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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm EDT

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and be open witht our doctor abouanything you feel physically and emotionally. w tou to go in yor ur annual ch cign together, all the way. ecemfok- rand be open doctor cna ouythi you feel w tou to go in physically and emotiwionthally. >> right nowt 10. highway gridlock. a cas along a busy interstate hour.aused a mess during rush rid new idea of getting of pap handlers a start after lots nin tmoowre in intersections like this and how it could work. >> aa rare sight caught on other cromartie will deal with camera. where this white deer wasas o spotted in our region. washington has ten lit rea eusesy a wan news at 10 begins now. >> we'll begin tonight with breaking news in montgomery
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county, maryland sky fox is live overhe scene over a serious crash involvi a tractor-trailer on shetfield tstbe t say long season aand io manner terracean in fair ld area of silver spring. would rather win ten of my we're this happened 6:45 next you know 1 at least one person has life-threatening injuries and at this point it's not clear how this accident happened. it is also not clear if anyone else was hurt. again you can see a number oli f>>acady with a develop tour. an accident that apd around openingsall part of optimal hoi. 6:45 fair land area of silverng spri. we're working to get more infon and we'll keep you updated with more details. >> if you drive 6no6 yw what you dealth todayoday bac w backups for miles. tomorrow lapse video showing aftermath after a crash police say was caused by suspected drunk driver. >> this happened 66 of near centerville bad u traffic for hours at the evening sglut it was naish itself but what it hit. he world.alle l his lindsay.h what happened, >> guys, this happened just before 2 it:00 in the
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afte but crews only clearedrn out of here about an hour ago andreope6 eastbound now missing a sign pole. bed caught fire when he a half . this was just bend m here. but again tonight the road is reopen entered after an hour's "mofox5" break thr.ghou long closure. let's show you some video now. virginia state patrol got a call about a woman driving recklessly here on 66 in fairfax county around 1 is:4 this afternoon and as troopers were responding that driver they say ran off the teinte and struck a sign pole. so again this was eastbound 66 of at route 28. her car then caught on fire. and sky fox was overhead. you can see what her vehicle looked like aftward. incredibly this woman walked away from the crash uninjured accorde.g to polic she was under arrest, though, accud of driv under the influence. that sign pole she h was deemed unstable structurally
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insound so cruz spent hours taking that down and as a result there were a lot of to getome from work todayying back out here live now, this was a traffic mess. 66 of, now downle a sig. but, you know the good news is nobody got hurt and thiwill nobt impacting your commute tomorrow morning. back to you. >> and we have more breaking ws now out of canada. doingprime minister damage control after a photo of him wearing brown face surfaces time magazine released the story tonightea they relsed the photo you see here. that's not pto that video. hohe put on makeup as part of alad infor arabian knights theme back in 2001. the photo was then posted in th school's yearbook. trudeau said his disappoind in himself and didn't thinkt
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was racist at the time and begging for forgiveness of the canadian people. >> other top tore stories, police department investigatingn officer involved shooting in southeas southeast. police tried to pull over a casthis morning on morri road. they say the drivefftook o. hit a curb. got out and fceed at ofrs. they fired back. no one was hurt. investigators are now reviewing the officer's body camera foota they also arrestd john hudson on several charges. prince george county police are looking for this woman. they think she has information about three separate fires i o, maryland. the fires happened september 13 and 14 on steeple chase wa way. fox chase court and green . mead >> and three people includint studen are recovering after they were hurt in explosion in dup is school montgomery country. sky fox was over the school in owings mills this morning.n the explosio blew off the top of smoke tower over boiler room and bricks we scattered everywhere. 1400 students attend that
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schore and t's no word what ssirked the eon. >> laws and penalty surrounding marijuanaou have t loosened and it's still not decriminal liceed in maryland and there's still a large plaque market. >> a judge handed down a sentence to a marijuana supplier convicted mfurder during a drugea d gone ring. lauren is here. >> the judhrew the boo this guy.k 28p-year-old. he was sentenced to life wirole plus 40th y for murdeear. state attorney john mccarthy says this is fourth or fifth time in the past two years he had to talk about a marijuana ddeal andeadly violence. >> thenly drug distribution cases wherehe drug deal goes bad where lives have been lost in montgomery county islways involved marijuana. i don't have a real explanation for it i know that in some quarters i'm told that the drugs on the street are cheaper and the grade of the drugs i better.
