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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:52pm EDT

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engaged in sex acts grown n end animals. waive mug shot. he also won state champion as a student athlete he in wrestling, football, and seball. and he also attended the air force academy. this was uncovered two years ago when u.s. customs suspicious package at jfk that a s sent from germany. andli addressed toams at investigators say it was filled with a drugmdma, which is known as ecstasy. thestigators then went to that saw drugsy andna parapha,l drives where they made the disturbing discovery of all that child pornography. here's reaction from parents and a long-time igneor. >> i couldn'tthat. he's such friendly, such good ie fr. since he was a child.
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i knew him, very good guy. and very good family. that's disturbing to happen here at quince orchard. i wouldn't think it would happe> here. eporter: the high school sent a letter about the arrt treme concerning. behexior is and while they say that these ch uges areelated to his role here, theyin areg anyone who may have more information about these cases to contact maryland state police. now, we did ask but iclear at this time why itunt' took iw years forestigators to formally crge williams, it's also unclear why he still is not behind bars but he's due back in court next month. ntonight, word of another illegal immigrant charged with rape in mtgomery county. jose gomez gonzales is accused of assaulting a friend after night of heavy drinking. immigrations and customs y enforcemen gomez gonzales is in the countryly illegal
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which would make himth t undocumented grunt in to face sexual assault allegations since late july. ice place a detainer on. external affai investigating after a dc officer was sho last night in sweet in savannah terrace around 6:00. eric carter started a fire at officers. they shot back, hitting and killing carter. a police officer was shot, he's ok, the victim was dead inside th home. they say it appears carter shot and killed his brother alfonzo. a appears by found a put abl andria this morning. the body identified as 49-year-oldose men of alexandria. police are working to identify a man who was struck and killed in prince george's county. instigators say he was
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crossing annapolis road early this morning when hit by an suv thiver stayed at the scene. it's unclear whether the driver will face charges. majorevelopments today on capitol hill as the house juciary committee holds its first hearing as part ofn impeachment investigation into president trump. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski was the first to testify. while he was nevermployed by the white house, he sometimes consulted with the president. he told house memrs the president wanted him to deliver a message to thenefttorney general j sessions to reverse course and oversee the russia probe. sessions recusedhimself. lewandowski said citizen believe th president was asking him to break the law. i didn't think the president asked me to anything illegal. >> you didn't think it would have been illegal for you to ask mr. sessions to --. lewandowski told the comm tee he never deliveried the message to sessions saying,
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instead he went on vacation. >>u.s. government is suing noedward s den over his new memo wire saying he's in sc violation of nondilosure agreements. he signed agreement that is require him to submit his book forie rw before its published. according to the lawsuit doj wants the proceeds snowden receives from tk ♪oo.he b then ofmairha dc council said the ethicsnvestigation of jack evans has been delayed because several people refusing to comply. protesters demanded he resign. facingatio mendelson said he's introducing a new authorization for council's attorneys to go to courto enforce the subpoenas so they can finish the investigation into evans. >> one wou this that can a ho pers served the subpoena
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would comply. ibu ies has been delayed, if not stymied several indlsiduaave not cooperated. house republicans one alrea congressnal investigation intoe. and are expected to raise it at a dc statehood hearing on thursday. new tonight, montgomery county police hope you can help them catch a bold smashnd a burglar. the guy smashing into a coin shop isprings the middle of then sver il night. getting away with thousands of dollars in merchaise. ike ejiochi joins us live with the latest on this.r: juln lie s bonanza coins, back on august 30th he got an alert about this store gettiri burglaed. by the time he got here, it too late and the thief made off the i guess on august 30th around 3:30e
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>> hme up to the door and ooing the in. >> reporter: julian was he sleeping until he was alerted br a store sity system about a break-in happening here at bonanza coins on wuene . >> he grabs silver quarmors. >> reporter: gomery police releasing this video. you can see the susct who appears to have a tattoo onhe ck of his neck forcing his way through the door making a mess alony.the wa >> glass all over the place, coins all over. >> reporter:e onc inside, the suspect heads strght for this display case, he smashes it and tas expensive items. >> he stole silver quarters. he stole silverbars. silv rounds. >> reporter: police say the thief made off with at least $6500 worthoi ofns and silver. unfortunately this is the s hond timeis store was hit n a the security by any means.eef >> put an alligator in here or mething like that. >> reporter: that might deter somele. >> exactly. especially if i p h up front
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here. >> reporter: now, the montgomery county crime stoppers is offering up up to $10,000, that's reward money, for a information related to the arrest for anybody relat to thiscrime. back to you in the studio. new details tonight on a manhunt in college p as police continue to search for a sexual assault suspect. skyfox was overne the last night after a woman told police columbia around8:30 when ege and knocked to the ground and su attacked. spect ran off and is sll on the loose. starn powerthe district today.e saturday night livtar key in an tommy joining mostly cloudy skies to celebrate the grand opening of the ever fly global headquarters, impact in education company. which is committed to the next decpeadine indn gthe d. nick canon also joining for a social justice courseal cd a justice .
