of. and we don't stand back- we stand up. seco hndal for women's ghts. for health care. for r kids futures. the washington post says david trone is detailed, pressure offo our south stious and no-nonsense-- and an excellent successor to john delaney. there's no sitting on the sidelines. not me. not you. not now. the best cho. e, by a mile, is mrone. on november 6th. vote. pproaches. david trone for congress. i'm david trone, i approve this message. arounthden'll fast forward thi. hey!#newlivingroom ving a big sale. david trone for congress. you know, people don't actually use hasags when they talk. #thisgirldoeske ethe rai li that. no one ever does that. ty nerth 8 o'clock tomorrow night. when you're out #hsboom celebrating friday evening, that'saylw as a around g stop it. havertys vetes day sale is on. ti #hsboom fo r a limited me only, spd...s day sale is on. ti and eastf town. ...on furniture that's already marked down. it's savings on top of savings! havertys. #lifelooksgood.
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you w earing socks and shoes today, you'rege wearing socks. you're itiodll.n look asot ou out and it made me laugh. 'mhi frdk..tuc >> i see that. iodnenever quest your nonfashion forwardness. right now new hampshire isirtions. thingsbono at it b alcasacs tar. >> ♪ >> live look outside this morning. mild,atures quite though, tucker. good morning. >> yeah, it's g mild day.a temperatures likely to top out in the mid 70's so we're going to be in for n aice mild afternoon. let's get to e bus stop forecast. autk excit bore s achboooedl a nice mild afternoon. i think all systems go fec outdooress today. always made me happy with
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temperatures in the 70's. should be a really nice iafternoon t should be a rain free afternoon. all right. forecast hig later today, 76. going to go backlast time we we. accnagered near their updat so, we'll see what happens here but our recorddo high 86. i t think we'll get there but should be a ne mild afternoon. speaking of mild temperature you know, comfortably cool early this morning. 58 i washington. 59.ndtow twinbrook metro station is out of jail onsed culpeper andan mas guys. onon monday. the victim saide. 5450 mas frederick. gaithersburg 55. it's cool out but it's not uncomforbly so as we're looking at what should be a nice sunny start to the day this after oon. tnooome clouds u north and west and it will hold off for one more day. courict tim two hours so, we'll keep high pressnoe here close eh to us that pcoac we're going to hold this system offyor f one it will movn and i think byg tomorrow mo we'll start to have a
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few showe aroundnd a better chance -- a best and of showers kind of late tomorrow earlys today. sell the oldldgfuuiexwhai,anrb t we'll keep the 70's around toorrrow but youecast tomorrow brings that cold hors around here ly torrow afternoonniicpa andrtul tomorrow along with breezy condion , 70's the next coupleays. 76 this afternoon. get out and enjoy another beautiful aftnoeron lingering sn t and actually r,then i problwithl tis emdetur butif th plan. metroo whensc ortern fn temperatures around 60 degreesas remain on the mild side.l okay. i fee like i did a lot of icons pat sajak an trebek. not sure i made sense. >> sounds gd. if you didn't say that i wouldn't have noticed. blue line earlier train francon. a spokesperson
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delays to l at television says pat vanna and alex are simply the best. night after night they our.gohey nd of seamlessly entratain tions of pron amtws o zowyou thom tis c craheamshaer e .on air "wheel of fortune" is right shoulder. currently celebrating its 36th gainsville 1trhrough muti jeopardy is in its 35th air >>heas long as pat keeps coming minutes. multi-vehicle accident 270 southbound before 85edov to back to the pats games. you know he's a season ticket the shoulder. things improving there. holder. this crave been tracking he>> those sa amedium that's l. on 295 southbound by 100 since it's just blocking theldshou s.d >> alex trebek with tha ntct will eond 8do that anymor. normal v htbo tut r so news. >> if y oud th thi show is half to not d ica gnceledet 121. 95 looksood 32get to into ck,o0 called jeopardy. normal volume seven minut >> man, i'm justak w tfrom then as we make our way out on kilworth from the o i was me. maryland line to the 11th street bridge, 13 minutes. just normal volume past benning road. we got you covered, guys. allisonloand spent csixce sg d trick-or-treats, baby and i
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watched the mostha did you watcg sc tric>> i diinjuheri whe is recoverng in b thd.c. counciler the weat i cchrimas s,wododen en>>o voti a t fromng 18 to 16 willge. their legislation would thelectoionsot including those f eor thesidentothe jurisg takoma park greenbelt and hyattsville i maryland alre allowyear-olds to would the firraces but the st juristsdiction to blower the voting age for local and national rac >> also in tict dozens tionarents and theires childreha o-opttendeeff groitupty we.althis was amazing. is drake, you see
