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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. coming up, a story youse wi only on fox5. aroup of teen-agers seen brutally a macking aan and pushing him onto the tracks of a metro station. >> i just said,kn you , they probably would have took me -- i probably would have died in a ctnute, he said you aually would have died in a second. >> shat heays started the whole. ordeal plus as cases of ve related lung illnesses cont ue rise, doctors are now warning that vapors are at an increased risk of getting the flu. and aar virginia mot
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we birthl shodayw p you how hisy came together to give him a birthday he'll never forget. your news starts right now. >> w we beginith a story you will only see right here on fox5 tonight. video s ows a grof teen-agers beating and pushing a station. the tracks of a metro >> the victim says the teens attacked for no reason. he was released from the hospital days ago ands hi this evening. evan. >> lauren marifr,idt. tha it happened at n theavy y sarta third rail he described it. to today. >>. >> appear once i put weight on mys i collapsed and in the oc ess of me collapsing i actually put moi hand on the
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third rail but the third rail actually has a cover on it. cover, p my hand on the not on the actual electrical current rail. so that kind of scared m once i found out from ems that, you know, you could have died there. >> reporter: a witness gave the m for his safety, you see the ed man pu and shoved by a group ofbout half a dozen teens. he said that happenedfter one of the teens slapped h randomly on the train and he got off to try and flag dow police. at one point the man is pushed onto thecks he says the fall crac ckedra his kneecap and he out of surgery a few days heago. says he does not feel safe riding met again. >> people catch metro every day of different walks of life and if you can't guaranty somebody's safety, wha good is your system? >> and metro did put newsbout assault on their daily cmeotte
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ctedonta th fox5. metro confirming tonight it did arrest four aminors. assault charges.ated back to you. tropical storm humberto continues tolowly move away from the bamas while gradually caning strength. the latest satisfactory light imagery suggests it is on the verge of becoming a hurricane and it is likelyl that that happen later tonight. this is video from inside of the storm. you can see the dark clouds, t waves, whipping wind. hurricane hunters from the us airorce flew through the rains to give us the cle look. >> attorney general serving abaco and the bahamas yesterday. pohurricane dorian is rnsible for at least 50 island. dorian was a category 5 hurricane when it made land fall in t bahamas back on september 1st t island of l aba 70 thousand peopl were left t
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withouhome. >> the financial cost of the damning caused by dorian is not llclear but it wi be in the billions of dollars a t bahamas cannot be expected to foot this bill alone. these new large scale climates disasters demand a unilateral response. >> the u n secretary general says one way to do this is to improveel access to devment financing. taking a live look outside in our area, gorgeous weekend. nice night out there. this ishe washington monument. but the question is whave do we >> gwen with what we can expect come monday and hopefully a repeat of today. >> it's going to p beretty close to a repeat of today forsure. we're talking a lot more sunshine than we had today and less clouds. that's at least ad thing. as far as the temperatures are e concerned we are hlose to the ballpark. at reagan nationalairport, 87 s at dulles and 89 at bwi thurgood marshal. these mperatures, would you believe, were some seven to up
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to 11 degrees above the seasonal anf t da ay. look at where we stand right now, it is still pretty warm out there. 76 degrees, we've got clear skies, winds are very calm. thgood news is today we didn't have a lot of humidity to deal with so that made it pretty comfortable. 65 at culper this hour 75 at annapolis,0 degrees at baltimore, 72 at quantico, 70 at frederg,k, 66 at martinsbur little cooler there, and3 at hagerstown. overnight tonight, we will a he see clearer skies, many a few clouds here and there. so i'm oibut gng it is going to be war degrees for an overnight low. that's unbelievable for this time of year, 6 for annapolis, 69 at quanoco, cooler t the north northwest, 57 forer winchest58 at martinsburg and hagerstown. >> a look ahead,ou can see we a tomorrow, low 90s upper 80s for a sunny skieor acend
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by the time we get to tuesday but look at the dip in the temp degrees cooler as we get backo where we should be. so tomorw is another, i'm calling it, augt feel like day. i'll have more details a little back to you. new details tonight a police continue their invealigation into a f alarm of an active shooter that caused ato scare at then common mall.of re a shooting prompted panic and a large police presence last night at a movie theater that is part of that mall in arlington. police are saying that a boy entere a screeningmo of the vie "it" chapter two andho sed theater, from the they were terrified. he was leaving.a minor injury as anyone with information is aske >> more than 50 thousand general motor workers are close to hewalking off job. the contract negotiations broke off this moing.
