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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 19, 2019 10:00pm-10:11pm EDT

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ck off every game with veteal: adam wainwright, t in one run ball to openhehtni this four-game series against the cubs. pedro stroup comes on and deliver strike one to tommy edman.s,2it h j,it.hadt
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push the ball a goal line come postseasoncr jus hse of the way finis f matchups.: .a rike.1 on harrisader. rop rely workinguickly, gets qui tckrsfferent different deliveries, even ickedhmu do at onc in e pire it'slnthe b ie bts. jn: timing e
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botching is aessing up the tingf hit.mi >> joe: 33-year-old catc matt wietersho missed thehe w rst two weeks of ser smesal offf oh. he caught max scherzer a few d him,ou aroun being withatio played a big role with the injury issues that molina has had. thnother quick piterch, in
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the dirt, ball e.hieewd s t duoffe h been qu jacknsie . ahbarring ath inning rally, they wve toril m up thre magally haveo l 3oot k bar. but n t:owex three but n t:owex three mayo sgtheis d bryand shar
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what's up fell tas be un caanof ameriyou can opem wanywhere in 5 minutes. this isnypic b this is banking reimagined. atn your wle this isnypic
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'st? : two,>> thr coming up for theee cubs with nk castellanos to lead things o. look at t bass pro shops player profile. one of the best hittersn the tional league since t ihey acquired him from the tigers. s just lifebout it a little injected h in him,wing there's something to for y can wdoa leasonlyyend to rtay buth tdrenaline tm f .st hicks. >> john: a arm
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starter.s t stre. >> joe: and a third yesterday. leg going early, the leg kick. i surner's leg goe way up higher. his is morea watch how m early t gwi hgoack.i
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♪ gr♪ah? ♪ that's my ughter! hey. that's my! what an incredible set! love the wig. ce greater than everorolla. ♪ nooo! ussui,r pierck
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[woo!] ldy ♪ budweiser reserve copper lager. >> js c:oe igsnnin agckla fait ja wrt corners and e gone. andrew miller onby j maddo wherw
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mier historically is soon left-. jason heyward is going toze a g ruoen: ning. miller delivers an heyward watchese strikone. it's a t matchup for er,on heyward. snd ty him.
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bghtall ri stop, edman gets the out.thgaz s in to>> i jason heywar. he did what he h to do,laot the ball y, tied the game up and now the cubs are set up with a rookie to comeou thrghn season. cu leless. >> joe:s i ellihingt.
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o nt >> jkaloeth: wecaleelst contreras with and then heywarde on a ground ooh after mztinebehe
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r sc ordnnbaing. the cubs down toeeun jai
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♪ budweiser reserve copper ler [vacuum]
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this ig yss oerav piegie rys? (vo) this is the averys. iaeldod thisd.wo i isubroe ntenheg s gnws 5
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t ndting lfoothil t e has been onight because of heldie pitches>> craigrifot otfa
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kimbrel's return but he o gfalim o liquis ♪
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♪ br
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than lde 5-4. bottoebl nit incat s ceicje codssy
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