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>> in this case, okayredorsey and other suspect went to a building to buy prince george countyld a 18-year-o turner. they up tended to rob him. to rce his way into the apartment and fei acre family including infante son were insid so he fought back. dorsey shot and killed him wi5 a 3gnum. ayso remember dorsey from a big story in 2013 in a montgomery county courtroom after sentenced in armed robbery case and tried escape running off it led to lockdow lo wwn. he hid for a wle in a womendhi women's restroom before having a scuffleith an officer and ended when a juror stuck their foot out and leave.d him as he t family of andrewth ture elieved that kyreecent dorsey is off the streets. >> he can never walk the streets and do this to nobody eliminat if he came into this apartment, if he had got in
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there he might have shotev ybody in the hnning . >> that's theou type of person drew was he's not worried about a kourd with a gun that want h to is family. he protected his family. we got justice for drew today. >> the other suspect in 2015 is said to be cooperating with prosecutors and has sentencing in november, jim . >> all right, thankurou en getting closer to start of fall. >> s w palka is hereith a all riat cool down. sue. you know what we're havi technical difficulties now. we're glad you're joing us.i asr noticed cooler it temperates today. is sue standing by for us right now guys. looks like -- >> yeah, let's connue the story here. chaos in maryland whoev killed one person and shotil another st on the loose.
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sarah simmons is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: hey, jim, this indent happened steps from the glen aarden police department. they're trialpiece all this together and yet t announce information or identify the man shot. the shooting took place in the parking loten of apt complex along joh avenue nearns martin luther king junior highway e man was whfound dead and sepingd man shot made his way up the asked for help.ven where he police say that second victi is inerious don't. >> to it will you you the truth i heard the gun shots in e offictold the captain we headed out by the time we radio.e call it came over >> this is a sad because it's somebody's child know. and i pray that the young man in the hospital i hope h make there wereother injuri>>es reported. but stray bullets did hit a couple cara during shootout according to pol ae.
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glenen called today violence unusual for this area and just a few weeks ago there was another deadly shooting less than half a mile away. >> tonight, there arno questions about sports betting to run the gambling operationona is legal. ill memberssel asked the attorney general to investigate it was ordered to a greek company tge theo d.c. lottery. >> the answer i got was what we check is that 35% of the what she didn't say is we doert check w it's rgitimate company, whethe the company has i, emplo benefit to the city.omic the only things they check is 35% of the money goes to this k. >> spokes person for d.c. lottery says legal sports betting avenues like capital one arena are weeks if not months awend application for process for licenses has not
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yet opened. >> a new warning of ecig use. >> and why a mechanic sabotaged american airlines flight josh. >> you could see new signs posted at busy intersections and here's t thing. they have absolutely nothing to dith your driving coming they have absolutely nothing to dith your driving coming fiup i'll you in.
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sig to be pt intersections in fairfaxry a itt
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have to do with whe you can't pu can drive. coming downt'>> i pans handling. josh rosenthal explains.>> repon there before drive ago long stopped atnle money totop. >> reason why is two fold, one police say complaint are on concerned safety.n >> it's a distracon to have somebody in theki street when mang a turn or go through intersection and somebody is walking towards thear. as a driver i don't like it i don't cs>> welly talked about banning pan handlingal togetheasking forel e for help. >> interact with the onestm wld
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the middle of intersection.t' >> whawrong with helping peoplet' ts hawrt'ong with the world now not enough people wilngo t >> now the full fairfax county board would he efto. and guys,want io d places somet close to us hiee trd in roanoke er>>whnterpae estingap. >> we see this problem in alo of country -- place as cross the county it come down to fir amendme issue ss tpeechit her people find it inconveniner not. >> back in july we o reported their potentially banningan handling altogether andran into. >> thanks josh. >> major flooding in texas is tropical depression imelda bearsee down on tming
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don't. drenching houston, stone and south eastern texas and southwestern louisiana rain leaving cars underwater and trappeding drivers. such a -- more expected over the next couple days. >> i comend o i'm like oh, my god this tropical storm has a name first of all where did l aorm come from. >> i developed yesterday and continues to threaten aan area still ranovering from hurricane harvey two y wrs ago. >> andh imelda and with l the hurricanes roll ago around i know people are talking aboutt' it le academic with sue palka and find outhat what's going on out there. >> we're koling down and tropics are heating up jim, shawn, not just imelda it's a waenging system. but we have atlantic. it's humberto andnt has bee osclbue touen n close enough tha ahas been feeling affects of it.
