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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 5, 2019 5:00am-5:17am EDT

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the bahamas begun. 15,000 houses there were destroyed or are water. andntire neighborhoods have been wiped off the map by hurricane dorian. u.s. helicopters from the coast guard and customs and border patrol have arrived and are helping evacuate the wounded and find those still trapped. here in the dtrict, the bahamiant embassy on vermon avenue in northwest is also accepting donations. >> 5:0is the time right now. and new this morning help just arrived in the bahamas from northern virginia. here's a photo of members of the fairfax cnty fire and rescue department. ey landed safely this rninmo gthe islands. now, first respondersere deploy the federal government's disaster assistance response team or dart. >> it's going structure by structure whether it's ilbungs or houses to make sure there's nobody still inside or if t a roof and able to ty're ask for help. >> closer to home, several dominion energy crew members will head to virginia's eastern shore to assist with
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the w expectedidespread outages. >> ♪ >> happening today, an major thorofar arlington getting a new name. >> and one more remnant of the confederacy is coming down in hernx5's melieln awi hck story t in crystal city. you can see ite right her aty jefferson davis hi and 23rdtr st pretty soon that is goi to becomig highway. arlington crew was here, they were doing a test run of the sign removing to mak removae the process goes smoothly. arlington residents petitione the county saying they didn't like the idea that theay resi former lee high school changed its name to
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washinon alexandria, just a mile downd the the highway named to ok an opinion fromt entoal to say that counties chaou ce as w. virginia delegate mark levine was instrumental in pushing for thaty constituents it'sin as hdred a county that welcomes people, that welcomes our diverspopulation, that does not support the person who fought for slavery >> reporter: now, arlington county says the new signs will stretch of what was formeayhey will also have to update their drs reol they'll still get mail if it goes to the old address. sign changing at 10 o'clockis this morning. f the signs will be replaced over the next few days. all right, that a and you, thanu
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metynie. a montgomery high school is telling teachers they can no longer give orstudents zeros on homew even if the student't d do winston churl high school in potomac bucking the distri t's polhat teachers can give a zero if the student doesn't bother to do any work. th new policy isng already stirri debate among parents. so, should teaers be allowed to give students zeros in school? weigh in on our fox5 insta poll. visit and we'll oeck inn the answers throughout the morning. looks right now 94 percent say realtime resul there.. all right. they also have some realtime results from mike thomas. we've been talking l aot about dorian. we want to focus on our local forecast first. >>orian is sort of having an effect today because we're gttin c theudthat will put the d dorian puts a lot of moisture in the atmosphere so we will have some humidit still to contend with as we work our way through tou daytime h today. all right.
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an co g do 75 degrees right now outside ren though if we touch 80 that heat indexill jump a little bit. winds are out of the otnorth-northeast but n too far above our heads it's out of the south and tt's why we'll still have that humidst icky feel despite the cold front going through lastigh night. our friends in bowie rain got heavy rain with sto tshat moved through about 8, 9 o'clock. satellite and radar quiet aside from the clouds from dorian. that will be the main story for the daytime hours today is the cloudiness coming in. we will not be breezy today and again, temperatures about 80 degrees. we'll be cooler tomorrow. the threat f some showers from dorian and wind as well particularly if you live off to the east we're going toou take y through futurecast hour by hour and show you what you can expect from dorian f here onday coming up in just a few minutes. hefirst though ack of your commute. erin has gott. tha >> 5:07. just like there a big problem in virginia. 95 by 234 dumfries, three right lanes blocked at the
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main lanes. you can see traffice is crawling b scene right now. huge delay coming up from stafford ts morning. you may want to bail out and take rte 1. the right side 95d northed on at 234. again we'll keep tracking that scene but we are seeing some mar parking lot conditions out there because of thatas cr again, route 1 your best l alternate. asook north of that point, at least once you make it to dale city you're in pretty good shape. wide opened once you get past that bigol backup. normal ve on 270 southbound through frederick. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. holly and wisdom. >> 5:07 is the time. coming up on5 morning more women comeorward with accusations against singer placido domingo. rbtuis>>in abuse and sexual assault at a school for young people with special needs. >> we're going to break right now at 5:08. 75 is the temp. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪ s usthe [mfew minute have until naptime is over.
