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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 12, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm EDT

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you're up in the air. t what causedhe engine of apl ane to catch fire like that. i would turn away. >> okyeah. >> i canno at that. >> busy news day today. let's start with the weather calin roth becauset is >> yes.t, hot o high.think we hit a record i haven't gotten confirmationyeo hot, it's so humid. why wouldn't we. >> start early. when you try to get out early. >> they're sweating at theus st absolutely. luckily we will have bigch c weather is on the way. we got to get there first and we have a hot ening ahead of us. look at thesera ttures 97 in washington. it'sh september 12tnd we're looking at temps right now that are 15 degrees above normal. 95 in annapolis, 96 i dulles even along thesburg, 94 mountains everyone is 90 plus. those dewpoints have been in the upper's0's. ativhey t uncomfortable range of .dewpoint num and into the oppressive cate iithenrsherg womre o wf 70.
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so the ante with how hot it feelsutside, the heat index when you wpembntin f teelshe like 100 fredericksburg.tico, 101 in we need some thunderstorms to give us tha some relief. very quiet.rm tracker radar. a cold front is to our. north it will slip through tonig but so far we've only seen ap in marylandlo a 270 up towards frederick and alongwas baltimorn as they fle up, they fall apart so sething is telling me the showers and storms are having difficulty going vertical and maintainingir the intensity tonight. i think it may be a few hoursbe fore we see anything if at all in your neighborhood. watch futurecast. this is 4 o'clock, not much. by about 6, 7, 8 o'clock though you definitely see some more organization.that's the frg through. there will be the tendency for the heaviest showers and storms t be north and east of washington so baltimore up d throughelaware and into jersey. 'tt to say we c get some here locally. this is at 9 o'clock but i think we'll be waitingla until
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r on this evening to see some shors and storm so saw yesterday afternoon.hat we by tomorrow morning it' a totally different day. clouds showers and temperatures are so muchcooler. so your headline going forward, friday believe it or not is actually feeling more fall after this incredibly hot thursday. much more on those stormsgh toni and the temperatures for tomorrow still ahead. blake. >> caitlin a crazy scene today on route 50 in prince george's county after a small plane crashed onto the highway while trying to land. >> the people in that car and the plane walked away with very few injuries. but just how did allha of this en? fox5's tisha lewis join us live from bowie. hi, tisha. >> reporter: hi there, angie. hi blake. thisis really a miraculouss, outcome. no d no fire, minimal injuries. what we do know is tha all of is h 11:20pe this morning. we're told that this plane
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at fed shortly after taking bowie. along with theassenger and driver of the car that hestruck, fo1: i 1nitially rte 50 s and no investigats under way. in in fact, right area is a he car investigators conducting investigation. angie and blake. >> tisha you can see a lot of traffic movg back and forth. this is a very populated area as we know. first, do we know at this pot, that they pinpointed what caused the crash and what are people there, the residents, saying. >> reporter:rell, that remains investigation. like i mentioned this plane we doer knowt lik selyd had a
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full fuel tank so it's really a miracleo there was n fire. speaking with residents out here j tthey days ago there were lou and demands for this airport to be rezoned and closed and relocated because of situations like this. we do know that this is not the first crash of its kind. e'other crashes, one i believe in 2013 and another back in 2016 a nowwe here are again. , it will be interesting to see how this facto intothose cay airp st tot down here and go somhere else. angie. >> tisha thanks. justo build off what you were saying we do have more to talk about regarding those two other plane c that happened in this area. in 2017, the pilot of a small plane hit a tree line and crashed while returni from ocean cit trying to make his finalpproach to freeway airport. heheas t board and had nonlife-threatening injuries.ine
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missed that same runway and hit a fence that borders route 50. th tonight ttbaled virginia lieutenant governor just fairfax has filed multimillion dolla.rssu lawit porate papers filed day lawyers for fairfax , claim the net wdefamed him when he aired intervis th two him who h >> fairfax deniedhose accusations now the suit could land both sides in arlington. what is he asking for. >> reporter: he's asking for a whole lot of money. 's askingn for $400 mi in this lawsuit thatil was f this morning down in u.s. district court eastern virginian alexandria. look, it's n secret since these actions against the lieutenantovernor came out, know, back in february, he has been denying it atveryturn. in fact, last spring, you
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know, when he had his newshe conference last one where he addressed these allegations, you know, he said that he wanted due process. buthere this stands right nowt is he hasued cbs today, theetwork, which aired these interviews with two of his accuss. ithessa tyson and. merdred watson. in it, he alleges that cbs did not investigate the claims and went ahead and aired the interviews which they n say have damaged the lieutenant governor's ability to earn a wliving. >> fitzt are his main arguments in this case and i'm curious, does this filing outline how he came up wit this eye popping number of $400 million? >> repter: no, it doesn't explain where they got the ow00 million. yo, when you go through this, it's, you know, it's not encyclopedia, it's only 50 t are spaced iin easy to read.
