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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 19, 2019 11:30pm-11:35pm EDT

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ex believefdpeselgin 'tdn correct lt the level ofcous for t prodts, ucnduf fans ar a stock.stilal >> amle after fac iebook in f a peoploirrme acanythe youhi ye>> repor thet. w hole thingter: is amiss. it's crazyut here in chel. a fire festhis reallyst b of t safternoohey were illig nde.omeusic. hto t band, probably
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butof thi o afrnoon, they w it' good did.s, told usd o thousandsfou teopl heree and not a of oreopleot dot ay be afami w w n'li ou tiwell, shawn, rtsohat you findt' out when youe here, we had to buy a so-called $60 p mid opaandluayt,d reao designatedll parking. 1, fhey were chargthe prs as t $ yoarking spot.ur shawm,reren literall ony ca alnd dic iows pelere rk.doeeuypass teno it's area, buteth dessert.
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>> it lely csed while she's been trying to ed t a l of have ba, people have pitched in
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ho s, it is complete chaosso do mpto t,y bimel f o
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scratch the briefcases bu get 'forehey'e.t em
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it bn oo court ofnex aunyad 10: m. w r ncrid ei.d again, thisca cell from s higeomneheicrtithe s.e'ri sc willo con ofng t haved a thh h iueop aor widespr, nodeso iludirtgas. ge
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will ninto the0'de chillgrs. full sunshinen.worro nic tparmug waer than today wi. st w ofl like it is going to be even warmer as su, eec t h 80's to 90s both makin g your w. plth and we've been very dryr 10tho
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of any badly needed rain wil me in the form of thunderstorms on monday, monday willls one beweme e n ea w3,rtat ath fa
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wed, we'llee o for c9 w
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