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thesp controofed late last night. the strike will start tonight just beforegh midni and could bring gm's us production to a halt, this is their first strike since a two-day work stoppage in 2007. >> the aftermath of a deck t collapset has left more than 20 people injured on t jersey shore. this happened during a fireman's convention in wildwood n jersey. the deck was attached to a 3-story building. underneath was quickly removed d taken to the hospital. reported.e been no deaths it's not known yetow many people exactly were tang on the deck at the time of the collapse or what led up to the incident. >> mor fallout anyone over the weekend drone attack over an oil refinery in saudi was involved in the assault which yemen rebels claimed responsibility for. the largest oil processing cuts into global supplies.
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tonight president ump says it has approved relief from petroleum reserve if the mts are closed but s analystsay it could shock world energy prices tomorrow. taking a live look he as the white house and capitol hill where impeachment talks are once again heating up. this past week the house judiciary committee approved neu s on how it will pro withnt its investigatio president trump. the former campaign manager, cori lieu within do youski will testify before the committee on tuesday. as now, more than half of democratwant to launch impeachment proceedings but others believe it will distract from other sues. >> the voters back home sent me here to get things done. 'm worried that as investigations ramp up it does take attention away from some of the issues. >> clear he finds house's growing list of questions as unnecessary. >> president trump is slamming thedea of an impeachment inquiry calling it presidential nt. even as he faces re
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allegations, nfl star wide receiver antonio brown madhis debut with the new england patriots today against the miami dolphins, he caught four passes and 56 yards and a touchdown in the patriot's win.he he denies claims made against him. a new report tonight suggesting that brownejted a $2 millio settlement wit his accuser and former trainer britney tailor. she'sri png to meet with nfl officialto discuss her federal lauit against brown. she alleges that the all pro wi several sexually assaulted her several times. >>the redskins had their home opener today again the dallas cowboys, it began the skins striking firstng when r back adrian peterson had a one-yard run for the scor with that touchdow peterson passed john brown for fifth on thefl list of n rushing touchdowns but dak and the cowboys would answer, devon ith for a 51 yard bomb and didn't slowdown. in the third quarter they scored
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again on a ten yard pass from prestt to maker coop. they would tackn i couple more scores but it was not enou dallas took it 31-21. no excuses to be had. we've got to look at ourselves a play better. but we should be better than nt this and that's on us. >> so we want to know how you feel about the skins this season. in today's fox5 live instapoll. here's the question we're asking after today's loss, should dwayne haskinse the starting quarterback? now you can vote on the fox5 dc news the insa p under the browse section and you can also vote you'll see the link on our home >> no change there, a lot of pele saying it's defense that's the issue not theof nse, that was echoed on thatpol >> so confidence in case keenum. >> yep. still ahead tonight a local mom heart broken after no one ershowed up for h son's bit day
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party for three yea in a row. >> yeah, this little boy has autism, about you the story has a hap ending. we will show you how his counity came together to give him a birthday he will not forget. we have the story coming up right here only on fox5. ♪ ♪ uh-oh, looks like someone's
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only on fox5, a virginia mom heart broken. her son's birthday was yesterday and no onehowed up for his party for the third year in a row. the little boy had autism. after she posted about it on facebook the com through and gave her son an unforgettable celebration. our lindsay watts has the story fromfredericksburg. >> we only invited a couple people, some people he thought friends. >> it was supposed to be a typical kids party for her son brian as he celebrated his ninth birthday at chuck e. cheese.
