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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  September 14, 2019 7:00am-7:37am EDT

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>> awesome. definitely talk to the experts. thank you so much barbara. s everything.. aisd br itheak >> tha a you. understand little bit better. don't gx5 moorning continues at 8 o'clock right after this. ♪ i'm feeling sbrand-new ♪ 'bouto make another move my-my-my-my-my boogie shoes ♪ ♪ just to boogie with you
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>> traffic changeup. a major roadway in northern virginia could look very differentf i a new proposal goes through today. >> we are petitioning for e hood. >> have you noticed? some american flags t around district have a slightly different look. w d.c mayor hopes this will lead to histori change. fox5 morning at:00 starts now. >> ♪ >> good morning. welcome to fox5 morning.
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i'm cori coffin.let's begin with a look outside and live it's -- even though it is a bit cloudy today d a nice start to the day. it does feel nice outside. >> that's right.ot it's n bad at all. humidity.e a little bitore yesterday was pretty humid butwe stayed fairly cool so it wasn't quite as noticeable but weekend itinitely looks the like we're talking about a weekend warming trend. 80's today. may just be low 80's but certainly we're going to be most -- most of us w oill 7best by the time we get tito tomorrow 's looking like upper 80's so you get the idea right, and even some 90's on the seven-day forecast. th suburbs.t orrees inlots of on maur8.insbg 66. tnoweer hagstowunerdrojust aecn beltway temperatures are in the mid 60's. s
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too. you can see western maryland, anotr little trying to fire up there. sem tr the s moanrninhig. ewteance for a fl clouds. howers, mbe a thunderstorm, n'your sobeum hbout shortly. southeast this morning and
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d.c. this happened last night the 300 of parkland place. one of the victims is a 14-year-old who was the st ho ages of the other two. investigators say they're all young. they were all conscious when they arrived -- when investigators arrived on scene and rushed them to the hospital. so far no c arrests in thee and we don't knowct what happened. the man who stabbed a jogger to death in logan circle last year will spend the ne 30 years i prison. anthony craw pleaded iltyfo to first degree yesterday for r. wendyde w martinezho was jogging on 11th street northwest last september. crawford will receive mental health treatment behind bars. >>ina man custody this morning accused ofat inappropriy touching a youngirl at a county rec center. investigators say walter contreras took a girl into a room at the barcroft rec center and touched her.
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police say there couhe be r victims in this case so they're reaching out. they wanto tow if you have seen this man, they want you to call authorities immediately. a wild and pe sionate scen downtown rockvilles fo gatelheing prerotestds over montgomery county's policy of customs enforcement.tions and police so concerned they blocked off tffic around the county office building and they kept the two sides away from each other on oppositesof si maryland avenue. emotion running high from those demanding montgomery county do more t assist in tcug immyigtlrationen groups like casa demonstration. >> a lot o count they feelf that the ice should be supported. we'd have a bigger turnout reallyut bi'm here because my mother-in-law w a holocaust
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survivor, refugee and rror of the knock at thee door from the immigration authorities seeking to deport people for no iason and that's why here. we have to stop that. >> countyti execu marc on the side of pro the rally immigrant demonstrators. he dended theolicyti of ing ice. he says he was talking with ice about how to make that s trancer iser. a same-sex couple in maryland ista suing thete department saying their infant ughter born via surrogacy in r canada should beecognized as a u.s. citizen. now their lawsuit claims the dstate department d the citizenship to the little girl just because her dads are gay. here's fox5's josh rosenthal to explain. >> reporter: to understand why the kiviti family is suing the federal government first
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you need someacrounkgd. naturald ofs. citizens isically a citizenatom a themselves. deptmth differently. enat h least according to the lawsuit. which claims officials are ignoring roe marriage our ds on our. >> newbo s sleeps we need t i c figighng our family. ki we're not loo arounds. in're looking for the law tobe s
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sister. >> reporter: they are familiar with the law having gone through the same process t.hetheir son levlondor bhey cessroasitla didoo t.court. >>en we have to tell our kids these stories one day and our knowor them, that it willakeee whas to right. >> cutie there. partnt t whis.asat oren pending a major nat
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olein the college admissionsda l. a judge in bosayteirplyean yerd aud fo sat scores in 2017. she did so wi the help of william rickinger theerf e entire scheme. happening today, some big changeerdcoe i bnovsyecd now, the isstuee' is a r ts
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north quaker lane and north howard street. repairs and a complete need of repaving. but the city also wants to consider some other along this stretch of road about exgssive speedin and reereduceheo tth ur o tectionher than two withnt aie toofidhe seiners lane
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would create even mo ro t andoat ullseocs, the speedb vehicles that would using the road ilwc members are lowerngeani oorpteir sure until they take thatote v cori >> 8:tracking mow11etro n for you. heads up for weekend. part of the red line will be shut down todayfotunnel work. riders still want to
