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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:07pm EDT

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just into fox 5, sho a sce.ce presence right now at the evan lambert live with latest . evan? >> reporter: sha f b me police t ere are at least six people xsi vic re. as i step hapneped large respone
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here on this block. it tity ts i fth 'rn an u o hethg,in cintalkl onlit more, wg
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hene is pple,re wng gunsho ntsang n the shon lineds wa w say
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when he was scouting looking fornument wkneaessse d. headxtensive training i ming an using aexplosives. these some photosatscou htingios anot the best qualityallyecaus are fr a bllack in the vestmiigators say during that time, he was also doing ork city.nce in new and he it n provide informati olebanoot >> he wasy thnted ew
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feds 11imes t and to this was a hnopiv he didn't actually do anything out a mission. he did byntmarriage. he j will spead bvid pesec dthlowie amazed they're totall.
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>> no word on name. at theonrms 16 vaping illness nth eight deaths moe cdc ien eaparlrt to hae breeen been able toin p lpo .suested a
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no one ially sai td talhe of t ilhe pwa ryunrying lan t t col mgeheas institutioarns. officials did not>>asge
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enosscue.josh r>> this happenedn im usingph te fhe d aived within minutes and whilees g wtb pe hntdlly pulled to safety. >> this figure justo officers hp
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police sayhe m thishehagones. caung catastrophic flooding ine addre itan . lit . lit
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working car.ed. pcrerfotions.
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there are also reportsuc ademed. >>n a b iur continues, btautin what wasim ar
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geayita t lbigotle to get these watersutgoduce 5ap rod o moisturerv auontiecng.ou yk ll bn w wcheso
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