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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:28pm EDT

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months. fox5's josh rosenthal live in arlington tonig with more on this plan. hi josh. >>report: hey, angie, so this closure is primarily so they can address major lighting fixes ato the meal. ho leaving a lot of people feeling very relieveha t they were ab it's too eo late. c >>tainly glad they're opening it up on 9/11 eve so people can get in there and see it. >> so here's the deal: the memorial will close monday until the end of the next may. they're gonna fix the lighting systems inhels under the ring ial bencs. reoccur problems due to water seeping into the fixtures. they will also replace the ti en electrical system at the memorial including ought the bench lighting. talked to father and daughter about thistoday. dad said he's all for the repairs. glad he came with his dauter firs retiredilitary and said events of9/11 shaped the last two
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decades of his life. >> wanted her t see a little about it. something she never experienced. >>t' i thinks really special for me to come here to see what they done for the people.>> tom little bit before 9 a.m. it is not open to the public ann ead is primarily for those who lost loved ones on 9/11. guys back to you.ig >> apple's b reveal. new iphones announced by the tech giants. n breakdown what tew >>ash cam videoll involapving a driver. how the suspect nearly slammed into not one but two state troopers. >> major controversy in old to. all about the right to bear arms. find out what happens when activists holding rifles showed up atfarmer's market. back after this. it was a warm, but dry day, all that changing tomorrow though. ar iheouy'♪ tndn h and the in in a country hungry for unity,
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a wild crash caught on cam are in washington atste. state police release dash c video of expected drunk driver cashing into parked police hatched oue of seattle. affic stop when vehicle plowed in cruiser. no one seriously hurt. >> warning, use android smartphone google two dozen apps pulled. >> the joker malware has ability to secretly sign people up for premium services steal text messages and copy phone id numbers. some pulled age face, beach camera and dazzle wallpaper. >> record settingan md competitive eater has died. 54-year-old juliette lee long time member of the major league eats and numbe 17th ran eater in the world. she passed away suddenly lee was barely 100 pounds. but she could eat more than it
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men three times her shmpeted in more than 100 iv competiteating contests including nathan's famous fourth of july hotdog eating contest. >> juliette was in very good health and, you know, if you think of the number of times that competitive eaters attend coests each year, it might b anywhere between three and ten contests year. so it is not, you know, over the course of a year an extraordinary addition of calories obulk. but i'm not a scientist or a doctor. i n't know any thosethings. the i just never heard of any impact like that. >> a07 20 study says competitive eating canome with same health isks as people living with obesity even if they e not verweight.cause juliette's des ofstill under investigation. >> if yave a yellow car and you live in alexandrice wanthelp. it's riaeally all to y m a leit boy's birthday the best.
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whitaker neuro blaoma survngor. doing somethi called whitakers surprise bble bee walk. joined with his mom to get word out. anyone with yellow car arrive 6 and 7 in the morning burke and herbert bank along fern street. park along the route whitaker and family walk the route. if you have ylow car. get up early and go to burke and herbert bank on fern street. i wanted to make sur that was street. >> oh, my gosh wonderful. sight to behold. a 77-year-oldco mplete's unbelievable trip around the gl. details on r break his or journey. in>> plus, picky eater as a kid angie. >> two. >> o out of three. >> we have some advice. new study that will help you get them to eat their greens. >> fox5's lindsay watts joins
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you may want to try givin them more options. thha alf w gere given just oneh, the other half they got their choice between three researchers found those children ne t ae likely to eat e wer their veggies. theakes apple ceo tim cookun annong next generation of iphones today aztec giant kicks off fall product launch.ho i p 11 pro and i phone 11 pro max for $100 more and i phone 11 at price tag $7. available pre order ler this week and start shippingember 20. >> that friday very important
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for apple. reven still comes rromtr songe lot longer battery life we'll have to wait ande. >> apple also unveiled a new 7th generation ipad with bigger screen. e plwaivtch and bs premiucription services apple tv plus and apple arcade, those services cost od or mask and filming empiretrikes back $450,000. >> dress judy garland worn in wizard oz could go half a for s >> p aay innd sayond one i'll g.
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. deatholl in baham stands near 50 but is expec even higher. mo a than a weekfter dorian swept through the areaan thods of evacu ss remaipread across shelters a coss theountry as res kind recovery effst i in full swing. >> sorry for getting emotional. it's the one tng that is seeing that i people care,t just ives youyour heart and ope and fortitude to try tkeep re now living in tent cities while crews clear debrisau bec of demand for space andhelters. >> civil war relics under either by dorian. two cannonballs washed up on beach. >> area of old coast gua base believed to be used by union troops in 1863. island used as base far battle to retake fort sumpter. >> life well lived
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british woman set a new record. jan sock kra tees oldest woman to sail around the. isas w attempt at breaking the record. she tried back i 2016. this time thousand, shetu rerning to warm wishes. >> she looking forward to have a very long hot bath and then eating a lovely meal and nice glass of wine. luckily, the fairmount efrm press owe tell gciously donated that wisho her. the woman chronicled month longg journey travel l online. get the girl a bath, lots of bubbles we salute you. >> goal in mi get to it and make it happen. iv>> she didn't g up. nobody has an excuse. nobody has an excuse. >> anytime i see 85 year-old tomorrow.ish a you need.
