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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 18, 2019 9:00am-9:18am EDT

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♪ monumeount reopen., t ove nguy.esr pti and first though this morning, we're and the withus spehee for a me.atrs hit '90'seds weti erswongrung bn eth r iin? ans will betarts now. t goo newt t do
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am onlse. a l about ne as partvaf that storm 51 me. but it' before face, prank,bo iion oioe o.oplenv tone oaifdwe them very own sarah goi frasen her to nevada ar ond ready to rock with aliens. we'll check in with her life >> yes, is lotlyove cur or is tg coming up next.he >> also a this morning why some women arell ay having surgery for r. we're celebratingktoberfest with weie fit ofr.nd later,you e everys single w showith, you know, whenea wait what? shh. one hour. out of the question. one hour with the tablet, and my client will walk the dog. sweeten the deal by the dog will do the dishes, and we got a deal. congratulations. s of your family's online time.
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that's simpl eas99y,we a monts g ara do.ow and get the speed, coverage, and control you that's simpl eas99y,we a monts click, call or visit a store today. .iollyus not so ayongthriy
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aalong witnteehrimso -- thiext i aaveadot l hast e aunhe e corey cof now.fiewsrooms developingver nig aan ainice. woodsirg thoseined ation.s w aarride b
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o'll ctinu we to update on sefoorows ety m iis story as develops. winewo trips andock. w this morning, ndar pagoas kl i'm ucso scho fol.tingormer ater depu alexis wilson bought atin nning ak47 andd c shewantguno- dn00 pt .a, w are young with eoig sool. now wilson wasppin s itu ninthge >>coo>> w m run. hang swastikusasn hermaking then ofe the neweginning and bhe ury theasef crew w t about it.rn r chuck west,ishond a t rm sta bur this is tyrone marshall, di a other segrho i here. ] and delic biouspl y.>> i'lwithou fst. you tl irs?ato wel chuckndriust
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manning has been with towls.hels ed i letooilury fbeinlyin, aed a new definition of the word they. it n to ferre identityhe t ry ef rca. show we're not tooopal st aed wer aall bridal ieersung alalight. lle s radpan nextht le'rycek mae
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but it to wm u t her j trip from new jersey to maryland for a special event avelioday tie thesis me'ltalk toingews ne debate b d. diwho k atoo t.uspone findreong twh dha. film ♪ snackat offiy gates they've been prti to d.c.ive of ung this w a ver spe t family.ocidy t t project ts .e ae auction
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>>anell, i mean,helby brown ises um have aco l esomantic wears the ofud pow. >> put it like that. playy did you want to play theo those kind offun to -- >> it's fun tost. to mess up thingsism i'm always angrily aho oncn anchores it'tg
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we're all ertyeoy right into the >> have fun. you gu. sold out. >> i know itys y is. i know it is. but we had to put thatut there there. duke ellington you m stioned one ofchools the kids there
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were given the opportunity to t onshadow thisan we catch ♪ nd bacat sk :2ll 99 n 3 ge itting ready for oktoberfest night on bet and bet aef go, to the wharf. a kind race c congratulation hers she just got holly will have more on the engaged. weiner 500. where is theing. boxn ane in m . plus dewelopments in the abuse investigation involvingad bit knee spears d. mike thomas joining us live before he heads upwait toee thog coming up in our next 30. 9:30:30 is our time. familyfr andnds cok >> that's love. o fixing owaov be.fl robertieshe d from >> and weovou it. complications of breastumerce cs robertieshe d from complications of breastumerce cs most of me, >> we cean l't wait for to you e it. >> when long before i had moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritisa pepackack the loft. atplyeoda p kitchs. witeatoberfs ist for lifhe ringleader. ha forward: thee.n ra kept me from any doct an surprisedd wh ithe impoings.rtngleader. she said my join me.t pain and elpspermanent ret en lit she said my join me.t pain jo
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ask about enbrel, so n get backda yo to being your tr s enel may lower yourility t. weekend weiner 500 asig re acwe brserious, sometimes fatentsal, t
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.fov nrie w p bybel:by ba e bylilas.oucie, b s acs ik tisa t zone,d- or cenalling e together for 10 tok% 30a t zone,d- or cenalling e together for to choose from.orst now that's something you can cheer about!li havertys fe looks good
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promised you would get to the top of t washington monument. now, tours to the public will moasing w windows.there and y chae e bioxup fin on com b. there you go facing south right now let's check out the view. gorgeond the wharf out d there absolutels gorgeous. mike is uphe get itefe andou yater t o f . >>oodwsng.cose startin > ho? the wharf big evengou brought 'r oe ngetting a little preview this morning i'm hope y'reeinery
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nd,e >> s sur dator s way, who myaneer, expecting to come out? >> we should have a few thousan. we hadme really great turn out stha w ye'earer definitely expecting a huge crowd. >> absolutinlazamntestas for t co for neay winningtraty g run towards mood husband err her favorite person. >> there you go. >> katerina ver food most 58.
