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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 17, 2019 4:00pm-4:55pm EDT

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won't see those clouts dissipate until later on tonight. 80 in the district, 80 in westminster, 80 in annapolis, a free freshing change as our 24 hour temperature difference i on the order of ten to 15 degrees cooler in some spots than where we were at this tim yesterday. cloud cover i was telling you out, visible satellite picks it upwell. clouds eroding from northeast to southwest so turned into a beautiful late day in maryland but virginia you're still struggling a bit, i think those clouds will hang tough throughc of the evening. here in washington, we'll see our mostly cloudy skies become partly cloudy by about 7:00 o' aock, 75, soually a beautiful end to our tuesday. very comfortable and probably be will prove to a nice sunset. 72 by 9:00 by 11:00 pm back into the 60s. overnight lows how about thisfo cool, 50s just about everywhere in the burbs, 61 he in to be feeli sticky and hot forg quite a few days. high pressure willve be head tomorrow and we'll have a really
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beautil day starting off very comfortable in the morning, mayba lightjacket. by mid afternoon, classic early fall weather, temperatures into the 70s with some sunshine and it's comfortably so high temperatures tomorrow, even cooler than today. mid to upper 70s. th's tomorrow, r of the week is still coming up plus a check on the we have humberto. we now have tropical storm e medicaled a and tropical demotion number ten soon to b jerryk still hurricane season ladies. coming to light tod about a former montgomery county high school wrestling coach. he is facing a lot of charges of possessing childy, pornog dake williams was a former volunteer assistant wrestling ri coach atipals orchard high school. we want t t warn yout the details of this storyer arey disturbing, fox5's anjali hemphill joining us liv f with morem the school. this was hard to readte
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>> rr: yeah, angie, most of the details of this case are not appropriate to be sai on tv, but what we can tell you is 28 year oldll dake wims was a former volunteer assistanttl wresg coach here at quince orard for three years, also a star athlete when he wen to school here. see now what happened when we tried to track him down today. [knocking ondoor]. >> reporter: fox5 did go b his apartment in gaithersburg today, but nobod answered the door. this is the same a respect pa off ellington boulevardcohere t documents say investigators found thousands of files of some of the most disturbing c pornography discovered in recent years. they say theev wereeral yodeos and pictures that show young as three years oldaged with sex acts with grown men and animals. when he attended quince orchard halftime was a state kar onand one championships inll
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baseband football in 2009. he attendeir the force academy where he received the wart.distinguished athlete a quince orchard high school where he worked at that volunteer wrestling coach fromo 2015 2018 sent a letter home to parents and students recently about his arrest saying, quote, his behavior is extremely concerning. now, the school says o his role here at the school, n themeantime, anyone who may have some information about this case is urged to contact maryland state police. >> jali, real quick, how d u police stumblen all o this porn?. >> reporter: yeah, well, that's pretty interesting as well. this is actually all uncovered back in 2017hen a suspicious package wasce ipted at airport in new york city by us customs and borr patrol agents. the package was sent from germany and addressed to that apartment address in gaitrsburg to williams. when they opened up that package, they sa it had mdna, t which is alshe drug ecstasy
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inside. they, of course, that led that to them apartment in gaithersburg where, when they went to question him he let them inside and they say they saw drug paraphernalia as we as drugs there. they got a search warrant and ceased his computer and har drives and that's unfortunately when they made thein disturbg discovery of all that cld porn. >> all right anjali hemphill fos live this evening. thanks so much. long time jeopardy host alex trebek will undergo chemo again. he made the revelation on good morng america today said the decision to undergo a second round due to stnificant weigh loss and sky rocketing cancer cell numbers. trek announcing he had stage four pancreatic canr in marc he says he's going to keep fighting and plans to keep hosting jeopardy through the chemo process. well, she was a pione for women in broadcast journalism. this afternoon people are remembering the life and career of absence news journalist co-i can roberts. sheer died complications from breast cancer. she was a fixture here in
