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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 17, 2019 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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. >> coming up final 5 lawmakers weren't too thrilled with cor lewandowski. president loved his performance. trump 2020 campaign making millions fromandful of fundraising events president is attending in calirnia. wants to solve the homesness crisis thinks it's - sgrsh. worse poll numbersome states and two candidates pulling away. >> ♪ ♪. >> ♪ . >> i made it justn time. this show is usually hot on the web right. if you ever wondered what literally hostile witness looks like i think t formerrump
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campaign corey lewandowski did a etty dam good jobf showing it today. called to testify in front of e.use judiciary committe part of impeachment don't call it that impeachment yet investigation. ite house has to answer the wh questionbeyond information disclosed in mueller report. here's the thing. lewandowski neverorked for the white they ever no authority to direct him on what to say. he did work for now former candidate trump, now president trump. he was campaign manager january 2015 uil fires june of 2016. white hoineg to invoke il executive prive over lewandowski from the time on the campaign. since hell occasiona consulted wi president to takeoffs. to give you idea how it went, eric swole well asking lewandowski to read words. >> can you read what you wrote down. >> i'm happy to have you read it congssman. >> why don't want to read it
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mr. lewandowski. >> i think you should afford me the same privilege youfforded director mueller. >> would you like to rea it. >> you're welcome to read it. >> are you ashamed the words. >> president swole well i'm happy with what i've written. you're happy to read it if you like. >> get a shot in. >> message lewandowski dictated from p president wanted him to deliver to then attorney jeff sessions. the message how unfair the reverse course andunrecuse ns himself so he could oversee it agevn. lewandowski saider delivered the message to sessions not because he thought anythingng wrong with so. >> i didn't think the president asked me to do anything illegal. >> you didn't think bt would n illegal for you to ask mr. sessions to drop thend investigation ao just go on to future presidents and omit erything with this president go ollie ollie end free start th the next one colluding withu
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russia. didn't think that was illegal to be instruct justice. >> i didn't think the president illegally. >> wanted to know message on u and up if so why lewandowski >>ver delivered it. is explanation on vacation and kids priority. added wanted to give sessions face-to-face. never material lied after sellion cance aub meeting. >>licans arguing no need for him to be there. gop congressman doug collins scolded democrats saying ignoring r fl issuerom mueller report they should be focused on. >> only real thing we agree on mueller report foreign influence from ssia. where's the bill. where's the bill. where's waldo. where's the bill. don't do anything about it. t o talk about because we think it makes president look bad. that's implication giving for two years. >> i realize gives him a good soundbite. thing is house democrats did have election security bill.
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passed it in june. now because lewandowskirefused to answer so many questions to youed, judiciary chair jerry adler wants to hold him in contempt. good luck with that. president tru on the road caught lewandowski'e imony. big fan. tweeted suc a beautiful opening statement by corey lewandowski. thank you corey. presiden i spending the nn california. earlier today he left new mexico where he rallied last night and headed to cali for several fundraisers. because a couple people in california aret the biggest fans of the president. know one fundraiser in bay area. from motorcade. get a glimpse even broug baby trump balloon and trump chicken balloon for occasion. even though attending afundraisers in californi expected to raise upwllds of 15 min dollars demonstrators want him tel know theyieve >> i'm clearly again trumtate.
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i'm against his lies his -- there's so many things people can me can't come up with them. the lies the sal to help with guns. the immigration, what else am i missing? global warming. >> trump is not welcome in california. is violated so many of our standards our morals and has been destroying fedal government by just making it soh inept. >> federal government was nevernept until the trump administration. right. now this is careful and secretive white house is being n't confirm locations. guests for fundraiser weren't told where to go until themi la om secondaryno location.led in ell phones allowed. also holding fundraiser in la. kind of surprised feel comfortable in either city wwh ho horrible he said they are. >> wha they are doing to our
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beautiful california is a disg to our country. it's a shame. the world is looking at it, look atlas and less with t tents and the horrible, horrible disgusting iconditions. >>s like look at what's happening,ak san francisco, t a and gonna have to step in and do something aboutt because we can't allow that to happen to ourreat cities. cis angeles is a great , president once again took aim at california homelessness probled when he lin california. views as problem primarily from being a realstate developer. part of the president's quote, according to white house pool. said this,eoe have pe living in best b highwaysest streets best entrances to buildings and pay tremendous taxes, people in the building pay trendous taxes went to locations of prestige, dl of a tents hundreds and hundreds of tents
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people living at entrance of office building and want to leave. talking to hud sec about the problem. asked governor newsome to g approve housin vouchers. >> asked for increase in value of vouchers to hlp people dea with rising rents. state officials in california uh against the trump wouse over auto e motions. expected to formally evoke california's authority to set emissions rules stricter than standards. >> that would we outie limb >> trump arg u.s. shouldn't worry about plugses because other countries also pollute. >> what ar t gonna do about china and india and russia? and other countries that are spewing stuff, what wee doing about them. >> we'll keep our suit nice and clean. you know, the universe is to
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big. that when you talk about china, u.s.a., india, talk about these different places wotre a l of bad stuff comes out. right. it's so big that it'sight next to each other. >> only if we can get india and china and all the other countries in the world to come together and get-together for some agreement to work on as lowering greenhous emissions together that might help. like that, it's president ghump, ri >> all right. check in on the 2020 democrats who are competing on so you think you can be potus. seve new polls out today rayi raising majorey rows, poll has biden in the lead 31 percent: not too far behind 25 percent. five and six points picked up respectively since last in july. biden and warren seemingly pulling away. bernie sanders third 14 percent.