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let met see if i can pronounce- this right, grosvenor -- did say it right, grosvenor. >> grosvenor. >> osveno ses,ons. noor track work scheduledta on trmes lines. i'll swear i've said it before. i just forgot how to saynt publc pushingp the tir year.ay ibolar. d falls on monday7t september one option would be to start the school year earlier on guaust t1s 3he ser beem 1sthis. they say they'll have a decision by december. also in montgomery county, council members proposing new -cigs vape shops that sell e-cigarettes and similar products from openinglf wn ha mile ofhiit
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a schthl.eroo stops manufrsture products to erthe ofithineaed vaping illnesses in maryland and nine confirmed cases in virginia. coming up right here on fox5orning, one of the toughest w the world isn geing final rfigh citolal champ gttgeinfind out why the pennsylvania avenue is actually sparking a majorlook a. >> ♪
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news for me right now. i'ouh,ca yngvius you're-liking don't mind cina r yy le>> hein oank .'soa t it does lookhe beaches. okay, natural segue to now o.rtical storm hum
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r creepy if you ask me because humberop formed, became a al storm last just to the east f where dorian i tinialndfalyll apl coue of weeks ago. it not even same a category 5 srm making landfall right abaco mard went dow just a tropicalnot a winds are only 40 miles per hour which is not. there's just aotr than that, 25e ingustathat. tracking to the northwest at seven so it's moving. ngat's good wl b ri ssoemeom surf to bahamas. it willhe alsondut bring not a e track humberto over the next 24, 36 hours into the beginning the week.
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focast to bece a hurricane,oratyoeg b sy ho1reuta th seut rough surf maybtyaierrie wind but -- gusty wind and rain and then look, it takes a -g right turn, sta headsystowaa h there, akur.tot j seaus so we to track humberto. again, nothing, nothing like what dorian was. high pressure today.we'll have d cover, some afternoon sunshine,shomer ss,e cou ieo thg hours. hissure builds in for tomorrow. believe it or not we'll be behind a cold front but tomorrow will be athan today sil drop off a little bit so we'll be more efficient and a to heat up.
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77 at 11:00 a.m. we're dry but cloudy. .n and ts, ay wo thth unmost wt. here's where weome thtea owksher tanhat'ss the going forecast for that. i'll continueshese. thunderstormut along the front later this afternoon fron. >> ling before us drier conditions not cooler umconditions, loweridity which will be nice. 88 tomorrow. 92 on monday. lratri'sgheat. then we'll cool off a little bit for the rest of n lweexook n ktteia up into the we d you ar 9 ws n >> and especially those lower a temperatt nightse tho refreshin.
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very tsf you might notice something a ttle bit different. 140 ofhese flags right here line the streets and an extra it's because of an effort support --t's an effort and ia push to support d.c. state hood ahead of next week's congressional hearing. fox5's ike ejioc spoke with mayor muriel bowser about this display and her efforts hereni this. >> it's b utiful. >>e nation's capitol. >> need to have been done for a l time. >> a part of what we've done is trys le. >> riel bowser f mad aror d.c. state hood. friday s order 1 it. one with 51 stars on up and ennsn pvanniyl ours.
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kssprelsolonceev kat wod. mar boer ss state hood is the only way herit cy di bk dt ouittoou00 people live n
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ld wta o for llo bk dt ouittoou00 people live n ld wta o for llo ea hutig'r afterr
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eight.ksri guice placed on the injured reserve list yesterd s followingurgery on s kneho ope the odallas cowboys.e notd r thect amorrto
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nghe ti traerck know that. mrtnt ileiterally s l iase int meaedo. righdsominin uowew minutes plusw cori nco.le ppersyoden:3
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atngssar wh th bausehey have conceset s bofour-lane road down to threeaf lanes.on that would be lanwi one centern
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lane. d tou otansiks lr --oht mig,belist ope speed of the vehicles that would beoa a ld bitedniaestr
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thal cori tcking it for youonnj g tuyalhe lives of a mother and her two children w whehon w a small plane crashed gaithersb. marie gemmell cole and devon were killed in decemberogram. it e incixto gaithersburg. if you would like to help out volunteers will be rebuilding today as well. they plan tous finish jt in time for the ributnng ceremony on sunday at 11:00 e itala condition in t theood t s news sig ins. police have ruled his fall from an 11 story window on
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maple of andow. >> ed♪ spreading hiv to several women. eed plea for six counts tied to the crimes yesterday. the plea means he does not admit guilt but hasdoes agree the sta enough evidence through the course of theen investigation, sevomen came forward to police withcomp. another eight were also smith will be sentencedri antrys
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irurt aen i soci vaalbreathing and when i walk ug to be. >> reporter:egal action and has denied theleonalgati trf git for oold 6- repor tarte aner
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proapct attiveness >> reporter: health intoials are looki a clam dangerousblame because when held. >> celebration for d.c.'s famed hat lady. how she's marking birthday. yoorotdo n ct wominang up next.
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