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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:03pm EDT

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illnesses are popping up across the dc area. there now 20 confirmed cases in maryland, five were reported within the last virgia has nine confirmed ca ses and the dc health department today stepping up itr action wning people to stop a vapind using e-cigarette products all together.president ban on e-cigarettes but the time line not yet. >> a rabies scare in fairfax county, two animals testing positive in herndon, a groundhog with rabies found onroffer ton court, a raccon pinecrest road close to each heother, health department saying be careful around wildlife and report any animalattacks. >> the three-year wait active, we have three named systems right now, imeldaak is a weing depression but sometimes theys weaktems take longer to move and drop more rain and of course dorian the pictures continue to talk, don't they? >> oh, yeah. >> they r financial
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information including a bank card to verify the identity. venmoer says it will ask the users for information over txt message. in the age of on line shopping, it turns out
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generation z still has a soft spot for bricknd mortar shopping. according to a new survey fro at carney, more th eight in ten consumers under the agef 25 say they prefer to make purchases in stores. their bigsost rn why is to disconnect from the digital world. i guess i've gotten a little lazy over time. >> yeah? >> click on the phone. >> makes it muchre eoneyras bec not leaving the house and you're getting it faster and faster >> i know.sed e house anymore, what's wrong o with me i've become a hermit. stillahead, queen elizabeth to the s rescue howhe helped reunite a little girl with her favorite stuffed animal. >> andapitol hill going to the dogs, pets andin organizations g organized by congress tonight. f people can agree about maybe capitol hill, that dogs are amazing. >> we can agree on that but ng which one's goi to win. they are alljerry, tropical storm winds sustained at 60 miles an hour way out in the atlantic, still hundreds of miles from a land mass but
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looks like as it approaches thee lesser antiller the next 48 hours uld bring some effects. it's not going to make land fall as a category 1 hurricane, but thent will continue its journey out to sea. looks like jerry will stay pretty far away from thet southeast which is good news. as far as our seven-day forecast, try to get to i thatf we


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