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pete buttigieg taking kamala harris.not because he's gaining. harris sitting fifth 5 percent.y poll i 13 percent. not a great showis for harri in national poll. surely a p in homeoutate of california be better for her, right? no. it's bad, too. the new emerson poll has senator harris fifth placeal inifornia democratic primary home state, this time the person knocking harris back to fifth is andrewng ya yang gang, 7 percent. harris behind with sixpercent. this is california, you know where she's from. state that elect general and sent her to the senate. >>♪. safe to say no candidate more disliked at home than new york mayor bill de blasio. sill running. zero percent latt poll in state of new zerose spent so much time
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ca aigning outside of newyork. i think the countr reaction to billou de blasio probably c be summed up like thiso >> i hate say it, i hope i don't sound ridiculous, i don't know who this man i mean he can be walking down the street, i wouldn't, i wouldn't know a thing. sorr to this man. >> thank you keek keek palmer for expressing how many people feel about bill de blasio and bottom tiered candidates. point out in the interview talkg about dick cheyney still applies. >> talk 2020 and whether women and male judged by same standards on the trail. back after this on "the final 5." ♪ from the couldn't be prouders
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on the 2019 rysler pacifica. . ♪ . we are still about a month from next democratic debate. record number of female candidates ngdoubtedlying the way we watch debates and how conducted in the first place. amanda hunter research and communications director for
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barbara lee foundation. gender on the ballotp late with me on "the final wee to the show amanda. >> thank y so much for having me. great to be lahere. >> g to have you back here. spend a lot of time "fox5" dc other capacities save that for another time. talk about last week, another round of debates pretty diverse lineup not just on stage but in terms of d moderators,avid moore, whore a, african-american moderator. talk abo diversity both sides w do you think it played out asking right questions takg the ry approach. >> first of all, in very historic moment, we have the diverse presidential field in history. anso arguably, having a diversity of voi at the table both on the candidate side and the moderar side, it going to offer a morrow bust and representative conversation. lor as a moderator was a great
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first step, but as an organization that seeks to eleve women we like to ask why not have more than one women moderator that's been rarely done in >> brings to mind, somebody asked justice ginsburgo, awhile how much women are enough. >> when the's nine women on the supreme court. >> as we look a the way this is conducted and the approach, there's a lot of talk when it comes to issue of women's issues that was sething we heard a lot of in that last debate. when you mention women's issues the lasteral years. >> exactly. i thinkt's important to point out w thatt are often categorized d women's issues are really issuesev that affect ybody and impact families in the community. issues like paid family leave. issues likes wo reproductive health and healthcare. and access to affordable childcare.
