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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10:00, a plane crh leaves passengers trapped and dangling in theds w. we have t the efforts bring them to safety. plus, someone sexually assaulted a woman near t university of maryland campus. the new steps police are taking tonight. >> and. >>e told you about dozens of do living in horrible conditions at a northern virgin. in to help care for them. poured we'll have the latest on how the
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dogs are doing now and the criminal investigation. >> the news at 10:00 starts right now. we begin tonight wh a incredible survival story. a plane crash innne arundel county maryland could have had a much different outcome.od but everyb survived including two men inside. >> one of them danglinee 50 f in the air nearly two hours before being rescued from the trees. evan lambert live with the story tonight. evan. >>reporter: jim, state police say this could have been engine ure. we're not sure if the plane wki ng off or landing from here at tipton airport. what we s dow it ended up into0 trees feet into the air. we'll show you that in just a moment. here is what first responders came upon when they got to thisn e. listen. >> i have an rcraft, 40 to 50 feet up in the top of tree. two occupants, appearo be ok. one's about 20 ft off the
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ground. second is about 30 fee off the ground. >> and this is vid of that plane from sky fox. it is lodgedn upside in the tops o athe treesut 200 feet into t o woodsff maryland 198 and bald eagle drive. this is south ofe. fort me here's what it looked le from the ground during the highly ca tel rescue, officials say there were two men in the plane. state police identified them as thomas falk 55 silver spring maryland and james pa laz sa 59m of colbia maryland. one student pilot, other instructor, according to offioals. student able take it down with the help of a ladder. lower down with a rope system. these pictures taken from the howard county -- anne arundel county dartment spokesperson ee russ daviesn crashes like this before with much worse
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endings. >> due to theeyircumstance 're very fortunate. f we've hadatal crashes at tiptonnd lee rport. so i would sayn this situation they're very fortunate. shock men were taken to trauma in baltimore as a precaution, even though they had minor injuries according t officials. ntsb and the faa rather acll investigate th cause of the crash. back to you. and about an hour before that crash air china flight made emergency nding at dulles. it was on its way to beijing when experienced mechanical issues aftertake-off. fire crews at dulles ccked out th plane and they allowed it to go back to a gate. >> montgomery county is dealing with its 9th cuundonted immigrant chargedith a sex crime since late july. josue gomez-gonzalez accused of raping a f nend afterht of heavy drinking.ast judge gave option of bond. ice placed detainer on gomez-gonzalez and expected to take him into custody. tyghneoo after sexual people lie
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assault just off the university of maryland campus. "fox5" lauren demarco on the story live tonight from college park. lauren. reporter: yeah, jim. this happened just after dark last night. this is off campus neighborhood not farm college park metro station. this is college avenue right where ito dead ends int columbia avenue. a lot of sdents live here. also families.fa in , there's a playground righhere. now, tonight, detectives canvas th oea. they went do door looking fo potential witnesses looking for some sor of lead. haven't said whether victim was a student. we know she was walkinghe wn someone came up behind her around 11 -- 8:30 pgh. last t, knocked her to the groundan d sexualitily assaulted her. sky fox w over the scene. it was a large police rponse. officials say the attack lasted just a few minutes and then the suspect took off o foot in an alert the university of maryland police said he headed in direction of that playground. prince george's county police are leading the investigation.t
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have much to go on. we spoke with them and a young man wh lives right here and said, this is disturbing.>> we actually one of my roommater came in a it happened. he was on scenore the police arrive andn same i said huge police presence booutside. probablyut ten cop cars back here,hi searc for him actively. lights on aga the house for the whole night almost. making me think he may come back or walk around. >> unfortunately we don't have a description forhim. the area provide any information to assistus, please give us all ca >> that number 1-866-411-tips. >> told victim ok but did receive ondical atten today. >> someone fired a gunshot at georgia avenue petworth station.
