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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 18, 2019 7:00am-7:18am EDT

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chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. us on this wednesday morning. and if you're just waking up look at at. yes, you're welcome. gorgeous look outside on this icckk scheck on weather anditiis traffic and starting off with tucker. >> steveothing sticks around it's a beautifulautifulity and day and love thee shoxtdz ine disstrict0s lots of sin cori is on that this morning. be>> remem ep providing betting in the district i'll be>> remem ep providing betting in the district i'll explain here comingp.
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flu-like symptoms or sores.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your doctor about humira ciate-free. here's to you. montgomery countyweo t anyone. if they are here in the legall.
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intiterle the act is of violenc. tthe that out is because, the otces,oste ant or good sa to thathip ty'ha >> tracy, thanks so much. we >> ts.hank> i'm going to need as 7 tug ohnnuts. >> you okay wit lht. i . >> diet food. ten seconds to tk.lit this morni
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beautiful start to tjulleee dayn you get yea a outsesi actually my neighborhdooithe a . again, feend a nal. down toulkle leonardtownwol rasere ase're off t cl. niceod milar upper 70s. you can seee'noh g aotnd east wl lo us in to a pleasant sunny anw temdeperagrtus res in the 70s later this afternoon. should be beautiful feel out, dll feel again for youto more on tonight and the seven day forecast u comingp just real
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quick we got to g dtoow.n humberto major hurricane category three. brushes honestly the worse of the storm will stay norst and we of bermuda. it will be close enough we got to waist bermuda hnce very erned about it. tropical storm and hurricane warnin. that's imelda. not what harvey was a few years ago very heavy rains into southeast texas. four to 6-inches of rain. that's a tropical depression. be lesser antilles here over the ne couple of days and perhaps up near the bahamas by the weekend. fuy as we get iernto thewantat weekend. for us a bftutiful anoon. fall like 78 degrees. c nice andomfortable tonight. maybe even here in the city we'll be in the 50's by tomorron g. 75 tomorrow. arrgeous day. m wth iente up not aot of humidity back near 90 saturday and sunday. first day of fall i just tweeted out tucker fox5 fall fivendays a way getting lots of applause
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for w that. itl feel like summerit 92 degreh maybe thunderstorms. >> you get. people peeping pretty wopi p barngnd anes andee feeloa beltway. n veryty traffic there. raearliersh blocked the shoulder on theuter loop bny the outer loop and look at 50. 50 t bghhring towoy ver get to e beltway. m270 crashov b toore the s sethe beltway. we're seeing a of traffic that's heavyot on 355 as well.m4 dumfries up through the beltway this morning to theg aixboin a t bridgms from the beltway up toe e. we're also dealing with this
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county. down in prince william both directions of route 1 because of downed power lines between possum point road and 234. 66 anen minutes gainsour gainsville through the beltway. very srew moving traffic. metro is on time. let me know if you have any questions much that's what we got, guys. >> time right now ten minutes before 8kam great time to give you a look at the good day guest . joining us live in studio the director who you will recogni and also stars of theew bet movie angrily ever after will be with us. so this film is about a respected dc television anchor who loses her fiance', her career and her homell in one day. but her set back becomes the set up for a new le. we'll c with them all about it. also joining us live on the show, hey, fraser. podcast starra sarahser she's out in nevadat a alien stock. i course shes. she's storming area 51. have been talking about alleople summer like, and it is expected
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fraser is thes well and we will talk with her life. >> tmzwill join us today bringil the latest news and gossip on youruch more ahead on good day d.c. do you not want to miss it. my partner steve is down in the den with kev. >> hey, guys. >> ♪ super fan of stephen king mega mega fan of stephen king a orttle something special you. >> big deal. before i get to that, in a couple of hours fua'mllg glyoiig down with the okmorr jow. i'm seeing the film ain which i'm very interested to sow t hh. erch's vouy t. across from joaquin phoenix now you'll see him as joaquins phoenix or joker. >> odd enough the night i saw joker the first time i saw i was at the toronto international film festival i went to an event after the movie was over and the weird part for me because the film is so disturbing and
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such -- >> it stayed with you. >> character dive int arthur fleck becoming the joker, i was wondering what he was going to be likwhen i saw him in person. coolest h guy. e was like happy, fun. >> oh, good. that will be fun today. was weirdth transition for tomorrow and t phillips.m >> you mentioned stephen king. >> yes. >> this is a cool idea. essentially someone wants to p you $1,300 to watch 13 steph king films before halloween through dish nation. i'm sorry dishrk netwo. my apologies and the website says this. if you can scroll down it says get your popcorn ready and the cozy yesterday blanket near. u.s. is looking for one unlung lucky fan to watch 13 vi besas keding's most chilling novels with it chapter twsnd s aoon. we want to pay you $1,300 to wiesscl 13 horroassics in preparation for pennyise torres. this is interesting because they
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say they also want t track your experience. your sleep who you're watching it with, your heart rate, your jump scares.if we continue scron you'll see there's a list of movies iant to mention they have the 13 films the movies they'll show you that uyo halloween are carrie the original. >> okay. >> or the remake if you want to in 2013. children of the corn. christine, creepre show, can you dougen catcher, it, the original or 2017 remake, the mist, pet sematary original or 219 make. salem's lot, the shining, >> there are rules. >> there's a catch not everybody will get the $1,300. >> go t t website u.s. i don't know theeg exact l parameters h they chose >> read the fine print. >> someonedi will win accor to the website $1,300 toat w 13 seventy two stephen king films before halloween and it has to be tse i'mho not a big movie watching person like yourself i've seen five of those 13.
