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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 19, 2019 5:00am-5:19am EDT

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mi >> not going itr o alone. goturartner m.erin. here, erinnds mike. >> metro is on time. nebl a 5bigelays wrighoc t0.her. 66 westbound road wor sudleyd. two crashesk on 295 southbound out by 202. i can't believe it's this early already. >> we're all doing thiw, it's chi hylltse bomeeople tualikeut ts.w, me. ghter] is a ne breakhing tho ck tugum smertime hea as terodd tclos toall. eneretheom 9 c probles not0' summer . rain? e'se'll b d92 degansture leoutllt answer when we show you the
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e aies fax. ingth too d hop they will cut down on more from tysonsard boeiosk getl asaat p t
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intersection and sebarth the ons truly in need and the dignity to field m tha is a h reeality,ul ey'lll right,ia it. heari usngngdiat a.m. at the raybung>
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sthtgets p.m. on tilrhena 5:03. the fbi askinonioun nat your hgp antiid theyen saywpt tnews is . lice say he may have been preying on kidsa.he isn soccer n about threeir happened on green meadow way. >> metro transit police looking into theic who pepper sprayed a rider. tt wasau used pepper spray after of herpreviouslyhe escorted womn
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off anher car butotn de htembethngh car. all r t keby osabouttell
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ud out re coming acrosscent censur clre weekend. minutes. we erin, y roads looking this morning. >> 5:zero five. metro is on time but roads have been messy this morning. there's an investigation vehicle into a house. serious crash scene turttnpelelked lo roa woa r'vey anfibouttrthdethe29erernea works
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blkeocd awdnsdi styca towards gainsville this morning. normal volume picking up intocko hi sws finrtpaonnghopefully uand
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portio westernofises rhat. i should have known better. itas somethingo do and i'mlyde
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trudeau wearing dark makeu an turban t tin in 2001. he says ito was a arabian nce o ae detelod gpmitaa
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fromwi sandy hook parents as they g rn itheno ahinaec
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.>ay dnts toawantds awo led to l warn consumers o s. wre ng♪erf tu a
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l rg.ryhat's just eyry county..
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alutfter 50.o moenc. pwoilol takeicox crisis. as we head to break right now, it is traffic moving on the beltway out gre baty on the ter v looir. more in a moment. >> ♪ ♪
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ght nore with tempin t we have etoough0' attleni >> it ait g bit ais brrr out o there. feels good though. good morning to you. glad you're us. september hu19th. and t some thursdathoughts onoy thomahought, ly concernith ou were going wit>>hthat.>> i kr afteemra tcethrnpe 7re0's,funshn day.othosnd look? we rsing u >> breakin news. bwg parkwaythbound shut bstigationyigerte of a ely.yo31in to d w sn tysanelie alnwickinas
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>>onorter: hey, goodfairfaxor ss become a this rn j pea usroto tysonorr,ax ty.s yow, run acrcoossus yl the and t isort i conflict,lnflict wou yu shou gnpoint s p rsections media thanrshe.driveher prosa bthepl es handr c a ndrsfaircoonsirhaelp. s saerx panhandlereherorki mnge ir con ty forarke and forivers andan t. ctually thinkt'te a de it'san todgerous wheny're out d the right in thee
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of t interse mctiohe >> wrong withng peoplehas what's h wrong with the worldwh? now. ea rr:ow, ateughwill te help th hanpai sun poleld me ery year abo2, traicnd relatedfi sose moned, th proposalens nnons arehtng u just yet. this was discussed in the public safetut committee b very much.eventuallye goingbefoa odw. houseol they'll intruc b delegate eleanor holmes norton. long live go-go is holding a march and rally for d.c. statehood hearing later tonight. the millions mo march get under way at 7:00 p.m. onon the na mall.
