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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:06pm EDT

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county county and mile marker 43 ten sudley road and lee highway. one laneet of traffic is gng by on eastbound lanes y we'll keep updated with the latest own "fox5". >> t news ao deavedlylo afternoonp in prince george county county. was a shootingth in glen ardenaryland right nr the police station. and and police sayhat the shooti started atar this complex right downen the street where they found one man dead and right in steps. and steps awayro fthe police department. it will you the truth i sheard the gunts. i told the captain we headed out by the t
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get through life without missing a beat. hr kaiser permanente. te. site glass door physician's topped list with avere annual salary of 1193,000 and farmly manager, dentists, pharmacist and enterprise architect. the hel care jobs require significant a education which can be very expensive. 2017 medical students had average of 19 0,000student loan debt. >> all right. stop.why deputies thrilled to pl over a hse and buggy and the chaotic scene that took place afterwar. chaotic scene that took place afterwar. that next.
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a horse pulling the buggy and took off running and the deputies were able to cap up and iwas towednd. >> they deposit arrest t and find him. >> i guess not they're sll the run whole new meaning to pip my ride. >> yes, in does. >> com up little more trouble withrifforts to bng sports betting to the disstripingt. 5@630 is ne xt
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