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cshington. robertse from a political family. both her parents served in congress. and she cut her journalism teeth in radio. herirst job was at cbs radio before s moved to npr.tu evenly she switched to television, she was known as a b fair andalanced journalist who won numerous awards. american women in radio named her one of tht50 greates woman in broadcast, she was 75 years old. and take a lk at this monitor behind me.t you can see all throughout the day, since this news broke, just sentiments. it's been overwhelming how many people areaying their respe to losing such an icon in our industry. we havemer president bill clinton as well as former5 anchor lashing mccarthy who went on to work for absence news and rked with cokie roberts, anne compton, nancy pelosi, robin roberts,alsharpton, everybody n including everybo
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women in our industry lookedly up to her. now back to you. kidsnd teen-agers getting behind the effort t turned the state. the 51 for 51 coali putting their passion into paint. today activist unveiling a mural for the stateff hood et ahead of thursday's house hring. it painted on the we act radion stud martin luther king junior avenue. a state hood rally scheduled for thursday night on the national mall. another mow you recall in the district is making headlines as well. p the actornting on 15th and u streets northwest pays contribute to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. the vibrant colors capture her smile. she's 86 an has served on the high6 court for 2 years. s recently said she hopes to serve on the court m for fiveore years. thousands of job seekers turning out foron amaz second future headquarters i crysta city. in its first ever hiring blitz, the on line retail giant hosted
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a i career fair. fox5's ayesha kahn in crystal city with a look a. who amazon as looking to hire. >> reporter: an all day affair here in crystal city with thousands of hopefuls vying to land their dream job. for example, this right here is a resume review critique stands, so come outere and get your resume critiqued but also keep in mind that w amazon't be hiring anyone on thespot. the whole intent is to give candidates an opportunity to learn about which departments will be hiring and to learn anabout the comps culture. some of the jobs open for hire clude working at the fulfillmoft center totware development to even starting your own delivery company. the company's second biggest is hehaquarters andt's why some people we talked witharlier day are calling this an lifetimety of a >> i mean it would be anonor and privilege to work for amazon. it's as big as it gets. >> accounts definitely opening up a lot of jobs and a lot o opportunities for people and it's very easy to commute to.
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so think it would be great. >> reporter: amazon is hoping to hire about 400 people by the ene year for its second quarters here in cstal city. the event is expected to last until 8 back to you in the studio. now to some top caught on the camera a dirt bike rider surviving a more than 50 foot fall on his bike in colorado. you can see how the moment goes completely wrong. he falls off a narrow rocky chair and plummets to a river below. weighed down by his w clothes boots and m helmet butaged to make it to the ledge where he waited for help. he'll be okay. >> good reminder you might want to close the doors behind you, a homeowner it california theirs open and this is what ey found, a mountain lion wa out safely but the big cat ran and hid in the upstairs bathroom. looking at video from the l sheriffs department police and wildlife area teamed up to chase
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e animal out o the window and down a ladder back into the what an operation. >> no kidden. a pot of dolphins swimming frerfthain to help free the animals. they g that canal on the weekend they appear to be healthy but couldn't figure out how to you can see the, woulders there forming that human chain, workers from a nearby aquarium, they worked together to gently guide the dolphins out topen water. >> that's great. wonderful effort there. all right, we're still talking animals here, this is like t animal hour. dc policeays 2,000 pounds of reinforcement on the squad now. take a look for yourself. they've welcomed a mountain horse and need your help naming him. the departments is weighing names for the eight year old clydesdale. you c choose from atlas, author, tin, hercules, or the name he showed up with, willy. i like willy. >> yeah, me too. >> you can vote through web site,
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polls close at thend o the month. this should have been our fox5 instapoll today. >> we're goingt to s our message anyway and our vote. i think willey's it, right? >> or bud.have you ever seen th >> that's not on the list angie. >> know, but still. rvivor swam into history books this morningn for a incredible act of endorse in open waters. >>sremarkable. how about dinner with a side of silence. >> sign me up. >> startling study reveals the number of famil s who eat without talking to on. >> well, okay, maybe not that. >> yeah. live look at traffic around the dmv as rush hour ramps up are going just fine. >> yeah >> stay w us, five at four pp. will be right back. ♪ ♪
