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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:23pm EDT

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probably would have died in a minu >> what he says started the whole ordeal. plus asases of vape related lung illnesses continue to rise, doctors wre nowarning that vapors are atnc anreased risk of getting the flu. and aea virginia momrt broken after no one showed up for her son'sar birthdayty three years in a row. but this story has a happy ending.we l show you how his community came togetivr toe him a birthdayll he' never forget.ew >> yours starts right now.♪ ♪ >>it we begin tonigh a story that you will see only right here on fox5. videshows a group o teen-agers beating and pushing a man onto the tracks of a metroa ion. >> the victim says the teens attacked for no reason. he was just released from the hospital days ago and now he's sharing his story only with fox5. >> evan lambert following this onesoutheast dc.
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>> reporter: the attack happened last friday at the navy yard metr station right on the platform in the process a man got pushed on the tracks jt missing touching the third railr he desed it to us today. >> and once put weight on my leg i justed collapsnd in the process of me collapsing i actually put my hand on the thir rail. but the third rail actually has a cover on it. so i put my hand on t cover, no on the actual electrical current rail. so that kind of scared me once i founout from ems that, you know, you could have died there. >> take a look at the video a witness gave the victim. we are not identifying him for his safean. you c see the man pushed and a dozen teens.p of about he says this happened after one of the teens slapped h randomly on the train and he got off to tryo flag down police. at one pannt the m is pushed onto the tracks. he says the fall cracked his kneecap. he just got out of surge are i a i few days ago and tells us he does not feel safe riding metro
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again. p >>ple catch metro every day at different walks of life and if you can't guarantysomebody's >> metro did put this assault oa thily crime blotter but we wouldn't know any of the details had the victim not contacted fox5. metro confirms it did arrest four minors. they're facing aggravated assault chargeo back t you. g humberto hasained strength and is now aic category 1 hurre in the atlantic ocean.t the l satellite imagery shows it tracking away from the united states. now, take a l at this video from inside of the storm. you can see the dark clouds, t waves whipping with the wind. hurricane hunters from the us air force flew through ferocious winds and rains to give us this up-close look. hi meanwle united nationsyi secretary sng abaco in the hayebasterday, hurricane dorian responsible for 5 d dori the bahamas oncane when i in september 1st, the island of de
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about 70 thousand people were left homeless. >> the financial cost of the damage caused by d ian is not billions of dollars, and t bahamas cannot be expected to foot this bill alone. these new large scale disasters demand a youtube lat central response. one way to do this is toro impys access to development finaing. taking a look outside here in our area, really nothing to complain abou h wead a very nbuict, gwen, tracking humberto i know people really curious as to where this storm is headed especially following dorian. fini tely. and the good news is it is going to move its way, take a sharp turn off tohe northeast and that's good news but let's take a look at that latest update that you just mentioned, it has strengthened to a cat one hurricane and it actuallys moving really,eay slowly. at about only three tiles an houro the northeast. now we're still loong at the fact that it's going to have
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wellsvery large dangerous that are going to ally very strong rip currents for coastal areas of florida through the central east coast all the way up to north carolint and also could also produce some pretty dangerous rip currents as omll there and life threatening surf. so thate have to just generally keep in mind. but we'll take a closer look at the path of wre i headed to. currently a mut 785es west of bermuda and by the time it does make that turn and head off closer to bermuda, it's actuallo expected t intensify to ahis be wednesday staing to get heavy rain from it and i want to say we know that the bahamas hav been impacted a lot from this storm rht now thet onenche withp to six inches of from it as well as lotsrrane force winde
