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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 17, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm EDT

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♪. ♪. the dc council looking to ban so-called gay panic defense and thousands of northern virginiay, lining up at amaz's job fair and a multi-million lawsuit filed against kevin har s after aex tape tmz br that down. first, shawn starts us off. let talk about what you just mentioned. have you ever heardf gay panic defenses? it allows a person charged with a violent crimeo claim they acted in self-defense after learning the victim was gay. there's an effort now to end that practice in dc. dc council chairhil mendelson is moving forward with the sexual orientation and gender identity panic defense prohibition act. the multiple acts o violence adjacentstrict a the district against transgendered individuals is a piece of this. but we know that for years,
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there have been indiduals who have been accused of assaulting even murring other people who b -- other victimseing gay or transgender, then claimed that they panicked. s fox 5 tom fitzgerald ive at the wilson building tonight. tom, i was surprised t hear this was a legal defense. have other states or cities enacted laws to do away with this act? >> you knhe, i'm right t with you, shawn. reading rst started out this, you know, you shake your head. how could that be? how cld that be a criminal defense? but turns out, in fact, in several ways, defendants across the country used what's beens termed a gay panic as way to defend themselves in court. pretty much shawn, what this almost turns blame around to the vi tims inhese cases, which is justsh astonig, that somebody could be the victim of an assaulto but yet into court to
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have your due process and then somehow, y know, have the person who assau you, you know, claim they were somehow excused from in behavior because of the g panic, it's something that many states across the country are a lookingt right now. some haveha move w dc is ants to be the first one in bit our area to gethis on the isbooks. is not a way somebody could use to defend themselves in court if they committed one of these crimes. in dc and does tul f steps here seem to be on bod? >> reporter: in fact, it is not only chairman men dellson that has a billerilt councilman david grasso proposed. it has a broader spectrum term but essentially. you know, they all pointed in the same direction, this bill i wasntroduced into the full council shawn, this will goug
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h the committee process, it is expected rather rapidly, this willo startgain a momentum. but you know? it's not only heren idc, shawn, achess are four states that have already moved to prohibit this. california, washington sta, nevada, rhode island, we talked to the gay lesbian bi transgender bar today. they are working in all 50 stat t to make surehese types of defenses, these so-called gay panics, are taken out of the tool box for defense attorneys in u court. dendas g >> good to see dc leading the way. tom fitzgerald, thank you. the w hteouse to show iran was responsible for a major weekend attack o saudi arabia's oil industry. present trump suggesting a military response would only happen after conferring with the saudi goveeame.nt criticism from democrats on cahilll ut b t
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president is consulting with regional allies as u.s. military with all options still on the table. conversatioo have with them but ultimately the president of the united states make those decisions. it's not dictated to us by another country. >> meanwhile, the saudi governmentd sai can make up for the oil productionte hal as a result of the attack about 5% now on the gro in saudiec collting evidence they say will prove iran was behind thea. hong kong activists are looking to the u.s. for help in addressing the big pro democracy movement. the country is facing tivists, asking lawmakers to block any exports from american companies that send weapons used against the peaceful codemonstrators. ress is weighing legislation to support thoseong kong protests i the governmens suing nsa whistle blower edward snow den over his memoir saying he's in violation of asclosure
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agreement he signed with the c.i.a. and the nsa. he also signed agreements that require him to submit his book for review before published. cording to the lawsuit. the jtice department is seeking the proceeds snowden tceives from tha book let's take a ve look in gaithersburg. look at the sun up and out and a liit cooler, 78 rothdes trackin 24/7 forecast after this fox 5 breakthrough. ♪. ♪ . w yld cool off. yes, i know. feels nice foutside. eels a lot better. tomorrow, actually, we'll be beautiful the next few days. >> we deserve abreak.
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>> it's nice weather, we'll call it beautiful days aad this forecast is wonderful. it is going to get warmer by the weekend but tomorrow, thursday, around here, enjoy reit.tellar 78 deg in the district right now.e battled the cloud cover most of the day. it's starting to recede and as we clear out. temperatures will be very cool. 61 inwashington, but a lot of 50's in the suburb, so a real refreshing beginning to your wednesday. high pressure overhead sunshine all day lo, it will be dry,t will be comfortable. really just a beautiful type of weather that's late summer early fall can offer around here, look at high temperatures right back to normal. we were so far above normal. not sayin like this forever,h watc trend nice couple of days, fridaysrt staing 50's reaching 80's. weekend temperatures climbing, 88, sard,tu full
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seven-day forecast shows 90 again monday, monday is, by the way,fhe first day o fall, but to see any rain, previousix bac, a n smaearllto tn a irhey were atags drive. plane is upsidedown inse that pe being rescued. we're told rightnoedw, the scen keep you updated as we getore information. here's a lookert some oth top stories we're following, first, a former montgomery countyigh school wrestling coach facing several counts ofh. 28-year-old dake williams was a
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former voluntary quint orchard in gaithersburg. m also inontgomery county police are looking forbu a rglary suspect who kicked in the front door of a biness in downtown silver springs to steal more than $6,000 in coins,t happenedn wayne on friday at the end of august. police say the suspect was seen in an older sedan, possibly put a toyota ormazda. investigato identify man who was struck and killed ine princorge's county. annapolis road in mitchellville early when hiti an suv. the driver remained at the scene, it's unclear whether the driver will c facingminal charges. people are remembering the life and career of a news reporter died from complications of breast cancer today. roberts was a fixture here ine .