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eocertainly affect more pe than just women. and al those lines it's important to ask all candidates questions about those iues and just not expect the women t m pickanned he will when it comes to discussing women' issues. if we really want a fair and equitable conversation we need everyone t weigh in.>> we had bn the show talked about electability. that's another thing that carries so many different deviations so many people perceive electability in different ways. you are in town because you're moderating a discussion over issue oflectability happening at noon ateu. talk on the back end. >> give men ase how electability is perceived in 2019 as it was a couple of years ago when we had the first major party mimale nee, when we go back to 2000 go back to barack obama. >>the barbara l foundation we studied obstacles women face
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when they run for office past 20 years we have a pretty strong perspective. electabi fty is code wordd sexism and i say that when you look at women currently running for president, three of them ar sittinsenators one of them is a member of congress. and often i timess there their elstability that questioned when all three of e senators have proven t wt they canin a race for statewide when you have a number ofme n who have not won statewide ces or have even lost, not getting the same questions it own to something we find in our research over ann over. that's it comes to qualifications men get the benefit and women get the. doubt voters assume menuao belify and women have to prove ove and they're up for the one caveat about the presidential election is that one rson our founder started this organization is b sause realized whenomen run for executive office, they face
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more barriers. one thing for voter to support deliberative body like leg later decision-maker, essenticeo, commander in chief voter need to be that much more convinced she is awe up for the jobnd that's mes from.ctabilitycooubting >> number of candidates we have, such a b fadield, it is fascinating to see the different walks of life and different jobs regardless of how people feel about candidates politically. it is a m uniqueent of time in our history. mid-terms and what we're seeing now which has be a huge shift isnstead of trying to fit outdated temp plate or stereotype of caned date should look like women running authentic self. voters connecting with authenticity. women sharing stories being 360 degreean cdates showing whole
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of expernce and bring as human ings to job rather than standing in box e suit at podiun g about resume. >> amand tell people where they can come see the discussion tomorrow. >> so we will be at women in politics institute at american so live streaming on their andl facebook page. so definitely check it out. >> thank youery much. amanda. by the way first candidate literally got off a plane and came to studio. back after this on final 5. ♪ looks like someone's
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. ♪. form white house press secretary shawn spicer made night.g the stars debut last everybody seems to agree, totally crushed it, by it,ev what left of dignity. has to benother j for formerit whe house press secretary doesn't involve wearing neon green shirt and twirling on tv. spicer got second score behin lamar odom. >> if out early, because voters. mike huckabee said create an emotional meltdown in hollywood. >> thank you mike huckabee, clearly judges aren't with me. send a message to hollywood,th
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e stand with chris. god bless you. >> criticism of invoking chrt to get reality, spicer deleted tweets. he put out campaign ad. >> vote for somebody who p representeople like us. >> one, two, three. >> whether it's waltz, cha-cha, sal sashgs freehetyle. shawn spicerancer we can be proud of.ha he will dover it takes to bring home thatir mr ball. >> fight every american forgotten. >> wondering why spicerin try this hard to continue to get tom rrass himself, the further you get in theet compion, the more money you take. financia disclosures from current energy secretary rick perry yes also on danng with the stars made $135,000 in 2016 for doing the show. perry was the second star to be
11:53 pm
eliminated. nobody's been eliminated yet while spicer may make it further this iconicrm perance.t ♪ rick perry. >> ♪. o'at is the mans currently in charge of our nuclear sar send nal as energy secretarrick perry not vanilla ice. apparently two became friends during the seas. delivered that in finale. top thatspicy. >> techniques in the cia,hey learning about a c war plan ods inside ofon soviet uni using spy pigeons. >> operation aimed to useon pigeto take pictus of
11:54 pm
sensitive sights in soviet iaunion. tested taney cameras strapped to the birds ta take photos. also files show cia tried to train ravenso drop devices on windowsills. >> vanity license plated d reads trump, seriously, sweden, arsting asap rocky wasn' enough. why do you guys te america? . >> the swedish transport agency says it denied license plate doesn't approve letter nominations referring to politics. requesmade by man said drunk and thought fun to apply trump plates since car iseraman. not allowed to appeal the request. up next on final 5, who's sleeping soundly and who's tossing and turning. d turning. ♪ woman ti i had no symptoms of tis c.
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. and we end the show good news for elizabeth warren. first poll after last's week third democratic debate sws massachusetts senator makes number d roads solid behind joe biden. 31 percento 25 rcent. bernie sanders dropped sh percent in nbc poll. warren mentum, sound asleep. >> politician fails to win majority, blames dia. benjamin netanyahu as results power in from second elections netanyahu unable to security majority of seatsni mea try to join coalition bennie gan.
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didn't have luck. >> back tomorrow is the 11:30.e morning crew at 4:00 a.m. go to bed ah thso refreshing. deborah? shh, i'm on the cape i hope youck by our 2 o'clock. our crunchy kettle cooked chs armade with potatoes, oil, salt and the good vibes of the cape. cape cod chips... when your hand in the bag, your head's in the cape.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros.stomestic television bution] announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, so sean spicer kini of brot last night on "dancing with the stars" and then he crd. >> mr. spir, it looked like a very emotional moment. watch it.just watching my kids >> is that right. >> are they' kids going there so proud of dad? >> they're mortified. o >>f him, remember when melissa mccarthy played him. >> nbc annnced they are rebootg "thved by the bell". new influx of low income students given the privilege kids of bayside a hilaous dose of reality >> oh, n>> a way is to jump in mario lopez come back and start flirting with the high school girls.>> jason, what kind of sick fantasy is going on in there >> donald trump, he was with


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