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th totnds, out pull away bahamas but we have to keep an eyetom pe e. he naot c to the west northwest of course. but overnight tonight it is going t b pretty mild under mostly clear skies, 70 degrees inhe got 50s for torth deal with 61 at fredericksburg andti. 6 congp lit utle hint? it's heat up. back to>>you. new detailsonight as police continue to investigate a false alarm of an active shooter that causedcare at the boston cremons mall. ports of themp shootingted panic and lege police prese last night at a movieheater of that mall in arlington. tlice are saying a boy ented a screening of the film "it" a chapter twond shouted
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that there was a ooter. people began running from the theater and yelling. one persons they werre with inf a 5rsthou away from walking off theth job. united autos workers union th general motors broke dn onwi this morning. t theht just before halt. gmo this one be the first strike since a two day work stoppage at gm in2007. >> new video shows the aftermath of a deck collapse thatas inj h the jersey shore. thisappened during a fireman's conventionthne ck was attached y building. police say anyone trappedas underneath w quickly removed and taken to theal ho. there have been no deaths reported. it's not kwn how many people were standing on the deck at the time of the collapse. more fallout today over tha
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weekend drone attack on a oil refinery in saudi arabia. iranenies us allegations that it was involvedn the assault which yemen'sebels have claimed responsibility for. the attack on the world's largest oilin prog plant cuts into global energy supies and halves the kingdom's oil production. president trump says it approved reef from tra continuing i can reserve if needed. the market is closed today but analysts say the attack could shock world prices tomorrow. takg a live look at capitol chll where impment up.s are once again heating this past week, the house judiciary committee approved neb lewandowskwiore the committee on tuesday. as of now, more than half of house democrats want to launch impeachment proceedings,he but rs issues. sentatigions ramp
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take the enfrom some car -- >> psident trump is. even as hallegations, nfl sd dolphins. he caught fours pand 56 yards and a touchdown in the patriots win. imbrown denies thes against him. a new report tonight suggests that brown rejected a2 million settlement with his acc and former trainer britney taylor. repares to meet with nfl officials to dhecuss r federal lawsuit against brown. taylor alleges the all pro wide ceiver sexually assaulteerome d in for a score. with that touchdown, peterson passedofamer jimro list in
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nf touchdowns. d an to devosm did not slow do.uarter t. >> be d. ourselves anwe've got s an issue but really we should be better th that's onus. two.three. >> got tohep you .internet tren getbrett kavanaugh facing emes
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allegations.ave the d
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supreme court jtika llegations surfaci new york tim classmat said he saw now justi
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investigated candidates are c beredent trump ehd him. obsession with theyi to smear j kavanaugh by going 3 years back withnymous denied al tllegatm.yo governor aou fight the sale ofeople lade increase in nick be putur follos en annout from president n is federal bandmin is
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fspramgs comes from a tk tockh pushinher effect. he o showed up tothy broken aftne pa row. >> a but the sto has a happy we will show you how his community came together to give him a birthday he will not forg it's a story you will a see only on the forecas wecve got a biging ins hat? the heatm straight our way. after the ♪ ♪
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♪ ling with a conditio kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help youug get throh life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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♪ we are back with a story that you will see only on fox5. a fredericksburg community came together to t a very memorable birthdayra celebon for a nine year oldbo little brian has autism. his mom through him a party at chuck e. cheese but none of his friends sho up. breakingade a heart post on facebook about how it was the third year in a row that no one showed up.