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that's a pretty good percentage for me. >> i want to talk to that persou andate them after they watch all 13. >> should we call chrissy tgen and see what she's u to. >> chrissy teigen accidentallypo ed her e-mail address to social media a massive thing where people were face timing her. check this out. >> this is my mom. >> how you d fng. >> thankor calling. >> bicas e-mail was released people were able to face time laptop probably also her phone with that formation and as this veoid seee fans -- >> how long did she talk to the fans. >> she onl posted one video that i know ofhaking theit a w calls. check this. >> i mean it was -- >> you can imagine. sheith her millions ofoingo ben
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riow nice people were when they called she didn' say anything about p oplre bude. the guy said i'll let you go. thanks for answering. >> can you imagine chrissy teigen picking up the phone randomly aft she released her e-mail address. >> i will say this, kevinhe. change everything. you can't do it any more. >> beal we'll bring tucker into this. it admdly post tucker's personal information onlin i. as soon as realized it a nuer i immediately took itat l down. >> can i give out tucker's cell reck quith on message him about weathere questions. >> huld probably love that.l >> tuck, you're bostne, w york, philly, d.c. down to richmon we got clear skies and quiet conditions. 40s this morning in winchester. can you believe we're back in the 40 40s maybe,. >> no. long sleeved shirt for a coupf o wniceplarm saupper 70s much not a lot of .u.tydi for th f forect blocking
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ein29 nun bri m t hckstp0.heetirentd
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ope at least oveof mneneys we' h condition to sell. again you g the idea tllege thr basement. all comes fulle, circloesn't it, allison? >> it does. but aseun idred'v thialways for on this show whye babyxers. sustainable pension plans. >> right. ay. be strong,le mil strong. let's move on now. 57% of last week the polthal l
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weekend without the. another petpeve, getting bacinto . so i was hoping topif m fox5and. i'll ask you in a second. s gmmei'r --ngoi i'm ooh,hank the school is h wodfis time off in the,row plk summer >> yes. >> that would be ideal. but really tha it. i don't think it't's too long. ink thi
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on kids tses day.abt ihinksit b >> i agree.e you ladies. olove the vibe likef i like aowacy break from the ro. a chance for my s ttoon not havn him. i mean i iike the routine of school and what it's intended for, b,ut and in the grand sc omef inthgs to every dy as much as i can. en>> holly, t absolutely the time gos just like that. i think that maybe the difference here, what is the difference though what do you think about, like, a't agree wi. y e i parents need d a break. i thinky that's humidit like with media and social media. i tnk imipas rehunts hienhey r e holly said i. think maybe parents say it like half hearteday b jutok i tk the challenge liesbe may with se
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parents in child care, mean -- >> very tru a tnd juggling that through the summe. me.khasme wcoy to all types of >> romf m bri.gade. e uyo hungryant ? probable wanto hold off on going viralndearniny oodnts. to you, deil hall's comedyecspia wealrs >>ie beidwbroaay.ade min pun. , first five >>ie beidwbroaay.ade min pun. , first five ehave m a5or ftaicis.nirom
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ant eagesyuret that's nordstrom rack.a tion
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uh-oh,ill nervous about buyin. is it that obvious? with homeowners insurance.y go s anhallenges they'reso yfacing. >>hi w you're speaking with major companies, facebook and google, these other companies. g won i lll
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the straits. more days. yeah, so i have an opportunity to really share with them. >> yes. them if there's ano a also usey ask opportunity to like do more atding and appreciate what 'rtheye lly.spces but we are real gba enkstnkdl ur travels i>> ysoou. >> tucker, oreyo go s to be in the mid to upper 70s. live shot down in nationalwee
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generalwes oneret aly few fair weathers humidity.ud c lorealoily ongasafeec bngt totenrn. we ornhtig mos o 5f 0sth to sta. winchen r cas beestcoer hest nun 49 degrees. great new york, boston in the 50s so again very pleasant,nd ouarea of f heh pre itill o loce pattern for us for the afternoon with breezes a ndll meanotorays.tacoheven. cstend forecag riginom 95ams as youd make your wayaling
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.ou it's okay. you want to come in and sayic hi in the t rept? >> he did such a great job on his segment. he just wanted to say bye to everyone last night. maryland roads are couldn't jest add little bit,. td. that's what we got right now. back to you. >> thanks, erin. curing the common cold. might be more oa reaat'stynomhau p as we head to break take a look athe good day d.c. guest list. remember that gazillion people d we're there. force base in nevada a stock
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rlee there when weashiton mon yum. finally e tweliorlroom hav a live previf some of the changes and one much our friends here ats fox5 i agoftering
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ig.>> kido5 erentuter ten k >> fhls wth oood tmarnd o.nce we t volunteers c findhe t carts forhe schigoo t up into ted and td o the othho >> we stao bringing all the abos
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♪ monumeount reopen., t ove first though this morning, we're and the withus spehee for a hit '90'seds sod 9 da starts now. t goo newt


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