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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 20, 2019 4:30am-4:31am EDT

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hm. wh is this about you're 3 aski1 pop-up parks will be set up inbs cure parking spacesn all of the city's eight wards. the pop-uparks are an effort to promote sustainability throughout the approach him. contact police immediately. >> and to channel the great joni mitchell, you might find paradise in a parking lot today. activists across the dmv willm tran a run of the mill parking spaces intodpop-up mini parks t. the idea is to rethink how we use public space. fox5 c corioffin will have >> 4:54 is the time. welcome back to fox5 morning. it is friday all day. weather and tgffic com up in the mean timeet'sas. talk news. new this morning, in your health, the food and drug administration reveals it's opened a criminal investigatppn into the vaping ly chain earlier this month. this comes asic health offials say there are now 530 pasbable
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or confirmes of severe illnesses used in part by aping. >> officdmit they don't know exactly what is makin people sick. they know that many patients use thc vapes bought on the black-marketith many unknown ingredients. >> also this morning new world health organization data reals mortality rates amo women and children dropped drastically since 2000. child deaths have been slashed in half and maternal mortalities havbeen reduced by more than one thirug >> despite thish8 approximately 2.llion pregnant women or newborns die annually and estimates say these deaths occur one every 11 sonds from preventable causes. number of factors include high quality se and affordable healthcare across the globe contributing to this positive statistic. >> ♪ >> all right. with mike >> let's do that. y eah, let's do


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