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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 19, 2019 4:00pm-4:04pm EDT

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heaw ,that will esidsegue into areice workeee w wurareemendr. th s'still ahead. blake and tisha, over to you. >> a coue is suddenly woken out of their sleep after a car front andk of virginia.he >> it happene 2:30 this morning off littleeriv didr
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hi tth couple too cl chat seems like itdo wwnasvyea s hdin the frontthe home and thrhehe of he back estroying pretty much everything inhde iing shetairid of t ax couolice say and talka.n the m weea a
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trs aeirve t thious tr sca d st in armatsio this caseemns wng .n to you. you. >> serious lung injuries oied to vapg are awa het them. people who shown haveo face intoler aeindidentity i.s
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deep detis splylyju tlain fe disqualify someone fin electedeu frox5 c owsight hf i s>>tsnderosflooderit w on u
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t cyme in rnas originally with tont llhey anymoomre
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rd galveston have been inundated withheve rain stl got another night and into tomorrow toon cndtenortest wha e alreyt to m o wanenmf ic somtsof edoo fe spre.c. wsiess
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ng top-secairet n i.a thousands are flocking to the desert for what is being o s what going on and if they're still planning to do t tomorrow. 90 there on sunday. we're going to call thatan hot. d it's going to be hot en into monday. our first full day of we contino
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coa unover tohatom le day posble. that's our only chance of rain on the sevenoay say thu arst yr. ba over to you. ra. cai ltlauren reinleaseing a new linehenspired by t iconicw "friends." the designer is giving fashion fans an ode to the timeless style of rachel green. the collection features blouses pants skirts jackets and shoes all mirroring green's ralph lauren executive wardrobe. >> if you're tired of false advertising while loo love online, one app is trying to help. oplentyf fish is banning filtered photos on profiles. the app says it will audit the 70 million images on its platform a remove any image
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it considers overly filtere plenty of fish says they're making the change after hearing from users they want aut morehentic experience so now you can just be yourself. >> if only every appid


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