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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  August 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:21pm EDT

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now. breakceing news five poli ofcers were snot philadelphia a. duri narcotics bust. one officer was shot in the head and is in critical and stable condition we know sovrment other officers were wound in the arm and hands. th are live picture from the scene. this is the creep scene outsidit ever the hosp where the officers were taken. you can see are a lot of their colleagues standing there waiting to hear word in fact gunfireould be heard in th cis neighborhood just a short time ago government a repor for our sister station in philadelphia described the scene. we've heard two volleys of gun shots three or four and another step seconds ago. officers taking defensive positions. >> now we ao know 6th
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officer was hurt i an car ash near that shootingng scen scene. this is still a developing stlly and stay on top of it and bring yout the lates as we get it. >> and we're also following breaking news closer to home tonigh a long time d.c. police oicer was arrested today and charged with sexually assaultn he inworked wobert ais accus red y up tou csch o-fourth and fifth dis astrict police stations and accused of ctims.ening one of thvi alleged the ips departments reportedly ha in january and february andpp anderson worked at the department since 1990. he's assigned to the fifth a district police chief said the officers actions are disgraceful and do not represent d.c. police. officer ple guilty toempolice misdeanor of paying for sex wi a traps gender proingtty tut in encounter cap touredde on vi. live from supreme orcourt
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tonight with the torey, paul. back in november this got a lot of attention youay crawlansgender woman was saying m tultiple inficers wereg coercin her for sex volved d.c. police and prince george cou ty policere along the border. but tonight what we know is it took nine months for prosecutors here in d.c. to charge one prince george county officer. we know there's a d.c. officer who is still on admintrative leave and has not about charged. we'll show you videotape from last november where a transgender woman cam forward to say police offi ars from d.nd prince george county were use their authority to coerce sex from transgender prostitutes working the strits produced videolind to prove it t the time two officers were suspendeand o from pg and one om d.c. today the prince george officer pleaded guilty in d.c. superiorourt andrr given a ed sentence some
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may know pbj probation before judgment if the officer stays out of trouble six months his in a plea deal with erased. prosecutors lucas admitted going toem atmber 10th awithdrag for sex and an encounter reported by thvictim who showed i to police and shared it with. "fox5" luke as was off duty ihis marked cruise wher he solicited sex. at the time "fox5" marina marraco spoke with the victim pn counters by police. >> are these consents u'll encounters. >> no more like coercion reats of cheaper prices and threats after rest. >>n iat interview the voice was disstovrtd. i spoke to that victim on the phone and talked about the is depaerments and ask interview not be louised.
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she declined on camera invie. i spoke with her attorney they're angry about the way this was handled calling this being under charged situation. they're not happy with the way this was handled. still on paid administrate leave. back to you guys in the studi >> a 17-year-old is in custody accused in the robbery of a transgender wom. the male, whosean name is not being released was allegedly part this group that cornered that woman and threatened her and stole from her. taken twoo was fridays agoinnesota avenue south east and polic a looking for two other suspect in that case. >> "fox5" 5 first told you about arlington transit bus that crashed into a buildinglast ap bus is the onlypa keepin t up right thandg parthe crash happened last tuesday. the parked art bus began to roll, slammed into a truck and then into this building near george mason drive and columb pike.
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no one on the busia or building was hurte and onc stabilized arlington transill will move the bus. >> here's a live look at 's very sunny out there and it's been a very muggy day outside as well. sue, what is on tap tonight. >>eah, hi there, sarah, shawn, what's on p tonight. pass on thunderstorms. that would be nice. >>dhat's a goo thing we need that. >> ogosh we ever spotty chances for thunderstorms tonight. mostly we have seep them down si the south where frontal boundary is ding tonight and that will be the focus for any of thighs spotty eveng storms that we see. we're watching radar closely. we'll each keep awe head of anything you see. out towards beaches we see aactivity and down rough interstate6 corridor. you can see pretty widely separated and they' recome past little storms. not expecting problems. we sue aa few up north and west and they're strugglin to hold together comeing across i 8 1 corridor and mean while andy was a warm day somewhat humid less humid that
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yesterday and that's because the front that slipped on st the south stwichd wind direction instead of puming humity in south west mowing north bt a tonight that makes a difference. we h 90 again at reagan national and 8 dulles and 7 bwi marshall. 89 the now in the disstris and feels warmert 93. even though wind directio eastlp rid of at l ato little tropical feel to air. ago around the region, we8 degrees atees at and win.gerstownk. warm 90.cunelp fredericks burges 8le and annapolis. all right. we combine that withumidity and it fls a little warmer and neat index temperatures 9 to fred rikdzburg feels like 96 now definitely uncomfortable and not quite as tropicily humid as yesterday was at this ti. so for the res this evening i thinkne you can expect gelly dry skies for most of us. yes a spot thunderstorm if
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you live south of d.c. and you have to get pretty far south the way things are looking now. 3 at0 by 9:00 hour humid at 0 and by 11:00 78. what's aheadhursday, friday, and the weekend, a fll those details coming ur your way in minutes. sarah. >> the suspect in a pair of armed robberies in mring county is behind bars. but it's how police caught up to the suspect that is making headlines tonight. william thompson struck a ilbox with his car. when they shed u on the scene they reportedly found load weapons, bck ski mask and glovz inside and thompson is accused of uning a ling or storm and conveniencetore. >> and apaevrnt suicide of jeffery avenue ep steep. "new york times" reports two guards assigopdstein bell asleep and fsified records to show theyly checked on him. ep steep wass in jail awaiting sex trafficking charges he hung himself with a bed sheet in his jaicell.