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wahlberg. >> i am cardi b. >> look at thesehis next one -- let's check the next one out. needed to hire sta twnd fgulaon that is ao it should be -- there's holly dayffpo okd i cr. odle c break thresough when it comes intog rkinn's ap r [laughter]n>> braints d appdiy stmaor >> s hi thought you nailed it. >> .ihere >>.aureen keythat iftorx and steve as bieve wendy and jey in parkinsonac's f. experts warn you should not was perfect and aryth beevchm'me less necessary.dix removed now to a health warning about a treatment for early stage cervical cancer. a minimally invasive procedure in which surgeons create small incisions to remove a woman's uterus can actually b worse evy me meaugh you ate d the man. than standard surgery. invasive surgery hasminimally >> wasn't in coothan
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unexpected risks including a four times greater likelihood twoti do the cancer w recur. >> hundreds of employees atgo le are plaingnnay amid me.on >> ari think there's one more frustration over howmp the this.raft.tehoto any handled sexual harassmentatndllegions the ceo is now responding. to joan our ske aa >> when yomake? oulditomes yel t you editor forbest life. >> she's amazing. >> watch this.>> don't know howd co-w which generation it'swe t yho. n when we come back. >> ♪ "clear and convincing" choice. that but shout out t joan, mat, everybody behind the scenes, chris smith who put the show together.
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i did grow my hair out for real, all practical but no, it was really how cl they did th did fortner view. >> thank you very much. g green screen work >> tuk got a bonus. he not oynl g on the show but had a workout. me>> tuck had three costu >> i did push-ups for 45 minutes. >> he was in the middle of push-ups while the whole crowd in theas studio counting his "smart, seriousnd asubsa toeasss . push-ups. pretty awesome. >> i didn't get theor green to e cute a search warrant whenor an arrest warrant,y screen w like you did. we'd line up and we'd put our hand >> that was reserved for "a on t shehodeulr youralways knew who had yoack. ." >> vip section. [laughter] >> yeah, let's do the forecast. 57 now inilashington. with all the money in politics, nice m start to your day. it's hard to say who has our backs. we will be the 70's later i worked in federal law enforcement toy. well into the as.ra 7ge0'. and at cia to say serving the american people, about 10 degrees above average and, you know, we'll get sun not special interests. i'm abigl spanberger. fiusrstt half o out to our west will hold off until i won't take money from corporate pacs alws ha, tomorrow, so if you are going and that's why i approve this message. to the d.c. united game tonight you shode'll b have soms
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around tomorrow. more on the weekend forecasts go y asnda well. erin. >> we'll take the sunshin f6:e5n hour. unfortunately a a mess of delays on the metro lines right now. blue line earlier malfunction ia. lar. heights. residual delays in both roysdire an both lines a car inhi. nuw hampshir avee now.bound amptortound lanes astrloafficiverted rn to piney branch road. protest today after leadership t southbound traffic just a lane getting by so big issues. ailtech giant coveredeheiky to keep it to fox5. we'll keep you updated on the rest of your commuting conditions. >> ♪ nt pa of serving is liste '
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that h .neloyment,e ved ngni nt pa of serving is liste ' oud ing boo t sthi ibrrekesnn aa the opioid e and midepec,pi re but we can't make progss when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for politic gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to you andthat matter to virproblemsa and to america. i'm tim ka me, and i approve thisessage. andthat matter to virproblemsa and to america. i waso i'm used tor, getting to work early. now i have a general practice, o with a lotpatients who are counting on me. manyf them worry about espr fot r ductiv emanyf themhealrth care.en ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. he's my friend ben. ben is a national leader
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i hopi'm ben cardin and i oo. approved this message. se barbara adinto sicoway that it's been rolled out. h er is es mbut ingesastead, heed to inotcrse itli. i'm ail spanberger, and i approvth why?
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brat went washington, taking hundrofeds us thoeeds wall strbanks, and other corporate special interests and voting to e ve his big corporatdonors big tabreaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, for joalrdan for today join us icideehaown night h near union station.e morningtiwhat policve s astererk'sta to do
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