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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 18, 2019 4:30am-4:50am EDT

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door they say a woman was walking a rounds college and columbia avenue when a map hme up behinder and knocked her to the ground and sexaslly the eveonday monday. 0 in he ran off toward the oldown playground. o univerf maryland police tweeted an alert for large search for the attacker. >> we saw the police sirens. onemy roommates came in afteit happened he own scene before the police arrived and came in and said there's a huge police presce outside. >> there were ten cop cars back here serving her for the him actively they had their lights on almost all night. >> applert wept on for two hours and still they were not able to priming the suspect to custody. woman got medical attention at a nearby hospital. and again we havesc very little ription to gone onere from police.
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but ut tweet from universyly everand police department did say thathe attacker was either white or hispapic. that is not a lot for anybody to work with. av police tell us there he about no other ror add saltslik. ht all bell melanie alnwick from college par b. aseball all star that spent two years with they accused 828-year-old of starting a relationship with the victim when she was 1 is 3. he could face rizeon tim. vales questions spent time pitching for the pittsburgh tie lots. >> new details in the fight against vapeg, d.c. counsel member vincent gray introduced new legislation that would vap vape andcirette sales in
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use.onse to a rise in teen us trump adminiration also reeptsly announced upcoming ban on flavored. >> official think specific particles to hurt the levels. and looking into tmc oils to see if they' help thehe il illnesse. >> and i a complaint filed yesterday fep no bid contract was illegally awarded andli on wagering by the year 2020. >> meantime senate panel is considering reillburging district from president july report. districtsd pay t
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nearly 6 million to replenishth e funds used to provide security andge larvents. d.c.erayor because warned the president fourth of july he develop would cause a deficit for the funt. in the districts, city counsel is considering legislation to limit people's abili to use a legal defense known as ga panic. this type of defense stratcy is arounds for years and cityun col wants to put a stop to some dolferent charged with ent crime against grayr transgender people and they pan ibld after learning the -- wanted not forcible romantic or sexualce a towards the defendant. phil mendelsohn introduceded the billaid he will push for the passage. >> the multiple acts of violence in the district and ajais enlts to the district, against transgendered
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individuals is a piece of ts but we know that for yearse there been individuals who have beenus acc. ngassa each murdering other peop who -- the victims being gay or transgender and. if the d.c. law is passed he t would join washington state, gay bans in place.y land with ig>> all r. good morning, weather and twravrk onhe fives. few secoerd little here. that's fine. i have good news not bad news on wednesday morning. chilly in western suburbs. look at winchester 52. jacket weather forou approaching 40s out to the west and here at d.fortablertable 6 m 65. same deal quanti at 67. if you're near a decentsily d body of water you with
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areas like balti, leonardtown, waking up to .emperatures in middle 50s regardless of where you page start to day.rtable and cool yn it it'sec your friend bse it's pushing down somele canadiand they're time of year. now that is not going to last them sorryry to say as we head towards the weekend. we get southern push once again that heats things up. for the next couple days insh ington enjoy the case to fall. 75 dunkin' donuts, 5 tomorro gorgeous couple days in d.c. that's the forecast and erin comoff has traking. >> 4:35 we're seeing these on theee right lanes blocked past. right now left shoulder squeezing by give yourself extra minutes.
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2 it 5 looks great inside the district. massachusetts no problems. looking good suitland parkway. upper malboro quiet on 210. metro service picks up 5 a.m. and inner loop lo good as you pass branch avenue questions on twitter erin fo d.c. wis back to you. >> m coming up a fashion designer facing major backlash over new line of hoodies. r ufo videos they ready not fake. >> as wed hea to break 4:36 is. ready not fake. >> as wed hea to break 4:36 is. the
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>> had:38 is the time back with what is hot ob the web. >> holly with stories y're engaging with on social media. >> talkers this morning a
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fashion sdirn taking heat after repolicing picres of school shooting h diaper owedeens maoodies with nam t of schargeted in history. stone man douglass, kol brian, virginia tech all displayed and riddleled with bullet hoods r holes. they called the hoodies horrific and horrible. owens planned to not sell the reconsidering.w he' >> he's attention seeng completely and it's deicabl despicable. >> ape apppriate. >> in our opinion. >> and the navy says three videos appearing to show ufos are again win and never to be relooseed to the pun lick. w itas provided in 2017. in jup he was briefed on recent rislo in unidentif aircraft and he does not believe the citeing were alien. >> so the navy is saying he mistakenly released th. >> did navy stay was not real
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just that they didot mean to ut there. >> they're priming us for the big one they're already here. -- that coulde anything it's >> it's an alien. >> it's unidentified it doesn't have to be alien is that what are you saying sdmring it could be a space shift. >> they've got to be not fro this planet that's what i'm going w.h >> timely, time scare is hos hosting outdoor sleep-over the evt hopes t raise funds to night momlessness and report he's can pay to sleep ownthem them. will smith will offer bedtime story to participate apt. the event take place in more than 50 city as around the world including l angeles, chuck chick a london. >> interesting idea. the bedtime story about will minimth. moved to a town called bell
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air. >> there you go skax. >> coming up on "fox5 morning" the u.s. senate remains silent on federal workers. >> justice department coming afr edward snowden book profits. >> goering to to broke right now. >> goering to to broke right now. 4:4 1. back a moment. when i was diagnosed with ms, thtfirst thing i thought ab was my family. i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress, the medicine has progressed right alongside . tryimo to make medications re affordable is important, but if washington isn't carefu we milet's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lo in life is hope.
