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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 18, 2019 4:00pm-4:02pm EDT

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boundary change or shift when i. transp don't like to hear about ple bussing. for those of you watching, bussing is when you take bus them to abo neighd school in a very d neighborhood far from their neighifborhood scol shore. >> it came from the drone speaker, appt entlywas yelling shark, shark, shark, evacuate immediately. i don't know what i would do.i >> have a heart attack. >> i would be dinner. >>. still to come backlash brewing over ae new fashion that sells hoodies with bullet holes. >> and millennialsould be heading towards a retirement young adults started sharing their personal solions on social media yesterday and let's just sayy they're not good. >> we have time to work it out, millennials do. around the as rush hour c ramps up. ♪ s up. ♪
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we are all on the et atrk from the same time. why ladaska chose fios my kids are doing homework or they're streaming videos. upstairs, downstairs. how's homework going? you need help?
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♪ a look now at what's trending, caitlin roth joi ang usgain for the segment. >> hey ys. >> officially the last week of deodorant according to an sperpt. >> i6 in, prince william cowe have a traffic-6 alert to warn you about. there is an overturned tractor trailer blocking most of the lanes on i-66, just one laneor f news at 00 thty's working on.>> we have brd to get i-66 seen right here in the middle of the evening rush,edshi we don't have any oth information right now as to how this occurred, injuries we don't have any detailshamingus upt j n


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