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course. canon a howard you university will be teaching that course. behind the effortour tn etting state. the 51 for 51 coalition put passion into paint. they unveiled a mural supporteft in paied on the we act radio o martin luther king. a concert and rallyer m ials at attention. the5th and u northwest pays tribute to preme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. ginsburg, who is 86, served on height court 26 years now, she recent said she he hoping to serve on the court five more dc police found 2000 poundn of re enforcemt on the squad. a unted horse. they're look for names, atlas, thor, tie ten, hurricane lease or name he came with, willie.
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you can vote through theebte at fox 5 the polls cldcose.c end of the month, consider this my official tdorso keephe emname. >> keep willie. like..eroic lees is so >> he's eight years old. been calle willie whole d h lino. aer vaping related as more states take ste dps to curb the e cig. aet back for alex trabeck, what he revealed about his battle with pancreatic cancer. first is ayesha khan. >> reporter: your dream job could be waiting, i'll have more on which popular retail giant looking to hire you. a nice break fm the heat that we had.d the goouff is going to stick around forawhile. but the heat will come back. talk more full forecast coming up. stay with us.
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. another eath to tell you. this time inva california. inging the number to seven. now dead after a severe outbreak of lung disetie, png the state of california to take action, governor said they will spend $20 million about the dangerous. >> the public should see a swell of ads and campaigns had that target schools and families,hi parents anldren directly about the risk of vaping. >> you don't have bubble flavored mango flavored tobacco products unless you trying to target an audience you're losing, that's young people. the governor also signed an exe order requiring stores that sellec vaping to post
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warnings about health risk. legislation it wouldtroduced ban vape and e cigses is in the district without a soctor's prescription. let's talk d more about the weather s tuesday, beautiful y. once onagain, little for s oppele, still wom >> c yesterday.ot going in theso rig dire >> at for a s otwo,r this morning, maybe prsr you wered intowo rk l ,kvideo, is in waterfords virginia. >> apparently it's wonth in u ow thin,h. >>rgindi i did not. >> it is wine month. so the morningcrew, they were out there today, and got great video while >> i didn't see any wine laying around in the. anks to guysif from the droneou sharing that with us.
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82 right now. wheaton bowie 77, lotsf 70's around town, this is the warmest we've bean so far, the e war thingsup,sume baltimore is 80.r westmi81, frederick 82, some northern andth norstern areas broke into the sunshine quicker, therefore, temperatures athink are little bit warmer. 75 byot 7:00, how we'll cool dicown into the upper 60'sy 11:00 or so. tonight will be nice, temperatures will be dropping .own into the low 60's and a lot of 50's i outn therb subu this nice fallish air mass is settling i and itn. will stick around for dshile. and showers pushing to thesouth, look att,ows to 50's, i'm not promising maybe upper 40's out there before it's all said and done. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 70's, low humidity, lots
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of sunshine, it really is going to be superice ashe high pressure is pushing onthrough. and that's going to help things for us in this nice comfortable fall-like airil mass wstick around a few days here, it will be gorgeous, dry, we'll need rain eventually but it will be d dr nice. warmer temperatures as we head into the we wend. caitlinill be back with a full forecast, i'll let her tell you the bad new that we're going to sget hot again on the weekend. 's just how it sets up. she has t dealo with that part of the forecast. >>ks . that was a pioneer for women in broadcast journalism. people are remembering the life d career oforepter and r analystcokie wh died today. roberts died after complications from breast cancer. she was a f here in washgt, dc. roberts came from a political family, both paren served in
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congress. she cut her journalism teeth in radiob first was cbs before moving over to npr then switched to television. american women and radio named her one of the 50 greatest women coke key roberts 75.oadcasting. . l mrned thisning of another setback f alex trebek beck, thelong-te jeopardy star is set to under go another arou of chemo.ev >> trebek realed he will under dgo the s round one week after returning to jeopardy. 79-year-old shared the newri ng an interview on good morning america, his doctors decided me chemo was necessary after his cancer numbers shot up and he lost 12pounds. >> i was doing so well. and my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreaticca ncer. we were optimistic. they said good, we'll sto