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the u.s. government is suing nsa whistle blor snowden over his memoir the department of justice filing theuit saying he's in violation of non-disclosure agreements h w signedh the cia and nsa. d agreements requiring any materials for review. proceeds that snowden receives from thebo ok. talk about unstoppable. american sarah thomas has become the first person to swim across the englishimhannel four tes nonstop. thomas completed the 84 mile
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swim this morning after ang whoppi 54 hours in that water. this w not just a feat o encorns, t mas is a breast cancer survivor. she was diagnosed less th two years ago. goal helpeving a her get through her treatment and she dedicated her marathon swim to t just starting their cancer journaly and also to theies like that that willhep push tm along. >> what greatmessage. >> and we are still days awayom the start of fall but look at niwhat's happe out on the west coast.s it iswing people.ay. the cold front sweep through sunday and monday leaving snow r in the highe elevations near the nev sa californiatate line. the california department of transportation urging drivers to be careful out on those roads. >> wow. >> we're complaining about 90 degrees here? imagine if this happened. >> yeah. >> it's early up inhe mountains in californiand nevada. >> i will say i was walking the dog today or had her out in the yard and i live in the woods, it's like the cedarsnd i
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looked up and there's a breeze and then slowly just all these -- it was l i was in a dream, i'm telling you. if you just tak a moment to look i was like maybe fall is coming, it felt that way to watch thend leaves fall a take that moment in. >> what a nice peaceful m for you angie. >> the o peaceful moment thisnt mo being inure makes you happy.s >> true. >> a believe you commend it and we should all be doingit. it feels comfortable outside but we are still dealing with tropics. so do you know tod i tropical stormmelda formed and made land fall in one day. sometimes you track for and other times they form and make land fall in a eay. it isk hurricane season, there's imelda along the ghost cot made land fall in texas, there's humberto and tropical depression ten that formed today. it's been busy, here's humberto
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cat two winds sustained headed away from the us coast but will be impacting bermuda within the next day. then here's imelda windsd sustaine tropicamstor b lutand weaken but als caionu atindeon o parts of the southeast coast of texas. so reminiscent of all of the rain with harvey, won't be nearly as bad but it is kind of the same snario wheret kind of just formed over them and you're seeing those bands heavy rain across galveston and up torts houston. not nearly as long lived as somethin like harvey but flooding and flash floheing concerns to southeastern texas coast. ther thetorm goes, wea as it slowly crawls through inland texas by 7:00 a.m. thursday, tropical low but even extra tropical lows can bring additional this will likely become tropical storm jerry wthin the nex 24 hours and frohe there strn into a hurricane as it moves across the southern atlantic and
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that w impacted from dorian.ds how could weforget dorian? well pces like saint thomas and puerto rico need to on alert as well as maybe less so but still helps pan yell a and twerks and kay companies and boehm island we'll see this map goes out to sunday morning cat one hurricane in the atlantic, that would b hurricane baome here it's pleasant 80 degrees on a light northwest wind and clouds slowly breaking up. t ihink we seet faing back to 62, very comfortable and tomorrow looks beautiful. mostly sunny 78 on a light northeast wind, plent of sunshine, just going to be an amazing day and one of the few y that really makes feel like oming because it is coming it's going to begin next monday but we'll have some warmer weather before that. your full seven day still ahead angie. >> thank you caitlin. > only on fox5, last month we told you about maryland couple who saved the life ofn off-duty dc police officer
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following crash on the beltway. that couple wasl leaving nationa harbor when they witnessed the nasty motorcycle crash. officer, who goes by lev collided with a dear while heading home fro work. andre tyree and another driver stopped dodging traffic and dragging that officer to safety. the officer saw our report while recovering and wanted to meet the good samaritans to thank them in rson. fox5 was there for the rue union. >> i help people all t time. inghi t people all the time. >> yes, you do. know somebody is goi stop to and help me. >> how about that bike? you still getting back on thatbike? >> i've officially been told by my family i am no longer allowed to ride a motorcycle. >> officer lex has four adopted aychildren and s that they are so thankful tha their dad is still here. >> miracle, you lookt that real life heroes out there. >> there are. it gives you hope. >> yes, it does.
