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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 17, 2019 9:00am-9:09am EDT

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>>nyt .isgic p ni idng lot ne. oea shindrts th ts. rep for t swhet >>nyt eiveresuoface the comedian who was snltan chal .isgic p i d aonlw't agree withsow
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hery parth him a pa i aovreeeor what happens during the show now. are they going to takegiy'ti a th a. having -- andutaving jt dg
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so you only pay for what you want. including fios gigabit connection, and a 2-year price guarantee all fo just $79.99 a month witha 2-yea. alracily >> rig. plus, we'll give you a $200 visa prepaid card when you order by october 9th. e> i completely agree with you. let me m that clear. i don't agree with the comments that's fios. i think de things in our pasts, you're not proud i k this whole nion oticen of toev coans when they have to meizologe the ately during stand up,ec with i .'m absolutely with you,acial tt t from years auchat different . andtoday changing so fast. s >> jerryn flt ed m p big t about
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nothing streaming the global streaming rights to half aillionnf sei dolelladrs. five year deal sony picturesite pisodesfeld starring inract shs l bfeeldeibing t offetreangs ( ♪ ) (martial arts cry, derclap) un you're ready. opst p arfriends going to sningn t b s. from the makers of babybel che saved it! on office head uniseinfeld fal epis t i c steve'seean.cess the pteer sisupew movie that family moatchte he tells us all a that utthat has cebs llmeerce for1 hittin
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>> if i'm beingy v ier'v never sper hictouab hysucchoessful.g bank show. >> what's so iny f awhat iutbos it abo tokt'.ha >> nerd jokes aboutha navote a t yofo if t seingo nfelbid start to fih it will take you 66 hours non-stop. >>la iouisneer66 lerhas t haya a veyd rea that's all. >>ea dtcinr is's swih l ce to er and spend time e with oearevechals terhat it's actuay happening less third of mplete silenceurhaoneindmtegd ay at ghrur wwe sued would rather watch tv t dee
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t ar you rea thep w featuredert ctratein families are stilltalkn slk about mealkorliehe another 37%ew h discuss as we wr hoer t phones at my table. >> um-hmm. >> wl fannies at all. i don't care what you'r and ut w eaiting let's say, h salcto we'reut wote tve you want to talkeoguthe arbo.y nit. oever aect do sitball and down and eat it's more difficulteatch lik unp d conversation. tingith your kids allu' tre dwex what they've done a unless smitebonuhi homeng can f
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omnoing like yelling and a y. do swsream loves, doesn't it. >> exactly. >> one of theospa mrtt of weddig planner when guests slack on their rsvp's hold the bride and groom from finaziri and groomeat you're laughteing. this isht rllig, partner call>> his rmmte s.whmmy judghi ybaoue r tallesrf reserve by ay.>>ou gave ayrin
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ointtior d o tim iortantue akatal the wha heen . e ctyo know whatitth e ioodte there. the parent trip. 1120:.
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(crunching) i'm an ice cruncr.he so i was excited about colgate total. it has svity relief,en so't have tdoing what i larenveucky.' colgat do more for your whole mtoouth.
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so i really nagateen the world by tch.ld e bod try out ...i was that it was foam. it was so light... e ...and soft...not stic. it was so light... e just
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e lae en h at' awhattllte ty s. beis ceris upatittle.h and what yperfecteaeray. >> aboutou 80 degrees. >> that's what we got this afn >> i stickdor ow f y theli day. tcal evereybody what we can,ecxpt. e ng b aklong.tleve0 we'll be 80. 8 88 sl b ath weekend.80 di t
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title might go to storm force.ll >> i rea think the title migh go to -tt. first of all thaer yviouor. f >> second of all such a nice guy. third of aav the answer hee at the end thisovie deals with an interesti mng concept of masculinity and the ide- w feele like strong all the time but wee film progresses his arc that he becomes more open about >> randy ortman. daughter.tte flare, wick flare >> wait wait wait. >> rick flare's au>> rteick flareshs evil. >> slows the viper.. >> you can't touch mine. .> one more >> that's got >> all rig fil .answer? >> final answer. iodgo got, three. and .urfo>> i rea
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>> okay. th t right e t randy he is viper. >> and colby key. champ needometel wrong. >> the man is -- i knew that. she's the first woman champion and she came out she man. >> all rig. know that. >> this is sasha. >> rick flare wasly known for what move? >> what? >> that's rht. >> that's right. >> we go right here. >> one more. >> boom. then disarm mr. goes right here. >> boom. >> okay. i think i'm the champ, rig?
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>> this is very important. we all win. now we know. when we movfo to kx wenow who. >> i know we got to go. what move is available for like storm force? top rop cool >> this is only chance in m 'lliis. nc 'lliis. nc yoll c theha getmp a never mind. you're ready. from the makers of babybel cheese. tasty new babybel mini rolls. saved it! pubey mes peonal space. tasty new babybel mini rolls. so sports clothes sit around doing a little growi of their own. ohhh. ahhgh. wh so imagine how we cheeen ouwe fidnd te po finally something more powerful than the funk. bye.
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