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chemo, start on immunothapy, i lo about 12 pound in a week and my numbers went sky high.r much h than they were when i was first dinosed. so the doctors had decided that i have to under go chemo again and that's what'm doing . alex trabeck described cancer as mysterious in way than he doc his therapy. dos hti cnghemo fighting ees bprs.oc taken's rsonalre a upte iongms item fs, chef's night. it's $400,000, 40%ce ofeds will
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go to culinary institute of america. billy occurrington is calping victims of hne dorian. he partnered with key west cares to load relief supplies. >> the reason weess bkeecoo hau understood they're more handn, a little bity, lessening more of sending things that you know, money has bought over and over here, generates. >> he flew to the bahamas to see the distribution, he wanted to be involved in all aspects. wild encouer a family unexpected vis after accidently leaving their front door open. day two of gm strike, s neitheride is s down. latest as the talks continue. and amazon is on ae, we'll e retail giant's big job fair nex. as we head to break, let's talk traffic now. there's a look at all the tres fired looks like the
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. the white house pushing hard to show iran was responsible for a major weeke attack on saunddi arabia's oil industry, the president suggested military response a would only happen afr he c saudion government. that isn't s withitmocr onolll ng saudi government saield it make up c for it of global outputs. the united auto workers still on strike as general motors and union reps try to work out a day. dayir two of the nationwide strike in 12 years, gm is losing millionstt the picke lines outside of thelants in 1
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states continue. a sourceoxelling f business talks so far have been nse, uaw saying there's a long are upset workers about gm's produsion facilitie doesn't justt's our community.t >> gm said it present an offered ette pay and benefits butwithras had to rise at a bigger share of > thousands of job seekers turned out today at e se of amazon second futureit hiring blitz, rystal ir the online retail giant hosted a career fr asha khan with the story. >> reporter: this right here is a resume review critique come out here, get your resume critiqued but also, you know,
5:25 pm
keep in mind that amazon won't be hyoneirin on thespot. the whole intent is to givat candid an opportunity to learn about which departments w about the company's cuure. some include working at the fulfilent cent software development to startingwnour o delivery company, the site here in crystal city is company's second biggest headquarters. sat's whyple we talk with earlier p today are callin this an opporf a lifetime. >> it is an honor of a privilege to work for amazon. it'ss big as it gets. l definitely opening up a of jobs andni opportues for people. easy to commute to. think it will be great. >> amazon i hoping hire the year for a second quarter here in crystal city. it's expected to last until 8:00. back to you in the studio. straight at , aa local man accused of trying to
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national harbor.oat from - tur an eyesore into something re, the storyd behin a po to a tomatool plant. >> reporter: there was a bill introduced today in the dc council aimedt ending what's called the gay panic, criminal defense,e'll tell you about this, and maybe catching on 5 news at 5:00 c after this. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
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. > engaged>> in sexacts. president trump forme r campaign manager corey lewandowski appeared before theo house judicimmittee today, what was contentious at times, lewandowski the first witness to testify aar an impeacnvestigation oft hehm refused to answer some ay committee questig he wouldn't comment on private converittions he had wthe presiden int. montgomery county, police are looking for the burglary suspect who kicked down the front door ofs busines in downtown sr vespringsil making 00off with $6,0 coins on wayne avenue in friday at the end of older sedan, maybe a toyotar n mazda. a man arrestedor stealing a pedalt at national harbor apparently frowned dnow upon. kevin swam to a dog pedal boat at national harbor and took it without paying for it. he was later b apprehendedy harbor officer. women's world c a starlex
5:31 pm