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still to come a couple laid down the law when it came to guests sendinghe t rsvp penalty who missed the deadline. >> about to hit the is the condition out on i95 in norton virginia, smooth sailing a little b buildingut overall nothing bad to report. we're back after this. sty with u♪ ♪ith us.
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you ow what time it is? time to take a look at wt is trending. itlin is joining u for these. we're going totart off with mealtime, okay,t' becauses supposed to be when families can catch up on each other' days bu now it seems that things are changing. according to a new study out ofl and, one-third of families po more than 20 percent admitted i. that they would rather watch tv anth family. and it seems thahamatny p tenoa about with their kids. 30 percent of respondents said they struggle to come up werh dinn time conversation pics. >> oh. >> it should be sacred. omayny mt d be that one tisme i when everyone's home, e should sit together and stay off
4:24 pm
their phone. >> what should they do again? >>etit togr their phoneshe thing. op tecer if ihiss a sign of phones, the social awkwardness, we talk aut not being able>>nd . people want to be on the a phones do other things, they have nothing toalk about. e'thers plenty -- >> this is why i sit in s donce >> i work evening hours during dinner time so i eat dinner here my partner has to eat dinner at mealone. when you have kids, when you have dinr with the do youyes. it's like 30 questions. and if we run of stuff to b, ling me. ay games, like the animalga >> weirdrc sometimes it can be 30 pe little -- how was goodry
4:25 pm
on, thfrom utell to sending a to theirhe sent outnvitations questioning theyrsvp onrt th pasur theoupl wrote aunde warning. ifou yrsptvp sandwich. the cut toaehrpp ant sharing thn nightmares whileing a wedding. >> if you think about how much it costs each plate for each est a show u set up the ate people are like we gave date and you couldn't send - in. talking abo when we talkutnge about our cell vephone, how often do you clean it? filthy t the and what osoertsru have a to say about i.
4:26 pm
ask yous guy iur every time i tsupermarket you know howhey have a wipe to wipe down your cart, i wipe down my phone first. >> you're better than me. >> we're going to talk about th coming up. thanks caitlin. ike ejiochi live in silver spring, ike, what are you working on? so and grab, a suspect broke into this coin store andade than $6,000 worth of items. h coming uear from thean what he' willing t doo bring the
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♪ here's a look right now at some of the top stories we're ontgomery rst up a former m county high school wrestling
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cos fac sac counts in of pevsessinhildos gpornography. 28 year old dake wi was all former assistant coach in orchard high school. they theynd s thousands of pictures showing young girls as young as three engaged in sex acts. >> in norern virginia theloudou tracked down the person they sy accidentally shot awoman. william heinz of i ashburn charged with reckless discharge of a firearm. they say chimes was shooting targets two weeks agohen his aim went a wry. one bullet traveled to another property grazing a womanho is still recovering. dc poce today releasing new information about the man they say shot an officer last night isoutheast. police first responding to those gunshots on savannah ter around 7:00 o'clock. when they got tre they say 53 year old eric carter started atficer,sh t shot back hitting carheteyr who was killed. a police offas also shot during the icexchange. he is okay. officer later found the victim inside of the homhe andy are
4:31 pm