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>> throughout the party he kind of randomly asked where his friends were t and ify were coming and of course they didn't show appea it's heart breaking. >> aliciaer posted about h sadness on her son has autism and she says it's the third year, no friends have come to his birthday. >> as at mom iurts really bad. you know, yout don't your child to feel that kind of pain or anything. ♪ happy birthday dear brian ♪ a day later,as brian a little unsure what to make ofcr the owd, all the people who me together just forhim. >> these are all your w friends. we all missed your birthday party and we were so sorry we couldn't make it so we had to have our own birthday party for >> it was oized in 24 houd by sta county sheriffs lieutenant dionte digs. nhe saw what happened facebook the day before. >> when i saw it it touched me and i was like beef to do something for him. >> you may recognizeiggs as
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the dancing deputy. his moves haverompted viral videos and appearance on fox5. diggs h ralliedis friends in law enforcement and m beyond. >> soany people in the community haveo given gifts a chance to love on him and show him that he matters to us as a community. >> reporter: brian has a o lotf new friends this birthday and his mom has a new perspective. a lot of emotions intoone, all these people would come together for my son over a little rant on facebook where i was just mad that nobody showed. and then an entireme community together. >> reporter: she hopes this will be a reminder. >> e giveverybody a chance, don't, he's different i'm not going to talk to him, thing like that. i think everybody should be kind to each other and give everybody a chance, you know? >> that was a one of a kinday bi party for sure. >> how sweet for that little guy. >> that was absolutely the right
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thing toh o thougmmunity has to take care of each olutely and it was perfect weather for it, too. >> definitely, we hadveeather that erybody could enjoy getting outside today and happy to say we also didn't have a lot of humidity so that's a faor. but beaut shot of our capitol wheel down by national harbor where skiesy are act pretty clear. we have a few clouds but not too much and at le don't have so that'she other good thing.ut take look at satellite radar as ridge of high pressure is in control. a frontalay system moved its down to the south and didn't quite clear a hundred percent of the soh. so that's lower souern maryland, probably got a little bit of that humidity today and maybe even a bit tonightve and migh seen a little bit of a sprinkle pop up along that frontal sys but we have mainly dry conditions across most of our area. here's a look up and dow the mid atlantic, temperature 75rkn ne, 76 in the city, we ve 75 at richmond and 75 at raleigh so in the same ballpark
10:18 pm
that will be the story once we get into the forecast periodd ahea and things start to warm up and w good a good southerly flow moving in. 76 degrees, winds are calm, if you look at tem4ratures else wher degrees at winchester at baltimore, annapolis at 75 70 degrees, 72 at quanti, and 70 degrees at teures overnight tonight are going to be really mild. i mean, we're talking 70 degrees for an overnight and 60 degreesth atersburg, dulles 58 at manassas, 61 to the south at, fredericks annapolis at 69. so with mostly clear skies, no humidity to really deal with, it's going to be pretty comfortable out there. as we go into tomongow, thi are going to take a little bit anof a ge. not only are weeating up but that humidity is going to try to sneak back into the picture all over again. so you're going to feel it's goingo be uncomfortable outside bause we are a headed to the low 90s and upper 80s for a daytime high.
10:19 pm
67 wake-up time early in the morning and the 82 by the time we get to midday but once again mostly sunny here's yourrecast. we're talking 92 degrees for a daytime high. winds will b pushingn from the west about five miles an hour and i'm calling it like temperatures because it seems like we're going backward instead of forward into fall. and as we take a look at the temperate trend, look wh we're goingo go back down eek. again, tperatures in the low 80s, pretty close to seasonal averages by the end of the week nbut the other gews is, for most of these days we're serving up quite a bit of sunshine f you. i'll be back with the seven-dit forecasttle later and have been a look at the tropics. marina? ra rescuetions in spain this weekend as flash floods plagued the valcia area. rescuers saving a baby as waste high flood waters take over an a parent building, a man seen nervouy passing the babyut six people have been killed and at least 3500 have been rescued. the fast spreading wildfire
10:20 pm
prompting evacuations i california. take a look at this video. flames scorched about 75 acres of land in the juniper flats area of riverside county yesterday. close to 200 fire fighters battling the fire. so far no injuries reported. well, the latest internet trend? beauty hack that is bizarre. thextremes that peo are going through to get fuller . lips plus,me uu s court justice brett kavanaugh faces new accusations of sexual assault. we have those dails coming up. >>en a a reminder about today's fox5 instoll, we're asking after today's loss should dwayne haskins bert stag qb for the skins. you can vote on our fox5 dc news sta poll browse section, also vote on h us. ♪
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♪ supreme c jrtustice brett kavanaugh facing ew sexual misconduct allegations, those allegations surfacing this weekend in new york times piece where a former yale classmate sd he saw the supreme court justice drunkenly expose himself to a classte wiout her consent. investigated by t several democratic candidates are calling for kdanaugh to be impe from the bench while president trump and fellow republicans are standing behind him. >> this shows the obsession of the far left with trying to smeagh justice kav by going 30 years back with anonymous so. >> justice kavanaugh has deniedt all of allegations against him. new york governor andrew cu vaping among minors. hets w to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to people o der 18 years old and pla do it through an emergency executive order.