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well, a stafford county sheriffs lieutenant saw this post and took action. >> when saw that that touched me and i wase like, wve to do something for him. so many people in the community have given gifts, so it's a chance for us to loven him and him that he matter to us as a community. >> lieutenant diggs and his friends were able to organize an awesome celebration in just a 24-hour period and surprise that little boy today. it all worth >> that'se great that story. >> eryut c saying nice andy sunny r nice weekend. i know t- re werei don't know if we're well into fall. >> no. >> offyiall not sure. it feels like we should be. >> feels like we should be. not quite yet. >> the ppkpitere you're not g oing to w ant pumpkin spice items tomorrowor really hot out there, not only that but also we have a bit ofi skies, and hot. night, mostly c
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yes. the week is s arting dry very much on the hot side. pl of edsun-fillays in my seven-day forecast you're going tolike. and, guess what? no longer a tropical storm. it's actually now a category 1 hurricane in the tropics. let's take a look atthis. and it isctually still going to produce some prey large swells as far as the coastal areas of the ausre concerned. so humberto now a category 1 hurricane with the large swells affecting the east central coast of florida all the way up to north carolina, dangerous rip currents and life threateninll surf definitely going to be an issue there. it'sloing to p away from the bahamas nally and that's at least good news but also going tointensify in the next 48 the northeast. going to take a really sharp turn to the northeast in a 5 miles west of bermuda just crawling noovrtr north best at abou a three milesn hour really however it's gotten a little bit
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more organized as well. aso hurricane huntersre watching that closely. and the winds now sustained at 75. so here's where it's going to actually give a lot of those a large swes i mentioned as far as the coast is ncerned all the way up to north then it takes a sharp turns but it's g to stay to the , west of bermuda and this reallyr does watching for them also but they'll get rain by the time we get to wednesday and then it's going to move off to the open sea. so at least it's going to g away from the u.s. coast which is really good. so we're just goingke to have t an eye on bermuda andy hoit will stay far away and maybe this track will shift a little bit and we have to watch it i the next day or so. right now 75 degre here at home. we've got some prett nice nditions out there. at he going to stay warm and mild all ght. inhe cit bd 68 atwestminster.
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upper 50sand we're it's because we have a f pssur m sou we ends up with another frontal coming through. that's going to cool us down agn because tomorrowe're r a daytime high. and lowfo 90s you're going tako w up by 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning,t's go point as we start getting into the 80s and climb into the low 90s. 89 at dulles, 90 atfredericksbu ac. make sure you stayow hydrated tomorrs well. 70 degrees for tonig then as we wrap it up and into tomorw we're talking 92 degrees.ak guess gaware of that going to a little uncomfortable. we cool down into the week season conditions. mostly dry when the front comes through monday night into tuesday we cou a see sprinkle but not too much to be concerned
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with. back to you. britt mchenry joining us now with what's coming up in a few minutes on the final five. hey britt. >> hey ther so tensions are circulating as you all may have mentioned earlier in the aow. president trt it again tweeting that they are locked and by they i mean us as a country, to retaliate to anyone who's messing with saudi 'sarab therefore us. so we'll break that down. also brett kavanaugh's backn the news in a way he doesn't want to be. more accusations coming towards him. but a feel good story too marina about saquon rkley doingalk abol and probably neither do you considering how the dolphins did today. >> no, more more of that >> you can catch the final five right here on fox5 at 11:30ee you then britt. >> still ahead put an end to picky eaters, the simple trick that can have youat kidsg their veggies with no complaints. >> and a new fitness craze has e lot of peo hittir,nghe we're going t after the break.
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♪ ♪♪ in a cou hungry for unity,
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orso let's come together f america's favorite meal, seaso virus long lost lists sorried 75 perc g produs san causes toxicity in the batoe one story hereis a you may w ty a newal tracked childre for fiv arers found those childrenbetw
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their vegetables. iltry.try. >> when i wantoro f a e to oe ride, g'd much rato for a ride on the bay than on land and sohat' thing it's lik crui're on the wa ou per flip m andax hourimpressive. >> you need cal w comese >> yeah,after your work week ca plus a the her lipstickawer a hs
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a little girl caught reded by her dad wearing lipstick. he asked if she did anything in the bathrm and she answered, yep, she was putting her lip stick on. their precious interacneon has viral. take a look. >> did youboou ask any if you could put it on? >> i asked myself. >> didou see how it looked? >> this could be my daughter. >> yes. >> ll, if you could describe -- >> when he asked her where she bought the said taking a lot of trips to home pot with mom and dad i'm sure. she does better job than some ople i have a he seen out there, so. >> i asked my daughter what's her favorite place to go and she
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. >> coming up on the final five, president trump is calling fori e for the supreme court justice as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. plus a fiery blast at an saudi aroil refinery who the u.s. thinks is responsible.> and the democratic presidential debate reviewing the gun debate what could come out of the latest round of talks. and the dems areack a it with impeachment talks how far do they expect to go this time.a and ces with mccabe and timey what federal igators say they did. that's your final five. let's do this. ♪


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