now saying it appears that eric carter sho and kille his brother, 55 year old alphonso carter. >> a coin shoper in mony county has been hit before, you can see a man smashing through thelass door and then this burglar gets down to business. fox5 ike ejiochi live tonight at at and ike wha st did this guy get away with? >>ol marina, pice say that he w got ith $6,500 worth of coins and preci tals f right here at bonanza coin on wayne avenue in silver spring. police say the entire incident took place in the middle of the night on august i want back in so i can take you through it. take a look at the video, right in the c beginning youan see the suspect whoy the way parked his car right in fnt of the caught on surveillance video. you can see himst smashing his y inside the door. oncets inside, that's when h police say he made his way to a large d case middleis
4:32 pm
of theinstore, used his hand, s thousands of dollars worthf coins and precious ols, silver predominately. now, after he managed to take away, the guy went back toward the door. he could reall get out of itn' fast enough. you can see him crouching down trying to make his way underneath the broken part of the door bre shatt and spi coins all er inover thegl illnside of the ste reallyakest outbe into his car a dri veaway. he left site the a scene the store owner found out in the mile >> ike is there o ane awa no or lead to an arrer:?he suspect >> reportehere's the thmontgomen releas ed photos this g that surveilla once video. asuy i'v noted before,e can s to be on the backo, which of his fa montgasomer, sto they're always ng, ay teast for thofis case, a $10,000 rewardor any information that leads t oon arrnything of that
4:33 pm
nature. and as far as the store owner here, he told me that he's alsoi willing to offer snd of reward, he didn't tell specifically, but he said he'll offer some kshind of reward to p in this area who helps identify th individual burglared h store. >> hopefully they find these people so it can stop happening. ike ejiochi in silver spring thank you. still to come the dirty truth about your cell e. we already know our phones are full of germs but are you taking the prope precaution toss avoid getting sic from them? marinae >> another liv look at i along the woodrn bridge. thinks are lookingow pretty goo. stay with u ♪
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check your kitchen cabinets pounds of glor for possible, the unbleached flower with a better used by eldy. fep i sf you b shoul timmt there have beeoun no reports of any illness. ke an a phones are p a part ofe ore, verynbonyend evyw often. that means our cell phones arey. baudies found itsceimes as muchr
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t people admit theye dt occas but doctors say you should be doing it a lot more often. >> the general rule i recommend to my patience, that they should clean their phone at least once daily. likely a lot of the bacteria that is on your cell phone is not going to harm you, but it's worth the risk. e.coli, salmonella, staff, strep are dangerous bacteria that can live on hard surfaces like your cell phone forysours to . >> experts say another way to minimize the risk of spreading the germs is to t note your phone out as much especially whilein you'reg or going to the bathroom. we want to know morentime h fox5. and so this is the fox5 instapoll. bta a you use your phone i theo e completely ushone ast,n anymo v. are not trackinr you
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nddipdress, we're not going to g an od urpup. looktall tnhe the >>owse ornssection, i aols a haout't s a hefty majority there. >> yeah, a lot of people admit doing there for a while. >> you have to maximize your time. im>> no k biggest pet dmyifin the house. husband is a ferent story. >> of all the petes peev >> and peoplethacaon drt'ts. >> taylor swifts fans listen up' da not here he's in lineetting his tickets. you only have two chances right now to see her next year, two chances. >> what? >> how is blake going to handle. >>esll av to go to those two places, right? swifties.
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yep,arthey've bee. what are you doing?e? big stev , ma there he get to kgeico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters inrance. ♪ our news room is always hard at work on stories for fox5 news us:00. :0 now wha workg on, hi un0der arrest accused of trying to sal a national harbor and just wait until you hear about how he went about doing s a dream job angie. here you go. you're going to love this since you're a coffee lover.