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>> also this morning,l a tentative trdate has been set in the case against r and b singer r. kelly set to begin next april. the singer faces several counts including sexual abuse obstruction of justice. kelly is also facing three other sex crime cases. >> ♪ >> develong this morning in eederick county in maryland, three formerloyees at a school for young people wl h spneeds are accused ofabusing s. 35-year-old jermaine thomas, 27-year-old ariel eppard andes 32-year-olley dean face sexual abuse and sex offense charges. all three worked at the jefferson school. the alleged victims are two teenaged girls 17 and 18 years d.c. pleasurel new
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video of hundredsikers dingf o illegal atv's throughout the district. the slideshow shows the faces of close to 400 suspects caught on camera riding illegal bikes. you can also find those images on the suspects could get a $250rd . >> coming up on fox5 morning we'll bring you thech right now is sitting right off the coast of south carolina. >>rynd ting tweet to twitter. you might run into a problem and we will explain why. >> right now we want to give you a live shot of 270 there if gaithersburg. you can see the commute tpicking up a o 5:11. that isur time right now.. 75 deg little madonna to get you going on a thursday. >> ♪ >> ♪ nz
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>> ♪ >> bk now at 5:14. here are some of theeop stories following for you. hurricane dorian back up now to a category 3 storm as it
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nears the east coast. now there are rteepordly 20 peoe hurricane swept through the bahamas and some except that mber to climb. >> the storm is once again category 3 hurricane. w lying coastal commuties from georgia to southwest virginia are threatened in this. >> today at t 10 o'clhis morning jefferson davis highway ll be ren richmond highway in >> activists been working hoiggaayhwn set. to announce the installation of the first tracks for the mdot mtae line. >> this is the pplur future ligt rail lineetween new carrollton and bethesda. theeremony begins at 10:thriller this mornin10:30thi. the cars will be tesd in 2021. >> we' days away fromnhe redskins s opener. still no sign of trent williams. ul network reports h didn't
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re pk.m'se eagles deommert latest on hur approaching south carolina this morning as a major hurricane. if you're just waking up rightt now and you to bed early last night know that we are to h winds of 115 mis per hour. hower, stillnoec eent ahmount td will make it into the
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charleston region and heavy rain as well. as it nears land it should be a category 2 strength as it approaches wilmington late tonight and we expect a landfall somewhere in the inouter banks of north ca either during the overnight hours or the very ely morning hours ofomrow, eganhuy d2 eastic and starteliw owef our local beaches will see some effects. msavannahen 35 wind gus, notads and georgia border allhe bch t e this morning up through the ases
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op yr we c storm watches asl nes . ll 75egretellite and radar the exct from.cre clouill holddy temayperaturesbe back. what's holding frus diaor cnom bing straight up this cold front that went guy wn off to the north to the mostly today, some of usay touch 80 degrees but again today temperatures generally going right at this moment. we'll call it for a daytime mgh today oiercosturole aund. we could squeeze out a shower or two close to the i-95 but rain chances higheststhe farthe you go. the good news is dorian is out of here forhe time for t gorgeo.
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saturday and sunday, lots of sunshine, low to mid 80's around t region. that's your forecast. erin como isha tracking tt >> 5:18. some breaking news in the district off the top. irteentht closed with fire activity between allisontr st and y asnin lanes after 234. csh sp m f totraf ntmporaril far r i>> bis ces after c a
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te akg soin st >> to ms of'mths nge'e,>> ji h.
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ie w underst com montana. this black bea d.ngunwhher]ev ald agast lyft. we'll have bot loo tghorhorit ht r is our time >> ♪
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