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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 20, 2019 5:00am-5:08am EDT

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we'll get you around some clearing road work inin ia. this is the outer about 90, 91 degrees as we work our way towards sunday very lht rolling things over to traffic for you this morn mh goingin noaotdson ayou o ou up.cene it ior w hell go throughowds improsnt re deal. road work there just past stafford and that's bridgeyou're n doun seeotlesight, that'ssu ove.
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keeping themngsotouten ve lalau aboowutalfse pointed
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've g themv. tobuso. we'llet the sun ino, jming up. in park.ank.s, thealso
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>> hesslted h ticisinthey mornig with meisll of mount gopleasant street northwest and you can severy popular place for peoplea andug ie midtson so happen,hepef
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ayurhtt ttive ayn the sve h o m lo see depression the the storm has dumped 3 feet o
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fodedl e hedi wrictalto promote sustainay throughout the city. water to doz of ono restore embassies inesom northwest tohub
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o e g r .ic react, oud e msdeal. u yt'raly of bl 12 prsncwee one harm y bat n'e doomprfnthe reasons atwiodes t molha l teran goesrkhiv me i fgm a peo s yor if wiovu. ld irnea
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ew inv anuginroision sstigopn t cergs y rslsd bsli hc oils. taplcken, eople sosef the witti mal pons.ndanrsonay the age te a saley patientseds thcs. no unkhenownubt puron tck-mket.nth ingr >>owed wkn that peoplere a ul r thect vly atw tint people are proer additives >>eppuart regulored sor: off do at o know exaly wticth goes int to cartridgflavoredarettesre also-c
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look ats bannings sale ofspand o nontobacco flavored ving to urgedceher it'dgesawberpe u chey inges>> iin int. laluneverd iskwh b ienit oleasuryou'r them. ilf thngociatede meanmednltttlstsf thll coury. enathan havantam neaisngin i os earive >>echst.rexeitu
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taheople' are dropping outendhe a jusst re af h o mosonasu, cauras h atndfl w jryr
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drying out just a 9by nex
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try.aio thegthe t. a etng umi b 6:00 dnk alyg.ngecinurity withot bein f the n'll ewhe ithe'llilp
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remember t pilo d alleged drint kingreely flight? we'reeio jsfed s stning a.m. now >> giday thioroos morngo steve chey. outdend tne a lookroakowerveamnument that jeod
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abit coolehe lastye couple we're in sto foror t wmup s keeeke. nma m,lso ith morning, likelyth wer athat.40


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