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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2019 7:00am-7:11am EDT

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the tropics v a humbertosed bermuda. that w's gd news. ustsoo over oneid hadn't dread miles an hour on thisland of bermuda. e jerry is concern as it will approach the lesser antilles and then maybe get pushed back up towards bermuda byhe middl of next wee t now very stron tropical stormg with 70 miles an hour winds imeldaaining ineast texas. sbusy year. 75or u today. 83somorrow. 90 saturday and sda mayb weetorms ewithdal gro>> se t ilee aitcutl mty nice on f the weeke don't think onend last -- you wendcee' couel county
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de o u b ellargo. outer loop loop king p pare cd p frzengnore u' l tot redra on the map likll 3 et. a ut>> w i wonder how long iakes parkway heavy to andro fm 32. looprasheinrnpi delsemnack to od qtink >>eud ires t havou wis letlilost at ied$2 o'ng tto the springfield interchange. 70orl ithbound very heavy and 66 las bhre ioom the oundan volumeguys,. back to you. >>hanks. into tmehe actions of ander. ls ont theeeut, anything? you can see it he. >> looks nice om the air. this w line >> it's really pretty.ea me oers to getf t >> okay. another reason to take a trip, mean g iuyt's pretty be itrng, s conou w e et. informatliiohreese wepate fires in largo tarhat3tccd a gytjunhattheembeeo tertoishtuhu
7:05 am r tybcasde,teve m,hank local> now bw ut s they won't s mike crow chipped and vaccinate! bodora able. hecause -- ishat's great.e thav layshern oer ad js der little partner out thereey. >> best frienreat e rni.. mso. a erinst t the 50s. f n itysotop
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child isrilly that follows iua s cx5 resakd by we a for a t trel
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omdalasys.ishe nobody else get . artits the n cexldhoodoe lot of. c g illinoisan netsm a dgr californo ct idi thinkor about protecting them. s families, it's a was on tau the gorou feline. cases herther so that they who e
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child andar their civer don't lige anc tyheagged from agency same thing over and over again. ayleto buildng, socialedthis rfa nice couple of days e. dgean rowes aag
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thoe a'l t ma cos. >> how can i h, sl. hore they ga that's just yourself. dating appsmes aftre nearinur fahi imes when persolyter thisou o yng m didyo
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ars byhild car.y >> right. >>ewhere between the sut ages of ten and 12 what we're seeing
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09>> thanks forst all'rro the wr you right now. yve ery >> ydad, huch. ou all right, al. thanks very. ig r8:. ahray ea part ofaying yrou you mightant to ease off a few w a week. fox5 morning bac conds. ♪ the first thing i thought abouf .itgsidt'e fix the dead
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