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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 18, 2019 5:00am-5:14am EDT

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operate sports bettingook is challenged in court by a man exempt from following the law. >> and las vegas aces just the latest battle in effort to bringon wnba champiship to the district. "fox 5 news morning" 5 a.m. starts now. >> mel row rail lines are on time. an i tno anomind may our way down to 66 everything else looks nice. enjoy that now. >> enjoying this weather man co mrbornings but sumtr no ne quick preview of what is ha
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the fall liked some e eeno tems in the >> 5:01 developings. the search ntsecoxuallyin assaulting a womt the university of maryland. >> melanie alnwick has m morniot happened 8 :3this is 0usually atraveled ard section tofn college park. yovementryiolo cned cl tose to . wa andve uniyrse. h aerttack jun nce georgee cntyerepo them about happened. thayeyki sng rounds college avenue columbia avenue when a map came up behind her and tnocked hero the ground to the old town play
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ground. you of maryland police tweet add lert for students to avoid the area. haveox was over the sce a description o i'm asking if there was anyone in the area information that can assist u us. please give us a call. >> the womane're told got hospital. again as you heard the police saying there not much description. early on the universy of maryland police in their tweet aspadescribed suspect ashite pridenilre andunabell020 bwan there is not much there you can use. prince george county police did saythat there have been no oto aher similar attacs in the area. all right. k melanie alnwicrtinpo forg5:02. two te nationalss of
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sex crimes of k axtd theyaccuse starting fang, ertting inn the dt isn ae the relationship when 1 is years oxt 25 and 2016 in nats bullpen.> 5 ofauer w cau att d.c.ow new details ining council membeincent gray ti tofatitmpur aomrt.omabe add announced new legislation that bans piecehe rin c pumministration announced upcoming batch on flavored vapeing products seven sdae and hundreds of cases ooung illnessesav cnected. they expectpa speciicles avy s rriinda w wbe a io text w. , airwayscounterfeit thy is ndid sot i kept a care.
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the greek company currently operates the d.c. lottery. thwaeglywaststeckin icompany iso e establish a sportsin gambl parlor and online wagerg. is senate panlist considering reimburse istrict for fourth of july event preside trump was behind. maryland senator hollandbi advanced ll that would pay the distinct 6 million to replenish the uso provide security fd ated large event. evwocajuly df th o mil million o d.c. already to ensure local taers would not be pooting a rig th. on e fiveeanderho a you know what he this. made me
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feel like. >> i'll admitt. i pums it'al t lo p havodgo p wast the. o4 is several times in the weatherd o4 is hree k. > he>> put f t under tight rain. sinnnly have onc th month. m-a r dooti nt of 4 way of cloud then bro anda nte
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dof ft l ne ialn the 7 day forecast and tropical storms. erin, back to you. >> right nng roids are p autopsy you little bit. ni ca your way outer loop three rights lanes south ofleft lane coming by knoe of 6 down pastxtra 5 minutes toe nh roo zone. other than that annandale looking good a 29 5eu7 looks good and and bay bridge ride open and all area brs looks good 66, 395. traffic through spoylvani comingierytween lawmakers campaign manager as democrats
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ump. >> slammed a live look on wednesday morning. i 270 ger sburgbit as folks make nownd 64d degrees. back with more "fox 5 ws degrees. back with more "fox 5 ws morning" . find something incredible s >> the first hearing by scrutiny. tohe step into marc after two crashes killed 2 it people no date of actuallightwat s scheduled. now news of the test me as ceo o
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based boeing has beenism fovrp new pollsho swe >>y.udh dasties tha. stop sales of book b.
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>> propos latstna> 3 2 fthd democrats has they move tomorrow peach presint trum houy porter and deerbornld wer t.apar25 my grant mothers erin children nearis whsardy host knowraptagea sighight l to asigh limb speakersot seek safe haven on the way to uls sux as mexico other guatemalaprobm tuesday air force telling suppters sio husly atate
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individual task force to address the homeless issue we can'let los ang and san franciscos destroy thems was r by aallow what is happenening. >> they made land fall gal ofes ts on tuesday. offi are knewtop are preparg ngrfo. residents could see 18" o rain. >> meanwle shum nowto aermuda. packing maximum sustained miles. concern is not direct la fall. althought tha theery least thede .e to makecaneorceic what's hot >> maureen wh what land fall was gonzalo. is trending. >> and the word they has a new s tll
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an sme 5:11 the time. illion wh a beautiful scene there national harbor wednesday morning. it is a chilly start. 64 degrees. back after this >> s admzemangri c dartment of imeld a. meld meld chocolate milk. e g sebit
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