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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 18, 2019 6:00am-6:37am EDT

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sers may'lto gets their haen o edwhat y.hite inleeag whe cra iffs t it and after the law is passedant dge. on.tiysons. lot 0 yan vwh hope thislly
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>> up fortunately dcription on m districts would joinle call ka so i'm asking the. aanncieudvid. calirnadia island and nieves wih ple.panic
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leslatnce v that ban vape and we're told the at a nearby opt and. gee cigarettes satht. oullwi is that the >> also prince jork county poce tello sim already attacks in the specificie.. .a kh 6:30t2 ouity a former facing noyrmtions-you c srtexr-h tonht's lotoast inriredeevt tst dprob grem very friendlyamilyn i
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. >> it's disturbing to have him here atncy or khavrmentd i i to hessusrionalfcome togethe oer neevrment. >> wilams li two time baseball l philip tee vasquez pitches walk away. st>>n and nowthaap walker fire is cop forfis clients to undergoapsychologicay
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foup will ightty you.bekt land faltiomngol
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to nice fall wds the 0 for you.s t you off with goodow. issues in virginia 6
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right lanes pasee sgin od weather cbroee onditions helpedout. s make great ng flame ps. theaais ld front blecow norple dayca. u.s. servi says walker fire on btwayav.e h cr and ins plima nationales fort. >> fortunately nothing lining that are ear. as we look over the mosh con ton you. >> tuck started to female like ma fociss thi t fall. comftable. >> in fact overnight lows in the 40s. whos in some spots and i going to be a beautifult' fall like afternoon. in one of the f days of summer here. ld schools65 do 65 and
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mild sch normal h7. we suld be 7 echach ahi fho degree coolerew thiafternoon witime highs inth ameionepp c may want consider a lit jacktoet. asas, 5ghma. 54 in6 gaithersburg and 55 lpeper and coo swe steaksl win grirp nice. beautiful day. lots of sunshine. hope to nox. >> high pressure off nor northeastm preez today anddin this theio whiff us fouvrms. >> once the area of high pressure startsm up we'll things up. next couple days featuring
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absolutely perfe mid to late september feel out there with temperatures in the 70s. tropbz nyps here's mbto we touched on that a mainly ourthr and that's rman kerg bermudaia southeastai four to six inches of rain it's fall apartd we'll g a few thunderstormsybe first day of fall, monday, notice hotter temperature this weekend as well. airport good morning. [ lauger snvrmen>> > [ 6t:17 having few with sale son see more off camera she's the best and wn she laughs
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my heart smiles. traffic is becoming up in a i crashed blockedf urse i's che be of outre'ser loop construction zo blocked and thn the.eviously pros avenue ofg itey and two laneg c bde s a b dayy sou wth o ream don'tdge to 5needxtra mixed precipitation to get t 0herehe g to mirnl into that parking lot. we'll let you know with that cl volume increingn reasuanad minutes 70th metro on time. t's what we got.>> >> xrt news now. you can expect to see ma ch toan i 35 in norp
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virginia this faxt in fact, will bonverted to eepon evere t95 express ne. o -9li5lls in t i 3 he sll r9 amntedndov o t toll les will >> piced ol check pointve at reg app inatrnl thayecouc there wily longer it's 2025.ut thatd back to end of 20 12 it 1 you'll see more construction. new checkpoints sit between metro tracks and term names and replace the one inside terminals&cak it easier to and cch fli to go h security again. r oad closures near the
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airport willft contain a the completed tartegeda. saudi arabia to discuss possible spon the is. they us ised a ran was behind theto pho tax and t he owa eimey they up non good ral attem my tod hostilon capital hill. former trump campaign manager cori lieubefore theouse thand whexecutive privilege oves conversations with the president. lewandowski was one of three surprised witnesses aandty
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order of white houseormer whitero trump campaign advisor rick deerbornd were not to appear about the commit tea unitsed auto workers on strike. again fits are surfacing. resident in e ham iinging at the resident in e ham iinging at the 6:20 sta us. havertys has aasame plan for this on. whether you're doing a big dance in thene end-zo, or calling everyone together for a te huddle.
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>>with now. united auto workers enterse entesserring day three of motors.ike on general close to 50,000 employees are calling forgs better waimin and job security and health care. uaw bargaining officials say some progress was made yesterday. c but now there arecerns about health care cover ramming. sgms employees on strike do have coverage. some cyst and are covered. >> 30 thousand workers could t hieth picket lines help inep riching top secures andg raisrates on patients and out-sourcing jobs.
