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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:26pm EDT

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gapartmentng in answered.ment ellington where court documents say investigand thousands ofouto frs f oiles dit tarhere were severaic vle a young a 2018. grown men and
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he wonnshi steta as a enstudt esacadwremy. this was all years u ago when u.s. c smsressedspiciot the gaithersburgpa a they sei seralfar all of that child porn. here's reactiorom parents and n'ould belieneighbor. ve c i>>.that man. he was very friendly, very guy, and good family. >> it's h disturbing toappen
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here. i wouldn't think of it to happen tre. >> reporter: high school did send a letter home about this arrest saying, quote, willms's extremely concerning. and while they say thesehaw,t'so behind noe'bars,ut he's back in> gomeryyount 9 iths undocumented immigrant charge with a sex crime sinceez leat gonzales is of raping a friend after night investig aingfffticerer. t take was shot lastight in southeast dc. police responded to gunshots on
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sarace53-year-old eric car tterr started shooting at officers. they shot back. hitting card, who w killed. a police officer was also shot during thaok. officers later found home, and saying itpp ars carter shot and killed his brother, nz 55-year-olo card. live look at national harbor. we got a little break, yesterday it was so hot. today,82 g m somewhat because of the clouds but also there's coolerhe a nir really looks about as good as it days, really, is time ofea yr really nice. today was thein kof day of transition whe go fromndhe s rtta temperature that is we should
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have at th time of year and to really reall nicestuff. 82 reagan national. dulles was 80 and bwi marshal was 82 for a high temperature, again, sigficantlycooler. than where we were yesterday. lots of 70's out there now. we still houe oudcl ar we had a of passing showers, all of that shastill a few clouds decreasin overnight. there's a look at the satellite picture. the rain haseen pushed way do south, b given the next feww hours, a lot of these clouds will clear off ton reallyig cool. out in the suburbs. lower 50's and a lot of spots. there could be no esguarante but a couple of place that is may make the down into the upper 40's outy early, early t tomorrow mo i think we're lowerrng. 60's to upper 50's here andoromrow u oflo icsuelative humidity is nice and lownshi tomorrow, and temperatures b m wuppenl 70'
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thisl stick a few days,ro a forecasting f ieathnvestigation un iderway tonight aft ier apas inn a alexandria creek. found in homes run about hal mile west of i 395. police identif the victim as ie jose mendez put a dia of alexdria. no w how he ended up in water. a manhunt began in college park last night still underway. police looking for a man accuse of sexual assault, skyfox t overhene as search for the man,was walking columbia around 8:30. when sheas attacked. ma ran off w still o tlo> wndos eleected officveurseer ee senated your effor lts totr our sup douposeto rabbit like this h he ardemocratsffially launch>> impeachment hearings a right off,hintngs got theated.
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tom fitzgerald live in northwest tonight and fitz, this went off. >> reporter: yeah, it was pretty clear fro mget-go, that if the democrats arehi looking to push t impeachment, then right there, republicans will be looking to push them back atd every step e. look, the judiciary h committee today heardir first impeachment hearing and the only witness thath went to witness table today was corey lewandowski.ll remember him, he was theformer mpotca that he answered today. most que posed tst him he o declined to answer. that was following instructions from the white house thatlewand private confidential conversations andis only aressd
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mueller report.hat were in the je rry nadler said he was fill busterring, trying to d this they said procedural motion tht kly ground thisnt eire thing to a halt h. >> the white house directed not to disclose the subst any discussion witanh the president. >> white house is advancing a new and dangeroustheory. the crony privilege. he called you in to do his dirty work in secret.ut the trwill set you free. >> how long at the wind, you're not doing anything. >> you didn't think that was illegal to obstacle justice. >> i didn't think the president aske me to do anything illegal and that was pretty much how it went for mostf this hearing today. incidentally. presidump wasen traveling out on the west coast but weighed i calling lewandowski'se opening statemenautiful. shawn? . the dc council's ethics
