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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 18, 2019 6:30pm-6:32pm EDT

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need senate confirm r formation. >> presidentinrump surprise call for new avrptions over iran and alleged contact over saudi oil facilities. it comes as showcased evidence proves iran was behind the attacks. during a visit to saudi arabia mpcretary of state mike poeo condemned to run and called acthe strikest of war. meantime some law makers are capil hill are pushing for the u.s. to caubeonti militarys nwe noteed to find way to get to a place where we can have theip mromcy work. >> rels in yemen complained responsibility for attack and iran denied involvement. >> the three-year wait is almo over. the washington monument and majestic views of d.c. sky line will reopenen to tourists tomorrow following multi-million rewill be. mike thomas takes us to the top for a sneak peek. >> hey, guys, you're looking at the best view you can possibly get her washington d.c. and there's only cee plao
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get it and that is the very top, 555 feet up. at the washington monument. osit's been closed for betten re bpart three years while emey've been doing improvemen iments and we'll tell about you thoymz improvements and how fou y you c f amazing vs starting a early as tomorrow e yfromou mike from the national park service. >> good to see you. >> good to seee you mik of our friend ever the show tell us a little bit what is new when folks come out. >> most importantly what is new is elevateer is reliable now. when we closed in 2016 it was going down a couple, three run it andk and weould not nora guaee people would get stuck some pointhe alo way. we have taken three years andde moizeed elevator and got a new control system and replaced all the mechanical parts and we're looking forward staing tomorr morning to having a long, long run of this elevator bringing people up for as you said those views of america'srea
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greatest city. >> tl uss little there's no newryecurity ething is all about secure these days and i love iant ik. >> speaking of keeping


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