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roberts cut her journalism teeth in radio, her first job cbs before she moved, eveyuall s rh was known as a fair and balanced journalist who won numerous wom her one of the 50 greatest in history of blinking. just a short time ago health officials in new york appmeved n eency ban on the safely e cigs due to safety concerns. it was another vaping related death this time in lifornia. that brings the total number of deaths related to vaping ando e cigs seven. that newsro pted california to ta action. governor gavin new some said the state will $20-20 million to raise awarens. >> the public should see a swell of ads andampaigns that rea target schools and families, parent, and children directly about the risks ofvapion.
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>> y't have bubble gum flavored mango flavored tobacco an audience that's young people. vincent gray introduced new legislation tt would ban vape and e cigs in the district without aoctor's prescription. united auto wkers still on strike as general motors and union reps try to hammer out a deal. th second day of the first nationwide strike in 12 ye gm losing millions as the picket lines outside their plantnd 19 source ontinues, a talksg fox business far have been tense and the woers are saying there's a long way to go, workers upsett gm's production facilities in mexico. >> like to see more cars built here in america. because it doesn't just affect us, affects thet presented an r with better paying benefits but a union spokesman said employee
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company's >profits. >> 80,000 permanentaai krse rk the n pi huge back and forth with the company more than a year.ey th could strike in october. and tha includes hitting picket linemain ryland, dc and virginia. the uni that represents those workers is accused kaiser of ch out sourcing jobs. dd amazon looks to local employees details on the hiring blitz.and avoiding waste in hel the community. what the nationals will do from left over food from their games at the ballpark. ♪ . ♪ .
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> update on baking news in lane in hand over, e understand the two people in that plane areow safely out of aine rescued and is down on the ground. the other still about 50 feet above the ground. this isin get s to arththea good news, we are told neither one of the peopleed fror injuries. skyfox again headed to the w scene,e will continue to keep information.with the latest
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thousands of job seekers turning out at theite of amazon second future headquters in crystal city in the firstiring blitz. retail giant hosting a career, ayesha khan with a look whomazons looking to >> reporter: this here is a resume reviewritique stand. amazon won't be hiring anyone on the spot. the whole intent is to give candidates an opportunity toic learn abh departments will be hiring and to learn about the company's culture. jobs open for hire includerk wog at the fulfillment center. to software development. to starting your ownelivery company, the site here in crystal city is companies second biggesthe adquarters. that's why some people we talk with earlier today are calli this opportunity of a lifetime. >> i've always been a firm
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liever that you have to go outha and bet you want. so i took the initiative to get up early, come out and try to be the first one, in which ipen to be. it would be an honor ande privilegto work for amazon. it's as big as it gets. >> reporter: amazonop ising to hire about 400 people by the end of the year forrt second qua in crystal city. the event is expected to last until 8:00. back to you in the studio. we'll take you back to that anneeloxru indnt l civoue over e small plane crash, again this crash right near the tipton air. crheisas,ntd i o we had word a short time ago that the two people who were inside that plane are now out cews have one of the persons on the ground, they understand the other person was still about 50 et a tree. again, these are live images from skyfox, you can see the
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plane and thank guess that the tree tops softened the landing there.eo again, tple who were inside the plane we're told are out. ansa they are , we'll continue to follow throughout the evening, so keep iith fox 5 for the latest. montgomery county council members reacting to at me to br amazon fliment center to the county after amazon decided to cancel plans to build a massive warehouse in prince george's county. he reach tedo the retail giant to land the project for now council members are s expressiupport what could brin tmajor economic support the county, despite hesitation er details. >> i need to see the details, but in principle i'm supportive of us being proactive and reacng out to business. >> we need to get sutious abo growing a private sector and can keepshe thing in montgomery county that we've held dear like
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public spaces high quality education. >> my countyontg ermsdec is well aware of the distribution center proposal andave had ats o public statement to make th maryland terps, whe pen they fired10sndgrie i the only coach in the last four decades to lead the team to a served as the runningback coach under fridge. heanted to give his former boss s more fittingd be off. less than t top seated whington mystics will begin post season wnba run, hosting the las vegas acesss in congre heights. puts the offense against the ace's number one defense.
