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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00, aough landing. >> i would think in this circumstance they're veryrt foate. >> two people are recovering after the plane t were in crashed into the woods. now we know what may have caused the plane to go>> down. plus the search is on for a a sexussault suspect. the crime happening near a local college campus, now students are on edge. >> and selling out. alex ovechkin's limited edition cereal already a hit in local stores. soon may be hard t get your hands on it.
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news a11:00 starts now. off the top at 11 it's the kind of survival story you'd be telling for years to come. a small plane crashed upside down in the woods in anne arundel count marylan today. two men made it out alive dangling 50 feet in the air. >> it happened right near fort meade and tipton airport. fox5's evan lamb ct live in maryity tonight with the evan.t. >>reporter guys state police say it may have been engine failure. we know that thatlane ended up into trees 50eet in the air. it's unclear whether it was taking off or landing here a tipton airport. we'll show you that in just a moment. but here is wt officials found when they first g here. listen. >> i have an aircraft 40 to 50 feet up in the top of the tree. have two ocpants. appear to be ground.'sut 20 foot off the second is about 30 feet off the ground. thatnd here's video of
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plane from sky fox. it is lodd upsideown in the tops of the tes about 200 feet into the woods off maryland 198 and bald eagle drive. this is just south of fort meade. here's what it looked like from the grnd during the highly technical rescue.s officiy there were two men in the pplane. stateice identifying them as thomas falling.g f55 o maryland and of columbia maryland. one student pilot the other instructor. student able to make it down with help of the ladder. instructor had to lowered down with a rope system. these pictures taken by the howard county fire department, annerundel fire department spok he's seen crashes like this before tt had much worse endings. >> i would think in this circumstances they're very fortunate. f we've hadatal crashes at tipton and lee airport. so i would say in this situation
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they're vy fortunate. >> men taken to shock trauma up in baltimore as precaution even ough they had mild injuries. fa and ntsb will investigate e exact cause of this plane crash. back to you. >> that crash in maryland city today comesess than a week from another small plane crash in our area. just last thursda small plane hit a car on route 50 in bowie. investigators bieve the plane was trying to take-off from nearby freeway airport. also in this case no one in the plane or the car was seriously hurt. new tonight, the defense attorney for the manccused of planning a terrorist attack at national harbor wants his client to undergo court ordered psych exam. rondell henry wantsne to determi if his client i mentally compet.t to stand trial he's accused of stealing u haul virginia, parking national harbor and told police plans to use the van to run over
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pedestrians similar to deadly attack in east france. >> new concerns from neighbors in prince george's county after woman sexually assaulted in university of marylandcampus. lauren demarco live in college park with the latest. lauren. >>porter: shawn, this happened just after dark last night. in an area just off campus. this college avenue at columbia avenue. not far from the metro station. a lot of families liv in this neighborhood, along with students, in fact, there is a playground right here. tonight police office canvas the areaooking for witnesses going dooro door looking for i lead. victims student. we know someone came up behind her around 8:30 p.m. knocked her to the ground and sexually assated her. scenfox was over the it was a large police presence.t officials sahe attack lasted just a few minutes. in an alert university of t. maland said he headedn the direction of that playground. prince george's county police t
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leading investigation. they say right now theyon't ha much to go on. spoke with them and young man who lives right here who says this is all very disturbing. ilentssaw the police actually when roommates came in after itha ppened. he was on scene before the police arved. eand he came in and said police presenceutside. probably about ten cop cars back re searching for himel ay. lights on against the house think he woue back or walkme om around. >> we don't have a description on him. asking you i audief anyone in the area that can provide us any information that can assist us, please give us a call. >> that numberti1-866-411-. and as far as the victim we're told she is doing ok. she did receive some medical attention today.o bayou in the studio. new at 11, a two time baseball all-star who spent two years witat washington nnal accused of sex crimesnvolving a minor. felipe vasquez facing a felony
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count of soliciting a child. police accused 28-year-old starting a relationship with th. imhe could face prison t if convicted of thehaes. vaz questions spent 2015 and 16 in the natsbullpen. >> someone fired a gun arod geo. metro transit pice say no victims suspects or victim still trying to track down shooter. >> now to the fight against vaping. dc councilmember vin dent gray today introduced new legislation to ban vape and e-cigarette sales in the district without descriptn. >> new york bned flavore bannedtr >> trump adminisation announced upcoming ban on flavo. several deathand hundreds of