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investigation o w jack evansill be delayed byf a monthse becau several key people's subpoenaed refused to comply. protesters outside t wilson building demand evans resign asd two council seat facing ga multiple invtions for alleged influence pedaling during his time on the board chair in an effort to continue, phil mendelson will introduce a brand new authorization allowing attorneys to go to court to have those subpoenas enforced. >> one would think a person would comply with a subpoena, but in fact, the investigation has been delayed, if not stymied by several individuals who have not cooperated. >> house republicans have alread called for congressionali investigationo jack evans conduct when he was on the metro expected to r the issue on thursday. kids and teens are getting behind t over to the turn the district of columbia into a state. the 51 for 51 coalition put
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their passion into paint. today, activists unveiled a gmural suppo statehood o studio on martin lu we act king, juninue in southeast. a concert andth ralor a is sched for that you are night on the nation> mall s. there's another mural in the district attracting attention. it's 15th and u streets northwest. as you, it c pays tribute supret justice ruth baderginsburg. she's wearing her traditional 86-year-old servedmile. th on the high court 26 years. recently said she hopes t serve izarre>> arrest on what a mans accuse of stealing from a dock. a frightening train de. we'll tell you where this ra happened and have an update oth plus. last month, a suspect broke through this door went inside, broke through a casing and stole thousands of dollars worth o co coming up we'll give you details about this incident and what the owners willing to do to get his
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coinback. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
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. sp ecial ghost tours in octobef we have lot reports of ghosts especially in the dungeon t you don't need to bed ere in october to fghoststh.
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. aested forte saling padadleat. kevin kiata swam to a paddle boat on the national harbor and took it withoutpaying,
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reporteredly paddled off in the potomac river where he was apprehended by harbor unit officers. take a look at this video of a bold smash and grab robbery in silver springs maryland. montgomery county police are offering a reward if you can help them the man c who got away with thousands in merchandise. e ejiochi has the story from silver spris. >> reporter: he's been the e owner for some time now, on august 30th he got an art hi got their bry happening at e, here the thief made away with goods. august 30th, 3:30. >> he coming up, kicking the door in. >> reporter: julian linen was home sleeping until he was alerted by store security system bonanza coins on heret >> he grabs silver quarter:. >> reporteolice releasing this video of the burglary. you can see the suspect, who appears to have a tattoo on the
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back of his neck, forci his way through, making a mess. of. >> glass all over the place, coins all over thee. >> reporter: once inside, the h suspecteads straight for this di case. he smaspshes it and takes expensive items. >> he stole silver quarte bars and rsrounds. >> reporter: say the 500 a w oforff p wit coins and silver line. unfortunately forevinhis was he second time his s ttore was hit in a year. next time he'll beef up security. >> i'll put anlligator in here or something like that. reporter: i believe might deter people t. >> exactly especially if i put him up front here. >> reporter: the montgomery county cme solvers is offering a reward up to $10,000 for any information leading to an arrest in this incident back to you . gary mcgrady is here with us. it's gotten cooler since last time. >> and next time you me, at 9:00, when i s comeack, it will be the next time, i will be
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cooler. >> you're notoming back until 9? > well, i'll be in the building. i guess i can check in. >> ias just -- wow really. >> my n,ext scheduled weather cast will be at 90 a this one. >> ok. then 10:00 and then 11:00. you didt eac time dhok. sst - i >> i d whe ed'm nre. myt ie iot.idoned d temperature is cooling dow dn south,akg few more clouds, it's middle 70's. .oreem t67
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nerk our air little bit coming down from the north, y'l lloo bt wk aces louisville 90, knoxville to low for the next few days, because it looksdiik e wll he,fo comrta. tomorrow t jday.usmi at about five to ten, couple of little gusts maybe up around 15, but no more than that. just really, really nice. there's the high pressure, s and dry tomorrow, we're talking 70's for everybody, to upper 70's. and a lot o nssuhi so very, very comfortable. ofst ,en the tsudden. the o september 10thr so tas whe
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pique of tn rothpie nt we have threeat.ic basically three nam stores, tropical depression te that will become jerry eventually, this forecasted to do so, categ hurricane. still way offshore. it is hbermuda. there's a hurricane warning in place for may actually strengthejor hurri before it's said and ys enough ome have amel da made la fall aroundfreeport, texas earlie it's bringing a lot of ra, max wind 4 miles per tropical makes for a storm, pressure is up over 1,000 millibars, big concern will be the amount of rain, it will me up into eastern texas, northern texas, in it will weaning but produce a lot of rainfall. check futurecast.