10:25 pm
he says vaping is leading to an increase in nicotine addiction. plan could boe put i place next month and follows an announcement from president trump that hisat adminision is planning a federal ban on flavored e-cigattes. >> some people think all you g need ise on to get fuller lips the inspiration coming from a new videod poste to the app ti tock and going viral. shows this girl e puttingyelash blue on her upper leadership and pushing the top lip into thee glue to her top leadership a fuller leadership. many are striping out the trend and say it's painfulnce the lip rips from the glue. and these people have a lot of common sense. >> i mean, what are we thinking he? that's -- no. >> but at least it's not like something that can cause permanent damage? because some of theseinternet trends are really dangerous. ou >> until yake off half your leadership. >>yeah, it doesn't look great. no. still to come a whale caused a lot of commotion unfortunateli todayn ocean city. plus new dails o what
10:26 pm
caused yesterday's shootg scare at the boston corne mall northern virginia. but first hey gwen. >> hi there. it was a very hot day l today,ow humidity. things are taking a turn though. we're going to have a even warmer day tomorrow as we get really hot air coming in from the soh. details coming up after the break. stay with . ♪ ♪
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♪ back now with a l at some of our top stories. first up a story you will only see here onfo x5. a video showing a group of teen-agers beating and pushing o manto the tracks of the navy yard metro station. this happened on friday the victim says the teens attacked him randomly. he sustained several injuries, metreaconfirmed that atst four minors were arrested andge chd with the incident. arlington police are continuing their investigation into a false alarm of an active shootet caused a scare at
10:30 pm
the bostonommon mall. reports of a shooting prompting panic and a large police presence last night at a movie theater that is part of the mall. police say the boy entered a screening of "it" chapter two shouted there was a shooter. anyone wh information is asked to call policele and a whaaused quite a stir on thecean city water frbet. h goers discovered the whale around 6:30 this morning on the shore lines near 114th street. the national aquarium believes e its young s whale. officials say it wasn alive it washed ashore but then died. maryland's department of nat resources will determine the cause at de sight. is a sad >> it is. >> holly a more joyousolccasion forks to head out to the beach thi weekendecause the weather was still beach weather. >> i like we kind of backtracked to the summer. >> i was on the jerseynd sho it was cold at the beach but seemed like here it was warmer so not that fut north b -- >> not that far
10:31 pm
we have a frontal system came through and brought cooler air, could have been timing in terms of when the front came through beuse the winds kind of shifted and moved in from the north and d cooled usown a little bit. but then as i moved down, we ended up getting some warmer air heading our way and that's exactly whatit we deah today, temperatures well above seasonal so a warm night tonight, mostly clear skies, a few clouds here and there thistaeek ss dry but hot. get ready for that. plenty of sun-filled days ahead in my seven-day forecast and we are definitely watching tropical storm humberto as it continues to bring rainfall and just dangerous winds across parts f thebahamas. 90 degrees today wast the high reagan national airport, 87 at dulles, 89 at bwi thurgood marsurl. these temperat, seven to up to 11 degrees abo the seasonal average. we're notupposed to be this hot this time of the as i said, it feels like it's august. we're kinof back pedaling a little bit here instead of gng forward into fall.
