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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 19, 2019 6:30pm-6:33pm EDT

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brother's house. i'm amazed that they're totally completely fine. thank god. >> fairfax county police say 66 year old john carey of annandale was speeding down wake field chapel road. through the interion into nt some thick bushes before going through the home and coming to a stop on the back deck. some nearby neighbors say they are surprised because the intersection is not a dangerous one. >> never thoughtat of th no. >> reporter: no. >> but i cld see how it could happen now. >> there are very fewhe acciden that ian recall. >> prayed for him, too. we fl very bad for the family. >> reporter: as you can see, there's still quite a mess out here with all this debris all outside ofhouse, and we're being told that the house is pletely uninhabitable. it has been i'm here because s helps all kids in need and you can text to donate anytime day >> reporter: tright, text to donate, that's important, because it's funds that's goingw to help everythingith this organization and dc row
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a part of this today. why? a >> we arell in this together and hestly it's all about ke gepinhe would love to be a part of that. >> reporter: so as you can se we've got a community he evered going on, people in the community who have volunteered their time to come out and be a part of today and we need you, so make sure you do text to donate. back to you. >> thank you gwen. all righoi we're g to switch gears now. in california person w killed, seven were hurt after re beus of c wenout off a cliffe d off the road last night. the country star and his band bud just finished performing a thefe dif cause of the crash isi un tie with star receivers alis ard the patriot star is nt ahe a had shoe deal with the kicks released in february have been remsite.
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>> movie star megan foxed share wh she called her darkest times in a recent interview. she told entertainment tonight she had a mental break down fil jennifer's body because it did not do well in theaters. she believes critics tried to bringauer down becse of the performance and she wished feminists had given her more support. nobl cast the save by the bell possible issues including actor mark paulsews everything. harvey levin is livn i ' utg like one of m'sain goiuhh.i bringingarch bacd.k elizaack mah
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lopez. so we figure, wow. and then we get video of mark paul gosselaar and he's- and asked him, we said congratulations, and he was like whatre you talking about. yave b he said noby'odn'ts a production sources, who heavily involvedre in this, and what they said is they didn't nogew k cadoowoi fulngl-time but i theyt work and mtsk wanoo d
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same for tifimwell. s get pretty much the a the full castptn. ac k >>wi who's the one exception? >> well, guess. >> ych'v screee hveh, okay. >> but that's? e ahao t good t. >> i can't remember her i know she went through some ertroubles. >> not heither. >> nope, it's a guy. >> mr. belvedere. >> not him. >> mr. d on our conversation, there is'r logoinpez tco orand bring a w nevybody saygin wllink youe.
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bihi t bnkig hit. >> c to check itay w't t. the scoop.


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