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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 16, 2019 4:00pm-4:33pm EDT

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my, angoli hemp hill, up on leadsweekend's friging int bout r shootdayst night a crowdedieer at the n boston m quarter mall t that boy enters screening of it o, ahen shatt cered twabout a shooting i anwa progress. negan runninhe theater screamig ng andan calli 191. threat.bjec hen tvstcharinolofhantd vtolot
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uring the? yoused nkind right, d nmb1he 5 asked mayor bowse disrespectful. >> we show greateren
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rk the first once, getsy's arinl o years andas the w of il fyam uson.mashot the of de sean led thith ceiv a,neccla pmiromotilyon sends the wrong message. show our worldiceoor f ew h jurtstice system. we want the people, these twoeyf d g. justet justice, i mean, and
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makeure that legislation for the park police like other d dash cameras and make sure issnoeo d anybody't else's kids. >> the fbis still investigating the case and has not yet determined at whr ethd oet ng ton, wrs will facee gas endo mae, an emp cuintenance worker smelled anedpr tophee building befere twshe had just o investigate the leak when the building blew. really pros what's wasndap hpe tngnihet ere. it was crazy.heger eve wryh as heardsses sul wlabest for miles away. lyho bused altple n with cni
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and intellectual disability, officials think a gas leak was the cause of the ew,losion. >> we want to take you to o maskhoyments, homeowner checkw no hla ars.ft terhe ere, the i suspects they knock on the door, nobody answers, then they continue to kick the guys.ret or >> wowgrtht that'ems ion aftermoments in phoenix, dring spo the highway in the middle of the day. the off duty tro immeop t of sd thtaopprut his carop h
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thpee d driver elderly and escortsodayfe. scary issa that? losnerdsne m onsp you and thinka of the take it like a kid challenge? hoodciously and messy way thild th deloped by actor and musician kevin bacon already taken thed challenge an today kids got chance to take pt in the cake smash
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national institutes of health in bethesda. >> take it like a kid challenge is you ask someone to smash a little piece of cake in your face. you donate $6o foeso your social media very help g so we c the campaign, andom you nate six of your friends toke dot t like a k m challenge. >> fore images ofha ppleoe hasht like a kt.. remember the eggrane t ohe w, en neu or pour the wateryo ater cra oes crack an egg, i' om all about the chocolate if i can makee. c elc,l we'l ias, youe.kl ouisappointing rt how his community came together to give birday spris
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ring!never forget wan swalling t thal stilff happen? v ouaranng dveori pick report. it is monday, day. we'll getyhe t. around. mopping? we
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>> impeachment back in the e itlithim kavanaugh being targeted. it comfter new york times report about someone who reportedly witnessed sexual misconduct byut, iend ofhe victim sayhe kavanaughlreadye- facdown o actl while confirmed for the coemt.ur identi for service on the supreme court. he step suld wlow please come to ordse quorum being. >> president trump thect s seter impeach. judiciary committee, jump to kavanaugh's defense saying on twitter, the judge should start suing peopleeor liable. >> pur pharma the chop made billions selling oxycontinas file for bankruptcy. the declaration comes just days after the company reached
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tentative settlement with many states hand loath governments epidemic.for the opioid the settlement deal could worth $12 billion, the more legal bat also expecmed for purdue lawmarskeal cling charge. >> tk yan igang half have sig anew nk's u cpaamig tn han mo450,000 entries to ndvide proposal which yank week'sed during last democratic debate would give everyone $1,000 a month as universal bas income. and to help promote the idea he said woe gi away ten winn familiea oundhrsa t apparey is working e-mail. has received also more than a million dollars in donations since the debate accordinhi to campaign. >> wow. what's that e-mail address again? kidding. >> take a look at this sprescuers in ain saving this littele you h
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saw to spanish military member at least 3,000 people have been rescued due to recent flashfloods,dn eastern spain. we fooloods,ast week, we it was just rushing, looked lie we'ugre just seeing what they're dealing with in the aftermath. >> i know, a lot of severe weather there. >> i s tropics hine you, do weringver there? >> we have a o, mes oegsa. coyeo november fives, not thatan something c form after november 1st. we're in the height of t mid ptember is peak. so, not un come ton see several storms at once. soight n satellite and radar shows humberto off the
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htsoutheast coast here. category one hurricane. last lot of gulf moisture topushing in the southeastern coast from hston back across louisianna, en starting to get to the florida panhandle. i a anrg oediz this moment to develop into a but, it is close enough, and they are actually lk leik severl days every rain along the southeast gulf coals, for the southeast atlantic coast, humberto moving but stillway category one storm with definitive eye that became obvious throughout the day today. humberto currently 700 miles west of bermudaoving east northeast 7 miles per hour wis sustained at 85. so, it is actually expected to ving across the open waters here. not expecting a direct landfall in bermuda but could get brushhere, as you know that could be cat two hurricane just several miles off shore. so, we will watch humberto from us throughving t t hero et.
