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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 4, 2019 6:00am-6:25am EDT

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soal parents sg ouarm about a construction ect poseing a serious danger to their kids aand how the school district is responding. amazon tried to simplified make ry store experience easier different the cash and credit nd a.>> weinhior with hue doring.good moran tg florida east c>> mi carine evaavop drinin man severalki peoe hat toexset least 7 and they >> it'dnesday morning wethan foi
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us. >> we have dori this morningan. brush you're up a ttleld newsli. or e n thmoveng pushi tos soutt ascoast we'll asto theco next coupleays d. good morning 6:01. category two packinggerous ns and storm surgeswi. dorian leftdn in barack obam d grand baham and aftera half homen severely damaged. starts kicking upwind and surf along florida residents say
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they'reiding it out. ah >> how are you feel d of the storm. >> i'm not worri >> we have water. , power i think rdy we' fng. >> even if the storm does not mfallak it's expected tose severe on e backa mee are g destruction causedca by et's get back to aon the f.ime l isfint ttoo hat ing with dorian and the storpath. efore we getthink is back tosums c where itoue feemo like o absolutely.
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>> in the meantim >> let's move on. >>. >>vestigation under way in prince george county after a man killed in shooting in glenarden. banks comte tip center.musa >>. gunman fherom odessa.bout we jua head b n responseac fromlo devastation causedy hurricane dorian. melanie alnwick is following that aspect of the story, m good morning, guys, el here on vermont avenue in norm eest d.c. andow homn console has this con sew lat.e
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they need vevriuilding supplies tong basic necessities and on pla of ways thate ce paneople dcan . let's talk aboutgizatio koringizations they're based in virgi and offices in bethdani andandthirptacedic team lieswi to disaster zelone tolsof da, locaef andrel ch d.ces. sed world centrchen out airpi and sea truts feed as nde'n ound in baha now. back at hrd attention is turning to georgeah ev orders and make sure way back up 5. i thinke're wdy forood, power.
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he myav birthd >> they have a noticeay for whus we came back from theach. >> urban search and rescue team task forcene reposition tontral florida raleigh, north carolina we can assume that montgomery county task force is also making plans tshift north d we know themerin red cross is now moving supplies into columbia south carolinagoo. monhat.nfdo ta lr magomaximudo t .>>alherehawouldot call step trg
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sta dangerous storm as it tracks off now to the north and north and we at 8st an hour and you n see the here fray a l goof rdareathursday ely beaches at com 73or us the mo agaod.o and we'll twobe ifoe hin ta ratu ithe wftem day thunderstoth a cold fr coming through.rm on t shatng as well. get readner h. >> uc thank you ke erin good morning. ool 6:06 you know the back t to t tra pa 29tt crash sutds parkway
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up f bortunately it's a sea of parked traffic ltbeyoxtrist30 e r cshaavenuer lorooinger.d eaie 5 ongh a 2 tin wn5 and y blue ael lreindma volcetro on t. 6 statsed. quy s erinfoxdc onw. twitter back to y 6ow. we lea. 'r more aboutrn morning about the gunman that
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killed 7 people in odessa, texas over the weekendinves. sae breou and the gunman reportedly denied aun pbecat alagssfiof and lytpl at hise e poled midland to disseow t'>>o rt a has --ey want peo to. e moveunlled2 peoplees a at el o wiwalm eltiong rifles a nly.e she riio a>> i'mte happy they're d walmaroutr srketsoidy.g d kwillt n asng comefrain from in
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wuld love t w o new foxjuerwse section we have.poll ayou te online throughoutvo the morning. searchivof m's drecalling offee at fire. 3 with with assumed dead. it caught fire over ekend. five cre the tockmber a wer ao esnditab's unclear wha bt really investigation ].and i now
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>> the change follows more than 200 cases and one death sever lung dis lto e'she>> theexrts amazi gng thr in thef nicotine cnetr 5% that cart raha contains nicotine as hutch as in a fak. >> we have good news if you look for a job in the districts. d.c. ranks in top five for job growth in united states. tois is according la gss e strict ranks foucte ea nth d lantaahi sprt
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mc county august 24th. suspfet ofrevict sleim to the man raining her and the victim begged to get out he did not let a her ride share operator. he's had the opportunity to ayme in "many different people have done similar actions may not feel comfortable.
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hnded up dekloping ee close membertowashgton wizarl facing criminal charge this mornin following what they call a road rage incidents in godentme d cisryarray wall faceo texted mushder. endangerment charges and incident reported in town august 8th. according to driver made s change and cut off a the car. one woman was shot ithn eimac en biles addressing her brother's tsed in shoeingion with a the inleveland last year. he opened fire on a group of oppele that crashed a new har's eve pty air bnb.
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traors asscaped s wnta sir cteen>> yes, i have. all right. 'll showin f a the eye rag e thl morning. maximuminds 105 miles an hour. florida coastline at this hour takion strusg, g the the next 24 hours . want to show you windieldnd. f mi 30 tomorrow afternoon it will ssage setos uinsgt by late
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cloudy, 88tomorrow, dorian pasz yes, it looks nice. 9pay up to mlawvr.asinvir
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y ki goanod w reaht mthcker 5 good morni we'lloo and dorie nthwest at
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8. pressure up a little bit. we'll show the track today and what areas need to be most d tsserne coastco kncol coming up. >> erin, goo mod look ag.tboun tcrashih opsee lnteres6. have big rubbermess of volum neck delays eastbound. full look at commute around aorr this wednesday ru fog rdcafroc tkealindoe fors. mccarrick denied he abusedg a a confessional decades ago and once archbishop ofsh ington and one of church's st i clerks and they defrocked him in february making him first to lose his
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post over misconduct. cr cinaleshargoran facg and kidnapping a woman in mo thecsuspffts oed the vile thgged spr se wo newaperha nthsuspects sheca was d parkine e obbekeys and other l lz victimroki said he pntar was stenworking out ovn aren
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path hicndrea aiofawos a tose sdiulict fo area because of the curve ine . so they don't see it untilhegers neighborhood. and theres
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oltartan >> i now, we did get a statement fromontgomerycountry g planning takere actioy'n t heret says in part "we already ingidetstre" of additional sta >> 6:34 now d hurrioor
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yaplowlov m ses florida . feds are ready for dorian. acti dngnodedtracted anunfortune ready to do somethin and right now it's making sure we have all of our perhaps and preparations in order. our mmicunatnsio wonnadi wedrt semrrl wego get any doriy
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beach erosion storm0 le an hour winds. crles tha 12.4 a y ndhat an. sin woresrwet d onow>> ando f or schl.w to m later t'oderrto warm and humidoa andmseauterldod
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6:59 am now at 7 tracking powerful hurricane ornight. se idafing th.ha what we leard abouclbing
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east ast of flor a >> in the bahamas this m


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