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according to metro transit police no, witnesses no suspects no victims. still trying to d trackown shooter. >> montgomery county police tonight offering a reward to help find this man. he was caught on camera kicking in the front doo of a business in downtown sriver ng. he stole more than $600 in coins from the store onav wayne enue back in august. the man got away in older model sedan, possibly a toyota or mazda. if you recognize him, cal police. and a man is under a tonight for stealing a paddle boat at initial harbor. poce say kevin swam to a docked paddle boat the harbor, too ak itt without payi for it, paddled away inotomac and harbor unit offers caught him. >>fter officers raided northern virginia puppy mill donations poured in. following up on how the dogs are doing and howo avoid buy from a puppy mill. >> pretty horrendous and hard to take>> dogs kept in small cagesh little room t moveccording tos.
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offi 81 one of them filthy horrible injuries. one dog exposed femur bone. >> without a doubt worst i ever seen and worst animal control unit everseen. >> needing consistent medical care.>> nearly a week after fau county office raidnd arrested own ares some areri recove, some doing better than others. >> i have staff that's working overtime working their days caoff. n't get them >> devin runs the localca . she said in 60 years the facility has never been this full. whathelped, donations from across the country. >> and these are just a portion of them. been completel overwhelmed.s after arrested on felony animal cruelty charges. they have a heaatnger this
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week where we should find out if she'll fight to get dogs back. this ad posted several years ago, show lks can be deceiving. in it shere saideding terriers for 15 years and puppies spoiled rot ten. >> do your research. >> crucial breeder has a proper e and thoroughly vet puppies homearnd pents. >> if they won't let you , that red flags. if they want to meet you somewhere, won't letou see the parents won't let you see environment, not reputable breeder and not someone you want to get a dog from. >> donatio amazing so far. some of these dogs have to be cared for here for a very time. if you like to help, we have information how to do it on website back to you. the amazon career fair stretched into the evening tonight as thousands of people looking for jobsed up at the site of the h2q headquarters in
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crystal cit virginia. onne retail giant hosted massive career fair. didn't hire anyone on the spot. event opportunity to give candidates opportunity to learnt which depas will be hiring and to learnan about the comps culture. >> i mean t-would be an honor and privilege to work for amazon. it's as big as it >> definitely open up a lot of jobs a lot of opportunities for peerle and it's easy to commute to, so i think it will be great. >> amazon is hoping to hire about 400 people. a s former highool wrestling coach from our areafi details on what led to his arrest. and what would you do if you came face-to-face at home with this, mountain lionn someone's bathroom. >> and josh rosthal with recycling on northern virginia. >> one county got rid ofrb cuside glass recycling and replaced it wh this. coming up i'll tell you how it's workingout. >> news out of the tropics.
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you see humbertoere stronger. tell you how strong he is now and where he's headed in the next 24 to 36 hours. let's look at our local forecast as well. stay with us. ♪ with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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when i was diagnosed with ms, the firstwas my about i me home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress,me thcine has progressed right alongside it. trying to make medications more affordable is important thcine has progressed but if washington isn't careful we mig leave innovation behi let's fix the system the right way. and the last thing you want to lose in life is hope.
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. former montgomery county high school wrestling coach ftbehind barser arrest on child pornda charges. ke williams volunteer
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assistant coach at quince orchard high sool i gaitrsburg. >> jimetails outlined in in court documents kable and not appropate to say on tv. 28-year-old dakes willi volunteer wrestling coach at high school from 2015 to 18. he was also a star athlete when he went to the school. after searching womenom yams' he police discovered thousands of files of some of the most disturbing child pornographyn discoverrecent years. court documents say there were several videos and ytu pngic a years old engaged in sex acts with grown men a animals.n the investig actually started back in 2017. that's when u.s. customsnd border patrol agentsa interceptd suspicious package at jfk airport that was sent from germany and addressed to williams' gaithersburg apartment. investigators say it was filled with the drug mdma also known as ecstasy. in october of 2017 officersent to that apartment where they say they found drugs and drug
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whparaphernalia. and they seized his computer and hard ives, that's when they made the disturbing discovery of all that child porn. >> i couldn't believe that. he is such friend. such good man. ssince he wa a child. i knew him, he was very friendly. verygood. >> that's really disturbing to have him here at quince orchard with -- wouldn't think of it to happen . quince orchard high school sent a letr home to parents and students about williams' arrest saying his behior is extremely concerning and these charges represent a violation of our school's core values. the th are also urging anyone who may havenformation about this to contact maryland state police. it's unclear why it took two years for investigators to formally charge williams. i hes due back in court next month. all eyes now on hurricane humberto. strengthened to a category three storm tonight and expected to bring high winds and rain to bermuda.