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a company that is paying people to drink their daily c of joe. but, of course, there is a catch, there always is. but i think that's your next >> that's okay. >> that's all you havesay, she's sigo ning up now as we speak. >> yeah, no regrets. no regrets. oic courtroom today for a bond hearing related to the statehaesrgesou frtacroom wearing an orange jumpsuit and wassc edortey armed b guards state prosetors asked to reduce bond in light of federal charges against kelly but the judge did refuse. kelly remai in jail awaiting l involving underage gi hs. heas denied the allegations. ix n reportedly paying big bucks to stream a show about dnothing. it sco the global streaming rights to seinfeld for more than $500 millionart of a five year deal withsony p television. netflix will now stream all 180 seinfeld episodes starting in 2021. it's bng added just like shows
4:45 pm
lind the office a friends are niinflg k.xe d >> that's a bign. wi you can see whitney houston in concert ain. e is beingor mem concert she'll be featud as a hologram. you can rock out e fidayor the he on-it's actually called an evening with whitney tour is in late february in the uk. it's expected to expand into eupe mexico and north america later. >> we may have to go to that angie. >> i know. some people are not liking the hologram thing but i feel like o if it showsut in a positive light i'm there. >> anything that has whitney sign me . thd sign blake up for taisylor. swift is taking on he new album on the road. the tounl willy stop in two american locationsea at l for now, la and foxboro massachusetts. she' play both spots for two nights each next july and august. swift will now be the first woman ever to open an nfl stadium when she t performs athe
4:46 pm
so fine stadium in la, the other tour sps in 2020 ared europe an south america. >> and insider information, someone who may have been in one of her vid says she thinks more dates are coming. >> yeah >> stand by for that. live lk at carousel on this sunday -- sunny. >> we're all over the place tonight. >> sunny tuesday in hithnge su butn it feels quite nice when we talk aboute angie.veto omry c temperatures about ten to 15 degr marking the beginning of what looks to be a beautiful few days ahead. you kn, this tim but we're earlytorrow. the one thing we won't get is rain. go news for plans, the next seysman ybdak l nooot fullyun l we're sll showing you this map
4:47 pm
because assar tenth of an ch o normally we have over thr year . that forfall afoliage. and of course itidn't body well for any odoor plan we were soaked all through september. that's not the case today but al not unusual to be dry iemn septr usually quie 80 in washington, 78 gaithersburg, 80 in annapolis, wader up in mar where we see a little bit more sunshine today, cooler in virginia where clouds have been hanging tough, s mperatures are still in the 70 r tbuhet air mass, yesterday were in the 90s washington and points southwest, still are a the way down i comfortable for mid atlantic, 75 in new york, only 65 in boston. here the clouds cover i mentioned hua up over virgini keeping things a little cool but th will slowly erode through the evening hours and into tonight. so expect clearing skies. right before sunset we have a little bit more sunshine 75, 72
4:48 pm
cl 9:00 o'k and 69 by so later tonight, after dinner, you know, onc you get home, open the windows and l c lth these temperatures. o0s out in our suburbs, 61 wain bshe very comfortable, a lot of sunshine, nice breeze out of the northeast, temperatures into the upper 70s, just about perfect reweather. the tempe trend over the next couple of days, very comfortable tomorrow and thursday a high just 75 it will be a cool morning friday, we'll be up to 82. t then i do want to warn you,f at least pretty warm. we are not done with 90 degree days. not done with the tpics either, there's humberto cat two hurricane, not a threat us but tropical storm and hurricane warnings for bermuda, wellwa hurricrnings, it won't make a direct impact but come close as a strengthening hurricane could be cat 3 by tomorr afternoon as it movesjusd then ctines o tssea.
