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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:06pm EDT

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increasing ass more than half bee ablepinpnt tr of themiblame eut continueth cna vaping. >> we don't keonow what p t cahe components are, we don't the nicotine content. we don't kno any of the number of chemicals that could ben there. >> fda is opened up a criminal probe and today lawmakers launched the congressional caucus to end theouth vapingepi. >> a plane crashed at the college park airport aarfter enr skyfox was over the scene just after 1'clock. no one was hurt thankfullyffut airport oials say the plane apparently went tffhe runway while the pilot was tryingo land it. you can see the pla came to rest in a large hedge there a popular jogging path.ide is this marks the third plane crash in our area over the past university of land police have given the all-clear fol discovery of a suspicious
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packe ontetheam package was fout kirwan hall which is the mathematics building. the incident prompted an evacuation of that building no another one nearby but threatas found. >> don't do this,lease buddy. >> stay, please. >> please, please. >> ctiec bodyag cam foe capturing the moments montgocery county police hers sed tif lmaen who was try to jump off the union him on the ledge of the bridge. you can see the officers hoing onto the man for d or life. morefficers arrived on scene to assist the man. he was pulled toy. safet >> ♪ >> a couple was♪uddenly awake concerned in the middle of the night after a car drove all the way through their home in nortginia. the crash happenedhe around 2:30 this morning on little river turnpike. fox5's ayesha kahn is live in annandale withow this whole thing unfolded.-ayesha. w s unfolded.yeah, i'llho ou tak aook b me,
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thise holeeh rig here betthese e bu mornit ng.tithat'sse t rie am northbound b over littlthi wayssing e tethenivur jumpiurb going ug ts in lgivingoutohek of themd the couple who was in this house sleeping in their oom managed to escape from that second floor bedroom window. in the meantime, the man, the driver was fnd dead inside his car. the owners of their now unlivable home on little river turnpike in annandale s these photos withha fox5. the loud bang ty heard in th middl the night thursday ws car ng into their home. ase couplesmliec dned to speak on camera but they say the sound of the crash made them jump out of their bed only to me out of their second flo bedroom andoro say w toe weathea today. it's here iven d.c. but weta want to sve g our leon.
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beautiful town and the colors look great down niced t a lil or the gng to comfo hrtle cool n we're starting though withht.xa. these are always the the depression that is imelda houston area and what's a thi eydaertanglloueds a ears ago right in this areaomledo places had a ynd 50-inches.oned the town and there's another toampshire t hy've had t 2o he's working on tonight. or enlopa t ofn and it'sopul ar a story.
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tdere t'grut.>>t's that. theowut facf li ittsett y to an, you definitely fall-like oenot utry. cll and calgo t
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this chilly. teater aes d.c. so thathi illsy heat on in the car type of start to your friday morning. w,o intthwarm up. itill and then into the weekend, i don't know if it will be tnoo tg ft a,atdit of r tainnes thente showing ndanteli acldso and we'l
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pretty quickly. a tropical system but remnants connuing to sit and over the houstonrdt y t'twso ye 4remnants of imelda going to hrntinue tonigorht awnd t along the southeast coast of texas. we continu to watch humberto bermuda and continu on irom urnejerry is now a hurricane, a categocanet 90 1ilryes aurnri h .hour 's miles from any o the leeward islands but tropical storm warnings have been put up in advance of them. it doesn't look like jerry is going to makedi a directrect islands. it will stay a little bit too far to the north and east and thenontinue its path out to sea but actually as a category t
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week could impacting beusuda that j got hit byetty g cd egnot a dthirect hit but close enough to feel the effects on that tin island. bermudians may have to watch out for jerry. otherwise jerry ltaks toy pretty far north and east of most of the caribbean we'll 80'healni 5'sfoernirt cno 82 for willl h bitigbe .tter an iwetdn y cos f buti'salnoit hti a the aces
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myioorstic star don got a huge honor today as she washe nam wnba's most valuable player. it marks t srst award witd hp. . >> yeah. >>asll.tightes. >> a group of our region's top mascots took on a mechanical bull riding challenge. fox5's tisha lewis is here with more. >> hi, jim,this mechanical bullg challenge was epic to say the least. it's hard eno a bull forugde but imagine doihi . le go.>>we're talking about was,
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screech from the washington nationals, s held at capitalsial bull riders. >> i nnyal sn it'seree the safest thing for tm to get a taste of what i do for a living. >> slapshotthon.e prize is a $5s the its choice. this is the kickoff to unleash the beast bull riding arena in fairfax. wi without cosneme i'm ver getting om. n o ano.ring
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t it jim that you have. >> i have and it didn't last veryou long. >> in y bunny costume. >> that's right, iny bunny costume. okay, tisha. >> mom and dad may k


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