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hurricane season in full swing now. today coalition is urning federal government to t action in helping it to rebuild puerto rico. later this morning partners with take action for puerto rico will hold a news aption on the hill. it calls come two yearsfter hurricane maria devastated that islan and part puerto isrican activ will demand that puerto ri severs the help it's been finhed. >> meantime,n government bahamas nearing end of immediate response. following hurricane dorian focus onestoring basicl now services like auto, brnls, airps it made laple if a a awe. we got tropical storm jerry. minute.ow you jerry in a few let'so locawinds northeast at 6d
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it's absolutely a beautiful, comfortable jord fairly gorgeous late summer early fall afternoon that we'll be looking forward to as daytime eyes mid up toer 7p 0s and nice and comfortable out there earl we've got numbers in the 40s and50s. and pretty sayrt to. next couple days fall mid up toer 70s today. ommid 70sorrow. rebounding near 90. late summer, saturday surprise first day of fall. 92 it degrees. erin. >> 92 on first dayle fall. >> i know maybe arm thundersto >> what's up. >> that made me laugh tucker ie the leaves though. contrast between temperature and visual.wh wul you do about it righ now outer loop roadwork blocking few lanes past 50. delays backn towards l bridge that's really m dra jamming up 66 eastbound through fair faxt. ra side from that westbound 66
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and overall 51 isinute trip gainsville to parkway normal volumeeo centervill and looking into massive delay to beltway because of trux andon metro time look at maryland major in the district next guys. >> airport, thanks question surrounding d.c.y lottand gaming contract what's now challenged inourt adds sports betting facing n illegal setback ithe adds sports betting facing n illegal setback ithe district.
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>> breaking news 6:30 police onoo the scene of shting involving two police officers. we're tag a live look right now at 1500 block of morris road in southeast d.c. o pull say they tried over a suspectur ding the traffict stop go out of the vehicle showed police anran of no wrorts of police officers . and he is in custody this moing. that's what's happening on morris avenue south east d.c. we'll get you under office nthat coming on. >> thanks for joining thus wednesday september 18. weather and traffic. >> hello warm. >> good morning, last days of suer. it will feel like fall. ctmid 70s ed later today and very comfortable start. 63 washington and 40s and 50s outside the beltway. erin sgler of:30 straight up >> kux on the outer lone by 50 not yet cleared.
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bigs old mes a around the dmv next. >> let's take a look at top ies on this wednesday morning. th. r is george county for a man accused of sexually assaulting e university of maryland the alleged assaultne hapd monday nig the victim assaulted was treated it at the hospital. if you have any information you're asked trcall police. >> f montgomery countsy high school res wrestling coach facing several charges of child porn. he was former volunteer assists aunt coach in gauge urzbg in 2015 through 2018 they found thousands of disturbings picshowing girls as young as three engage gauging in sex acts. >>ozens of my grandmothers and childr are suing u.s. vox.
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the ceo of boeing invited to testify before congressut next month the 737 max planes and planes were grounded earlier this year following two deadly crashes and severalhonvestigation into the 7p 37 m designed and boeing has been working with the faa on new flight simulinor training attempt to ge the planes bk up into the air. >> new sca targeting people who use the payment app convenient mow. several police say some users are getting a text message their skt about to be charges and they're directed to a web site where the can decline the fake, rngts, . new in the distinct sports betsing may be facing legal sets of challenges morehan 2300 million worth of challenges in a new xlaixt
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cori coffin joins us liver with the details and this is one of the spots that could be the head quart he's or one of them in e disstripingtment scorey. >> yeah this was thought to and hoped to be one of the mainyo spots that could eventually bet on sports and hole come this fall. and now the timeline we don't know if it's poing to beause because this but we know the asmplaint h gone all the way up to attney general carly stea's office and he's violatin fraud on department of the company in -- at issue is d.c. law require together any large company requireing a contract make sure they work with local businesses a subcontract some of the rkout so,un d.c. sel ill members are wonder physical th deal is in compliance and theywe got theirr that week the department in d.c. out to with overseeingys requirement yes the contract and company are in compliance.
