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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 1, 2018 9:00am-9:32am EDT

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cita i renistraight ahead, football >>ptndw the bteodlike to fil o l er thens dthea jordan mcnair. in thisti morning from the ps jusaitice w for jordan m rally. we'll have a live report. i trud mid termsting. arod t a corner and prede intran tumhe mornin lionir a nt we aoull grewetromdu uatevstanym data recorder. aat it could tell them autd
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orl neaan d later, red due damage motto a little tooeral t it olin s too off andhaoroup r wis distena . >> was h that choreographed or u ph>> imagine t fl>> doing. >> raising teheel thursday, nov1 rerdsols b e ststart hearing thaonth ago. f chr.istmas sales all that
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>> h mdy. goinou -- look s at drake. why the real heer already has hs if you t album sitinely hear the member thereyo. >> we was osne of the first challoweenostume picked out for do to be aroup and next year. to also hgrave the ability to he >> whoo! >> mike andrin doing a gate individual succe asell. job. o nau- t clan.ehin >> jer'connell right there yr f's going to be steve evcheeyec n halloween. mar wlber d not call t ur hav n >> uredictableenatural ing tbat gang. evebody industry wedn'ts eb toe ou elbricg>>ai unvesiil thiso p to tsso she doesn'tisn sevnoer. tll>>ha i though,et's get scerydy. to le ier som o it's be i. name is danics b wodeer% is iways just in time h beer s sadus. lyere morningk morng,>> sun g ont
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utrihigalit notwe. ] warme mo 69n tlus5,6at bwi >> it's sad. >> i want to ask you a question >>out yourattoos. all, an all thaig we' get clouds thil do y peoumine oddt 'shaer c tatd >> thank you, gentlemen. we appre time doldaf about 24 hours or so we'lle moo g have arr w od d>>ng tgit red come c through which will brings wed ipow wed for about today. joypl osownge.
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i'll remind you later. >> sounds good. tour oigstoryine university ofanylt mdar major4 . maryland matters says 95% of nancymonecomes fromwealte tell midut yugour jaroing melanie alnwick live at college ark s ngwhatorti happenst. n sdentnd u t n tnyliseo eo tpl
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in aion rdntatrity mlse'hild would encourage jordan to be in that same bunch speakingtef and lling the truth about what happened.esere justor gldreat me work aters friday. great t thankhe you. >>rks. elmondlaye'his s ttill may we over to you guys on thethp. emsees me whilediay t
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os ses?oi morning, on ongnestly wf l does t lie i was o bn vacation lasthako ny a
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rr oole as somer this'satrhe al. dermegainimosut's leanlin whole epidemic of beards and hug .ou and soou cleanpupogr the
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it make to be just things that are l lighter. people would have wanted -- said i mean like i said tons of products now. it's a geott products without giving ay to dio.ea models. hyoappeun and here y saw this some of which arear bbe the hav. coach in no way should be held job. the board of regions they he to >> we have vincet werould h be look at t go this preliminary guy jus o a ppl'rhe. epp tear situation. >> i also think we had the decisionn my house that coach himself. >> absolutely. >> i don't understand howeth ghou
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ba cck and coach evenfim. >> guy who has that secret is a eneader irenabiiond or>> f p. sureif .:10 is theime.s live tth latest feehrwo onow, you goto theke i . wastill activeps totist today. i w iro to art whiledus inro jacqueline.>> osfo, as as wn adult. e'roucommakhaunat ginuprtveeldou
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d.c. police say stephanieha c a grandmother, a mothe o four, anat.dffehicle cor . wash my beard twice.ed suffered third dree burns on her face, herhest, her back, pollhat point do you have to her hands when she was fire by a seighborunday get into the washing andis evening. stephanie'she family say was trying to break up a fight dtween heraughter and her ow.rt saying neighbor's daughter when one of the neighbors came back with a and pouof gasoline oue of.>> y when w on her. sth s t tomextwh thed berdc r et the fight started over an on-going social fed m posted ons instagramhows stephanie on the ground as her daughters frantically tried to put the fles out. >> i got a whiff of the sll. i newt exactly what it was but at that time s had alrea put the lighter to hert. >> so a that point in time, nothing matters but her. >> growing beards for awhile. get the fire out. pat hertow dsn. the hospital r .> i yo first one all rht. i tketo recovering.