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>> 5:33.ight n we are learning new details about the whit le-blower complaine acting director of national intelligence refuses to hand over to congress. now,tedly involves president trump's communications with a foreign post" cites twado former u.s. officials who sa promise mr. trump a made to the leader promp esiden pdhe o thich .renectoea ofacationa enceh mcgu to share jrelaint with lawmaker chfmpropee iy to speculate that prhe dent > metro transit police are looking into the actions of an officer who pepper sprayed a rider. the incent was caught on pepr spray after theefused multiple orders to get o the trainse of herff b behavior. metro said t officer escorted the woman off another car but sed downgnorin
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>> ♪ >> time for wea proy ninou'llarm te uol. 7 chillyss, 54er gaithersbndheri across theng te thisos month. currentl tth the alrrow 8eou degr rgou yr friday morning w.
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t, 47 fo man .as merfo s to.c r.amp inefto wpeewe d gtlat with t iuple more unfortatelast.miin's comroads i: prob35lemsuny metrn time want te e big pitroblems rbe on bwparkwd after 50 so a traffic is b forced to diverto new york ave a second crash ihe backup b shonulderlock at 202. delaysngt back to e the beltway. asult of arash on a kenilworth southbound where all lanes a blocked reste. closing the rmer kenilwor womingthrom 201 bw parkwayu have this aau and a lot of delays. slois upday
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sudley road. we l thomaeck delays. up a3 tke good but dow outer loop not by 3 looks . little river turnpike d reakefield chap we hadn belarlier crash investigation involving a t me know ou have qutis.if es's kd of bus already, backys rig t f mning right n feox ants askingdege for in a child abuse case. lawhe district uses a new to take a gun away from man havi healthng crisis. >>5:37, theperature is 60. back after this. >> ♪ ' re...
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...with less. is expte chevron's findie oductive wells.e ergy doin' more... ...with . more data and precision... to help meetrowing demand. that's going to get a lot of likes. inting to meet the energy demands of today and tomorrow.
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>> developing this morning the fbi is asking for your henp tifying potential victims of a man they sayen targeted childr online. 25-year-old justi taylor of newport news is accused of producing child pornography and he may have been preying on children in our ares he goe by the name soc referee 2 online.ce according to court docdents he t a 13-year-old girl into sending him sexually explicit photos. if your kids had any conta morning in d maryland, prince george's county pol the hunt for this woman. theyic say she may have informatio se fes io, a t the fires occurred on september 13th and 14th on steeple chase way, foe >> 5:40 is theadow way.
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o perdeadno gne injsourntn apa complex aun noon y police say tha rains inic ffe.ousple of i ld captain --d out tr thentwhatpened. >> distrtir time ever to takey tode tit's called theme rkde a poli weeko cour te away at gun from w isoing througha aho yvoen under h pole igation. investigatorsin that heay pl- displayed odd hahen heay recently gun.d to register a second approvedrapo
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the peti it allowed d.colice to ake aw.ay the man'sif rle pist thethfni angels pitchertyler ski >> the referee who forced a high school wrestler to cut his dres is f new puadni. >>t'acs taick back. we do,sh we'llke give nice beautifyoul shot of the capitol whl down at national harbor. 5:41, 60 degree fo mornings. back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ 5city of san trump sympat issde se it'usof te
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t cases of fentco is beingue mendor two se. officials announced mandatory bi tasrainin maloneyndmaloy comments. >> ♪th >> 5:52e time. new study suggests particles from pirluted breathed in by pregnant women can reach the placentaatorm the immune system developing fetus.e existing crinvisl ofetion
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premature birth and low birthweight. another health ale to talk about this morning, rebies born t-sffin cugghs.econ chsear throonti cutlyecesac b hot on-sm nk yeah, i thi nay edtding lig h oehturge of birth urglavodldon't need toi
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new,might wanto before ordering coffeends. airplane water is a a to five based onirals criteria >> yeah. nauseous. su and> learrsanh rve collection
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lph t.avke ranlry agings h ce peo or fother tse
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sunny and bri sol. temperures wil ul be quick to 've the wrd a owave pieigasht rndle the next couple days. humberto has moved past bermuda and is going to continue to push off to the e north andast and notroeally bother anybom this point on. conditions invi. bmuimelda on ts still a tropical dression brin the rain in texas. some spots got over a foot of rain yesterday could potentially get a f rtndou toda. portrthur a maynd rain.oio pu ot
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nortand thengt here. >>♪♪ochourx5fot comehajorn
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e tionwide e
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