morgan is on tshelf. she's going to o situt because of a knee injury. she was in six matches for the cup and two since, apparently 's the team that went on to the summer back to you sarah.ver so have you ever heard of something called gay panic? it is a legal defense used in court. when a person is w chargedh a violent crime, gayanic they acted in self-defense after learni the victim wasgay. tonight, there is an effort underway to end that practice in dc. lson blding w live at the mo reporter: this iomething a eo p didsn't know existed. four states across the country a legal defense and now here in dc, where they're looking to become theic fifth jution. take a look is.this what happened here tody
5:32 pm
he dc the chairman of the council, phil mendelson introduced this bill moving forward, now it's official title is -- at mouthful, is called the sexual orientation andr identity panic defensebienti act. what iton a lot more easy to it's sever lit hel people aed criminal im as theirminalainstsi the, case, look, some defendants hav s beatene or inev some even murdered victim cs and then turned aroun ce getting into a courtroom gayse panic as their chairman phil mendelson talked to hi he said the bill will also go further.itill ex thi ty prohibitioten ofs this criminal defense to whether or not somebody issued a nonforceab
5:33 pm
or a romantic sexual advance in advance of an cident. >> the multiple acts of violence in the district and adjacent to the district againstsg trandered individuals is a this. of but we know that foryear, there have been individuals who have en accused of a eve murdering other psseopleltinn w her victims being gay or transgender. then claimed that theyicked. >> reporter: may be ahead of jurisdiction jurition, ides nevada, californ rhode island and connecticut? these oian the books, they troduced the bill, it will head tmi attee but looks likely this this jurisdiction would be the first i our area, some legal experts say they're push forgotimilar re forms in jurisdictions like commonwealth of i virginia andn
5:34 pm
maryland. send ityou. up next, panic ove python. we'll tell youhich state is in deerate nd of snake hunters. what l isking onour cell phone exactly? do you want to know? the new recommendation from doctor to get rid of thoseer pesky g. >> i didn't know what would happen if i lost. ca you imagine? supposing i lost and we t would havehe same basic rhetoric. i mean, winning was - suppose undoing all the things all the same -- supposedly i didn't make it? i would he lost and lost billions then i would have been really unhappy president trump reflects last night at a rally in new mexico what was at stake in $2016. he's staying out west a fewmi mullion fund-raisers for his campaign but not giving a warm welcome to the people of. californ talking about that and more tonight at 11:30 on "the final 5." see you♪ then. ♪.
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♪ .
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f a pot o dolphins is swimming free after aargegroup got stuck in fl fre ththeeemins or canal. appearedid to belthy couldn't figure out but out.o g workers formed aha humanin and
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guide the dolphins to open r. t i good transpired close yhioura door behind i was left california their door open. look, a mountain lion wandered in. the b cat ran and hid in thhr upstairs batm. wildlife officers teamed up to chase the animal out and down a ladder back to the wild. >> doe look like the cat was a interruptost seems indignant somebody dare t open the door. of i was havprivate time. get ou florida is now doubling its number of snake huntersore than 1,000 applied to 25 new spots. the state stepping up efforts with the python elimination program and you c get wha the intent is of that. snakes are an invasive species and the program has been affect since starting two years ago, they caught more than
5:40 pm
2500 my thons. >>ch'ming less pythons than last year, smaller pythons year.ast and i feel we're controlling the spread. >> python nters m minimum wage but get a $50 about the each snack but extra each foot f above four feetn le >> i have to hold myself when i snakese ng disgusting. >> when you live in florida, you're sort of usedo it. >> hey, at least, you know, let them do it. they're willing to do it and willing to control pulation. e>> one state that needs mountain lion s, we ne ned snakeow s. >>re you tak> properin precautions to make sure your phone isn't swarming in germs? arble irst a cancer survivorn t, an american woman sneaks out her recordin ag sm across t
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channel. warm wcaesterday but th back or fortooday. luckily that t sun will be tomorrow looking beautiful. this is wednesday forecast, starts outice and cool in the 60's,5 drive in, 75 by noon, 78 tomorrow. tomorrow, signals the begning of manyin a which we're gng to ad andcallbetifu fox 5 at 5:00oi returns after this. ♪ .♪ . ♪ . ♪. when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thins i thought about wa family. i came home and cried.