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also potentially could cause somereeadly rip curs in parts of southeastern u.s. coast. on mgarydycgra ergosh, this -- hurricane, gary. >> i her major. really q strengthened, reauick o'clock got word it jumped up to a major. probably still strengthening now. very impressive hurricane on satellite magee. >> look how big it is. impressive eye. basically the hurricane forced winds not all that 115 is spread out over 60th miles froe center. but hurricane force winds spread 60iles from the that's ptty big hurricane. we zm in here taking on that thassic shape. e eye wall is very very strong. and it seems to be getng a little bit more symmetrical, meaningtirobably sll in a strengthening phas per mud da is right over here,
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bermuda right now is u a hur obviously therm is over 400 miles to wes and southwest of bermuda. very important. couple things to note movement a little more to north and northwest, bermuda is o of the cone of uncertainty. that's good. hopefully this hurricane will stay on track far enough away to keephat core of hurricane winds offshore. stilgoingo get a lot ofur rough sf here. storm surge is one to three feet, so there will be some flooding. definitely getting storm forced wins maybe 50 to 60 miles per hour. gusting a could be a little higher than that. as it makes its pass, it is getting faster. very fast pass on bermuda. hopefully indeed stays nor and northwest before it heads off to sea and we won't have t worry about this any more. obviously once it moves up in cooleraters it will weaken quite rapidly as it heads off
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across the atlaic. local forecast does call for very very nice temperatures next few days. i'll have that coming up in just a bit. a guys. ll right now to "fox5" update. back in may arlinon county asks residents to stop putting and instead take to designated drop-off center. >> josh rosenthal at one of two drop-off sites. apparently the plan is working. >> get this guys so far arlington county residents like this gentleman, put 200 tons of glass in big pple dumpsters, 200 tons otherwise wouldn't have beenre cled at all. >> is curbside obviously much more convenient, so i miss it but i want to be able trecycle my glass so i'll do whaver it takes. >> here's the deal, arlington stoppede cur glass recycling largely because it was costing the county money. the glass residents thought
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putting into bins to be recycled it wasn't. it was going to landfills. that is why the cnty made the change. ass in this these purple dumpsters is actuallying recycle and nowdea used all over ni northern va with purple drop-off locations here inng arlin, alexandria fairfax county and in prince william county, too. >> i would say that the 200 ton that collected in next several months indicative people heard it understand it and acting accordingly. >> with wor sd outo well about to add another three drop-off locates throughout the county. announcement and specific locations should be coming down soon. >> guys. >>♪. told to wait for the music. >> ♪on. 't you love it, jim? so lovely. >> the experts are saying it's going tonge a boomi shopping season this holiday. rise up 5 from november to january bringing in 1.1 trillion dollars in salesa tha lot of ugly
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sweaters largely because of healthy labor market. >> speaking of holidays company in uk selling a sparkling advenl counter,ete with 24 bottles of perry sec co. .. stores across the bond.lable in- shipped to u.s. by december, $155 price tag. >> only 155 for the wholex. >> a little tube, not a full bottle. a little sampler.>> i think lika bad deal. one for u, one or husband. >> or all for me. i'll invite guests over. >>you can come jim. taking your smartphone with you everywhere, may come with uninteed consequence, tell you thdirty truth aboutde your vice. >> death due to vaping. new p by leaders acros the
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county and our higion. >>ngton monument expected to reopenhis week. look at monument tonight, crews renovatingnd upgrading security system. thursday 9 a.m.n to public we'll be right back. ♪
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newso . a contentious hearing on capitol hill today as house jusp committee openeachment investigation of the president. former campaign c managerorey lewandowski first witness saying refused to answer questions omying he wouldn'tment on private conversations he had with a president. elected officls like yourself concentrated efforts to comba true crisis affecting the country. >> will not disclose the suggestions of any discussions with the president.nd