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ringucs won two of three against the aces lost star player i lana dell was hurt. tip-off is at 8:30 and we wish the ladies nionals baseball teh hi at levy to help the chart nourish now, the maryland basedil nonprol take uneaten food from stadium and use to it help the community. so will go to u.s. vets and her nonprofits helps former military members with housing, employment and meals. take smart phones with them just about t everywhere andhey put them down just about anywhere. that means they are likely t get pretty dirty. studies ffnd the surface ald smart phone have as much as ten times bacteria as aat toilet. some people admit they don't clean their phones, others occasionally. doctor say you should be doing it more often. >> the general whatec iommend
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to my patients clean phone o at leaste daily. likely a lot of bacteria cellhones noingor o you harm you but it's not worthhe risk. e-coli, salmonella. of staff, strep are dangerous bacteria tha can liv on hard surfaces theay experts s there's another way you can minimize the risk of spr especiallysig o e y useour phon bathroom te online nlnd aoi otut 55 per of you admit to using yourhone in the rest room. alex trabeck's fight continues an update on the jeopardy's host. batt >> . egal trouble for kevin hart. tmz joining us next to break it down. we want to take youack to the breaking news out of anne
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undel county. you can see the small plane that crashed into what appeared to be the tree top to say near tipto in hand over we confirmed two people inside plane got out e safely. ons been rescued. the other one done on the ground and still -- rescue crews out the trying to explain what exactly haened. we'll keep you posted.♪ stay with us. ♪. ♪ . we are here to discuss jessie's online time. wersill let you make the fioffer. thirty minutes. wait what? shh. one hour. out of te question. onur with the tablet, and my client will walk the dog.
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back to breaking news in an. ene, the smalle ansc plane crash into the tree tops in tip in hanover, people have been rescued,ut safely. rescue crews are also on the ground still working to make sure tt everyone is indeed ok. again, two people aboard the plane, now out safely. this is skyfox over that scene , wepl you posted.
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long time jeopardy host aek will undergo a second roun d chtors mademeo. the decision after l het 12 pound in just a week and his cancer cell numbers sky edrock. trebek annnced he had stage four pancreatic cancer in march. heo pla keep hosting jeopardy kevin hart is facing a $60 million lawsuit for conspiring to secretly record a sexual encounter with a woman but the inmand the lawsuit is now anged her story. >> tmzs all over this one, charles latibeaudiereith . this doesn't make a lot of sense because initially she said she did not believe that kevin hart was behind secretly recording now sui for million. >> big change here from the woman whe name i montea, sabag. this is the story that came out ears ago. sh next toer attorney lisa bloom two years ago and said we do not
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believe kevindoad anything to with the secret recording. in fact, one of kevin's friends jt jackson was arrested and is currently, the da isrying to prosecute him for extorting kevin. so k youw, kevin felt lik he was in the clear. she agreed he's victim, she's a victim and jt is the alleged extortionist n she has a different attorney, not lisa bloom who decided toile this ai lawsuinst kevin for $60 million. and they claim that he did this. they didn't he conspired with jackson as a plot to get morey. ich doesn't make sense, because kevin hart has plenty of publicy is sensible was not good publicity for >> and the fact that he's married m with children and i before his wife even had their .
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questioned or talkedmao this n about where this change came from? ihant this new w this much, attorney out to kevin hart's people few weeks ago, and made anas offer bally said if you give us something in the leo settle this, itvi s pele said he's aheis. b ang settlement. nobut doe wsn'thy make sense to either. >> thank you, and of course, you can catch tmz after "like it or not." ♪ . ♪ .
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ik. >>e it or not" coming up in a minute. >> saved by the bell coming backing nbc launching the brand new streaming network.
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wait unt you hear what real world hasn 2019, it willur blow mind, that's a tease. >> "like it or not" is next. ♪. ♪ .
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on "like it or not." >> he said bll right. saved the bell. saved by the bell coming back. but why? . rihanna gets texting pole call on her. to cut pizza slices?ck tang the stories on fox 5's "like it or not" here w go ontuesday. glad to have you. if you're watching us at 4:, we have the dynamic duo back he re, marina and angie. >> they let us come back. >>he 4:00 p.m. power hour, i su. >> who survived who. >> i did. >> we got a fourth chair to fill. let's fill it with people we


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