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cases of lung illnesses connected to vaping products. specific particles in e-cigs thought to damage air vessels an lungs. looking into counterfeit thc eoils behind some of th sicknesses. >> montgomery county dealing with ninth undocunted immiant charged with a sexe crim since late july. josue gomez-gonzalez charged au with asslting friend. >> he had at odds with county about release of immigrants once bond out. >>re wling coach facing several cnts possessing child porn. dake williamsormer volunteer assistant coach at quince orchard high schooga in hersburg. investigators found thousands of disturbi pictures showing girls as young as three engaged in sex acts. >> 80,000 kaiser permanent pworkers could hiticket lines in october. back and forth negotiations more
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than a year now. tionwide in maryland, virginian andtr dt. union representing workers accused kaiser permanent raising career fair and tusands of d aho spotty vent is intended to give candidates an opportunity to learn about which departments will be hiring and to learn about the company'se. cu amazon is hoping to hire about 400 people. county's executive attempts to bring amazon fulfillmententer to county, afterzo ama cancelled plans to build masve warehouse inty prince george's . mark elrich reached out to land the project. despite hesitation,ounty now says support what could be major economic boost for the county.s
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>> coming up n of local paperti shut down did not sit well with loyal readers. how stepping in to help those most affected by the shutdown. plus. >> we told you aboutozens of dogs living inorrible conditions at northern virginia puppy mi since then, donations have ured in to help care for them. we'll have the latest on how the dogs are diddingow and cr investigation. >> another major hurricane out there, humberto jumped to category three, winds 1 miles per hour. becoming a bit of a monster out here in atlantic. just about 400 miles to theest of bermuda.rn hurricane waing in place for that tiny island. hopefully humberto stays far enough away from bermuda and it doesn't get these hurricane forced winds up to 100115 miles per hour. local forecast is coming up stay with us. andg cominp on "the final 5," i protestersn california
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hoping the president gets a glimpse of them during histh tr ere for fundraisers. but thehite house and trump campaign trying to keep his itinerary under wraps. catch "the final 5" tonight at 11:30. i have thr kids, i work from ho we are all on the internet at the same time.e
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. ever since law enforcement raided northern virginia pup mee mill donations havel powered in to h care for 18 dogs rescued. fauquier county officials called it worse animal abuse case ever seen. lindsay watts update on dog and how you can avoibuying from a pu mill. >> pretty horrendous and hard to take. >> dogs kept in small cages with little room to move according to officials. 81 of them s filtome with horrible injuries. one dog had exposed femurbone. >> without a doubt the worse i've ever seen and i think the worst animal controlevnit has er seen. >> they've been needing consistent medical care. >> nearly a week after fauquier county sheriff's office arrested
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ownersnd rescued animals, dogs recovering, some better than others. >> i think you found you. >> this is mine right here she's sweetheart. >> i have a staff wking overtime working days f. i can't get the to go home. >> devin settle runs local spca said in 60 years facility never this full. at's helped donations across the couny. >> this is just portion of on them. irally the post office has been completely overwhelmed. >> these two people posted bond after arrested on felony animal cruelty charges. they have a hearing later this sweek where wehould find out if they'll fight to get their dogs back. this ad they posd several years ag shows how looks can be deceiving n. it, the woman says she's been breeding terriers for 15 years and puppies spoiled rotten. >> it's crucialake sure esearch. breeder had as a proper license and thoroughly vet a puppy's
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home and parents. >> if they won't let you do that, there's red flags. if they want to meet youer e, if they won't let you see the parents won't let you see environment, then they are not a reputable breer and not someone you want to get a dog from. >> donations have been amazing so far, but somef these dogs are gonna he to be car ford here for a very long time. if you'd like to help, we have information on how to do it on website back to you. all right. let's shift gears now to the weather. there are three tmspical s we are tracking down. hurricane humberto off in atlantic, tropical storm esmerald off the g cfoast and depression could strengthen to hurricane. gary tracking all of us. are you busy enough gary. >> what's really gng on. i nt to zoom in quickly. i mentioned ear uer humbertop to category three.le 115 s per hour. another major hurricane out in
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atlantic. was.too far from where dorian mber that a couple weeks ago. prsure down to 951. dropped pretty rapidly between five o'clock this evening and eight o'clock this eveng when indeed the flight out there,rr huicane flight found that the wind come up to115 miles per hourll hopefully he' stay just a little bit fartsh enough offore from bermuda, even though a hurricane warning for bermuda, i think keep most of the hurricane forced wins off the island. here's esmeralda kind of storms, tropical storm over sheaves short text ago.x, so si eight inches the rain, areaide for southeast texas. d done.ot of rain beforan said >> dry and well below normal for september. continue at this ete, maynd up one of driess september on record. hofully at some point get rain coming our way.