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they were usl is spend ed and the the they cop tipped their sex traxinging swetion grround epstein. >> recession fears slammin stre. al threeaj at verages plummetednd the dow ended m on lowest close in two months. stocks tanked after the bomb offer economy.arning flag the field gropd below a signal directlyd and unrest negotiation are>> t the im on american consupartieur s koew niz med r lia ko.they're com orderlles near hg
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nd chenger tcesle were depheloyed tofront protestersow entgrd move demonstra ntions and us aa issued tvel advisory forng kong. living near n for the deet rickn frederick county maryland want to know why army top germ lab one of thelabs was abruptl shuty don't ande handled some of theos s m t fitzgerald tom is thereela with the lm fiomate sgleingtt issue here is us army medical research insti tuvt infectious eblingted at for the richdise in frederick. in july the centers of disease ntroevon issued ceasene and desist halting all research at for tich forhestems in pon wastewater at a high cure sti ty lab.
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weeks havrla question marks what exactly is happeni and are there safety concerns. wwide spread is the shut down. we lot of haav. >> there's several active prob ejts if he time d issue to know whether arm tried living here it will you they watch ans what is going on. >> has it been mysterious for folks in fred rick. >> i felt like it. and bangings get out and they blame itn omething else.
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>> they can't say anying a then yavou he pent fall t nerve about it orge >> be never knew what he was doing or he works in an inspec fuss disease amack and duff like that. >> we requested an interview with theor t trihe cx.ommaero in itl uxt aar wil trademarkthr, y county and what sdy ye on
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you know when yore au'rot ss also back-tschool bag? yesom.. fndor les that's warand it feels even better when you find them foher ralends at ross. y l foress. gnews ouvt philadelphia six police officers were shot after a narcrnics bust violent today suspectsepas o tn y wept a warrantem were takadenph. ilelph home at the scene here inficerse northtahi png alalpdeook ata . that same.ho. on .theangotof scene
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updates to come throughout the area. she killed mn jet facility. tf cemalaughter chargesdeolly w fee boulevard in w ct reap anicole thomasar enil thating and sce at the d sp pye thodesi >> howarindertook ryde sha o cfh suspects at work. there they may be responsible
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for similar throughout hour koupdy. if you recognize either manure asked to call pol >> heads up if you live in anne arrundel county the accident of health issuesrninnon lake waterford due to dangerousal gi a statement on urpetho dartmep look for bright green water with scum that look like green paint. keep your pets away because it can pro duns deadly toxins. advisory of three dogs in north carolina it>>h nothing scaryn thein w forecast tonight. orw fha. a cally have a big thrt fare. trigger is cool front that slipped south. not a bad evening out. there take a walk and leave rain gear at home. just keep app eye on sky better chances south east of and brighter at this
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hour than it was yesterday.ti ee on rad in headlines means we need to sou i gin lm rosoa aming thunderms. no particular th and same fronts stalled rkluth tooo like l ck heabaon e .nweek next week. fntro down toh thunderstormssays8 havewe'r
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txpecting as we look a tivity is to your south an o see if it you considered significantthe sh.oww e' ty cou hold togetr trcoming out of most of you have a quietg evenin 9 at 6:00 and feels and wide range of temperatures up or the weekend and look at new york city shake shake 74. 8beckry. warm at 9 aand richmond terms ot took a little bit of the tropical naturty oemihu atmosphi ail front oair mass even though
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.t n l >> we drop t7spottyor primarily southnd mug heette bf storms once again tomorrow ghhu t 0scuats4 andeats advisories being considered proper temperature5. a9tuesheday,t t t 9he0. this
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hoe with lotof hot seughi ts iasonn 20retty br tlitlle n. right. tlitlle n. right. woigs it sanctuary as statude lw
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the pros come hei ; co hme
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these guys are experts.
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textingther crash indashcam vido off the road and slam into ul utility pole. ore driver just had m injuries. police issuedhe personexting whg anouleasrs yesterday there was another crash in the same spot involving the same utility pole police say it was also due to distracted driving. >> we have a warning tonight for anyone with pc that uses windows 10 if you don't update operating system you cisld be spreading viruses and malware unknowingly. hundreds of millions of computers may be affected windows ten i most popular desktop operating system and installed on me than 800 million devised worldwide. >> the ohio state university is raising eyebrows over
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trademark request. the school is trying to trademark the word the. when it's used aarketst has. ohio stach the is brand. this may ab you heard one for them to win. many other collegesheseinin we have the their b the u, thege al sarah andshaw a manut ind th present a. >> cgele getng
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>> ever hear someonchild a spoil 22-year-old parent gave him brand new bmw for birthday instead orndathd.awg idheushed the car into a riveod. jagr. le said he was and it was too small for hie tnd fr to ride around in. o m couldorhe rest of your life. >> college football surprise st a texas are bee of therapiste
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