10:32 pm
so right now it is 76 degrees, the winds are calm. and elsewhere in our neighborhoods4 e've got 6 winchester this hour 6 at culpeper, 68 degreest fredericksburg, 70 ator bae, annapolis at 75. 68 at leonardtown. weminster at 70, 70 at frederick and 73 degrees a hagerstown. so with those light winds for tonight, our overnight lows are going to be of course always cooler to the north northwest, we're talking into the upper 50s but in the city 70 degrees for an overnight low. i remember when city was actually d atime high. 63 at quantico, 61 at fredericksburg, 69 at annapolis and 63 at leonardtown. and here's at will a your satellite radar composite.i don show you that frontal system that did move its way to t south kind of hung out a little bit around lower southern maryland ando they ended up getting a little more humidity today and maybe sprinkle along there until it gets out w of theay but we have a ridge of high pressure can in and behind that ridgeo we're
10:33 pm
goingsee another front come through and that wille more monday night into tuesy. a little bit of a change in our air and a atmosphs well. but in the meantime for tomorrow, lots of sunshine, 80s an 90s, hot and that humidity sneaking back into the picture a little bit. so it's going to feel a little bit uncomfortable. highs tomorrow 92 in the 70, 90 at manassas, 87, your plann starts out ithe morning 8:00 o'clock at 67 but quickly warms up into the low 90s before the day is over. take a will at the trops, here we are. i want to tell you that this storm systemua is ay going to take a turn away from the u.s. coastline and that's a good thing right now winds sustained 70 miles an hour moving six miles anur , it takes a sharp turn to the north northeast by monday but also becomes a category 1 hurricane, swings past bermuda as a cat two and t eas of north central florida
10:34 pm
as far north of north carolina couldee rip currents and large swells from it keep that in mind. 70 degrees tonight as we wrap it up, 92 degrees for tomorrow and your fox5 accuweather seven-day forecast showing you we get back to seasonal condit tns once we geo tuesday, but the heat is for your monday. back to you. ♪ family fromur all across area converging on silver spring's civic uilding for future fest which is put on by the kid museum and montgomery county. is one of the largest family festal and kids taking part in inractive exhibits and exercises from building future cities to learning about the late engineering techniques. >> we have the whole world righa here we're talking about the future. that is the way we can best serve our students. knowing anddi underng science, technology, mathematics and engineering is critic. >> the event also took a deep diveannto the m cultures that shape our community. >> kids are so mart.
10:35 pm
it is amazing the stuff they can do. >> really are. >> with f seasonpproaching, doctors are adding the flu virus the list of potential hlth risks linked to vaping. >> plus should vaccines be ch mandatory forool children that's being asked by researchers at harvard what they found next.♪ they found next. ♪ when i wrs diagnosed with ms, tht thing i thought about was my family. i came home and cried.
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♪ there are more and more concerns about vaping these days and you can add flu season to that list. fox's julie leonardy has more. reporter: with flu season approaching, doctors a the virus to the long list of potentl health risks associated with vaping. >> it actually diminishes the patient's response to exposure viruses and bacteria and
10:39 pm
inparticular influence a virus many studiesbo talked aut that and it doesla cause infation in the lung tissue which can maket more difficult to fig infection. >> reporter: dr. christina oreo oducts find the same material you would find in a fog machine causing severe infmmation and toxicityn the lungs. making your battle against the virus even more diffict. >> flu did last five to ten days , begin maybe less so if you're ad vaccina patient but if you're someone who smokes or usesar e-cigettes or juuls, use thping products, it may take you much longerre to cover. >> reporter: and the risk for spreading bacteria could ese devices.increased bthy sharg just like sharing water bottles. or not watching you hands, spreading bacteria could lead t a greater risk of developing the flu. >> i logical to think that if patients were sharing a juuling device e-cigarettes that youul cod pass influence aback and
10:40 pm
forth and other back tier i can'ts as well. >> reporter: doctorsre asking patien upon basic examinations whether not they use vaping products. >> the alarming thing is really that you can actually have side effegs from vapin and have this vaping associated respiratory illness whether or not you vaped five minutes ago orther you were exposed many weeks ago and so history takin is very important from the provider perspective to make cr sure we'rening patients for this possibility when theyn come with respiratory sympms. >> doctors are urging patients to vaccinate for the flu early as possible and for k parents to t to their kids about the dangers of vaping. a harvard university poll found a majority of around belie all children should b vaccinated before going to school. the nationwide poll shows eight in ten parents support mandatory vaccinations for students. just over half of the roughly 1500 adults surveyed believe vaccines are safe for kids. 38 percent believe they are somewhat safe and eight percent say they're not very or at all safe. women's health apps arebo
10:41 pm
raising concernut privacy after a new study found some are sharing your private information withou consent. >> plus, w are just over 100 days away from christmas. >> stop. >> tt's right. >> financial experts s the key to a debt free holiday starts right now. we're goingg to explain c up. ♪ up. ♪ the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. t the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now. alright, so tho is how you are going to say... you'llf et the best deal oe year on xfinity. and you even get this. mike, you're on lloons. sarah, you're g high fiv. ben, you're gonna be wowing th with your dance moves. don't miss the xfinity best deal ofhe year. now that's simple, easy, awome. it's an amazing deal on the ultima experience.