4:49 pm
we'll also be watchingpr tropic ession number ten expected to become tropical storm jerry tomorrowouru cgisin thend atlantic cat one hcaurri impacte of the islands from the virgin islands through puerto rico and up through turks and caicos. of course imelda made land fall across the southeast coast ofay texas to keep track of. seven-day forecast look at all that sunshine. also notice the overnight lrts to see that. nice cool nights, mild afternoons and more than mild by the eme w weekend. g sunday and monday, scatteredg that, still warm for next tuesday. diat is your seven days la angie back over to you. >> thank you. o now we want take a look at fox5'sla like it or not. night we talked about the company air bus, air bus now sting out flights this year wi nuisanceors that will monitor everything from trolleys, se tabs,les
4:50 pm
and how often passengers, how often you're going to the bathroom. that information gets sent to a system that will analyzee p theb tbout look at what we had to say. >> i don't like it because i think we need to address more serious issues. i fly every week to new york and planes are old and breaking down lot of times. how many times have you gotten outside, crippg o y you, your tray table isn't like stick up when it should b up. servic which this woulddd aressupdatin interiors of a a:0ll we are and airbnb. seems like everybody wantsg too original conte. according to reuters, the tinde. no word exactly what it's about,
4:51 pm
ando ws create original as well. obviously they would be all about travel, kind of makes ns se some of you are already chiming in on this on twitter, manny sa, everybody isbout content now. how has tinder developed a tv this approach? stick to your ng market. and then we have gas lighting nation, a hookup app and a room rental app? what could possibly go wrong? cameras are smaller every day and that person does make a point. you probably are going to get like a train wreck of some sorts, you know, some original content that you can't look away from when you are -- it's all been done fore. road rules, the real world mix with a sponsor ship and airbnb. >> the caster couch is just so much bigger now when you have t like allhese different kind of people on these apps. you never know what you're going to h get. >>opefully they clean that one. >> yeah >> all right. still to come a heart
4:52 pm
warming photo shows how a acustodian wentbove and beyond to comfort this student at a school. we're goin to show you these pictures coming up after. ♪ me from dog things like singing.
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of the test.
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testify. ca ca ns. ap cell dirtyveownd h whl?f esry pho
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can oo admit they take s t lynt room. >> i'm surprised you're not with the majority. that's another>> a heart moment custodian a ant can be found coa fourth grade student with autism. her dghedr by lendd up in the caf aer cia blanket next to the girl on floo she patted her onhe her kn would be ne. >> wow. >> good people. >> so sweet. check out this adorable video. ok. this pit bull's name is walk
4:57 pm
since being adopted. it might explain the high why msg c 't help he hi wasei kngepfree, walking. he's free. >> he's taking it in. having that pavement underneath your feet you got to be thankful nor that eve day. s this ia real photo of a book s thateone donated to an indiana library dropped into a donation bin with a taco crust inside. the librarian said she seen many odd objects including uncashed paycheck,t direone, however is a first. that librarian did throw the book away. how do you fo your taco shell? >> has this like triggered a new like book chall because wha are all. >> we don't need that >> you don't want your chicken
4:58 pm
bones in my book. i've had a taco in my bed. >> of course but you also have lieo p you, so. little different s fchorus at 4. news at 5:00 continues with jim andsarah. right now former montgomery county high school se of child porn. and new set bac in axle trebek's battle of cancer. goes t the news starts now. ♪ . a♪ former monom cy oaercotyun cedod coach in hersburg. >> the school isitliemphillsan
4:59 pm
?ysja,li most in these court documents unthinkable. and snot appr iopriate to talk about. what i can tell you is that 28-year-old daveassfo wrmerolli ilwrestlacg teerun years. amhe was also a star athlete wh he was a student here at quint orchard high school. fox 5 went by hisrt apant in gaithersburg, tes i same apartment off ellingtoned before where crt documents say investigators found thousands of ild pornography discovered ng recent years. therwere several vid pictures that show young girls engaged in sex acts grown
5:00 pm
n end animals. waive mug shot. he also won state champion as a student athlete he in wrestling, football, and seball. and he also attended the air force academy. this was uncovered two years ago when u.s. customs suspicious package at jfk that a s sent from germany. andli addressed toams at investigators say it was filled with a drugmdma, which is known as ecstasy. thestigators then went to that saw drugsy andna parapha,l drives where they made the disturbing discovery of all that child pornography. here's reaction from parents and a long-time igneor. >> i couldn'tthat. he's such friendly, such


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