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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 17, 2019 7:00am-7:02am EDT

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. compet-- competitor t streaminservicit so netflix tryingg es to do everything that c pulli toetng gun seinfeldin a keepwei. ct tndlsopi cra haso go aion o that's going t a lot of yesterda i i see how it goes.h 180 episodes. >> yes it is., >> tracyanks very much. good to see you this. we'll see you mor tomorrow. dow futurtlyhi ni idlu were,y let's t>>econ. oleron.odheucnlte'aveole in for
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opski solding t.mber eheon 70all right. th down tecse b olden theinds out o.f e early qck.rth the trend wiltyle to pull the clouds and the light sprinkler
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and show to our south. and we willly gra see a return to some sunshine. there you go. you can seehere, light chesapeake b ach cndera. high pressure and again cold pontsfrgeont s thewee w pasant b tt oktay f rd endek of wea t colder yoella a.nys more. bwete cra
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loopac jamnncksoocausinndg gngdr ekeac your meofart oleba c on brat. pn ♪ 1a listener ao
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