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it's now sliingd north of bermudao and hum is category three hurricane wind of 120 miles an hour. they've had it plying 75 miles north of bermudaia. it's moving along way and i iln't think itl be a threat to any other land massve and entually a tropica sy that's aboasew ed t isoflands. we'll check on track of that in a few minutes. letes check on temperatur 6istrict. doesn't it feel fantastic. 55 winchester and call yopper you're down to 358. u on theen the windows i was outside a few minute ago, icosg with light breeze out of the east that is making thgs feel very comfortable. bottom line, we're going to coo. we only 0 hitisime of year and funl.lyea you may head to 49
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tonight. winchester 48pe andper 5re in d.c. it dropped to 58. if they're getting ready for jacket.m., 50 to 6 of 2 with lots of sunshine. afternoonorrow should begh the today. little cooler than today we hit 80.i p out close to 75 degre t he city tomorrow and low 70s. ininmethg dwe our forecast is s be veryry. offer a tenth of inch of rain so far this ined iner and we're par. the forecast until early next week. we'll get knee all of p inat a d.cregiin. nber ofineiueap vsn. heake make joinsth.s wi t
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>> that's right today shawpt c. department warned peoe e whetsigoe cver. there's now 20 confirmed cases in maryland,ginia has ninei nine. new yo andigmich statewide ban flavoreded cigarettes and new rkor assiation calls this knee jurk put hundrestores out ofrf businessmond ske>>rs a lot of c. pdumokingcthoe isow announcemes nation twooid prevent kids from vapeing as thedc investigates hundr of young illnesses. itc encouraging the p to stop smoking ecigarettes. >> a charged withms he damadatae
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system on a fght fm miami to bahamas because ostald union negotiations. brother in the terrorist his group. ison h he>> despite allegations of sexy statens penva n of limitations n assaulted 20 baylor rown raipd her last may brown denied anyng wrotute of and he is expected to play ntasfay moviewhere it was scene. >> security threat targeting informatio ere on line. informatio ere on line. back after this.
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fears of recession is on the p criticized the move and he believes it should be more. tapping robero'brien to be the national security advisorn. o' is special president den shall envoy for presidential affairs. wi the president and looke forward to another yearnd a half a piece thrgh strength with tremendous foreign policy successes under president person to serve as national security advisor and he does not require senate
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confirmation >> day 3re o tensions the compad th responsibilitony for u tsing and uaw is calling for higher waimings more job security andealth>>ecurreag s'sl wropz of americans from hupd t theyec're sopresiden iofnsecuy mrmputer wfind them.h itinstigan , cat scans on servers there's no evidence it's been copied and publish elsewhere. >> inis it a sgram talking aboutduct and age posts and others rownldrope propertying questionable
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will be tape down altogether. to reduce pressure feel as a ruts of social media. >> aa range of glass gore phicians tops lis with annual average salary of 1 is the 3,000 followed by pharmacy manager, den fist, pharmacist architect healthcare jobs reire a of education which you probably already know a that can be expendnsive. in 2017edical students had average of 1 is 90,000 in students loan debt. >> i believe it. >>torom and showeders from world o war are received a special and showeders from world o war are received a special honor today.
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sxwrv cong up at:30 weeonperse r atonx mpooshleootindngarou s ctimnditn. i investigors are and serving for bh di people not tgindle. having people in the middle of the road is safety terp and es a phone ti rationwidecet en non cal to profit called sayk nd for released new back to
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sting. >> tseudy nohesad c. theyinn took'rshale oo pen demdo >> shangle pson anfl who is close
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danger time lathedo to
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legalcan am fest iny to it aft was taken the person won't be preecuted i gun sill legal. police officer, family member or mental health professional can apply for this order and for that first case. g the hearin is set for mondayth to determineer or not they can take those weapons away for up to a year. and that term is renewable. yt each time it has to go ou >> we use the term mere owe a lot this is a real live one. 75 years after he earned it. he was surprised with a bronze star today at the warldar ii gunnersotice war.ed as top ten here's 96. he was in germany and led a tank crew that took out a german thank that just destroyed two american tanksd ay at the time. this is the crew after the
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tank strike against germans he's in top row middle you m have seen him there. when the film was fist released he becamknown as t because ofn he was suosedars misunderstandi hngow a nnd actions are being rewarded. >> it'sn a an and i wil 'll do that out of remembrance to a kilso manyf o guyshead." >> datdho5 yearse ic n >>e're at tha and can share wt ha up cred. >> i believe change in the chicken sandwich war cgming u up. >> and skatesing world isor routing a skater that ride how he's getting tips from a lend aan first, here's sue>>. as a lot of talent i canr sesure.