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eighty-nine in the district, 87 in buoys, 88 in hey market, and 88 in leesburg. it has been hot everywhere even outside the metro, zero nine in, baltizero nine maryland. so cold front will move through tonight. it will mostly come through dry. e ju skies. we could see some stray showers closer to day back, 68 forhe low tomorrow big diffee instead of 90, only 80, mosin the morning gives way tooft sunshine in the afternoon nice coolut northeasterly winds. temperature trends over the next few days, no major h as we should see temperatures at normal if n andeic comfortable. sennty-five o not done with 90 agree temperatus, see warmertex should sayrumbeginsme n sextot t
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full seven day forecas.t which i'll ue hav for little later on, angie, blak c >> septembertinues to sizzle. thank you, caitlin. gng to see on fox5, the community coming together to throw memorable birthday celraonti bo. brian, has autism, andis mother through a party for him athuck-e-cheese saturday. but, none of his friends showed up. his mom made heartg bre post on facebook saying thisd sts a thir year in a row that thas county sheriff's lieutenant saw the post and went into action. >> when itche, s was like we have to do something for him. >> so many people in the community have given gts, so it is a chance for us to love on him and show him that he matters to us, aom a c every, all of these people could come togethe for my son, over little rant on facebook, i was j mad t nobodyha showed. and then annteir together.
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>> so awesome. lieutenant add in 24sou r yig cd here, they showed up to brian's home yesterdur and theyprised him. andis they all wd him happy >> i can't believe three years in a row. >> doe't cakan m un ee ctoameti f hulw fr nesxt buti oreevill coming l up: a woman dr ring.t turns outea she actually did. how oy,kand a live lo you're to hit t aload.t's sh you 3le virginia,9 sunny skies, traffic moving here pretty soon. we're back after this.
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ning us now, m let's sta with a ingrandma.other out ofrt montan, nopparently honorary trooper because she took things into her own hands, to getrivers in h neighborhood to slow down, look at th picture, this isis patty baumgartner, set up shop on the side of the road armed with a blow dryer. but to drivers it appeared like radar gun. c ofrse she thinks this wasterrin.