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10:45 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it wasn't for me, it wasn't even specifically for marine. it was for everyone. kind of a thank you for all the help over the lastar five s. for me it was a good way to foster a sense of community. ♪ ♪ >> that is such a heartreing story but so nice that aere's place for that family to
10:46 pm
be morialized. well, the google aitrust probe by all of the state attorneys generalnin tted states is intensifying.or investigatare now working to determine if the company used its power to shut competitors out. the tech giant has boen naed for details on its acquisitions of several companies that helped its advertising business. goog says it looks forward to showing how it engages in robust found that rutition. new study tracks mal cycles are sharing information with cebook this is aording to group privacy found the two groups sent data about women's health and sex lives to the social media company including things like the type of birth control they might be on and timing of their cyclesa californi proposing a billc whuld tighten social media eccess for kids under the age ot approvedhe bill get req a parent's consent before alling ahild under 13 to create ant. ac
10:47 pm
like facebook, already have ms, those rul in place but there are some that don't. bil say it could affect ltq youth who may need a social media community for pport. the bill heads to thete sta assembly before heading to the governor's desk. >> 10 days to go until n't play the christmas carols just it's far away but now is the time to start saving.xp financial ets say a debt free hniday begins september. they recommend setting ad budge an putting money aside each week until the holiday. another thing to think about, not just the gifts but making sure tos include like food and travel expenses so you don't ends upin pg everything in a lump sum and obvious in debt. > comedian hassan put the house financial services committee on blast this week saying you paid far less for your degrees. the host of the popular netflix show patriot activisted congress on tuesday to shareis thoughts
10:48 pm
on the student loan crisis. >> on average ts entire committee graduated fromollege 33 years ago and aid an inflation adjusted tuition of 11,690 dollars a year. today, the avege tuition at all of your same schools i almost $25,00 >> roughly 45 million aricans owe a combined debt of abo 1.6 trillion, trillion, dol to colleges and universities thatops car loopsnd credit card debt. >> a quick fix to student loan debtould lead to never ending financial headaches. fox's christina takes a look at some of the pitfalls in navigating student loan scams. the student loan situationa is real crisis. >> reporter: sky rocketing student debt means apple opportunity for scam artists. student loan r debtelief companies may now be a breeding ground for these bogus deals according to a wall street jurnt
10:49 pm
investigation. % of that, 160 billion of it, 1 is 90 days or more rdelinquent. eporter: some of the companies identified by the journal are legally allowed to operate but have still been flagged by regulators who say the services they charge for are usually free otherwise. other companies are just outright >> these companies are coming in there and dffering too what you could doourself for fre but they're charging you potentially a thousand dollars for the paperworkon up and then a monthly fee on topf that. it's justt down wrong. >> reporter: some red flags to front or monthly fee. charged ap apany offering you immediate loanelief can also be a scam. d if you're asked for information like yr social security number, get off the phone immediately. >> we see glowing testimony on the web site that's a red flag. if you see happy looking studavts who he paid off all their debt, that's red flag.