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itu enjoying a fall preview.ew days early. feel of fall will be with us again tomorrow as we start in 5 onauto 50s and few sports in thursday. you know what the official lay rivdzat on monday anei'll have 7 day foreca in a few miutes.the cityo anei'll have 7 day foreca in a few miutes.the cityo cop kerhe front tier. deerl. and be open with your doctor about anything you feellyp. cigna. together, all the way.
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. first did you see this scale be 400 foot tv tower in orlando, florida, yeah, he scaled tower at 11 this morning and didn't come down 6untilhich means he was >> when firefights went to get himbe they d higher they had to use a bull horp to get him down and they took him
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to an ambulance and he s history ml iss of >> unusual traffic stop pulled over amish buggy found two help drinking spikedce itea inside. owing a buggy.tshad we're >> thawhat they found inside twistedhi system with large speakers. "pimp my ride" new meaning to >> the man ran into the w and the horse ran off too. they took it to local place guess they're scared be they're bested. >> somebodyeca is geting a brome to oftie posted the p the deer tryinto facebook. >> it's like the lion witchobe ever the arndpole 0,000
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timesow n it's marylandrostdar coming up wow like to live like royalty we have your 'lance. show you that coming u. lwe>> we'll tell you how you can live downton abby locally, lwe>> we'll tell you how you can live downton abby locally, we'll be rights back. ♪
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♪ ♪ if you're ling with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help youli
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get through fe without missing a beat. tive.
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ig here's a live lookas tngonigtont tomorrow it will reopenen to the public. elevysted new screening facilities today we caught one touristswh ldmanark r favorite to visit. >> when the gliingts down in ♪el l the washington moment iconic >> and it's like a movie it's like lincoln memorial. all of d.c. is history >> favorite is th>> several
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core each, vietnamll gd. >> capitol building actually co. here.really excited to be most beautiful placelace here s here♪ >> and again, as we mentioneded the monument is reopenening tomorrow. ceremony 10 a.m. lady melania tp surprise seduled to be therel hx ne utug m good time ha indeed it wl be a perfect u ugeouon't be
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ht os. first and foremost. you're in for a treat. cool you haved windows yet. you don't need to run that air conditioning if you head for the 50s tonight ay fallter tub ushz into the upper 40s as well.. we'll stay sunny we head friday. just bit looks like well be arod 90f inot eventl lonat this indke wee oit will be a dry sweetch eaking of dry, september is lyreal gardenersr k a stepth abo you that n rea of inrainto igan y 80 regd dulles 7p 9 and bwi marl t7.ha two day forecast comfortable really outstanding day.
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75 deges. feeling a littleikal lll te hif7 9. cooler that average tomorrow for the first time in a whix that jaekt will feel g any, warmers, few clouds around andp last year we had almost 10" of rain n typical svt we would have around 4". it's bee dry, warm, today has been a nice exception to that pattern. and it is 69 the degrees now as we look across therehe in r d.c. winchester you're 55 degreeslp. cueper 5io6 i csotonsumer investigative reporter for theable noyingt with overnight lows
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you know and erybopp uer0s 4 ell lobe cse abovele0. 5 for d. high centteredicisbrings in nord keeps us sun tulomd orhaverow ay comfortable afterno as we on chester 71, nal5 mannasasis lerf it looks like this. tropical storm.ggestit wh hur ca
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naifriday. r for jerry is the next one we'llhao youve t what it's expected tbeone .nowicane werwill humrtoedhueair >> t and friday could be as man question ass on some spots. we are getting.
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surprised 9 th fl i on monday wh will also feature it. could also bring us first taste of rain in thelede wrshirr or m when.leco >> jim. otor kids from sual when t kidsz alerse' for what each one of tmihetm ghtbe. who knows whoart t ore makert pr
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neighborhood we're loose is a lot of them. >> meet michelle blues coal. i think abothem and what is keep. >> this is safe shores advocacy center in northwestmife ency, toygenc, >> it stress andr myth he'ssingee the sharks cinl
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moreresources and feelingse>> a "fox5" d.c. cares ises is supp t aware moneyomworrogthem on the you head c.
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palace came to the young ing.emi5-ss to get photos the next wereusdawe and i just fr the thought when the girl got back to australia classmat helped her write a leto queen elisabeth to ask if the squen found the monkey hy cadog lled rex. onir>> tex>> whehoence t
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's thet a nn ndiura lot of people >>cdonald'g inswagivrd on g g ue for this commercia luns>> we hae ttin two donutsanit's goi a pngo ortionwide>> sarah rundo swnmoii hr:and how he's responding tonn
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e 5 akis t inweekend ir in for serious traffic delays and me than usual. weekend for roadwork komst roadwork komst warning toniaeh ght next at 11. cna
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