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baumgartner's son took a on line got the attention ofia po, pty naughlitas well as honorary tnked d t work. >> tt's what a ts.s say. sheas. o gar i b iom sidehell ndwhstopre t trickapre ou he mak d a statemen t.usowifunnhe soloean,e reus hke perfect. ou>> to stagr hy, okay? we wdr ont woman inil fornia. othiss stol yiha. f apparehe wokp findntngin heeth sllowedgh ignd ihems ring it would bewa he.ndtoav mgg
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>> wow. take ig,
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netwf fternt career wite, they ) get a chance to go out on their own term. >> that'sdyo. d oadshne began decadego. wl o d su seeshow this i wee t hser l
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right tho ere.yo and s that alsoed toero emotion, real did i ir. goodorr her. mad she can go out on a winto t ertdn n woue?ldn't b bngnony socks pre tt, held u entir aircraft forethe irds.i caitlinarupoy diible aut not ab ts. tbuingt a ather e,i t guess. oh, always something withflyingi hey this is our last?t wfeek summerfficia beautiful. orwithth wsu vy,y andmal sarah simmons more ot
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isom hour, iff5:nd fall w ah almost over 5 for the singer weavebrr peakandw >> that was a big hit se iearas you fare? >> oh, we all were, all talking about it.e to
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educate costumes. >> w recreate it. >> ya. thanks sarah. seingeekne's of 2019. the hlywood's gr bged oinnabbe billboard chard almost 500,000 copies ateast i ven'heard i old ehat song,re. missn the train here. music fans tre mourninghe ocasek bands cars. ay, year old found in h new appantly died of naturus b today his wife superne a thad nwell leaving flowers by their home. >> let's talk movies now, the ty start thanks to friday the13th. and movie fans appeared be
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in the mood for scares.op back on of the weekend box office horror sequel$41 millions second weekends. and that anchise has now the mewhe,il j-lo's new stripper se, it brought in $33 million, ic the studio that distributed it. whic thhan five t,ar >> no. >> thei ar-lt h ron'the herol time and learning some newha hey could be like there. "tmz allen larosve joining u from the la news room. you know before we start, lauren, i got tto say for s
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that started wit rich white people privilege, doesn't good when you start going to request your priso >> oh, ya. well, listen, i don't k nothing about white peopleeg privil i'm living my black privilege ove here. she won't do any hard time but it won't be easy either. she has days away from her kids, and although other people have served harder sentences she will be looking to tur herself into dublin october 25th, and during thatme when she enters upon entry strip searched get into a jumpsuit giv different pairs every underwear, strap her with hygiene kit which includes like a comb, deodorant, toothbrush, some cheap toes path and one role of toilet paper for her entire stay. more power to you. >> rags that toilet paper. and get up and makeer b >> oh, the horror. >> how will she survive? >> 6:30 a.m. on weekends, and she gets lunch around l
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y?:30, 12:30 p.m. she willhe getathehat will be allowed on sunday :0ck aro friy'sm.un0 4p. to 8:30 p.m. sunday. so, you know, this is a break to say the least for her. and youconow, i don't know s have been worse. n absolutely could have worse. she gets on the sun deck federal prison. one of the more kushy prisons if she is to be there? >> definitely, and just her having the choice of wntre she s to go, i think, it says a lot for what the officers in this trial did not determine her case or her crime to be of harm to anyone. they're kind of giving her leeway here. >> lauren, thanks for the appreciate it. >> thank you. >> "tmz" airs at clock 30 here on a fox5fter like it or not. >> taking a liv look right now, outde of the white house,nd capitol. ther scorc a
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and yes, it is still september. caitlin, when do we get this re play. >> i'm dying, caitlin. but that's not tay that we're done withee the 90 degr days here in september. i thinkt is just fully summer here in stember in washington. i mean, just no way aroun t yes we get less humity and not fully fall at least notut just quite yet. we have to wait until monday f until it isall who knows how long we're waiting until fully in the cold weather. cold front pass will bring you relief so sick of this hot weather. few showers c possible,ud cover early tomorrow morning, as the front w its way through. but ce it does, anyone who behi much, i that's it f the rest of the week. looking pretty prolonged dry period that will take u weekend and once we also getthre afternoon, nice periods of some cool nights and mild afternoons hallmark as you change from sum near fall. like i said, seven days until fall officially begins on nextmg