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but, an investigationy the washington post revealed that the contractorhich is great it's the small businesses listed on paperwork. this prompted counsel ill members to urge the matter nrookd and find out if you this is something thatou wld nullify the contract entirely. racin's office confirmed hethey're investigating wther or not this conitute fraudbecaut contract or if a new contract can be set up quickly enough to allow sportsetting with different company entirelyl st d fellow and keep you update as updates devel guys. >> nut place all rightssues. ay, thank you so anning to announce today it will take california thor
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think this is big deal. california regulations are tougher than the ones president trump wants. fire companiesenerallyto meet cb or owe the entire things comes town do hiing other forp aaces like houstonnd gal of stone. they're concerned that much ra f could trigglooding. portion of south east slew lieu under floodsing. the first name to hit the area was hur kaivr afternoony i don't remember. >> i wane be as song as person. >> midway through at this
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point. >> yeah i mean sort of people's week. things will be moving inhe last numb weeks. our meal is miceer kirp some court ashlingt it was nice and cool. yeah much cooler, 64 owe.>> 40s binghamtone have 40s seas clo as win they gormentsz. >> i know youov're just ngetsnti up but that sellite and radar not deceiving you. clouds cover well off theas t and picture perfect day withsu mostly y skies and someday time hides inhe 70s. next couple days look faaswac. ing upba fall on monday. what will happen. i have your details nay minut minute, erin. >> 6:3 with 6 sky foxad me oute
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toan the right le is still blocked previously three right laipdz blocked. two lanes getting by and delays are significant on outer loop because of roadwor roadwork. we're seeing big slow downs as delays linger legion bridge and from the legion bridge past 50 to little riverurnpike need 3 extr minutes app social security pack uphings on to 66. 66 eastbound aawe true to fet the beltway. westbound side of 66 previous crash mrork 1ing ram stop is 2 it 3. down in vginia dumfries area route 1 cse inside bothdirectiot road and 234. lot of heav volume on route 1 around tat area pause you have to detouvrmentos route one ed no both directions dealing with o problemsut there because of a crash. we have 9 the 5ing good and i opt for that as alternate. we start to see backup because 9 a5 dale city to beltway
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no that's what we got now back to you. all >> jeopardy host alex trebek you. all >> jeopardy host alex trebek su a if ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> former mrivrping 12 singer got his happened on them and de fromn c fer jhtets sh not explain. well, they never ghletarau td hethe pentagon hada secret progr to uf os. >> why do you havo drap that on us now. >> give you something to think about.i want to say something for the sglord if ail yendz are watching tid have no >>
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just let me live my life you. s>> you haveeep me bleed. >> i'm sure yne are o y >>eig.htre. d he'sing off the newscasts with the story. ge'll me be the boss boss for a. >> i want to be the boss now. he's the cranky alien. >> go to the forecast. f i comerom planet cranky. fiveays until fall. it feels like ithis mor. absolutely beautiful start for you. overnight lows. 6 reagan national and most everybody in the 50s taround 6 0. 64 now in whip chester that was my spot. that's what you call comfortable fall are. 5 ules and and lar tow 54.
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warmer. .othing ly talk about local. beautiful, beautiful wednesday for you daytime highs in 70s mid up toer 70s and storm free been mentioned the last couple days we need the rain and we'll not get it today as it's dry throughout the afternoon. high pressure north deliveries a beautiful day t comfortableod and and cool and l start i watch to mention quickly tropic. not one, not two, three storm storms. >> yes. >> humbert, imelda and now jerry. i. melda brings rain to you upl misses everybody fexemptor bermuda let's hope to s off and jerry sandusky perhaps lesser miles we're looking at temperatures in the 730s the next couple couple day and back near 09 to end the ste la.
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>> sdoorks surprised m >> feepresreday. to do something cool. >> row 6:47time and problems ons continue. a look at virgini. outer loop three lanes ked. past 66. and there's still one lane crossed down through little river and hof hour of 66 needed. out of the way tlut there's noea bound crash in the mixed it's blocking left laivr after 50 to get from gainesville to beltway. they all toast together to one mass every slow down. closure on route 1 is is betweenoss only point road and 4 down poured line and route 1 dealing with heavy volume on secondaries and 9 better get to gun arod th it 7 n frederick and rockville a lot of volume. metro lail lanes on i'me' wll mt
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. togethers and talk movies.ys >> it's a common thing. >> they got today. what do you want to talk about. >> first la today i want tofa mention the movie jokers. this will be a big film opening in october and interviewing wack i'm phoenix t. >> i'm interested to see it goes i'm seeing the film and steeing it again tonight an interviewing wack i'm felix and the atore real and it's amazing to talk about it very talk comedy. hall.. rictts betting in stthe ewdi challenge that the complaints and the legal and no. thatld cou deal one co.
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>> "fox news morning" 7 "action news" starts n. midweek good morning to you i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. us on this wednesday morning. and if you're just waking up look at at. yes, you're welcome. gorgeous look outside on this icckk scheck on weather anditiis traffic and starting off with tucker. >> steveothing sticks around it's a beautifulautifulity and day and love thee shoxtdz ine up toer 70s lots of sin
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