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>> white house new a dangerous here row, kroen knee priv wege. >> lewandowski never served in the white house admittedar during theing president did ask him to deliver a message to former attorney general jeff sessions asking for lewandowski to tell sessions to endusal and oversee the russia investigation. democrats sayequest shows he tried to obstruct the investigation. >> there was another vaping h. related deat this time in california which brings total number of death related to vaping and e-cigs to 7. news prompted california to governor gavin newsome said state spend 20 m dlionlars to combat the dangersf vaping. >> public should see swell o ads and campaigns that really target schools familych parents dren directly about the risks of vaping. >> you don't have bubble gum flavored mango flavored tobacco products unless you're trying to target an audience you were losing. that's young people. >> calinornia's goverr also
10:26 pm
signedt executive order tha requires stores who sell ving products to post warnings about health risks. meantime closer to homedc t councilmember vincenray introduced newla ltion ban vape and e-cigarette sales in dc without adoctor's prescription. >> targeting signs of facebook and youtube as new ways to ilgally sell steroids. the digitals cit alliance said drugs market and posts instagramnd twitter. simple srch terms human growth hormone. the question is whether social media countries doing enough to policent illegal c on smart el sites. > c phones likely to get pretty dirty. studies found the surface of a smartphone can have ten times as mua bac as a toilet seat. doctors said you should clean m your phonee often. another way to minimize risk of spreading germs not take it out as much especiall when eating or using the. restroom
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phone habitsre topic of "fox5" instapoll tonight. do you usen smartphone the restroom. yeah we want to know. right now 57 percent of you t admio doing that. 43 percent of you say no. >> i would say a good 27 percent of that 43 percent are lying. >> you guys know you take it in restroom with you. vote online and "fox5" app. >> yeah, i think it's skewed a little bit. it's anonymous wkn won't ow. >> go for it. >> go to the bathroom phone with you and vote. >> there you go. >> comedian kin hart slapped with a 60 millionollar lawsuit over an alleged sex peta >> and u.s. that's right, navy makes a stunning admission concerning a couple of ufos than were captu video. >> ♪ ♪
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. we are back now a10:0030 fox5 newsroom with big stories.
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start with evan lambert and latest on plane crash in anne arundel county. evan. >> shawn, two men who were in le.t plane are able to tellta t according to officials this crash happen around six o'clo just south of fort meade near the tipton airport of the unclear whether taking off or landing. the plane ended upside down in trees 200 feet into the woods. taken to shock trauma in baltimore as a precaution. the faa and ntsb will investigate the exact cause of the crash. state police say itay have been engine failure. lauren. >>reporter: police are asking for help fm the public after alleged seal assault. it happened right here last night just off campus at the university of maryland. this is college avenue and columbia avenue. now, take alilook. ce were canvassing this neighbhood today looking for any witnesses. they say a woman was walking ina threa last night when someone knocked her dow from behind and sexualitily assaulted
10:31 pm
her then took off on foan. yone with information is urged to contact prince george's countyolice. shawn. >> we lost legendary broadcaster today, abc news reporter and cokie rd erts die from complications of breast cancer. she was trailblazer and fixture in washington. grew up in the area and attended stone ridge school in bethesda. cokie roberts was 75 years old. >> dc council considering legislation to limit people's ability to use legal defense known a gay panic.hi council chairl mendelsohn introduced bilai andd he'll push for passage. marina maracco here with more. >> thi type of def strategy around for years. c now the cityouncil wants to put a stop to it. some defendants charged with violentin crime aga gay or transgenderple claim paincked after learn victim gay ortrans. phil mendelsohn says this type of defense is unacceptable and introduced sexual orientation