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about all of the lseave the groa lot of brown leaves on the grounds testament how warm of leaves change.ayin a ways to go. it o isnly midt september. curreneak forecast for dcil in . the 19th through the9th. p is even later annapocelis, eastern shore, that's really november t does come earlier, the higher and drier you go, up into the rsfi totee w o really see the leaves change went next tw weeks and hit peak in about three but, wed those cool nights to get there. thatill give youmu more m conditions for leaf peeping. 89 degrees w inhington righthi now. s would be considered in the optimum forgettingav the le to change. they'll fall off the trees no matter what, not seeing much color yet. eighty-nine in manassas, 88 martinsburg, hot day just about everywhere with the exception every new england and the northeast, because the colds fronts already passed them. sixty-eight inpt bingham, 73 in boston. we'll have a date much more
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like that tomorro cloud cover associated with the front pressing through pennsyanian getting into our area. that front will be south of us by tomorrow morning. we will be waking to up some cloud cover, and maybe few showers, before high pessure pushes in an clear out in the afternoon. i think we will see more late day sunshine temperatures wlmai. but not bad idea to just have the kids sent off with a hoodie or rain jacket tomorrow morning. because there may be some showers around at theopus st it will certainly be cloudy. weetart to break in the afternoon only 75 n byn, only 80 forhat afternoon high. so, ten plus degreooler tomorrow. compared to today. and most o us, by the way, not o getting of the 70s, so very comfortable change by tomorrow. just in time for a really justfu bel week. i mean this time of year can feature some great weather and or will get that startingmo. oticwee even in thein gett down into the 50's, those co nights going to feel great, the type of weather where you start wolf light jackein the morning
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but by afternoon nice and mild don't need it. however, 87 by saturday. ninety a again by sunnd zero nine agree days, guys, it still summer. >> that's my psa. >> that's almost the ends of september. >> it is happening. >> it ain't right. >> allom right. 00 swarm of angry bees kept a plane on the ryunwa for how airport workers finally >> ♪ the bees to buzz off.
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. swarm of angry bees del iaan airna flight for hour, look at this, landed ondo the cockpitw as the plane was scd to leave. the pilot firstlehe said buzz o didn't work, then u tsehe screen that made the airport blastedan a the hose, then they had to inspect the plane to see that they didn't make it in the. aircraft >> what attracted them to want. >> to that one spot. was the doclean? n't know. so a thief get way potty of gold. solid gold literally someone stole an 18 ctol gd childhood home. it was part of an art exhibit. it cause major damage and flooding a m has been missing ll
4:58 pm
worth more than $1 million. >> they fou and heuynd ghe won't say where he stashed the. >> no. >> yow heavy allth thingright. th for joining usus atk yo 4:00. ew ns at now. a maryland high school student under a oesft attacking a classmate way pan.local keeping a stands to keep e cigs o of kidshands. bu twork? kibreang, area arrested in north carolinan after this braze carjacking. we'll show you the video. your news starts now. ♪ . ♪ . first up at 5:00. a student attacked at a maryland gh school an fellow student is e attack with a frying pan.
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>> this happened at walt whitma high school promp chaos, anjali hemphill joinss with the latest. anjali? >> reporter: thing bre s qtu ae this allt wen these portable classrooms you see during a health class, a student attacking another wayg cook tool, luckily, that victim was not thol ach resource offichoa hiesm.parents, this ha und o 18 o ne19, younger student believedd to be around 15ith a classroom. we're told the victim was secit responded and broke up theun th, someone pulled a fire alarm possibly to try and school to be
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evacuated. hor students were eventually theal d released.treated at the schoon listen. >> we're scared bec the recent shootings that happen around here. and we're all veryth of the period, the fire bell ends and we didn't know whether to go out. we filed out, and there were like seven cops and we saw a guy get into the back of the c car. and we all had to stand like00 yards outside of the school. and there are fire truck that is showed up and ambulances. >> it's unknown what like i said precipitated it. seemed to be focused on one student but we're not sure of the history. it's justr:nusual. >> reporte the student with that frying pan w arrested.
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