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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 12, 2019 5:00am-5:08am EDT

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weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. ladies. he all right, right off t top right now 5:zero one t search continues for man who police say tried to lift up a woman's skirt and takepictures. >> it happened in the city offa fax last week but we're getting a loo at it this mornin because it wasaught on a neighbor's surveillance camera. melanie alnwick joining us this is ane. and this is annie paying back her friend f the tickets with zelle® before the previews start. and [whispers]nie getting ready to ethis is ur right here, right now bank.
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ighborhood moved here tos live here forever. it's very disturbing to see that happen. i think we're going to fin this guy and i hope we could help a little bit. >> reporter:o, fairfax city police are asking other people in the area, first of t all, ifhey've had a similar incident to giveal them a c but also to check their security camera video, see if they caught anything on cam as well thathe might helpm be able to catchus this spect. >> mel, thank you forhe update. 5:33 is our time. you can expect more law enforcement officers around north stafford high school fter the next few dayser a suspicious man approached a yog girl as she was leaving school. eathe r-old girl says she was walking home along a wooded path when she came across she told police s insistent at he walk her home. when sheefused, she says he grabbed her. she was able to run away and call for help. >> ♪ >> 5:34 is the time right now. hgaithersburgh school football player says that he was lefthe alone on field after getting sk and passing out.
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sophomore zachary arendel says he threw up and passed out after doi punishment drills. he was later found by his mother. the principal sent the family an e-mai saying they've updated their protocols te make parents are notified in the future. >> i feel upset that nobody came to check on me eve though i said leave me alone. >> i'm angry. i'm hurt. because s i entrustchool with my son's care. if entrui explain to you imahead of t that you would take i seriously. >> arrendell suffers from a condition called pots syndrome. the conditionsu can make erers feel lightheaded or dizzy.we ather and traffic on the 5s. mike, what do you say? >> i say get ready for more h heat andidity today. that's what i say. muay like yes when temperatures hit 93 degrees heren d.c., we are expecrid toght back at those levels later on this afternoon. 75 warm start here i town. 69 for gaitherurg.
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70 at dulles. good morning quantico youe at 74. leonardtown 73. annapolis you're the warm spot almost 80 degrees you k off your thursday morning. satellite and radar, not too much happening here locally. overnight.e clouds clear out the moon is at 9percent llness. it will go full on saturda morning. but big and bright in the sky out there this morning and then what we will track is this up here and that is a cold front that will be working its way down to the south late on this afternoon. we'll time those out w futurecast coming up in just a few minutde butgrees outside later on today. tomorrow more clouds, 77. that's your forecast; h here. we'll see if that cold front doesn't help us out lat t. high pressure to south pushing up this wmth from down s bringing our temperatures into the 90's a later on thisernoon and again,ue thi stripe coming down from the north will bring some cooler air with it and as it hits the heat and humidity of the afternoon, that will allow some showers and thunderstorms to popre up. he futurecast. no problems through the morning or lunchtime hours. it's those late afternoon early evening hours when fe
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could see theront approaching o region. there you go, scattered showers and thunderstorms, maybe 5, 6, 7 o'clock here in the d.c. region so evening commute tonight just keep yr eye on t sky. could lead to a few problems here and there. we're under what we call the marginal risk of severe weather as well. storms could contain somethose gusty winds here in the washington, d.c. region. best chances i-95 cridor and off to the f eastor any severe weather that happens to pop up later on today. and the biggestisk for that would be just gusty wds is the bigge concerns in some of those thuerstorms, maybe hail. any heavy downpours, w sve beo dry lately we're not concerned about the flash flooding or tornado risks. just again a couple gusty winds here and there. 94 degrees this afternoon in waington. 95 for quantico. 96 for fredericksburg. your record high for today is 96 degrees so if we stay sunny enough long enough we could potentially do it. weayet knocked w back tomorrow at 77 degrees with a clouds just aboutll day. we'll break back thi some otty storm but no washout, i
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don'terat degrees. temperes starting to rise. by sunday heading t to seehe redskins take on the cowboys for the home g opener,d weather day for it. hopefully it's a good football day as well. 88 degrees. then 90's take overheading into the early next work week. that's a he can which of your weathecheck of your weatherforen >> trackbig problems on the roads. sing vehicle r crashulting in a fatal crashside right now. 5:58. 75 degrees. get on up with us. 6 o'clock hour coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> the caught on camera. a man spotted on surveillance ying to take a picture.skirt and we'll ow you the disturbing encounter. plus, he became one of only 13 horses to win the triple crown. now a r bombshellort claims
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justify failed a drug test weeks before his big victory. why race officials lookedot the r way. >> and vaping ban. president trump pushing back against aol billionlar industry as more people continue to get sick. what he's calng for. fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m. starts now. ♪ >> good morning and thank you so much forng j us on this thursday. >>if you're just waking up let's get you a live look outside this morning. as a matter of fact let's he up to ocean city, maryland. al dark on the boardwalk but should be a nice hot day. going to be extremely hot as ahe matter of fact acros dmv. could see some pop-up atthunderstorms ler on. >> let's get a quick look at weather and traffic tucker barnes in and erin como with us. tuck let's start you were good morning. >> allison another hot day. there's a look at y rr satellite andar. we're in the clear early this moing but


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