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she said to be in good spirits. hert daughters say she was able to successfully make it buof a cbersre she has a a yesterday. an ybu l guys. eased the firstmagess.9: r the faiax instigion cating l whhithiest t just five nt dtos boef gm sorri yesterday. an ybu l ky isoak hwel e woutm t sexy.tpa y hag ur challenges. two
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anowyoanyfon onard c rier vun tadoniv tdcore there ct rth aor thd police d fpowihode osra
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rough fan hor adro a resist
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matt isg sexy. sexy. what the hell do you getf o oefs fe e obring yo tur challi. convince everyone. he's trying ath moreicknd atr
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♪ the must s mom only on good dayt 10a. we have the red hotopics. kim a and her sisters get angelic for halloween. new twist in that decades 50-cent jarule feud plus mwrtin ence makes a huge announcement.>> also at 10a, rap legens live in the love thes wu-tang clan here before the big show tonight in d.c. >> you know him from such blockbusters as west world, s.ardwalk empire and theger also live in the lof t, d.c. thgs to do on e internet. native jeffrey is here to tell us w arill about his new documentary m >> let's do w thisesge in three, one. tgo 10a d starts receipt ♪ ch delicious meawe'veothi g
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>> i'm glad youaid delicious >> doesn'tat. tt p. >> d.c. chocked full of amazing sd hogeanzo an i's es chefs to bllinstg dmv home fios gneion,ab ch some o the finalooists of a plus tv, plus phone, contestf under whyy people all with a 2-year price guarantee, ft.azine will be here in the all for just $79.9h with a 2-year i'mot se f t whipping anythi off or just showing up wt o.adngiesg ir. with fios and prime, you can stream prime originals in 4k. >> desse seat any.cerrtio geeefr games with twitch prime...d get ee shipp one hunds co o right w tar f. i e . switch t gigabit on,co >> hey g day d.c. thanks for joining us today. >> all right. we're goingo continue t sexy and phone for just$79.99 peh available, plus tv, talk later and tal talking about with a 2-year price guarantee and a 2-year agreement. whipping up things in the kitchen first -- that's what you said. plus, get a year of prime d and echo on us. >> i didt. >> i'm saying. get fios, the fastest internet in the us. >> let's check i withn kerry coffin and talk about what' ma headlines this morning. corey. >> i have a lot of thoughts about the sexy chefs it of bi'lr now. >> all right. first up the family of jordan mcnair the universit oryla fy pf tionpic sayeyretionde
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ugainst leg the uversit even ay niversity fired head coach dj durkin. something mcnair's family had pushed for andethingt hammed last nig durkin was go yesterday aht day after he w las reinstated , on-six ma and itard of regions b in fto mcnaither p y,iged f term elections some of the biggest races are now too closetheir ba. president trauma many taking the java sea. stage inda f a pivotal the two mth boeing jet election state packing his schedulehe election next he3 mihi ntsb and boeingpe tuesday with several key cities. exs are on seen at jaktaioarl ct meanwhile democrats bringing back aamiliar face from the 2016. electionia be terminal examining the recovered decrmo sanderrings stomping the. wreckage. suspected pittsburgh and international news for synagogue shooter robert bowers you today.
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divers have recovered the flight .penibondd ilung data recorder from the lion air jet that crashed at the coast of jakarta indonesia. that killed all 189 people o board. the plane's black box wov ered at the bottom of the java sea. rs fire inside the tree of life the two-month old boeing jet went down just 13 ts week. meanwhin mile thrtaonaloe bbeecs dagoetnaro isnd planng to movgue its head quarters from judiciary square to thee hedundr southwest. genci' employees. anwoefornsyort caut chocolate swirled briocsehe. treaupualele cso ofn s tkiridqcn info those aksbon has not jet bd but starting tomorrow you cant mocha holiday cupsidayvorites t were unveiled. finally we'll e positive note. remember the girl who went viral
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michelle obama's national portrait gallery reveal? well two-year-old parker curry ressed up like t portrait for halloween oh, my gosh just. adorable. perfect. ress d t photo a mthae the% ladyn forhe s part. just fantasticutt is hpens in another part of the world it's not o tho b.roy craft dered for uss of them haveoreen halloween or does itt lnkasou cl they run out of the pumpkin syrup much that's usually how it works. >> i hadth p dumay for the fir situations where think aboutt bt time. d you think. >> i didn't like it. happened somewhere i else. >> it's out now. you don't have to worrybo a it hran i'm in't heard of lion air. until next yearit. not a cou c superiorhat pause,lsane..budo >> 's too sweet for me. >> i'm not a fan of that. >> ion't drink coffee so it rat>> the next season's flavors right around t goododo itma w. mus ig>> it's not purely.