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not anytime soon. high pressure bui in. clearing skies low teures out there. check this out, down i the low 50s, maybe a couple upper 40s. i think low 60s here in town tonight. 53 for gaithersburg. 54 frederick. you get the rrow mornet sdeom. ahing even with lots of sunshine tomorrowat temperes jump up in upper 70s.y some places staow to mid 70s. leonardtown 73. annapolis 76. out west anywhere between 75 and 77egrees or so. the fronte has com through. this front is trying to push t air in from the north and northeast. a little bit diffeent than where normally get the cooler air. get the gist of it in cooler refreshing air mass stays in place a few. days tomorrow in the 70s. get to thursday, only going to be in the mid 70s. thursday than what we're gonna be for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. we will warm back up.e weekend features temperatures in the upper 80s to
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right around 90 degrees or so. humberto move offhe nortt. high pressure down mid-atlantic. we stay high and dry several right on through the weekend. t'maybes going to be monday, ounext chance of rainfall around here. tonight 62 witkiclear s nice morrow high temperature, upper 70s beautiful day. winds out of the north east at five ten. couple clouds in the afternoon. for the most part, i think s mounny is a good way to say it for tomorrow. thursday. get a little cooler on nice f day. fall feel fall doesn't sta tillmonday. six days away. 75 thursday. 82 friday, still great. saturday. that's not bad and we're back up to 90 degreesor sunday and for monday. >> thank you gary. >> yes. >> when a child is sexually abused trauma they live through can be devastating. getting treatment to hea the
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anger, shame and depression that come with the abuse is critical. that's why "fox5" dc care teaming up with safe shores child ahtocacy center r here in the districtcto help p all children. >> the reality is the o impactn our world on our community of not protecting children, of note keepingir bodies and their spirits safe that the most fundamental thing we can do. that's our job. w that's we're here on the planet is to take care of one another. >> on thtsday, you can some of your "fox5" favorites because we will be live all day long workingut and learning more about helping kidsheal. do you not have to wait until the event. text the word row to the number on your screen to donate now and checkout web site more how you can get involve. >>e new york city polic detective received honor. luis alvarez family presented with key to the city. he died in june after lost
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battle with colorectal cancer blamed ill onnen the months spent digging in ground zero. to entire family you shared lou with this city, shared him in a way that we will never forget. he made this a better place. >> there were many lou falvare thatght for the men and women and the citizensf this city. >> even though he s very sick you marecall al have rez came to washington dc over the summer to urge congress to pass 9/11 victims compensation fund. in july, congress renewed fund through 2090. >> pioneer in broadcast journalism. remembering the life andee car of abc analyst cokie roberts who died today from complication of breast cancer.he she was fixture re in washington. roberts came from a political family, both parents served in
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congress. she graduated from stone ridge school ofrt sacred in bethesda and cut her i journali teeth radio. first job cbs radio before switching to televisally cokie roberts was 75 years old when i was diagnosed with ms, the firsthing i thought about
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wa. i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress, the medicine has progressed right alongside . trying ao make medications ffordable is important, but if washington isn't careful we milet's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose ilife is hope.
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. now at 11 tonight.ys da after express washington post fre daily newspaper shutdown someormer readers pitching in to help the people who used to distribute express. josh rosenthal slows u growing good will efforts. >> whack up toetro stop and you'll see signs like this. they have actuallyttracted so much attention and so many donations organizers now have even bigger goal in mind. >>♪. a busy metro stop has lt one of its regulars. >> ♪ .or >> f lost five years this is
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where 65 year oldasan has handed out copie of the express every weekday morning. that is until last thursday when heot the news he says from that sday' paper. >> i didn't know anything. was really hard. >> but unbeknownst h toim aaron had his back, posting these signs urging people to donate to gofundme page she set up on his behalf looking to help him out. >> calls me outhen sister beats me to the metro. high fives me when i beat her. >> sisters not alone. not only money pouring in get a load of comments, rain or shine t or cold hasan there to greet up. past three years mornings started bigmile and hello from thank you forng my first smile every mo ming. ade my day every day. person after person just keep sending them in. >> means a lot to community, very obviou >> fundraiser so successful, actually started another one
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this time hoping to raise 75 grand or roughly$1,000 for eh of the hawkers like hasan use to handout express. >> american people, they are t best people in the wod. they have kind heart. they rea out to the whole world.i wish everybody in the w was like them. >> want to take a look at gofundme campaigns we have posted links guys back to you. >> go time for the top seeded washington mystics. team beganostseason wnba run wtonight. it down to the wir mystics beat l vegas aces 97-95 at new arena congress heights to take one game the best of five series. m >>ystics reached finals first time in franchise history last year. seattle storm swept them. next game in the series thursday night. coming backor you. >> double the love for caps star
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alex ovechkin, not only is it his birthday giant grory stores released boxes of kf breat cereal. giant reported selling o at som. more boxes were on the way. we're told. proceeds from sales of the cereal will benefit children's cancer foundation. >> some of our people here already eating the cereal up. >> really. >> don't want to save it. >> meg. up next, supporting a mom to be during several hours of labor. >> show you the sweet way her d husband comfor his wife .l the way throug we'll be right back. ♪
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. >> after 2 days of labor, georgia man tried to comfort wife with these messages and they've gone viral. held upou encgingfo messar wonderingful made andl meat.
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it worked. jasmine delivered healthy baby girl. >> do you thhek during that lp me i'm in pain what are you doing. >> yes, she was. >> final 5 is next
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. >> coming up final 5 lawmakers weren't too thrilled with cor lewandowski. president loved his performance. trump 2020 campaign making millions fromandful of fundraising events president is attending in calirnia. wants to solve the homesness crisis thinks it's - sgrsh. worse poll numbersome states and two candidates pulling away. >> ♪ ♪. >> ♪ . >> i made it justn time. this show is usually hot on the web right. if you ever wondered what literally hostile witness looks like i think forme


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