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i see you found the snacio. mmm, delic! i need this recipe. everyone thinks i made them, but it's actually d-c. what was that? dy? d-con. mice love. >>:33.
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bep geleman min netanyahu rtll of securing par lement teary and refused to concede to defeat. final result are expecteded later today. >> closer to hom the jus tits tise department is suing edward snowdenver his new book. they sea it violated non disklosh our agreementy b publishing about 20 o13 lf surveillance programs. permanent record hit stores on tuesday. the govengment is not to stop sales of the book but they're asking a courto ease financia proceeds. >> u.s. senate silent on federal pay raise for next year. senators are essenlyly defeti osal recommendsing 2.6%mp ce for federal workers house pass.1 is% bumpga and cotional leaders need to settle differents before any raise harrisburgs reality.
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>> in my opinionth documented imgrants charged with sex crime since last july. he's accused of raining a friend after a night of heavy drinking last week he's held in montgomdey country dete00ion center on 1 is bond and ice agents are taexpected to him into custody. good mornius thank you for join. today is is wednesday, septemr 18th. good to see you. >> good to see you. been hereut okay. good to see you too. >> aays good to see you. >> thanks youisdom. >> let's check in w with michael trying to say high to somebody. hard out here. >> women. >> fridliness in the morning here. >> good moing, weat headlines for you heading throughda day on wednes. guess what quornus gay on tap as we work our way through middle part honestly latr part of this week. lot of sunshine, today he can tomorrow, friday,illed w blue skies and bright conditions out tncre owe get the sun upa couple hours. comfortable temperatures. fall like over the next few emys here wiperatures peaking mid to upper 0s both today and tomorrow and cool
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evenings ahead. holly mentioned earlier she had to tn the seat heat warmersn.w , tropics are active. we'repe still nak hur cape sip and i we have three systems keeping an eye on. although at th time only one is affecting the united states. all right, temperas outside rights now. binghamton 48. here in d.c. we're checking in at but you don't have to get too fa. that's basically down town head up montgomery county anddo west to lou you are dealing with tempetures in the 50s as we thick things off today. comfortabl start satellite and radar showing nothing going on across the entire mid-april a at lap tiping romeon. we have -- reasd i showe you goa minuteew york was in
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the 40s. somel of that wil get you down over nex four days in d.c. and pleasant, fall like weather in.c. high pressure off norm. guiltiering down that nice, s cool airkies will be almost surprise blasted this afternoon but we wot get trm wa up let welcome at 7 day forecast. we have a couple of days of fall to enjoy here before we get you ready for summer again. 78 today, tpomorrow. temperatures rebounding back to 80s after a chilly start iday morning by friday afternoon warming things back up and look at saturday and surprised as we get read bring in fall on here we go use the rain maybe not th much. dry, 7 day forecast. temps in the 70s nextouple days and 90s back for the weeingdz. erp erin has traffic. >> 4:57 now and traffic is slowing because of this roadwork. eeter loop right lanes
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blocd pallet 50 and glaze to e 56 of left lane squeezeze by at this point: >> no proble suitland parkway 1 sheth street bridge and inner loop great by branch aven erinfoxdc on twitternd also coming up on "fox 5 news morning" migrants seek ago sighsuump file against trump administration as we brhead teak right now beltway is quiet route 1 we'll be back after this 4:58, 65 beltway is quiet route 1 we'll be back after this 4:58, 65 cool degrees. who's dog is this?
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it's my special friend, antoniou his luxurir calms my nerves when i'm worried about i movingo our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yea , and we could save nch too. antonio! fetch computer! i'll get it. get knogeicand e how ch you could save on renters insurance. police urming n ution after a is attacked bisexual orpredatr the university of maryland cpus and not f from metro station. >>wabi no ded to operate sports bettingook is challenged in court by a man
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exempt from following the law. >> and las vegas aces just the latest battle in effort to bringon wnba champiship to the district. "fox 5 news morning" 5 a.m. starts now. >> mel row rail lines are on time. may our way down to 66 everything else looks nice. enjoy that now. >> enjoying this weather man co mrbornings but sumtr no ne quick preview of what


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