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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 10, 2019 6:00am-6:12am EDT

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while fires cannulur taken to fueling this mode owe creek fire. it's 40% con stained. officials believed it started with a lightning strike. more than 150 acres burned in t the last daimz. fortunately no homese threatened and no evacuation orders. >>ver sea as i powerful typhoon is sweeping through tokyo disrupting morning commute for millions of people. the typhoo which made land fall early strongest storm to hit japanese capital until years according to local report. there blackout left more than 900,000 people in the dar many being told to evacuate becaus.of fear of landd slide sl get a skhevk the weather now. you're looking at an sul adams view. >> black and white. >> i like that adamsce referen nice allison. >> thank sdmru beautiful throug this morning.
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we're in for a beautiful day. the 0s.line temperatures lots of sunshine and quiet day. s.60re school temps in theh and mid 880s for daytime eyes. maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday. more surprise thin ler this rnaf rteegooppn.ational and 83 dulles and horme hmb hole lott see 82 a on the 7 day forecast. we'll be well above normal this afternoon and next several days. well into 90s wednesday aand thursday afternoon 70 washington. all right. out to west you guys are nice and comfortable. dulles 60. 59 winchester and 62 call person and 63 leonardwn temperae and comfortable. gh pressuret here offas e. nice. we'll have nice breezes out north and east. not a lot of warmlk about locally for the time being. as we get into tomorrow ridge
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high pressure off south and west will build in with winds south an west we start to pump heat around her we're dry the next couple days. stly we could lose the rain. lawn is brown aand we could otuse rain n in the forecast later today high presre continues to dominate our weather here and keeps things nice and dry. well into the 9 the 0s tomorrow in fact we'll be flirting with record high temperatures by wednesday and thursday afternoon. 86oday. 95 wednesday cooler on friday and we steam it and theater back up agai for the weekend. summer does not to quit we're getting towards last days of summer. as far as i can tell on horizon summer does got want to quit this year. olet's see if people want dwit ton the roadways. >> outer loop volume building in collegek. par be prepared for that. nothing out of the ordinaryng my blocking
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right shoyrd little river turnpikeev over you'ller etsell road to 1 is strfive-min. as you myoake ur w 5 half hour delay from spotsylvaniaer to fricksburg once y to staffordnormal tap of0 garrisonlle ad. you hit aa wall of traffic 16 nile an hour average. even stopped iposomets from dale city up to beltway. watch for another 25 minute slow down. 2 it 70 slowrn this moing 54 minute fredeieck to beltway hest volume 70 through ush aan and and delay iwe a side from that maryland drive that's delay from chopper you saw from 95 over to georgia avenue. yellow, orange andlue line delays as well switch problem stadium armory.o bayou. >> newumbers from d.c. police show a majority of
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people that officers pull over are not dent looked at nearly 12,000 stops made during one month this summer. report found 86% did not involve frisk highest percentage happened in south iingt and southwest. arnely 70% of people stopped with african-american and judge ordered the city to conduc the survey to comply withoo neighd engagement aachieve rults act. >> talks with taliban off now dfficially after president trump cancelle secret meeting with taliban leaders because of terror attack overseas. t that involvedhem blowing autopsy a car i tkbulhat killed a american shoulder. even though talks are be peaceful and continueat neing detectively with >> north korea identifying to project tiles aths nororea announced i rs willeason he assume talks with united states over nuclear
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gotiations. the talks fell apart in february.e criminal investigatio underwayow into offas l the coat southern california. with 4 people died when the channel islands. they boat's owner and interviewed theff tre a major recall tell you about t this tuesday morning nearly 700,000 s tailgate tab can break causing gates t unl and open unexpectedly. it's not aware of accidents caused by this problem now but dealers will repair that latc epair that owners will get letters started next month. >> it's big tech too big? >> the question ing asked by a large group of lawmakers
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showing anti bod four has been transparent about various health problems in the pastclev> om.ay w
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thursday.ednesday and and thay gt
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late 70huday. washington. and 62w what cotmforle aabrg mannasas and 60 dullese seis satellite and radarcaer your dae thunderstorms color work. deliver and herterter todsinat for wednesdayghs and thursday in orange, 95h eref e goes back to 1983 windnd 1th to record highm rem like we get teureresp 7
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95 wednesday. ler with backdoore'llcooor oads and rails in a an minute>>. 6:57 let's get to top story thisay morning. >> we'll start in montgomery county where w learning a virginia man acce'useded in a rain and kidnaing has been living in u.s. illegally. ording to immigrationth stomers omnforcezan oered to les car after he got in a bar.e woke up in the wa eventuallybles to


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