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with some screen grabs, a screegrabs ofbo some ok posts from some of his accusers. one of the screen grab includes what the say were questions fairfax's press officials sent to what they say was gayleg khein cisduwhcts interview. they said that those were f questionsrfax's team said that should have been asked by the interview. they claim insu the law that they were not. u k however, that's a moetty big at of money, $400 million. cbs today said they stand by their reporting and they are ready willing and able to defe this i court if necessary. >> also interview subjects or peopletories are about don't get to dictate the eoestions thple are asked. what is cbs saying about this? >> reporter: well, they put out a statement today and the said that they stand by their reporting. so, if this gets to a court,
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you know, let's remind, it' not a slam dunk that this gets to court, butue process that the lieutenant governor's been saying for months now that he wants. you know, he didn' get a hearing as to thipoint from the virginia general assembly into these allegations which he said could have cleed his name. he didn't getin district attorn the state of massachusetts to open up a case,hich he said would have cleared his name and he didn't get attorneys, prosecutors down in northn carolina to up a case that would have cleared his name. so, if justin fairfax, the lieutenant governor of virginia is going to get this due pcess it appears at thi t po day 'sin court by his own hand by filing this lawsuit against cbsd today. we s mention and this is important the only defendant in this is cbs. he did not sue his two accusers whichs very inrestg to lotfeopl we spoke to in virginia today. >> wow, cbs is the one with the money. m illion. all right, tom fitzgerald, thank you. >> on capitol hill house
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democrats continue their push toward a impeachment inquiry against president ump. today the house judiciary committee approved a resolution that sets a few show. some areas through the wes won't even get out of the 60's. how out that for a friday. feeling like fall but the weekend features warme temperatures again. i'll have that in your seven-day. angie. >> thanks so much. meet frederick county' new canines edie oden and az sewer. they'lazur. that will he help locate and seize illegal narcotics. they went through an intense initial tining period and will continue to train throughout their ceers. adorable. >> very cute can. still to co here new study says marriage rates are down and the reason is wom cannot find men who are attractive enough inic a very specif way. >> hm. >> can you guess? >> co, no, ian't. i'm interested in finding out. here's a live look 95 in
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behis. the city of gaithersburg shined this. far playground is not from city hall. it i was came together, kenam said, ssly and they hope to have this done by the weekend with a ribbon cutting sunday morning at 11 o'clock. >> looks like really fantastic elaborate lay ground. what a legacy for them to leave. i understand angels that play is a nonprofit. do they have enough money thi fus p tject? >> reporter:t's a good question. did tal to bill lavin who runshe foundation. he toldt me they're always looking for donations because they are ad nonprofit. he right now this project is running about 10,000 to$20,0s that generally what they do is when the money comes in, they will put that money forward towards another playground. this group has built many playgrounds. they started after the sandy hook -- i'm sorry after super storm sandy but then they haven
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built playground i connecticut after thecr sandy hook me as well. there will be a fundraiser here in gaithersburg at quincy's pub saturday night if you want to come it and help them raiseon someey for this playground they'll be happy to see. >> what a niceegacy that will keep giving backo this community for years to come. paul thank you. >> and still to come, meetal vanilla beaso known as d.c.'s hat lady. she is turning 100 years old. >> this weekend. a hundred. >> 100. doest she look fantastic. >> yes. >> and guess what, she's showing no signs of slowing down. >> can't wait to meet her down. >> can't wait to meet her coming up and wcontinue plus, we'll give you a $200 visa prepaid card when you order by october h. that's fios. what are you doing? bisteve? thanks, man. there he is. gehoto know geico and see w much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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