10:50 pm
if itou snds t true, it probably is. >> reporter: feder relief programs do exist though andt t programs out there if you qualify are legitimate. government programs. >> reporter: s e say it's best to attack debt on your own. >> don't wait on the government to save you. >> rorter: after all it's your cash. christina, fox nebusi. on line shopping is supposed to be easier than going to the store, right? but long checkout prppedures arearently tripping some people up. a n study found out that 23 percent of on-line shoppers u. l shoppi cart this year because they thought the site's checkout process was too long o too ted.wo put a price onove but n research suggests how much it could cost to find ite . onll study finds the average american spends about $120,000
10:51 pm
on dating throughout their fe that comes out toti. about 200 bucks a month. more than half the study parente pants aled they've cancelled dates because of the financial burdens that it can bring and that's some remarkable numbers there. kn you , dating life is tough, shelling out money. >> expensive. l >> a that goes into >> investigate in netflix, it's cheaper. >> our floor dg.ector's no researchers looking into why fewer young people are getting married. theyay they have come up with the answer and they say that it is due in part to the lack of economically attractive men. >> lack of rich old digger? >> apparently. apparently what this means llennials don't feel ofinancially stable enoug make it to the alter. fox's jennifer williams will >> reporter: according to a recent sgedy the ave income of married men is 58 percent higher than that ofeheir s counterparts. >> so they have to have more
10:52 pm
money than woben, cause, what, diggers? gold >> a lot of times people look at tu s like this and think i knew it w are just after men's money but it's really not about that it's about finding a true partner who can be university looked at what l socioeconomic factors m a good match. people no longer dependent onco each othernomically to iv surv >> women are more educated toda graduang more than menre from higher ins atutionsnd colleges. >> reporter: according to relationship expert andrea, educated women also have more options. >> so we don'tod get married t because we need to we get married because we want to. dependent.en times financiallyi >> well are now taking their seat at t table and they're becoming moreindependent, and they're taking these higher positions in corporate america. >> we have so many options now. i think maybe 20, 30 years ago, when our parents were get married, there weren't options. >> me options also include theil
10:53 pm
possiby of the relationship not working out. >>or thece rates actually declining, we always hear 50 percent or over it's actually less but still pretty high we have to weigh what we're bringing to tt table and we are prepared to se. ving is higher than it's ever been and probably too hard for a lot of people to justify putting away 30, 40, 50 grand to have a massive big wedding. >>ealistically it is expensive to get divorced so you cou just -- you would be rned financially if things go south. >> reporter: in downtown brooklyn i'm jennifer williams,> > hopefully you're not getting married to get divorced because if you're doing that it makes no sense. i'm still trying to figure out the math behind that. >> there's a lot going into this on all sides but the one positive i think they said fewer people are getting divorced? atever the reason. okay. a california mom getting a lot of praise for h she handled
10:54 pm
hoheolsothe story hav w ♪ ♪we ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we asked today if the stards tireests and 69 percent of you say more confidence ino offense but not really the defens i sayg least that's whatan thes want hi d. >> i'm going t keep it together lauren. >> when a tenthli grader in fornia got suspended from school, his mom decided the best way to teach h son a lesson was to put him towo . >>fox's har main has the story. >> i just thought of something,
10:58 pm
thinking wha can i do for my son as a punishment. >> reporter: my a williamsa mother of four when she found out her middle son a tenth grader was suspended from school for five days. she tried a difetrenthod teach her son a valuable lesson. but instead of normal things like taking away a video game, an ipad or a cell phone, nia >> my yard is already done, he's done p the yardfect all summer since the first time that he got suspended. so i said, younow what? we're going to go outside o h ourse and start helping other hepeopl >> put up a facebook post offering her son's free lawn twing service tos disabled, elderly or people in ed. and to her surprise, dozens of people offered to help. >> t i justught it was such an awesome thing tha she was doing and so i just ,thought, you know if we could help and we couldve a couple hours this weekend, we could helr her teach son, you know, what she
10:59 pm
wanted to do in this whole process. >> so they hit the ground running, one lawn at a time. >> i really appreciate this from her. i don't really know what to say. >> i love you. >> reporter: while he says he's actually enjoying the extra labo >> after doing like one otwo, i started easing into it, i started liking doing it. >> his mother is hoping this lesson in hard work keeps her son out ofhi trouble w teaching him the value of giving back. >> but at the end of the day, i still felt great about teaing the lesson to my son. >> felt like i took away from the community so i guess it felt giving back to them. >> that was fox's har main done with his suspension he will continue to earn extra cash. >> lesson learned for sure. >> good mom. >> the news tonight far from over. >> the news at 11:00 starts right now. coming up, a s you will see only on fox5. a group ofeen-agers seen brutally attacking a man a o pushing himnto the tracks of a metro statio>>
11:00 pm
i just said,hoour r, i probably would have died in a minu >> what he says started the whole ordeal. plus asases of vape related lung illnesses continue to rise, doctors wre nowarning that vapors are atnc anreased risk of getting the flu. and aea virginia momrt broken after no one showed up for her son'sar birthdayty three years in a row. but this story has a happy ending.we l show you how his community came togetivr toe him a birthdayll he' never forget.ew >> yours starts right now.♪ ♪ >>it we begin tonigh a story that you will see only right here on fox5. videshows a group o teen-agers beating and pushing a man onto the tracks of a metroa ion. >> the victim says the teens attacked for no reason. he was just released from the hospital days ago and now he's sharing his story only with fox5. >> evan lambert following this one


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