10:32 pm
and general dee identity prohibition act. limit the abilityf defendant to claim gay pic even if vict made unwanted or sexual advae toward the defendant. >> o multiple actf violence in theistrict adjacent to the district against transgender individual a piece ofthis. we know that for years t have been individuals who have been accused o assaulting even murdering other peopl who - the victims being gay or transgender and the claim that y panicked. >> chairman mendelsohn served on city council since 1998. helped legalize same sexma iage in the district in 2009.if dc law is passed distrit join california washington state road island and nevada with gay panic defen bans in place. >> star power in the district. tor and comedian keen men
10:33 pm
thompson joined mayor bowser to celefate opening global ever fi he had hart kwaers. expected to spe next decade in the district. >> also in the dirict today actor nick cannon joined mayor bowser and kicked off social justiceourse called inside out. ten week artsoc an sial justice course at department of youth rehabilitation services. cannon w teach the course along with howard university professor. turned into a e.olumbia it be the 5151 commission supporting pthe effort. it's on martin luther king avenue in northeast. concert and rally set thursday night on national .wa paillntin g at 15th and u paying e tteemcoriurt ruth ba
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ginsbu >> features her wearing robe. serves 26 years and recently t m t heive more.serve on >> go time top seat twash wash mystics began ptseason wnba run tonight. guess what. yes. wire.y wentht down to the mystics beet the lasegas a -95t brand new arena in congresss. he now take a one game lead in the best of five series. we caught up with some fans ri ng the game tonig. >> i'm very confident andy' thinkll make it past every other team >> it's a good thing. i get to come out extended seon and bring southeast some >> representing dc. >> fridge inwomen power congratulations. >> super stoked. excited to see them go all the
10:35 pm
way. >> that's what wedo. >> go mystics. >> reach thes f first time in franchise history last year, seattle storm swept the team. not happeng that wayhis time around. nextame this series thursday night certainly wis them well. >> young girl there love o see want her to see dc first title in her life theywin, it be mystics. >> that would be awesome. yes, yeseeed something like that. yes we do. >> coming florida looki for dare devils to deal with serious ithering situation. >> tell you what happen to circling shark. oh, my goodness. first, gary today's cool dn fel. >> didn't it. we werehe in t 20s. evening forecast. are going to be dropping down through the 60s actually that's not what i wanted to show you. i wante to show you bus stop forecast. for some reason it jumped say this, c for the kiddos tomorrow morning when they get
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off to school. i'll have the bus stop forecast and much much morep coming in just a sec. stay with us in a country hungry for unity,
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tgi fridays. z3g2zz z1jnz
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y3g2zy y1jny . to always close the door behind you. homeowner in california left theirs ope and mountain lioned wa right on in. yeah. the person got out safely butan the cat and hid in upstairs bathroom. police and wildlife officers te ted upo chase the animal out of the window down a ladder back into the wild. >> meanwhile in australia a drone captured moment a large shark swamp to a surfer sunday. you might be able to see it circling the surferthere. pilot able to alert the surfer.
10:40 pm
shark was spookedmm by swier swimming back to theac h. drone buy lot routine runs shark patrols in the hopes of keeping swimmers safe. >> american woman now the fir person ever to swim the english channel four times consecutively. sarah thomas swam 0 hours. took her 54 hours, 54 straight hours. started marathon womenunday morning finished today. struggled a bit at theend. still had energy to do interview after she got out of the water. >> congratulations sarah. >> well done sarah. awesome. epic. epic swim. >>. >> sarah, you must feel ecstatic. >> i feel a little sick. >> a little sick i'm not surprise you're still eating. >> been a while since i had something. >> eating m&msy the way. >> been a while since she's had th. >> one of m&ms will call her.