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all this raing comin in. several inches intexas, we're protected by high pressure for next few days, it rlly looks like it will be good here, lots of sunshine, low humidity, and really comfortable temperatures. tomorrow look how nice it is.eth day. then by the end of the week, sack into the 80' to upper 80's l, maybe 90 againn sunday. fiay dt omonday. right now we'll keep it at 90. 85 aftern just fall and then cool off next week. >> let's hope so. >> you bet. . urstyo. may have something in we'll tell you what youee f cgu. durream ayesha khan in
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crtays i'll have more o w♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
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following breaking news you out of dulles, took off ound 4:30 headed to be jing had toeturn and make an emergencyin land this happened after there was i mechanssue that the plane experienced ding take-off. plane spent about 90 minutes going around dulles to burn off efore it landed. these are live images from skyfox. you n see the plane is down on the tarmac, fire crews at dulles went around checked out the plane, they have made sure -- they're making sure that everything is ok. it is not clear if this particular plane will take off tonigh no doubt they took all the passengers off and will continue checking it. we wl keep you posted meanwhile, eht people have been hurt in a train
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railment in hong kong. the government says five people had to be taken to the hospital. the injuries rge from neck in to minor scrapes. 6 millionse the trains every day, an investigation isrw ay. take a look wild video of a nearly naked man trying to get on a school bus in theiddle of a busy highway lastk in los geles. police just released this video. the man pounded on the window of a b as it sat in bumper to bumper traffic. no students were on board.oo a employee recorded incident and calle police. and they arrted the nearly naked man. an 18-year-old oklahoma woman behind bars accused of planting ati mass ngs at a school. deputies say lexus wilson brought an ak47 and col a noworker she wanted to gun d people at her former high she had b suspended for bringing a knife o campus and haves swastikas, s told
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investigators she used to be bullied but denied making the threat ur metal flower has posble ecky ecolley contamination. the better if used by date of september 6, 2020. if put you bought one general millions want you to throw it out immediately . american university received ograms, jack ka sell and his wife d r denise gifted the school to build a new center for athletic performance, it will be state-of-the-art facility forsp youtorts. how you ca help local police pick a name for the newest member of the force, details next. ♪ . ♪ .
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. new member, the 8-year-old med a clydesdale. want your help naming, atlas, thor, tighten, hercules or willie. website,hy not keep his name willie. polls close at the end of the month. rescue in indiana where four lions were trapped in a well. the big cats fell in a 100 foot deep well g in a mannio orchard sunday. video shows rescuers using a rope and pull told lift one of h lions out. fortunately there was no water e
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down tnd the lions did not suffer major injuries. those are big cats. >> serious cats to be dealing with. the university of maryland will honor a former coach in a big way this week or coming up. keep it here on 5@630 for t detail♪ . ♪ . ♪ ♪
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♪. ♪. the dc council looking to ban so-called gay panic defense and thousands of northern virginiay, lining up at amaz's job fair and a multi-million lawsuit filed against kevin har s after aex tape tmz br that down. first, shawn starts us off. let talk about what you just mentioned. have you ever heardf gay panic defenses? it allows a person charged with a violent crimeo claim they acted in self-defense after learning the victim was gay. there's an effort now to end that practice in dc. dc council chairhil mendelson is moving forward with the sexual orientation and gender identity panic defense prohibition act. the multiple acts o violence adjacentstrict a the district against transgendered individuals is a piece of this. but we know


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