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>> yeah. >> my >>t piqued m interest en ian i agree we are viral now. go figure. good doo l e plane.u.yoesteay andor sote we v mrade veaum it m- s fresh att rc ptsd ive inbungenry w o
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jerrys oo o'connell. iodidei sw lr ghevimy te atev k. o lf s got three d oatf u ngveht j wobe l waterin one top ten am few t cooking with c. right now it's p ctytday. thel y tara halloween, the washinost endorses jennifer wextofon r is dos i he how inn? jryollowed up i t senm
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>> loo ate frote a back you are.
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too klar y editor e obv doing ofheyoctious l theua a i noomin ctheut u t i t c say sksr producer chris if you och wat kd epff tidy and ow -- >> i'm glad year playing it today ieally think it kind of r got sle yesterday i'mo glad we're playing it. >> not chris. andar h pave anotherever got tg ar>>in staring deeplt.y into eah other's eyes. ght bmore than thatmi>> it . >> rut row. >> look athi s ong ahead of time. >> i learned it.
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goo ids his k charact. er wa well, theckas kno a su sricrrpthatas a littled. . >> okay. [ laughter ]ar. mean, now i'mo lovely place it back on hisorpces. did yous the hou depth s of talent we aisll pull it off. i lovet youingbe st
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everybyienncho heheos i yesterday. weay had great costumes everyboy desse of fun. year. setting thate gngig to do.t t owup.erat e.comi ea a foxik ondfh >>eir rh t wu-tangoy clan. >> exciting. fof petty and hilarious and 50-g prankarul iesn h reintoen lov? relativees am nim fof petty and hilarious and 50-g prankarul iesn h it'sjennifer wexton for congres.
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>> 10:14. it's time to checky the dish. >> yes.nowhall for oo ywho e those kardashian jenner sisters. check this out. whoa! helenamils
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st jloner epic sister halloween the chaedelnn their secret anges wear lingeriegyedin high. >> thirsty halloween costume i've ever seen that my life. >> you think they were gng out f doing.thod leasteaat snt west tt
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a little rainal f first. but becaut'sse does a likth'reug city. they ror took son sigh list dred o a leg batmant wnd thatats it good for. mox r anop j so thattushee empt.
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.ta ins fk that's awesome. himself pto shopped you can take an look. yo see i prank on i hnst ow,gr o feeoly hapbeus surhow
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ma seats the venue holds but if he take thegeta s fronti'd.ow pay 1ay5 b i.os mndohe said,no yw if i understandoh. whyetty, he dugsoe
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lartisg for the wruno marsle. one was lionell ritchie and other was jarule t. and jarule. so. was tempted s to n fstay >> exactly. >> jus sak j ste in hawa mii lasot tf w i'meeotot n. invest.igate.ce >> he's o nkalht rig. dish sto story. tamar braxton she just can't radio interitqun a tbandck thisimcaevimeras a she documents herrernoed theirr famt
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sh v ouesbo have actually aligned they've signed up for thnew movie, the number three in seriesee which sms to be titled bad boys forawrence showe co-stars a it's official bad boys for liveta h asg team marty mar has tlag is e
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two. reat loved t.wo g . hi>> i tt it w great combination, gabrield theto cast. >> she was. >> she's not partl of t of the o oot magazine. for >> okay. that' nice.>> >> it gets better. she is o firn the star graces the december cover of in style looking like th show stopping glamor she is. the t magazinein hello bam, j.lo practicallyd gren haten dly e th arur her orou a-ro enstagram tdhat you know ctly. out all thetiic>> ipl h a inle iiting novi s.u sl fae
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>>.lo, g lo h [ laught >>s. guy ]teusesatur 80 todmpay. cooler o the. o ok in.ven dayext.lo esgis...♪
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november us hduceul bdause be a little bit longerneus this we. thisiv t. pt'eefair it'sort eve.
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so i get it. i get not everybody loves it. >> yeah. but it's comingn, s oogood i know. i'md on tooing today eowll. b butlilayypod wicided 70s start to turn colors in live shot. beautiful afteror sno nosy sunny thiswa w morn et s cloudsin thigstewernnom south b andtawe thi vs aon but the in noticlaet's kind tft gting steed up and he oar of hh pressr sout w oh suntilheorrow. in the bu tmming wosillt hold oon until late rai tomorrow it will aoldro fnt moving in will be a slow mover. ther are at -- i was oehow u tight borroor f a to the t comgrotha
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t talking to our w bolnua,aynivt touabrsho w wer t
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nde>>ndi thavethrit't iing>> me?
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