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the medicine has progressed dirigside ghit.s, trying to maations mooris impornt,re a we might leave innovation but if't careful is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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our uin not protecting children, of not keeping their bodies anditheir spir safe, that's the most fundamental thing we can dob.. thathy's wear cee some fox 5 favorites because we will be live all day this thursday working out andrn leagheal. you don't have to wait until the event, text word t the number on your screeno donat and k you eccan get involv. mhuc:0ha yancy ands menalth ef works could go on strike.we'r coming upev har att is
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allegedly involved in a sex ta . nocu did notlievkevin hart was d ian shang a l lately. go outside. accint.s give you a live look capital on this tuesday afternoon, 82 degrees. caitn standing by with the .stfocare 's> it loomy at ofou'lbe fling t rest of the w
5:47 pm
lobeitin'sg fuauti dry. temperatures will be vy nicely into lloufa . wake up., you need aja light but bs nice and mild, sun is shining, and that type ofth werea it has been dry, it wilin coue, we're not going to go see anyaiac rkn up the ween doe feels like. 82 outside now. butst' i t han yesterday. and temperatures ared ait l whe they seeing more sunshine, clouds clearing from northeast es sore utstill in the mid 70's here il centvirginia, they've had clouds with them all dahey. clo cover, satellite and radar showin the clouds'she wnd of goe
5:48 pm
charlottesville, culpeper, rom . by tomorrow, high pressure moving on in.pattern, that fall feeling it's not g feel necessarily cooiol. t o but it will haves crisp feeli in the you're like i ai whe known the seasoill change, we'll finally have the morning temperatures get below 60 even in the city the next few morning. in the afternoons, it looks great. high temperatures at normal or maybe slightly below iidn the m to upper 70's. for tomorrow, we'll start around 60. 78 msunny and plea thursday a reallyos feel like we start the day0' in thes, maybe upper 40's for the mountains. and our fall with northwestern suburbs 75or the high temperature and the glorious weather that you can -- really get around here this time of year. ok. the tropics, a lot goinganh d, we've had humberto in the
5:49 pm
atlantic, amel da. tropical torm, and depression tenmed in the atlantic today. that will become tropical storm jerry probably by tomorrow. jerry at least an easier name to pronounce. but humberto is stillery strong storm well dfshore, w sustained at 105 miles per hour, will make not landfall but impacts to bermuda tomorrow, there's amel da which is a tropical storm and weakening pushing fromhoalveston through ton and into northeastern texas, flooding rains where could see over a foot through wednesdaythnto ur then againsd we'llourn through the atlan wticch becomig jerry and possibly by the weekend impacting maybe islands u.s. virgin islands, puerto rth and eastks it wil stay od a category 1, all the mel tm away k from the united states. we'll w it. seven-daforecast, that is justy
5:50 pm
beautiful, i mean, we had such a wet 2018 and ata wet s to 2019, it's nice to see beautif weeks setting up. comfortable weather, and then warm. lo at the weekend. 90 sunday90 monday.. those numbers could be conservative. fall does begin wednesday he weatr it will feel like it or no y that'sr seven-day guys, back to you.he swimmin english channel used to be were you the world's mostive fates. >> i is in the newsroom with idetail. wellt is anng feat. thel 1 je i us stretch between southern gland and northern france, sah thomas becoming the first person ever to swim it get this four times consecutively started sunday morning, finished that marathon swim on tuesday. hours when she finally finishe. she was greeted on the beach by her friends as well as aotf l well wishers, thomass a breast cancer survivo by the way. who said she did the swim in
5:51 pm
honor of the survivors, despite determination, she said the were times she actually doubted she could do . get done, she only finished up cancer treatment last year. thomas even had the energy d to an interview just after she got out of the water. >> ratulations, sarah. >> aweso e, sarah. .[cheers and applause] >> sarah,ou must feel ecstatic. and a little sick. >> i'm not surprised. >> yeah. ok, 54 hours, that's a awhile. again, the headline here, thomas should now world recordder by swimming the english chann h four tes in a row, she only stop to d liquid formula. was a toughourney but sick by the end,bviously, she pushed through and finished theu job, . >> people that can do that, i
5:52 pm
just have so much respect for. e iould not. ll atime gi saye whene. have thesean hestienv and their drive and willi too that itepi s incriblebstacles that l eally>>exses,specn we wake y we can't go to the gym today, too tired but showsow mentally stng and powerful and howd powerful the min can be. >> thanks angie. we takert p everywhere, f us don't clean s ma atnsof cell phonesre udy fou i sfa canstnd havetsurt toilet seat. some people admitn't phones. t some do occasionally. y dngitoften. c >> they shouldlean phone at least once daily likely a lot of
5:53 pm
the bacteria on your cell phone is not going to harm you but it's not worth the risk. e-coli,ella, staff, strapsae da liveou on rd surface likeha you ce phone from hoursll days. >> t experts say aother way t minimize the risk of spreading ge is to justotakerm your phone out as much, especially while eating, andsing the rest c ost. brain fnd thoho ok coffee.ur cups of green s
5:54 pm wants toay someo tdyricoffee. the company said the person wils and cons of going i go out of mc offee shop quite hontly the c is usually better. >> at what you need to knowef eor cotitruconon c . having the tak
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a good will in portlandoregon. someone dropped thousands into the donation drop box at the location, employees checking out ponty cameras hing itse whe givifeoun ard a city roreetit'stected because of the road mon constiuctr too in structure allowing the f grow. a gramoerth fmro t get anl roheet wpe of kids anhe s .
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honorary state> trooper title a. stick around. poinveigats up. b grabolfph wedc vesr, a accit ho omery county high school dick williams was a volus
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gapartmentng in answered.ment ellington where court documents say investigand thousands ofouto frs f oiles dit tarhere were severaic vle a young a with grown men and


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