10:41 pm
>> thomas breast cancer survivod fi treatment last year did the swim in honor of other cancer survivors. >> amazing. >> goodness gracious energy. >> get her endorsem pt. >> collegea for beer money goes viral. >> received thousands of dollars in donations. what he did withhe money that's getting all the attention. >> and a young manhowing his patriotism caught o camera. >> speaking of bei patriotic. oowashington monument livk at it tonight. set to reopen tlio pc this week. undergoing renovations now more than three years. monument will reopen thursday at 9 a.m. we'll beight back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. actor and comedianevin hart is facing a 60 milli dollar lawsuit stem frk a txuality scandal. negligence, infliction of em iional distress andasion of privacy. altied to a sex tape featuring the two that was uploaded to the intersection back i 2017. now, the woman says ever since it has led to lier. about the lawsuit accuses hart's friend jonathan jackson of secrr
10:46 pm
in lasegas hotel room without hor knowledge. l operators marriott, black stone, cossoll tan also named in the suit for negligently intentionally allows jackson so get inside of the rtroom. hat the time seen victim. she say she wasn't going to sueo him. things havechanged. >> we know this from people's in kevin's world, n attorney reached out to kevin me an offer basically said if you give us something in the low 6 figures settle this, it all goes away. >> well, she says through that lawsuit, she thinkshe video was released just before hart's irresponsible tour to help generate publicity. no f commentrom hart about that lawsuit. back to you. >> long time jeopardy host b al eck undergo chemotherapy. doctors made decision after lost
10:47 pm
pounds in a week and numbers wentup. stage four cancer back in march. plans to keep hosting jeopardy through process. >> anthony bourdain won emmy aparts for parts unknown. outstanding writing for non-fiction program and outstanding informational series or specia s finaleason of parts unknownar aped almost a year ago more than t months after bourdain died by suicide in france. >> helping child victims of physical and sexual abuse heal. look inside facilities where theyhr help childrenough art and creative play. this thursday "fox5" dc cares teaming up with safe shores to lp make impact on our community. >> the realitys impact on our world, on our community of not protecting children of not keeping their bodies and their spirits safe, that's the mos fundamental thing we can do. that's ourth job, at's why we're
10:48 pm
here on the planet, is to take care of one another. >> invite you tousoin , stop by and mt somefox5" thursday all day. help and text row to number on screen. checkout websiteor more ways to get involved. >> key to it, power, go back power and patience a patience. yone-two count. >> mad used to have one when i was little i used to play on it. that's about it. >> if y go down take part power patnce and tience. >> thank you jim. >> hard to complain about the weather lately. a lot of sun and warm temperatures. people find some reason to complain about soething. >> if you h patience and patience. avgary mcgrady will forecast in ten seconds. >>. >> how about th? we told you it would cool off today and it
10:49 pm
did. we only made it in the lower 80s instead of t low 90 dulles was 80. reagan 82.ll bwi ma 82 as well. and we had cloudsor this mng and then sunshine in the wi th the sunshine that's actually warmed us up in the low 308s. morrow morning for the kiddos i promise you this, right, 55 to so we're 55 i the suburbs. we're about 65 or so here in a town. pretty chilly start. a couple clouds in the afternoon. we're only going to warm up tomorrow in mid to upper 70s the way it's lking right w. 73 in town. temperatures keep on cooling. wheaton 66. columbia clille up there in howard county the 656789 frederick is 66 lots o 60s already out there. look at winchester dropping in lower 60s. you guys may actually, could be a couple spots overnht tonight that actually drop to 48 or 49.o t necessarily everywhere out in theos suburbst of you will stay low t mid-50s.
