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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 19, 2019 6:00am-6:11am EDT

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avrlng ngagain don't get used to it. waer tpeemtuningo you. i'm allison seymour. thank youo much for m joiornini. llht>>a quick checko on weather before we check theod commute. morning, tuck. >> steve, i am so impressed with lavende hints this >> so poetic. >> yes, it is, it's i beautiful. 60n washington. that's at reagan national which is typically our hot ot. you gethe idea how cool and nderful it is outside. mid 70's for daytime highs. lots of sunshine. if anything we need the retn. i'll you know when that will arrive coming up. erin, how are the roads. >>fortunately super busybl tuck. a lot ofems out there, skyfoxacver the fire tivity that we're dealing with in kensingtonct ing things onar how avenue at knowles. that and work you around all the luvome inso of the
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topto sries serious ni cries exactly what happenedhatofspraday r he refusedme multiple orders to get off the ain because of her behavior. the officer previously escorted the woman off of another car. >> fbi looking forp hel identifying potential victims of a man they say targeted children on line. taylor of news pornography and he may have
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been preying on kids in our area. he goes by the name soccer referee 2 online. he talked a 13-year-old girl into explicitim photos. if your kids had any contact with him make sure to call t ret criminal chargestef limitation wn sexually a brown raped her lastay. the state ofts massive settlemee personal accountsrm p amndhe states
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they're shorts so you can see a whe bunch of them right. >> absolutely. take advantage of it. ng,i thi it's a great idea.or hs. guy atin fact, overnig'sreht lsatio, 60 degrees so might want the way lof to school work.nd aor a
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