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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 10, 2019 5:00am-5:20am EDT

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please know we appreciate you. fox 5 news morning coming right back. ♪. ♪ . when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i amought about
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[whispers] this is w ur right here, right nonk.s thiswells fargo. . the brexit process still a bit of a mess. the legislation passed to block a no, dealn october, whether johnson willollowhe lawstory.
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october 31st deadline for ire t speaker of the house of common sense is making that his b deadline, erk will step down by the1st and will not run if a general elections i called before then tough news for ford motor an compy, moodies downgraded the credit rating to junk status, it makes it more difficult and sxnz for ford t borrow money, ford stock fell more than 3% in afte. two other major credit ratingch agencies finnd s & p have two n jches aboveunk status. apple's biggest ent is happening today, expected to announce new products, including three new iphones. now, rumors are, some of the new phones will have reverse wireless charging and improved fa. apple also expected to reveal the latest apple watch. driverless trucks are stoat hit the ad.
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they're testing autonous trucks on public roads in parts of our area,n they're highways in southwest virginia, near e blackberg the company is headquartered. dimler said it o follows monthsf extensive tests. traffic and weather on on the 5's.ho mimas talking about the warmup again. >> wed kin started the process yesterday, sun broke throh by afternoon hours, bwi 86, normal highs 82, that would be comfortable. i'd love to be there, we won't be there next several days, we'll be well above it. particularly tomorrow and thursday, where temperatures could be near record hig talking mid 90's coming back. do younjoy this morning? becauserean i isis at t 70, dul bs, some western s out in the upper 50's to kick things off. reason why,pr hessure in control, unlike yesterday, we
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don't have a serious cloud deck in spot temperatures have been allowed to fall back overnight. we'll mix in clouds until the afternoon, but generally a quiet and very septemberry day. 78y11:00. by 2:00, 84, by 5:00, 84 degrees, butbe mentioned fore, up up and way we'll go, check out temperature trend over the next couple of day, here comes the mid 90's. that's your forecast, erin take the over on traffic. right now, mike, it is i got my first cup of coffee, and unfortunately we do have road work, 95 northbound out by route one, so as you make your way up, in virginia, coming towards fredericksbur this morning, you'lltit heading northbound again in spotsylvania inri fredesburg, left lane blocked at route one causing slowdown, 95 northbound daleel city to thtway is nice and quiet, 66 eastbound, now they're being crazy, ts is 270. i don't know what's happening, there's the maryland drive, everything is working, ut the
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good news is aside from that construction coming up from spotsylvania, into stafford, we are seeing quiet conditions t elsewhere. coming up ons fox 5morning, results of a new survey shedding light on first responders. as we head tobr eak. things cruising on westbound 270. we'll be right back. ♪ . ♪ .
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♪ . welcome back to fox 5 news d news for washington fans running back derrius guice i suffered annjury to his rhtgame. he's listed as active for sunday's game againstda as. alive.p hope >> got to have hope. >> got to have hope. wish him well. let's take a live look outside, expecting k a cool morning, some of you could feel a warm up near the 90's today. into the 90's ottomorrow.
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bad. >> keep theanks tops t. good morning, thanks for joining us>> it's estuy, september 10th, let's check in with erin como, good morning, and mike thomas talking about tank top weather. >> wisdom youailed it. summer is not done yet. likely i dc, and here comes the middle 90's tomorrow and thursday, we'llou get through it coming up. erin. if you're waking in uotp sylvania trying to get fredericksburg city, 95 northbound road worklocking left lane at 17, causing heaerv. otherwise, normal morning commute. we'll check back withoth of you five minutes or wegin on this tuesday morning with continuing coverage of a disturbing storygout of montcounty. >> details are revryealing tha the suspect involved in rape investigation thant happened lat mo in bethesda is living in the country illegally.s melanie alnwick joins live with more on this story. mel? ws of this latest devopment he
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brings the number to eight, eight undocume immigrants in montgomery county who have been charged with sex crimes, in the last month. immigrations and customs onfirmed to fox retge a 26-year-old e oluwakay a ride share driver aused of rape in bethesda. the victim told montgomery county pe that started to feel sick at a bar in sver springs and adebusuyi let her lie down. lives of college athletes. the story o a boy who fought off aountain lion wit a stick. ♪. ♪. going bakre at5:41, 69 is the temperature,in fox 5 news morng back after the break. ♪. ♪.
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female emt: memorial, do you copy? we've got a 16oiear old trauma victimng into shock. male emt: pulse fading. we gotta move. (siren wailing) announcer: imagine if the care we needed... wasn't there when we eded it most? remind senator warner that governme rate setting could mean closed hospital it's nri the answer for se billing. ♪ what's up? . >> i was giving you the queue. >> ok,th time for wea on the
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5's. good morning, we'll get you through a good tuesday in the dc region, starting things off comfortable outside.ow temperaturn into the 50's, 60's, some sts 70's, a lot of 60's, to kind of s the day, after a semi start we'll filter in clouds into the lunch time hours, we'll lead to a partly sunny afternoon, but the most important things for you day, it will be a dry day and temperatures will be nice and pleasantly warm later on this afternoon. actually a ltle above normal, we should be doing lower 80's, mid to in someer spots 80's this afternoon, then the heat we crank it up. wednesday and thursday, nrea near record high temperature, 95 at least both days. then we turn a little bit unsettled. thursday could be few storms, better chance friday, and saturday at this point. none of tho days look like a wash-out. but we will at least get a deceit a cloud cover and some tshowers into the forecas heading into
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70 for gton, 68 for wheaton, 66 columbia, 66 pl waldorf, la a 60. klles 60, at the 50's, both cumberland sitting at 59, winchester 59, culpeper 63 and quantico 68. it's aab comle start to your tuesday morning. satellite and radar says leave the umbrella at home. because aside from a few clouds, big picture willo show you major weather systems heading in our direction, again, it will just be a quiet calm day in the weather department here for washington, . you can thank the ambition h, high pressure off to the north,s thisuy that's been keeping it pleasant the pastouple days. it will give way later on this afternoon, that will allow temperatures to rise into the up ar 80's here, little warmer than yesterday, but it's what it will do over the next couple of tice.that will you start to no more on that in a moment. 86 outside washington today. 81 for lettown, culpeper 88 but get rea to crank the heat up. 95 both wednesday and thursday.e
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if thatms hot for this time of year, you're right. we're near the record tomorrow, 1983, 98, but we have a better chance of tying or breakinghe one on thursday, which stands for the 1930's, 1931, 96 is when we were this warm, we'll see if we don't tier break that. ursday.y, mid 90's thwednesday, front moves through friday. 80 degrees we'll have clouds and a decent showers on frida a afterns well before that same front turns around and going back the other way. we warthings back up through the sardayenwe, 90ek sunday ande bring the 90's back heading int thxt work week. that's your forecast, erin got your traffic. 5:48 keeping eyes on the roads and railset unfortunately aro delay, switch problem outside stadium armory. delays possible to largo town center and newarrolton across blue, orange andilver lines, the six bd yellow lines south of reagananluational that
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had been closed have reopened, hat platform improvement project wrapped up. no more shuttle busses, rails fully operational as of yesterday. but we'll keepou updated. 95 commute in virginia, spotsylvania into fredericksburg city. anee lhave road work blockin a that's causing about half hour delay through spotsylvania into fredericksburg. north of that, quiet through stafford int dale city, the as you cross fairfax county parkway, norma morning volume there, same story 270 up to a 48 minuri trip fck to the beltway with the heaviest vole 0 questions erin@fox5dc on x itter. first the fobreakthrough. x itter. first the fobreakthrough. ♪
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