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>> food motivated. thed has been stan ed o >> this gus and i think we'll use as dancer andennis. ay. >> butash then they could sea ind bes la-ndla. he>> sea r'som the televionet s bauec i race-- thie if everyone oirolsf o tut to lasaheac
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things w is wlre f be good bitor f of dog crse come saturday? >> it'sfe 60 et 60 feetenecondsd of twodson. io it' ys pr >> yeah. >> the winners of the heats battle each othe. go to two s16 preliminaryea t he i l upa lorik the dog if you would like chance of redemption. we'll try a to do second weiner run. okay? are you guys ready? ryerybody, evedy haseen retrieved. okay. and theyre set agai mark, get s!
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.ou the videeo m tapige and reay slow the down and seesaturday at fun will be had by all. how can you not when went near dogs a are runnindee br there y. i don't know if you can top that, erin. r but mow n you. enruthere may be a dog or tw kch . i indon't know. then they all cross the line sn i et ft nationalcelebr ptbe great cau.or it'harde t thetrrearboes
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at mnaw walrus, cat lad tick ranch a few sampleav rcges f eveo burger will g to make a wish. >> that's great. tell me about make a wish and stmmcoblw g t >> and now ioprt hunavye to trit tt' cher all t great everyone r
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ty quanc >> walruhes known for food but .>>theyig he havth burger ieomiure ofhings t on --p wenyek a.tor goks
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>>ouh. wis >> my son was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago he just started high school twoa weeks. >> congratulations. >> and h wish experie was something that really kept usin gothrough all of his treatment and ofnormal. wish.t fy .. his wear wagon to the malcedb >> pretty ie. ha habl fwardu'. wes want to gan greats
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andra a. hink the bestannoo burger in teen awodont dow where to start but i think the key is just>> ectly. >> start somewhere and go hntntherro thank you very much. wishing the best to your many iw cu tope wayut abo toha s.t t f th afterment will ilhigh r greaview this m 10:51. ♪ pizzaec.ittg yourr
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scissors. good old kitchen shears. might sound surprising or
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untraditional but it is a common practice apparently in rome. the are using scissors as well. using scissors doesn't put so much force on the pizzahich means your toppings are less likely to fall off and you can also control your pizza portion. we'llus debate this int a second but first let's give the firsthot here to the crew weighing in lt night on fox5's like itot or. >> well... scissors have a korean mom we grew up scissors were likeci spaortus. you laugh but a wha ore tseic delacy... >> you've been could koreaecuen rt cutting the raw meat with scissors. >> best part about a pizza i e. f i remember in new yycior,.tyk or pizza pi es wh thoing all over my shirt gile and everything.
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>> only inn tock indicated person is okay with cut your phh a knife.wh t re's a going henttosst youf oeec >> oh! henttosst youf oeec >> oh! >> by amodi k
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ge henttosst youf oeec >> oah, d ld s >> by amodi k o.antonio! fetch computer!
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ced en ou fnd bye. i love you h tdie ! dn' tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor.t to be tide. >> live fro n york city it's "the wendy williamsho sw" ♪ now,ere'sendy!
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[cheers and applause] high. thank u for watching the sho say hello to my cohost, the studio
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