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ne>>ot temperatures expected once again gh that'rit.mi >> good tuesday evening everyone. we're almost halfway throughhe workweek here but we are going to be dealing with the warmest temperatures of the week tt is for sure. tomorrow heat is on. 90s back in the forecast. a little bit of ashot. i have a he seen a late day shower or thunderstorm. more of a chance we look toward thursday, more widespread. definitely by fr iay. hef you are looking for cooler september like pemperou'll seeesat t i fr iidtay y handy because you'll be dealing with some showers. atalkbout past 2 days inay. more so around average, maybe a degree or two above that. 88 bwi.
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85 dulles. reagan came in around tew across the area, still seeing some mid 70s and upper 70s for annapolua and qico there. looking at 76 f district. 73, good evening gaiersburg to you. along with manassas. 75 dulles marnsburg comingn around 74. dew pots as well, telling the story. we are muc highe than they were at this time yeerday. starting to feel thatumidity creep in the forecast. higher those numbers are a cl tperare se,os t yeah you c tan really feel tt. see it as well. checkout the wind coming more from the south and this will continue on fortomorrow. and definitely a lot of moisture in t atmosphere. at least we have a little bitfc area. we'll remain dry throughout the overnight d even for the start of your hump day there. so for wednesday, it will begin on the dry side as you make your it's your way home that we're oing to start see a few poup showers maybe an isolated thunderstorm really though
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once you lose daytime heating start to wind down. need that to get instability going. this is ctor. deep ridging going on in the mid-atlantic. pump up a lot of heat and humidity. temperature-wise, n mbers themselves ie mid-90s factor in the humidity and it's going k to feee the upper 90s around he. so summer time weather, it's not done with us just yet. lead into trsday and continue to see the ridge build. one factor, difference cold front that will beo the nor of us. stall out here. higher chance for showers and thunderstorms on yourrsday and then even more widespreaid fr. bringing coolers tempera with outed cloud coverage. partly cloudy tonight. 70 grees. wins though, little breeze, five pto ten miles hour. need that breeze for getomorrow. mat a little bit of a shower with going oto cool things off. highemperatures getting to around 95 degrees. hot and humid condions going on as i mentioned itould feel even warmer than that. a few afternoon showers and
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storms srt to see them look to more so as we later evening hours awell. checkout next seven-days though. 90s in store for us next 2 days. a little less of a chance there to s them in mido upper 90s on thursday because of those showers moving in. definitely by fray, things start wind down as far as temperatures go. added cloud coverage and more spreadshowers going on a the area. as weo lead int the next s workweek, still in the forecast. looking like a hot september. so guys. >> you don't talk to yoer dr this week. >> you don't call me bleep. >> oh, my god woeep. >> an uber driver capturing th video there of the passenge a she claimsttacked her during a ride. this is cell phone video that uber driver recorded of her passenger going off. the altercation happened last week. uber driver lisa wants her identity protected for her safety. she slls problems a began when the passenger thoug lisa was >> got h on to summit and
10:22 pm
then he a lunged forwarnd said a profanity,ery loud. very aggressively. and i just -- without thinking, i hit the brakes pulled over -- >> fthere lisa says she got out of car pulled her phone and started to record that confrontation you're looking at on your screen. things got physical when passenger picks up the bag. ended upeiling a p report. officers searched area could not find the man. company rep said both removed from platform w redskins hadto o from philadelphia ea bgletwe.en restaurants in rival cities. today owner of restaurant lobst. >> i know it start at four. >> elizabeth jones allbout lobster if she can get it for free all the tter.first in linet
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and more tuesday afternoon ourtesy of a philadelphi gles a sunday. >> i knew they was going to win. i knewome up and scores. knew they was going to win. lobsters that's old friend 36 restaurant running dc counterpart who favored washingtondskire. cnsalled up ta bet. i said send you lobsters you send me your >> knowi d itidtn' anything. >> one shout out to desean jackson. way to go. philadelphia misseou ydinner. games done. won. fresh out coleslaw and steamed corn. t tooon know wha it costs beautiful. orderemargarita. >> go eagles. >> it's fabulous looking.
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>> jolly i'll have you know old city oyster bar did just open. inner city football o gambling especin this level tends to be attention getter. no word on what two friends planned december 15th, et y, gkidc that's my take.el weo tth and back with beayth st. >> i can't keep up these days. can't keep up. >> telling u, watch that game, owkn17 chthe. >> ma f dphinren'
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er gngte an heywre>> masarah simmons with day. i>> h eople.>> ouif yhe update. >> policeie ae edstrmore. b so how you can catch nfl games at local movie theaters. xt at 11:00. >> thanks sarah. >> and let's take a look at "fox5" stapoll. ckftourse weeee r preen
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. let's take you to washington state's time of the year many people waiting for. calling contt. where people try to mimic .eulagls ma sea birds knowing and ud. one part of washingtoney state celebrate their sound. >>. we want to make sure they are gettiny man possible.g >> how do you judge somebody trying to sound like a bribes as welcome. candy, mo'sy. it fine. >> ianto you say script says girls clucking. they did not make clucking noes. i was waiting for regardless. 32 and year foreseagull calling coming up at 11:30. more news continuing right after this "fox5" breakthrough ting wo.
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>> sdeally if you catop vaping now, i think that wchoic. >> another death is nowd linke to vaping. ritonight, we're heang from a local doctor about the effects he's seeing from this killer illness. >> plus, tomorrow mks 18 years
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since deadly 9/11 attacks on fi america. out what you can expect in the morning and whyhe local 9/11 memial will close for nearly a year. >> and. gonna reach to the endn and get there. >> football fans listen up. soon you'l be able to catch


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