10:50 pm
just a couple spots tonight. if t not tonigorrow night good possibility as well. see the clouds these are clouds off major hurricane humberto. clearing out phere,ushing all the clouds down to the south. lower to mid-50s out in the suburbs. 78 for a high temperature in the citytomorrow. will be some spots that actually struggle to get out of the mid 70s. even with full sunshine tomorrow it's gonna be cooler than w t we hadtoday. all of a sudden the he, tropics have gotten busy.ep tropical dression ten way out here. thne will become a hurrica eventually. now at eight o'clock tonight, hurricane center fou humberto's winds had come up to 115 miles per hour, mak it a major h hurricane oere offshore obviously the et coast and just to the west of bermuda. about 400 miles or so to the west of b there's bermuda right there. hurricane warning in place for
10:51 pm
entire island now. track of the storm will kp humberto a little bit north and northwest of bermuda, hopefully, nr enough to theth that it will keep it out of the hurricane ford winds. tropical stormeralda formed and made landfall in texas this afternoon. a lot of rain down there. 6, 7, 8 inchesde wiread. some places could get a foot or more befor said and done in eastern texas. high pressure start off cool, nny and dry. stay sunny, stay dry. temperatures tomorrow all the sunshine, again,ll the way up into mid 70, upper 70s about it. cooler thursday, cooler air comes in and reinforces us, it . especially i the suburbs thursday morning. cool start for us tomorrow. we plan things right into the upper 70s. lots of sunshine seven-day forecast looks this. a nice fall break emperatures c. warm up into
10:52 pm
the. by the weekend touching 90 degrees again. >> all right. do you feel in ufos gary. >> i do, actually. >> then you wanto pay attention to this. ifve in bel ie yufos, you're not alone. for the first time navy is adtting videos exist show unidentified objects flying in the sky. new york times releaseds video 2017. navy confirm fighter pilots captured images of unexplained objects in november of2004. twice in januaryf 2015. president trump has been bried about reported sights. he reportedly remains skeptical about existee of ufos. >> we're not alone. >> no we'renot. >> not alone down there in florida either. take a look.r florida doubling the of snake hunters tp step u python elimination program. more than 1,000 people applied for 25 new spo last week. pythonsasive species in ever blades.
10:53 pm
hunters captured more than 2500 pythons since program began. >> catching less pie thanes than last year. catching smaller pythons than iy was lastear and i feel we are controlling the spread. >> make minimum wage, $50ounty each snake and additional 25 each about foureet inlength. >> airbnb in key largo florida, one bedroom barrel boathouse probably goodf you want to go fishing. bare bones amenities. barbecue on the boat. plenty of bathels important for that purpose. shower curtain. good news. 110 bucks a night for one or twt people. >> each his own gonna pass on that. >> alsg trendin man plea for beer money into a goode . see the iowa state student holding up sign. in the background of college
10:54 pm
game day broadcast sign addressed to mom. see venmo. all righ apparently viewers decided to donate. than $11,000.std raised ead of throwing a party he said he's gonna buy one case of beer and donate the restf the money to univeityf o childrensp ho.ital children's hospital right outside the stadium. uring the game, usually third quarter tell-all the fans in the stadium to turn over and wave to all the kids in the hospital. pretty cool.>>back. >> a pretty new tradition. >> great way to give that money back. >> absolutely it is. u news at 11:00 comip in a couple minutes. >> sarah simons in the newsroom with the run down. sarah.>> pro baseball player wh once part of the national organization is in big trouble we're gonna tell who it is and what he is accused of next at 11:00. plus more action tonight agains. vaping what local and national leaderso are doing t combat this crisis.n
10:55 pm
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ol because beyond technogy... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond thexpected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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. to the united states of america. >> virginia familynstalled a doorbell camera to cap a flag vandal instead captured this threyear-old in pajamas citing prejudice of allegiance. he was upset to the damage to the ag. >> boys wanted to sell bikes t pay for christmasifts an xbox and dirt thieves stole the bikes. brothers been through a lot, moth killed last year. family on limited income.
10:59 pm
bikes stolen likely meanto christmas. instead christmas come early with the hp from kansas city man. >> i forgot. somebody gave me s give to you. >> oh, my god. >> now the man that bought you that is watching what would like to say to him. >> thank you. i don'rknow how i could eve repay you. >> it's -- it's awesome. >> same anonymous man gave grandma money to helpet the other brother a brand new dirt bike. see you on "the final 5" at 11:30. shawn andit sir are wh more news after this "fox5" breakthrough
11:00 pm
. right now at 11:00, aough landing. >> i would think in this circumstance they're veryrt foate. >> two people are recovering after the plane t were in crashed into the woods. now we know what may have caused the plane to go>> down. plus the search is on for a a sexussault suspect. the crime happening near a local college campus, now students are on edge. >> and selling out. alex ovechkin's limited edition cereal already a hit in local stores. soon may be hard t get your hands on it.


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